Jul 9th, 2014


A new update for Miiverse has gone live today, showing that Nintendo is continuing to make improvements to the service and listening to consumer feedback. The biggest change for this update is that line breaks are now a thing that can be used in posts. Previously if you tried to implement a line break in your post by hitting enter and starting on a new line, Miiverse would regard it as a space and jumble everything together.

These line breaks only show up inside the actual post and not the preview, so previews will still be jumbled. There’s also a limit on the number of line breaks you can use, so if you attempt to post too many Miiverse will return an error and you’ll have to reduce the number of line breaks within your post in order to try and post again.

The other new feature is the ability to select three of your favorite game genres to showcase on your profile. This option only shows up on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of Miiverse. The web version of Miiverse currently isn’t supported just yet.

What do you think of this update?

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  • Hikingguy

    Slowly but surely Miiverse is becoming a nice thing

    • Daniel Carvalho

      By the end of this generation Miiverse will be the best social media for gamers out there! And I want to believe Nintendo’s overall online services will also improve accordingly!

      • Hikingguy

        I totally agree. and it is nice that the vast majority of people are very nice and helpful. I like that. It makes for a welcoming community.

        • Arthur Jarret

          Everyone not nice will be banned.
          Luckily, I’m very helpful on miiverse.

          • Hikingguy

            What is wrong with banning people who are not following the reasonable rules? Miiverse is only an online video game social network. And in the grand scheme of things, it is not all that important. So why wouldn’t Nintendo want to create and encourage a positive atmosphere.
            I guess when it comes right down to it, Nintendo owns it and they can do what they want. If anyone does not like their rules they can simply not participate.
            BTW thanks for helping making it a nice play to be.

      • I know!

      • Arthur Jarret

        Yup – and then Nintendo will release a new console and start all over again with another cycle of slow but steady improvements.

        Like the VC service.

    • Darius

      yea and I just found out you can access it from your computer…well it was my first time trying it so i guess this is probably old news for everyone else

      • Hikingguy

        No worries. It has been out for a few months now. But I bet the reason you have not heard of it is because it is not as full featured as what you can get on the Wii U itself. So hopefully Nintendo will keep updating it. It would be nice to be able to get all the features on the computer as the Wii U.

        • Darius

          wow…I was totally expecting someone to be a complete jerk bag about my comment…I thought it was just a stereotype at first but I’m starting to think that Nintendo fans are actually pretty good people in general

  • YogiGRB

    very useable feature, nicely done Nintendo

  • Sdudyoy

    Pretty cool update, not the biggest features, but they are most definitely welcomed!

  • David Trail

    I want miiverse figures back lol so I can say to Sonydrones that Wii U exclusives sell more than Sony exclusives.

  • Rich Garriques

    i’ll wait until nintendo starts letting you receive msgs and online friend pops ups when your gaming.

    • Justin Carlson

      That would be very nice. Or maybe light up the home button on the gamepad letting you know you have a message. If you push the home button then your game would pause (as it does now) and the message from your friend would show.

      • Arthur Jarret

        How many messages will you miss during playing, though? If you don’t use off-TV much – I’d rather have a (optional) pop-up

  • Moreck

    Man, it really takes Nintendo a long time to implement the most basic posting features that you can get on any other site. I wish they’d hire more coders or something.

  • LordiMcKill

    For a while I’ve been wondering they’d add the ability to create a new line.
    We’ve been able
    To do it for ages…

  • Roman

    So behind. Normally it would make me sad, but really it makes me feel disappointed almost to anger. So many basic things not done, so many basic things taking too long to get done. As if someone within the company is actively trying to prevent progress (or catch-up, to be accurate).


    very nice!

  • Turing

    I don’t know how their developers are organized, but Nintendo as a whole seems to be taking a more agile approach, making smaller but regular updates to their various systems. Yeah, they are still behind in some areas, but there is steady improvement now, and eventually they will catch up.

  • paddle008

    Why doesn’t Miiverse have a swearing filter?