Jun 12th, 2013


Since launching the Miiverse as globally available in April, Nintendo has remained committed to improving the experience for its users. An update a few weeks ago allowed users to post and reply on Miiverse outside of the Wii U and today, an update has gone live that allows you to share specific posts and their content to Facebook and Twitter. This is great news for Nintendo as a company as well as its fans, as increased exposure to Miiverse means more people will be interested in a Wii U.

Currently you need a Nintendo Network ID account in order to use the Miiverse, which can only be created on the Wii U, ensuring that Miiverse users are actually Wii U owners. We expect this integration to expand to the Nintendo 3DS once the Miiverse is made available on Nintendo’s handheld.

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  • bizzy gie

    Can I do this on Wii U too or just PC and mobile?

    • Cesar Barroso

      everything else but Wii U

      • bizzy gie

        Because everything else runs Miiverse so much better than the device it optimized for right?

  • Nintendofreak

    art studio what about it i want to make bigger pics with color

  • MetroidZero

    If you’re at your computer, don’t look behind you, for Iwata is standing behind you, and he is awaiting your approval of the update.

  • Mario

    LOVE IT!!

  • JB

    I like this… I was wondering when this would happen. There’s stuff I like to superpost at times.. particularly drawings when I start to get the ball rolling on that. Hopefully they’ll tweak their TVii superposting. It’s great I can post to Facebook/Twitter, but it gives no context to your post (i.e. what program you’re commenting on)

    Perhaps we’ll get a Miiverse app next?

  • Sdudyoy

    Now just if we could make bigger posts.

    • bizzy gie

      Special Nintendo people have more characters than YouTube allows. They’re holding out.

      • Sdudyoy

        Lucky’s! 🙂

  • Superstick98

    I guess this feature is good. Meh..

  • Neilandio

    I was surprised miiverse didn’t include this from day one, it is cheap adevrtising after all.

    • Chris Heskin

      Web development takes time

  • Mc Robins

    Raptr integration PLEASE!

  • And Google Plus and Tumblr

  • Can’t wait for this feature to come to 3DS!

    • Petri

      Me neither, so that we can have all the PS/Xbox gamers that has 3DS, dissing Wii U and its games.

      • Certainly no disrespect meant to the Wii U, I just think it’s neat when the 3DS gets the same features. Being able to send Miis between the two, for example.

        • Petri

          I didnt mean that, I meant, that there will be people that will use their 3DS to troll Wii U.
          But anyways, I’m waiting for 3DS integration too, I still want to see if they unify NNID accounts for both systems, and how they manage it.
          Then I might buy 3DS.
          I wish they will let us play vc games and eShop on both platforms if bought on one like on playstation.

          • wampdog29

            Nintendo did say they were looking into gving you a discount if you already owned a VC game on one of the two platforms and wanted to buy it on the other. I know people would like them to be free on the second platform, but each version really has their own separately developed features.

          • Petri

            What features 3DS has on VC games?

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    Great for me who is perma banned from miiverse…. 🙁

    • Clel

      How’d that happen, if I may ask? And also, can’t you create a new Nintendo Network ID?

      • Tim van Broekhoven

        Well, I got banned 2 or 3 times for giving too much spoilers and stuff like drawings that look too much like a Pnis and posts containing personal information like 3ds friendcodes. DX
        And yes, I created another account but I can’t use the ingame miiverse features like in Mario or WW HD. And I won’t be able to post screenshots of the games since the account I use to play my games is the account where I got banned from miiverse. So that sucks NINTENDO !!!

    • thedeciderU

      let’s hear this story. what does it take for nintendo to ban you?!

  • ChiwawaBoi

    I know this is off subject, but im super excited for that art app coming tis summer. I can expand my artwork!

    ID: ChiwawaBoi

    • Petri

      Yes, with that, my ducks wont be mistaken for monkeys any more.

  • thedeciderU

    this is great, more exposure will be good to the system. as for longer posts, i am glad nintendo haven’t allowed posting to get out of control. miiverse would be so clogged with big posts. i may as well go to ign.

  • LoZ4life98

    I got banned from Miiverse for putting my Twitter in my bio, so now I don’t have a bio anymore.