Jun 3rd, 2012

Nintendo revealed the Miiverse earlier today, and here is the first trailer for the new service. Keep in mind, the average Miiverse user probably won’t be as hipster as the actor in the video. Miiverse is a sort of social network for the Wii U, where players can connect, share messages, drawings, screenshots, and more. It’s also integrated into games, where developers will be able to add additional features. Miiverse can be brought up at any time during gameplay by simply pressing the Home button.

Be sure to also check out the other recently announced items: the Wii U GamePad, which is the official name for the controller, and the Wii U Pro controller, which is for those who prefer a more traditional gameplay controller instead of the tablet.

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  • dc5jdm2006

    I want the Black Wii U!

    • Ryu

      Me too! 😀

  • dc5jdm2006

    And the one after me can have first cause I don’t want it! Fuck first!

  • Adam

    I second that this looks awesome. Thank you Nintendo for re-inventing and pushing the console market into new and exciting areas 🙂

  • EvanescentHero

    This guy is such a dork. O_o

  • Florence

    the old man reminds me of herbert from family guy

  • Death

    “I’m so sad…… Hey, ma’am. I noticed you’re also drinking coffee, coffee drinkers have a lot in common”


  • fgsdfs

    I don’t know why but this reminds me of Grandmama’s Boy.

  • JC

    Core gamers will be surprised with the wii u , I am !!!

  • Ricardo

    I want the Non-Specific Action Figure to come with Wii U!

    • david6

      The nonspecific action figure is funny.

      • david6

        I like the little mii things. Theyre all happy and playing in the town. 🙂 its fun chaos.

    • Lolz

      Non specific action figure approves this comment

  • Skozo

    F-ck love everything SHOWN in the video except the video itself.

  • david6

    I think the nonspecific action figure is funny

  • Indoctrination

    when nintendo show off new technology to demonstrate their power of the device WHY do they always make pathetic video like this

    • JamesD

      What are you talking about? This could possibly be the greatest trailer throughout humanity’s existence!

      Plus, nintendo’s saving all of the actual trailers and games for, I don’t know… E3 maybe? Sheesh.

  • david6

    Were going to Wii U Go or Wii U Forum site, at least there not a bunch of jerks who moderate everything you say. I cant wait until miiverse where we can just talk i hate sites like this, this site use to be free, and theres no picture and sucks anyways, i get news way faster on other sites, no fun :p, and even youtube doesnt moderate, and sites that have memberships dont, you guys are jerks. And have been biased all along, just take forum away if you hate people. Go back to zero replies like use to be.

    • david6

      Well i didnt expect that message to get posted. Its bad, @e3, speaker hosts are tearing up nintendo, microsoft is stealing Nintendos ideas. I dont like it, stop hating nintendo!!!! Jerk speakers. Nintendo has something good, they need to stop.

  • Lolz

    Non specific action figure approves