Jul 1st, 2015


Several new changes are coming to Miiverse this summer, which should make the user experience for finding new content a lot easier. The changes include several usability improvements, a lift in post restrictions, and more. Perhaps the biggest new addition is a screenshot album, which will contain all the screenshots from the games you play so you can find them easily. Here’s a quick overview of everything that’s changing:

  • Screenshot Album – New screenshot album has been added and will hold up to 100 screenshots for easy reference.
  • Play Journal – This lets you write about games as you play them, so you can describe screenshots or keep track of funny things that happened.
  • Communities – Communities will now be divided into several categories so you can better see the content you want to see. New categories will show up for Play Journal Entries, Drawings, Discussions.
  • Activity feed posts will no longer be allowed once the redesign happens.
  • Quickly replying to other comments on Miiverse no longer has a time restriction. Instead, you’ll be limited to 30 comment posts a day, but in-game posts you make will not be limited.

To see more about the planned redesign, be sure to check out Nintendo’s redesign announcement.

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