Mar 5th, 2014


Today Marty announced a new update for all version of Miiverse that brings a new sorting option for community posts. Users can now sort through popular posts by date, so you can see what posts were most popular through a specific date range. Here’s Marty’s post:

We’ve added a feature that lets you filter a community’s popular posts by date. Note that the date displayed is when the posts were popular, rather than when they were made.

This is one of several improvements that have come to Miiverse over the last few months, but curiously a dedicated app for accessing Miiverse on mobile devices is still missing despite being promised last year.

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  • Christian Schoff

    Sounds interesting but only slightly useful for me.

    • JB

      I think it would be nice for people who engage themselves in the Miiverse community frequently. I’d love to have notifications of new posts by people I follow/friends. It’s paticularly useful in situations where you’re not on your U/3DS or you don’t feel like freezing your game to get to Miiverse. Also, notifications suck in both platforms. I always end up missing them.

  • cthreep

    I’ve thought that something like this would be nice.

  • JB

    If I was to guess, maybe the Miiverse platform isn’t where they want it to be yet, so they are holding off until they get it just right. Then again, when was the last time Nintendo released anything on time? When has Nintendo not announced something with a vague timeline attached? Lol

    • David Trail

      When has Sony? Drive Club is being delayed and delayed and delayed!

      • JB

        We’re speaking specifically Nintendo though. They seem to do that with all their games/products since forever. You know beacuse of the whole quality assurance thing.

        • JB

          Though I would like to see Drive Club sometime before we leave 2014. Preferably May, being that MK8 is going to steal my summer. Lol

          • David Trail

            Why would one ever want Drive Club when thou has Mario Kart???

        • David Trail

          The Last Gaurdian has also been delayed for ever and fore ever

    • bizzy gie

      Tell me about it.

      I’m still waiting for that BIG summer update we were promised.

      I’m still waiting for Flipnote which was suppose to be here in August.

    • TULFich

      fb was the same thing, Miiverse is growing at its peace and it is working wonderful. Also they are trying to avoid all those fb silly things 😀

  • CEObrainz

    This sounds like it would please those people who create comments specifically for “Yeah’s!”

  • David Trail

    I’d like to be able to sort them out any order I like…

  • blindtiger

    now if they could only sort by age…

    • cthreep

      Haha…”i jus beet dis levl for the frst time lol”

    • ETeach

      And maybe allow M rated conversations on an M rated game’s community. Kind of a bummer not even being able to use words like ‘hell’ or ‘damn’ in games that use them themselves.

  • Potemkin

    MiiVerse to me is very…weird. This can be due to my little experience with it, but I find it hard to find my own posts (to follow on conversations) and, I don’t know it f it’s only with me but, the options are very limited.

    Nintendo’s e-shop is better looking than Microsoft’s and PS store though.

    • MerryBlind .

      Yeah I was pleasantly surprised by the eShop. I really like the way they make the main page. It’s similar to PS Store, but I think it works better, even though it’s a bit less ‘stylish’.

    • ETeach

      Try the Notifications bar for following up on posts. It should notify you any time someone ‘yeahs’ or comments on one of your posts. And you can always visit your own profile to view any previous posts you’ve made.

      • Potemkin

        I tried that, but it only shows notifications by Nintendo. As for going to my profile it did show one post, but nothing else.

        Now, mentioning the profile, mine doesn’t show a picture of my avatar/Mii like the others do and I can’t find a way to add or select one…

        • ETeach

          That’s really strange. Your miiverse almost sounds… broken, if that’s possible 0.0

  • Ryan F

    I would really like a plain-text search for communities. I hate trudging around to find the community that I haven’t favorited yet. Additionally, I’d like to see some Miiverse Communities for series that have not yet made it to Wii U. I think it’d be a great way to test the waters to see what kind of games people actually want on the Wii U. People would go gaga for a MineCraft one. A Turok one would certainly raise some interest too.

  • MerryBlind .

    Please Nintendo, improve Wii Mode and Virtual Console more through updates. Here’s a list of what I think should be added sooner than later:

    1. Now that we can display Wii games on the GamePad’s screen, we should also be able to use the control inputs of the GamePad for games that are compatible with GameCube controllers and Classic Controllers.
    Please add full GamePad compatibility to compatible games. (example: Smash Brawl)

    2. Once the above is done, adding Wii U Pro Controller compatibility to compatible Wii games should be very easy, and should be added too.

    3. The scaling of the display area should be fixed by now, both in Wii Mode and VC games. 480p in Wii Mode displays perfectly, however, 720p and 1080p have a black border around the image, at the edges of the screen. VC has a black border around the whole screen too, but not on the GamePad (probably because it’s 480p).
    Please fix this.

    4. Add some kind of Smoothing Filter OPTION for Wii Mode and VC games. A Bilinear filter, or a post-AA, just something that smooth out the edges, without blurring too much, as an On/Off option. That would be great.

    5. Fully integrate Wii Mode into the Wii U menu. (I don’t know if that’s even possible though)

    Please Nintendo improve Wii Mode and VC. Thank you.

  • Dark-Link73

    On a separate news. I read on another Nintendo site that Activision released the Free Fall map on the eShop! I can’t wait to get home for lunch and check it out! If this is true, I hope this is a test drive to see if they should work on the O.D.I.N. packs for Wii U. 🙂

  • XboxPS

    Nice one.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker
  • ETeach

    Kinda wish they’d release a search bar of some kind. It’s way too frustrating trying to navigate to a particular game now that there’s over 100 communities.

    • NyallJodhan


  • Updates are great, but they really need to get into the mobile space officially. They’ve been talking about it for a year now, and the more they drag their feet, the more absolutely outstanding their initial apps need to be to seem worth the time.