May 29th, 2013


Last month Nintendo launched the mobile Miiverse, which is a way to access Miiverse outside of the Wii U. At the time, the service was read-only, but it has now been updated so that users can make posts directly from their PC, as well as view your friends and who you’re following. Updating your profile and your Miiverse settings are also available.

For those who don’t happen to have a Miiverse account yet, you can view any post just by virtue of clicking the direct link to the post, sort of how you can view tweets without owning a Twitter account. There has also been a reduction on the amount of time that must pass between posts, down to three minutes from five. You can check out all the changes by hitting up Miiverse from your favorite browser.

[via NeoGAF]

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  • Ravyu

    I think I was the first one to post on the NSMBU from my PC. Check it out @RavyuS

  • bizzy gie

    Now can they change the URL to ?

    • It will probably be changed once the service is out of beta. Unlike Google, Nintendo is pretty unfamiliar with mass-market betas.

      • bizzy gie

        Really? It’s beta? It looks almost completely done. Would’ve never guessed that.

        Oh and did you get that tip I sent you about Rayman Legends being ported to PS Vita with Murphy levels (thought to be exclusive to the Wii U version), exclusive content, and no confirmed 3DS release?

        • I got it, yes. I sent a reply, did you not get it? Possibly check spam folder for me? Need to make sure the contact form is working properly.

          • bizzy gie

            Silly me. I’ve never sent a tip before. I’ll read it now.

  • This is awesome! I love the PC app, and this is a great way to share miiverse with my friends 🙂

  • Frank

    Another sign that Nintendo is embracing the digital age. Very impressive.

    • liamdawe

      Impressive? Dude websites have been allowing people to post on them for…since the internet began?

      • gimpcell

        This is a closed community for console owners. It is a first. Access from browser and console. Friend messages on other systems are not the same.

        • liamdawe

          It’s a web based community, it’s nothing special nor a major advancement to allow people to view it on their computers. If anything it should have been like that from the start.

          • I think it was prevented initially on purpose but since it was highly requested by the community they added it in. The reason it was most likely prevented is NIntendo wanted people to post to MiiVerse from the console but listened to the requests and felt that doing this would promote MiiVerse and gain more acceptance.

          • liamdawe

            Like I said, should have been done from the start.

  • Jim Wanstall

    Its slowly coming good , all we need now is some really awesome kick ass games like Mario kart U , Zelda , Mario 3D , and then there won’t be no stopping us

  • liamdawe

    Funny how the title is “from PC” yet the picture is a phone…lolwut

    • Cerus98

      Smartphones are basically mini PCs. They have browsers which is what this article is taking about – the browser version of miiverse. Ever hear of stock photos?

      • It’s actually a pic I took on my own phone. While the article says PC, it works in any browser, mobile or not.

        • liamdawe

          It just doesn’t make much sense to say PC and show a picture of a mobile.

          • jay

            Maybe it should have said “from browsers” instead of PC?

            Still makes sense to me and I’m on a Mac lol

    • xWeefee

      What do you expect Ashley doesn’t know how to do her job. This website has decreased since she started posting articles.

      • djvalbnc

        shut up, u no life!


        xWeefee fancies Ashley lol

  • xWeefee

    Another wii u fail. Does Nintendo actually think this going to get thier shitty console to sell. Nintendo should stick to make portable devices.

    • Relick

      You are a retard. Learn about economics and the gaming industry before declaring the WiiU a fail.

      All 3 consoles will do fine.

    • gimpcell

      You are simply an idiot for thinking MiiVerse is a product and service meant to sell consoles. It is a benefit from purchasing the product. You could claim Nintendo is going to sell PS Vitas since you can browse MiiVerse directly from the browser. Hell, im going to buy a PS4 and Xbox One just to browse Miiverse while im playing on the Wii U. You, sir, have earned dumbass for the day.

    • jay

      This has nothing to do with Nintendo marketing. This is for people who ALREADY OWN a Wii U.

      You have got to be a complete moron to not understand that.