Jul 6th, 2014

It looks like Sonic isn’t the only video game character who has a new animated series coming out soon. At the 2014 Anime Expo in Los Angeles yesterday Concept announced Mighty No. 9: The Animated Series to be released worldwide to tie in with the upcoming Wii U game from Keiji Inafune.

The show’s synopsis tells us that:

The story focuses on BECK, a weak transforming combat robot, who was made to fight in a combat robot league as a part of the MIGHTY NUMBERS, the strongest robots in the world. When Beck is the only robot spared from a virus that forces his teammates to destroy mankind, he has to find a way to overcome his own inadequacies so that he can stop them.

The lat we saw of Mighty No. 9, the upcoming Wii U game was coming along well, with new gameplay footage showing both going through a level and fighting a boss. The show is being produced by Digital Frontier, an animation company based in Tokyo.

It looks like the anime series is aimed at a younger audience, even though the game itself seems to have a broad appeal to all gamers. What do you think of the anime series and cartoons in general based on video games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • David Trail

    Getting this on Wii U. I prefer playing indie games on my Wii U than my PS4. I feel that indie games on PS4 is stupid as PS4 is powerful and it is a waste of time playing games like these on PS4 but I don’t blame if you do with games like UFC, Knack and Killzone as the alternative.

    • SmashFinale

      This logic is very flawed; there are multiple indie games on PS4 that are graphic intensive.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Exactly. Anyone would know that, if they paid enough attention to the indie scene.

        • TheRealTruthTeller

          the ps4 has games? lol

      • David Trail

        Only Infamous and that looks like it can be done on the PS3.

        • SmashFinale

          inFamous isn’t indie…

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            When dealing with Davey boy, don’t take his ramblings too seriously. Good sound advice. Reading half of his comments over the months,tells me he isn’t completely informed of video games. 😛

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      So you’re saying that the Wii U is a weak console? Or, can’t handle graphically demanding games? Indie games come in all different art styles. Even plenty are graphically demanding these days. so what you’re saying, doesn’t match up with today’s indie scene. Good try, though.

      • David Trail

        Mario Kart 8, Zelda Wind Waker HD, Wonderful 101, DKC TF.

      • David Trail

        PS Wii U has more indies than PS4 in development. PS4 has about 80 and Wii U has around 120. Wii U is the place for indies and the best exclusives. PS4 is the place for overhyped multi plats.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          “PS Wii U has more indies than PS4 in development. PS4 has about 80 and Wii U has around 120.”


          “Wii U is the place for indies and the best exclusives. PS4 is the place for overhyped multi plats.”

          All based on your own opinion. Well noted Davey.

    • Capt. Smoker

      I always get that feeling, not because the Wii U is weak or the ps4 is a power house, just feel that most indies belong on the Wii U, for some unknown magical reason, I enjoy them on the Wii U but not on any other console, it’s a feeling of belonging, kinda like that feeling you got gaming on the SNES, while Sega consoles jumped ship annually.

      • David Trail

        Someone who knows what I am talking about.

  • SmashFinale

    If it stays comedic like that it will probably be on Cartoon Network with Sonic Boom.

  • Ace

    You know they’re reopening their Kickstarter page so they can raise even more money for additional content? Apparently, there’s one goal that 100,000 for English voice acting… I kinda disagree about all think milking…

  • Nathan C.

    No thanks. I’ll just keep on reading my Mega Man comics.

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      Me Too

  • greengecko007

    Cringe worthy, just like the original Mega Man cartoon.

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    No Thanks. i’ll just keeping by Mega Man

  • Daniel Carvalho

    Seems fun. I’ll watch!

  • Cubester_64

    I’ll just stick to Sonic Boom.

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      Me Too

  • steveb944

    More importantly is that we can get the Slacker Backer deal for the game which will hopefully save us a few bucks.

  • Squid

    Doesn’t seem nearly as cringe worthy as Sonic Boom.

  • Joel

    If this actually gets shown on TV, the only network I can imagine this being shown on is The Hub. Because the other 3 big kids’ networks, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel, would all pass this off as too obscure.

    And that’s even if this will be shown on TV, which I think is very unlikely. I think this will just be shown on YouTube or something.

    • Cubester_64

      I wouldn’t be too surprised if it gets on Nick, as nowadays they are desperate for good content. Only thing is that I can’t imagine it on Nick. The only networks it could possibly get on are Disney XD, Cartoon Network, or (as you previously mentioned) the Hub.

      • Joel

        Nickelodeon already has The Rabbids. And they seem to be doing fin since they’re #1 with kids 2-11, and they clearly don’t give a rat’s ass about adults who watch kid’s shows.

        Also, Disney XD has Pac Man, and Cartoon Network has the upcoming Sonic Boom. If this Mighty No. 9 were to actually come to TV, then The Hub would have it’s own video-game based TV show.

  • Sheldon Williams

    It’s hard to really gather where this show is gonna go. They talk about the extermination of mankind in it so there’s clearly going to be some heavy topics in it. At the same time it seems very child like based on the way Beck acts. This didn’t really appeal to me but I’ll still give the show a shot when it comes out. Hopefully it’ll be fun. If not oh well at least I’ll have the game to play haha.

  • kyuubikid213

    If the guy talks, I can see this doing pretty well on Nicktoons or Disney XD.

  • Joseph Oliveira

    Wow… that paragraph of the story sounds exactly like Megaman and Megaman X. Lol


  • I am Error.

    I compare all video game cartoons to the ones I grew up with. If it beats, “Excuuuuuse me, Princes” it’s a potential winner.

  • Capt. Smoker

    I don’t get it, there’s funds for an anime to air, but he has to ebeg on kickstarter to fund his game?, I really don’t know who his games are aimed at, Megaman was always too hard for me, feel sorry for any kid who picks this up if it’s just as hard lol

  • Worked for Pokemon? But not Captain “N”