Jul 7th, 2015


While Mighty No. 9 the game isn’t due out until September 15, it seems the team at Comcept have already teamed up with Legendary Digital Media and Contradiction Films to create a live-action feature-length film based on the franchise. Fans might remember the same production companies from the film Dead Rising: Watchtower, which was based on another title Inafune worked on for Capcom.

Here’s the short low-down of the game and the movie’s plot:

Mighty No. 9″ is centered on an android named Beck, who’s No. 9 in a team of ten combat robots called “Mighty Numbers.” When a computer virus strikes, attacking his fellow robots as well as machines around the world, Beck is the only one in his line of androids uninfected.

There’s no release date for the movie, but considering the Dead Rising movie was released on Crackle as a digital distribution film, it’s likely the same thing could end up happening with this film. This is as close to a Mega Man cartoon we’ll probably see, what do you think?

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