Jul 31st, 2015


According to a new report from Game Informer, it’s looking increasingly likely that Comcept may delay Mighty No. 9 as the game is not expected to hit its September 15 release date. There is currently no new release date set, but according to the report retailers like GameStop are now listing the game for a 2016 release date and that information is accurate, as notification of delays is given by the publisher, in this case Deep Silver.

Deep Silver and Comcept both refused to comment on the possibility of the delay, but it’s possible this is not being announced publically because the Red Ash Kickstarter is still gathering funding and its in the final days of doing so. With $300k more funds needed, Comcept could be attempting to stave off backer backlash and prevent people from cancelling their pledges for this Kickstarter because they’re displeased with yet another delay for Mighty No. 9.

The game was originally slated for release on numerous platforms in April of this year, but was delayed to help put finishing touches and more polish on the experience. Are you a Kickstarter backer for Mighty No. 9? Do you regret funding the game now that it’s possible it could be delayed even further? Let us know in the comments.

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