Oct 9th, 2013


With an extremely successful Kickstarter to the tune of $4 million under his belt, Keiji Inafune has turned his attention to the press. In an interview with Game Informer magazine, he has revealed that if Capcom were to make him a decent offer, he would allow them to publish the game and possibly retool it into a Mega Man release should they want to do so. He admits that the terms for such a deal would need to be perfect, but that there is “no reason not to publish with Capcom.”

Mighty No. 9 started with a modest goal of $900k, which it reached in a matter of days and went on to raise nearly $4 million dollars. Because of backers generous donations, the game is now coming to Wii U and 3DS.

“I would hear their terms. If they had the best terms, I would go with Capcom. There is no reason not to publish with Capcom, and I certainly don’t feel like there’s a reason that I have to publish with Capcom. Literally it would be a very cut-and-dried business negotiation. If they had the best terms, the logical businessman in me would say, “Yes, let’s go with them.”

Inafune is also careful to mention that in terms of Capcom publishing the title, the team he has raised would need to keep full creative control of the game. As we know in the past Capcom has meddled in the Mega Man series, causing serious disappointment for fans.

“But the base of this game is that we wanted to create something original. If they gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse, that would mean having to change the main character into Mega Man. On top of that, it would still have to be our IP, which is what we want. I can’t foresee that happening. We really want this to be our thing.”

You can find the full interview in a November issue of Game Informer magazine.

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  • Laud

    It’s understandable for him to want a publisher so we can’t really say anything, especially because he would only accept if he has full creative control.

    However, Capcom may not be the best choice.. šŸ˜›

    • Hector McPeek

      Career Suicide!!!!!

  • Dodge Pribyl

    Capcom is in the shitter right now, they need a game that’ll be a major success. And this game is that and more.

  • SleepySkullhead

    As long as Capcom never has the name “Mighty No. 9,” I’m ok with it. Just don’t let them drive this Mega Man game into the ground.

  • Chronic Gang

    Megaman vs the mighty 9

    • Blugrave

      Imagine his agreement is for Beck to kill Megaman in the new game.

      • Chronic Gang

        but than mega man turns him good and they face dr. willy and mighty 9’s evil guy.

        • Blugrave

          Or Megaman get’s posessed by Capcom(which is true hehe) and Beck releases judgement.

  • Kevin Gusto

    This would be a deadly mistake for them. We’ve all seen how non 8bit and 16bit mega man games fare, and how much the fans love to complain if everything is not exactly like the originals. I myself don’t want to see them downgrade their graphics, it would be such a wasted effort.

    • Christian Schoff

      Perhaps you didn’t see the part where his team would still have complete control over it and Capcom would just publish it?

      • Set Acab

        That’s great Ā” all effort just for capcom put his name in this game.

      • Kevin Gusto

        I didn’t mean that the higher graphics mega man games were bad, I liked them, I meant that the fans preferred the 8bit and 16bit games, I don’t have any evidence other than the people I knew growing up’s opinions toward the higher graphics, which were always negative. I shouldn’t have implied that they were not universally well received because I honestly don’t know. I feel like the remake for mega man 1 and the remake for mega man x that were for the psp didn’t do all that well, but I loved them, it could also have to do with the fact that the psp didn’t do all that great and that they were nintendo games ported over to sony though.

      • Hector McPeek

        yeah tell that to Shinji Mikami who lost his IP rights to Resident Evil.

  • Ony

    Still getting mine on Wii U, Megaman or Mighty NĀ°9.

    And if Capcom could release Monster Hunter 4 in Europe soon that’ll be great.

    • Christian Schoff

      Totally read that in the voice of Lumbergh from Office Space.

      • Connor Devlin


  • Why is everyone hating on capcom? Seriously, it’s just a bandwagon thing at this point

    • Brett Butler

      (Fans of Megaman for years and years reply below)

      • dfsfsdaf


    • Elitepwnsface

      Capcom tends to not listen to their fans. At least not here in the west. This is why i could give a hoot about them these days.

      • tomtank91

        Resident Evil 5 and 6 are the perfect example of Capcom not listening.

    • Donaald

      How about in-disc DLC? How about revisions five months after the game was released that add almost nothing? How about lying saying there is support for Megaman when more the 100000 people signed a petition to keep it not to cancel Megaman Legends 3 and 3 versions of Megaman made it to the top 20 in the poll where they asked what characters you wanted to see? In fact Megaman X was number 1, I could go on but this video summarizes it: http://youtu.be/ncCUwOdsRgI

      • Joel

        How about you just get over yourself?

        • Donaald

          How about if you stop damage controlling for a company who doesn’t care about consumers only their money. http://youtu.be/T3gdOWqh-RQ

          • Tra Allen

            Just give me megaman. Here’s my money

        • Hector McPeek

          How about grow a brain and wake the F up a face the facts!!!!! They don’t care about YOU, and everyone else.

    • Ony

      The hate on capcom will end the day Monster Hunter 4 is released worldwide o/


      • Hector McPeek

        No. the day the hate stops is when Capcom cease’s to exist, and boy they aren’t far from it.

      • dra6o0n

        The hate falters if they allowed global release of monster hunter online.

        • Ony

          (it’s not even released in Japan so…)

    • Joel


      • Marcus Navarro

        Plenty more reasons than that, simpleton.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      Regarding the Rock Man/Mega Man franchises, Capcom has been kinda bitchy. After years of Inafune Kenji developing for them on the Rock Man trademark, Capcom decided to ignore him as an important being for the IP and decided to make a new game without his consent. That is the story behind Mega Man X6. Although not a bad game, it didn’t really feel like one of Inafune Kenji’s works: X and Zero phantoms flying everywhere on each stage for n reason, hundreds of robots for you to rescue everywhere (giving you one extra life each), and bringing Zero back to life (again). The last one made a huge hole on his plans for Mega Man Zero, as he decided the X series should end on X5, with Zero dead and X as the holder of the Z-Saber (remember the first stage of Mega Man Zero, where X handles you the Z-Saber?). Even so, Capcom selfishly decided to make 4 more games, and Kenji had to change somethings on his plot to make them fit the warped timeline Capcom created, although it still fits the X5 timeline.

      Another problem regarding Mega Man is the series DASH/Legends. Not much long ago, Capcom had this project for Rock Man Dash 3/Mega Man Legends 3 on the 3DS, where fans would help decide the design of some characters and weapons, along other important stuff. It was all going well, until for some yet unexplained reason (at least I don’t remember seeing any) they decided to cancel the game. Inafune quit the company because of that, and Capcom ended up blaming the gamers for that, because they weren’t involved with the project as they wanted them to be (something about not having much hype for that, which we all know wasn’t true).

      It’s been a really long time since we have last saw a new Mega Man game, the last one being Advent ZX. All other games were mere remakes of past titles, for whatever platform they thought it would sell (A.K.A non-Nintendo platforms).

      Of course there’s more to it, but I don’t really remember it all. Just know that, regarding Inafune Kenji’s franchise, they have been the worse company you could think of.

    • Hector McPeek

      Why? I tell you why, they shitted on their own AAA developers(Inafune is one of them). They completely turned their backs on US, the fans, they cheated you guys out for your money with DLC that “already exist on their games”. They are turning their franchises in shit that is not(Call of Duty). If this isn’t a reason than I don’t know what is than…..

  • Cloud W Omega

    This in my opinion is a giant slap to all the backers. Backers paid for what they were told, they did not fund it to give it to capcom, they did it so it would be AS pitched.

    • Clel

      The thing is that I feel a lot of people helped fund it because it reminded them so much of the ‘good ol’ megaman’ series.

    • I personally agree with you. When you fund something on Kickstarter or give to charity for instance, you’re supposed to be told what the money is going towards up front. From the moment this launched, people were talking about Capcom possibly stepping in and suing over the similarities between the franchises. So you know Capcom was on Inafune’s mind from the get go. If he was open to this project being acquired, or turned into another game, it should have been clearly stated on the Kickstarter from day one.

      Also, how would this work with some of the bonus Kickstarter rewards? Many people put up a lot of money to get extra items like t-shirts and art featuring the Mighty No. 9’s cast of characters. I’d be pretty angry if I donated a bunch of money for one of these items that featured a character I liked, and then the game was turned into a Mega Man game, and that character never saw the light of day.

      • Tra Allen

        I don’t care about no tshirts just give me megaman or close to it. They will have my money anyway

        • Hector McPeek

          not mine if he decides to partner with Capcom….

        • Hector McPeek

          Your not getting the point Tra, People (the fans) invested thousand upon thousands for $$$$$ for these “Extras” and now it looks like they got screwed!!!!.

          • Tra Allen

            Ain’t the main goal here is to get megaman back in action. I stand by what I said. Just give me megaman. Here’s my money

    • Caio Esteves

      It’s not like the money is going to Capcom. The game will be done with the backers money. Thing is, the project grew so much (now that it will be on pretty much every plataform avaliable) that they will need a publisher. Inafune just said that if Capcom makes the best offer, he will go with them by business logic, and then it may even be a Megaman series game. If not, he probably will pick other company to publish the game and that’s it.

    • you should read the kickstarter terms again. You do know they don’t even have a responsibility to make the game, right?

      • Hector McPeek

        its out money going to it. So yes, it is their “responsibility”….

        • Since you don’t actually know what you’re talking about, I’ll throw you a bone:

          Kickstarter does not guarantee projects or investigate a creator’s ability to complete their project. It is the responsibility of the project creator to complete their project as promised, and the claims of this project are theirs alone.

          That’s the basic version. If you want the TL;DR version I can hook you up with that too:

          Kickstarter Basics: Accountability

          Who is responsible for completing a project as promised?
          It’s the project creator’s responsibility to complete their project. Kickstarter is not involved in the development of the projects themselves.

          Kickstarter does not guarantee projects or investigate a creator’s ability to complete their project. On Kickstarter, backers (you!) ultimately decide the validity and worthiness of a project by whether they decide to fund it.

          How do backers know if a project will follow through?
          Launching a Kickstarter is a very public act, and creators put their reputations at risk when they do.

          Backers should look for creators who share a clear plan for how their project will be completed and who have a history of doing so. Creators are encouraged to share links and as much background information as possible so backers can make informed decisions about the projects they support.

          If a creator has no demonstrable experience in doing something like their project or doesn’t share key information, backers should take that into consideration. Does the creator include links to any websites that show work related to the project, or past projects? Does the creator appear in the video? Have they connected via Facebook?

          Don’t hesitate to request information from a creator. You can always reach out before pledging via the “Contact me” button on the project page.

          How do I know a project creator is who they claim they are?
          Perhaps you know the project creator, or you heard about the project from a trusted source.

          Maybe they have a first-person video. That would be hard to fake. “Is it really U2?!” Well, it is if Bono’s talking about the project.

          Still not sure? Look for the creator bio section on the project page. Are they Facebook Connected? Do they provide links for further verification? The web is an invaluable resource for learning more about a person.

          At the end of the day, use your internet street smarts.

          What should creators do if they’re having problems completing their project?
          If problems come up, creators are expected to post a project update (which is emailed to all backers) explaining the situation. Sharing the story, speed bumps and all, is crucial. Most backers support projects because they want to see something happen and they’d like to be a part of it. Creators who are honest and transparent will usually find backers to be understanding.

          It’s not uncommon for things to take longer than expected. Sometimes the execution of the project proves more difficult than the creator had anticipated. If a creator is making a good faith effort to complete their project and is transparent about it, backers should do their best to be patient and understanding while demanding continued accountability from the creator.

          If the problems are severe enough that the creator can’t fulfill their project, creators need to find a resolution. Steps could include offering refunds, detailing exactly how funds were used, and other actions to satisfy backers.

          Basically, if Inafune decided to let Capcom turn this into a MegaMan game, there’s nothing anyone can do about it outside of cry. He has the money already and it’s up to him to do with it what he likes. And if what he likes is getting back in bed with Capcom, oh well. There have been plenty of successfully funded kickstarters that end up not producing a product. This isn’t a preorder, it’s an investment and investments sometimes fail.

  • Donaald

    Capcom is so out of touch these days, they never saw there was a demand for Megaman, besides if the publish it they lock plenty of content behind a paywall.

  • Set Acab

    Does Inafune turns into a Judas? How can he do that after all the fans do it for him and the project, a independent project that makes capcom to be envious and slap it in their faces, what happend with all effort?

  • Set Acab

    I swear if Inafune does it, I swear never play and buy anything again megaman

    • Tra Allen

      I’m not seeing you winning on this conclusion lol. Megaman > your pride

  • tomtank91

    But what is the point of people backing it on kickstarter. Because if they change the concept of the game in anyway planned, then the people like myself who have backed them might feel robbed especially when Capcom could’ve funded mighty no.9.

    • Andrew W Garttmeyer

      yea, I was concerned about that aspect as well. These people sunk 4mil into something that is NOT Mega Man (similar, but NOT), and NOT created by Capcom.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Don’t bother with Capcom, Keiji.They’ll just want control over it. You can do better. I’m sure we the fans can live with the fact that it won’t be Mega Man. We’re just happy that we have something closely related to him.

  • Capcom is very volatile at the moment, I’d be cautious if i were Keiji.. The man knows what he’s doing though.

  • Nintenjoe82

    What’s the betting Capcom pick this up, sell 5 million copies and somehow still lose money.?

    • Hector McPeek

      99.9% possible.

  • SomeFluffer64

    If you do this, then you’ll have had that kick starter for nothing… And I’d imagine that he wouldn’t return the millions of dollars?

  • Justin Bailey

    The more I hear about this game the more it looks like Inafune’s plea to get his old job back.

    • Hector McPeek

      Inafune is better off without those backstabbing pricks…

  • Mario

    Well, at least this could save him from getting sued from Capcom

    • discuss

      On what basis can they seu him?

      • Mario

        I don’t know. Too much of a ressemblance to the original Megaman games? They have many reasons to do that.

        • Hector McPeek

          That’s a bunch of bullshit. let me tell you why. theres Saints Row and GTA, same style but still differnet.Resident Evil and the Evil Within(Mikami’s new game) RE used to be survival horror, Evil Within is Survival Horror. and is fixing the damage Capcom screwed up.

          • Mario

            That a make sense. I guess.

    • Hector McPeek

      sued from what anyone can make a game that plays similar to megaman aslong as they don’t use the name

  • Blugrave

    Hey I’m a Backer but this definitely feels like betrayal. Even Hideki Kamiya said that Inafune is not a creator but a Business Man and boy do I love me some Kamiya…. This really stings.

  • Connor Devlin

    Can’t wait. Maybe sometime soon Capcom will wizen up and make a new Mega Man. They obviously know there’s a demand!

    • Hector McPeek

      don’t mean they care. fans want a Remake of RE2, they know theres a demand for that aswell, doesn’t mean they are going to make it.

  • Hulkamania

    I want Capcom to release an HD Ghouls ‘n Ghosts with online scoreboard or multiplayer options… that would be awesome.

  • While a rather sneaky move on Inafune’s part, I don’t think it is a stretch to say this was what many fans would actually want anyways. I’m excited for MN9, but not nearly as much as I would be for a new Mega Man game. The only real driving factor behind MN9 is that it’s basically a MM game helmed by Inafune. Sure, there are probably plenty of backers who were more invested in a new IP, but honestly, one of the selling points of this game was that it was as close to a new Mega Man as fans were going to get. The added benefit (and probably the best case for this scenario) is that Capcom will allow Inafune’s team to develop future Mega Man titles, perhaps even pick up MML3 (though very unlikely). MN9 was the fan’s way of showing Capcom that Mega Man is wanted and profitable. 100,000+ people showing interest in a canned game says nothing. Capcom’s execs only hear in terms of dollars, and MN9’s success proves the series indeed is profitable.

    • Hector McPeek

      and that’s why Capcom is veering more towards bankruptcy. $$$ isn’t everything. Creativity, originality,and fan feedback it the most important tool in business.

      • dra6o0n

        And still capcom will go bankrupt.

  • Michael Jurado

    I just hope that Capcom opens their eyes and see’s that Mega man is still wanted and until then i’m not changing my profile pic lol I mean I want too draw up a new one about mighty number 9 but I hate using paint so that’s part of the reason why I haven’t changed it XD

    • Hector McPeek


  • Carlos

    I would hate to see this happen what does Inafune think he is doing. You already got the money you needed from the fans.

  • John Johnson

    What douched bag, he just said “screw you” backers.
    I got into mighty no9 because Capcom didn’t gave a damn about what we want, in my concern i’m careless about what happens to capcom or any of their games. This is just disapointing.

  • Tra Allen

    Please make it into megaman. Sorry guys but Mighty No. 9 looks like his gay brother

    • Hector McPeek

      No.Just No!!!!

  • Hector McPeek

    Capcom will screw him over in a heartbeat.I oppose this as it is a disaster wait to happen. Please Inufune, stay independent.

  • Megaman….