Jul 5th, 2012

Wii U vs Xbox 360
Microsoft believes the Wii U is only as good as the current generation Xbox 360 console. That’s according to Corporate VP of Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer, who’s convinced the Wii U’s graphical capabilities are on par with the Xbox 360. And when you throw in the Wii U Pro controller, Nintendo is “building a platform that is effectively a 360 when you think of graphical capability”, Spencer claims.

Spencer also criticized the Wii U Pro Controller, comparing it to the Xbox 360 one. “They’ve moved the buttons around, and they’ve made a controller that feels familiar for 360 gamers”, Spencer said, adding that this is the reason that many third parties are supporting the Wii U at the moment — they’re doing it to port their older Xbox 360 games to the new console because it is similar to the Xbox 360.

Microsoft aren’t the only ones taking a swing at the Wii U. Last month, Sony claimed that its overpriced and badly selling Vita is better than the Wii U. Yet, after Nintendo revealed the Wii U last year, both Microsoft and Sony wasted no time firing up their copiers and introduced very similar technologies, Microsoft’s SmartGlass (which we think is nothing but a gimmick), and Sony’s Vita Cross Play. These are the same companies that dismissed and laughed at the Wii, a console which has far outsold any of their offerings.

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  • Wii Uoops!

    “Last month, Sony claimed that its overpriced and badly selling Vita is better than the Wii U.” Right. That makes perfect sense. A ridiculously overpriced handheld whose sales are ridiculously low is better than a next-gen Nintendo console. All you did was make a bigger fool of yourself, “Phony”.

    And of course, Micro-softy and Phony copy the Wii U Gamepad immediately.
    That’s why I’ve always liked Nintendo. They don’t continue to copy their competitors.

    • Matthewmc685

      If Micro-softy and Phony truly bleaved that there 5 and 6 year old tech was just as good; if not better than they would not need all this console war mudslinging! The point is if there so awesome than why are they still copying Nintendo?

      • 3rd.Disciple

        It is clear drug testing is something not required for Microsoft employment!!!

        • Alienfish

          That and/or IQ testing.

          • TheWholeTruth

            Wii U is a Xbox 360? LOL.

            Do you have to pay to play online? No.
            Will it have RRODs the 360 had? I highly doupt it.

            Again, Smartglass does not have dual analog sticks, so right there you’re limited to what you can do, everyone knows that.

            And Cryteck said that Wii U’s “Minimal Performance” equals the Xbox 360, whatever that minimum is. And that comes from the developers of one the most impressive engine in the world.

            Microsoft also stated that their new tablet will support an Xbox 360 controller.

            So, let me get this straight, you’re going to use a tablet with Smartglass to be able to use the Touchscreen just so that junction that tablet with an Xbox 360 controller…

            Is it just me, or is something’s just not working right…

            As for Vita/PS3, it’s not Sony’s main objective.
            It’s just like 3D gaming, the Wii U can support it, but it’s not Nintendo’s main objective.

            Both Nintendo and Sony representative made that statement clear in interviews, they don’t want to “embarked” onto the other console’s territories.

            For people who doesn’t know, Sony first came up to Nintendo and asked them if they wanted to use CDs in their Gaming Console. Nintendo refused, thinking there was no potential to is that technology. With that refusal, Sony created PlayStation and the rest is history.

            PlayStation outsold the N64, because of the price of the games, it cost less to produce a CD than a cartridge. Games on PS were 40$ while the N64 was of 80$. Nintendo 64bit was 2x more powerful than PS 32bit. However, a CD had far greater memory capacity than a cartridge, and PS started to make Videos of higher graphics(than what the machine could play) it was just a video, impressive at that time. Just check Final Fantasy 8 and Legend of Dragoon’s CG videos. N64 was the second most successful console.

          • TheWholeTruth

            Back then, I had an N64.
            Never had a PS1, but I did bought a PS2.

    • pach

      “Nintendo is “building a platform that is effectively a 360 when you think of graphical capability”, Spencer claims.”

      Yeah.. like the x360 could run today games at 1080p@60fps since 2005… it took them 6 years to get those running at 720p@30fps.

      • Buzzeh

        Wii U lauch titles are already running at 720p@60fps, while others are at 1080p@30fps but with 2 game pads ;D

        • TheWholeTruth

          Actually, Halo 3 had 1080p graphics.

          But 1080p is only a number, that doesn’t make the game more or less impressive, it just takes more disc space.

          I dare you to compare Halo 3’s 1080p with Uncharted 2.
          Or Halo 4 with The Last of Us’ 720p.

          Most games are 720p simply because it’s easier to upscale 720p to 1080p than it is to downscale 1080p to 720p or 480i.

          With Xbox 360 Dual-Layer DVDs, it’s better to just have it at 720p, it saves disc space and the game can last longer as well.

          It’s time for Nintendo to show us what it can do.

    • Gene

      Nintendon’t fans say the PSV is overpriced?

      The 3DS is an outdated tech and Nintendo were selling it for $250. On the other hand, Sony is selling the PSV for $250…at a loss. A high tech device you stupids.

      Nintendo were shaking in their pants when Sony announced the price of the PSV.

      While I don’t hate Nintendo, I really hate their clueless fans.

      • Wii Uoops!

        I was never saying the Vita was terrible and the 3DS is way better, I’m saying the Vita is relatively unsuccessful at the moment. And yes, the 3DS was WAY overpriced, but Nintendo learned from their mistakes. And I am not a fanboy, for your information. What I meant to say earlier is that I really have had no interest in buying Sony or Microsoft’s games because they’re pricey and don’t really have any titles I’d like.

        • Andrew

          Wii Uoops you never even mentioned the 3DS. The whole statement was about comparing the Vita to the Wii U. Everyone knew the 3DS was overpriced that why no one got one. Unlike PS Nintendo figure this out and reduce the price something that PS still has not done. At least the 3DS has better games than the Vita.

          • TheWholeTruth

            3DS has better games than the Vita?
            No, it’s just a matter of preference, both have quality games.

            I prefer the Vita’s games, and yes, the Vita is overpriced.

            And, I’m not sure where he got his information about Sony selling the Vita at a lost. But Sony never stated that. I do believe they are making they are making a profit.

            The component’s total cost of a Vita should be around 158$, with the cost of distribution, it comes to a reasonable first price, BUT it’s still too expensive, it should be sold at 200$.
            The 3DS, on it’s part, it’s component costed around 112$, so yes, the 3DS was still overpriced, but at 170$, it’s far more reasonable. (Considering the distribution cost)

        • 007 1/2

          The 3DS is better. It has 3D graphics and better games.

          • TheWholeTruth

            Here’s the dilemma;
            The 3DS has 3D games, the PS3 has 3D games.
            The Wii U has Touchscreen, Augmented Reality Camera and Motion Sensors and the PS Vita also has the same technology, with rear touchpad as well.

            I find it refreshing to see that they are sharing technologies.

            Both 3D gaming for PS3 and 3DS arrived at the same time and the Wii U and the Vita was announced during the same event.

            I smell a secret alliance behind closed doors.

            As far as 3D TV goes, Passive 3D is completely useless, Active 3D is far better.
            Autosteroscopic, is also good, but it doesn’t really work on huge TV displays.
            I needs to be aligned correctly to one person, and while Toshiba has such a TV, (for just 9,999$!!) only 1 person can watch it in 3D correctly at the same time.

            If you are ever want a 3D TV to play Wii U games in 3D (if they get announced) then the best choice is Active, the glasses does cost more, but the quality is much better, you’d be wasting your money on a passive 3D that isn’t even good to watch due to health concerns. (I don’t know why they’re even still sell them with that health risk…)

          • TheWholeTruth

            Autostereoscopic is the same technology the 3DS is using.

      • 007 1/2

        How is the 3ds old tech? It is the only portable device with a 3D without glasses screen (there is also the evo 3d, but it isnt popular).

        Also, the 3DS is 169.99. the PSV is still 249.99.

      • Juno Sprite 007

        Alright, I just gotta say something on the 3DS, even though I know it’s not the topic. It’s a pretty damn good game system, and I’d say it’s definitely worth the $250. I hope that you’ve all played it before your comments.

    • 007 1/2

      Do u realize that almost everything Nintendo created was copied by Sony and Microsoft? Nintendo invented motion sense and then Microsoft got kinect. Wtf?

      • TheWholeTruth

        The PS3 had Motion Sensors before the Wii did.
        The PS3 was supposed to be released in 2005, but then Xbox 360 was released and there were a lot of “issues” with the other console, so Sony delayed it the year after just to make sure it worked fine.

        Again, people claim that Sony copied or Nintendo copied, who really cares, the technologies are shared and neither Sony nor Nintendo are suing each other.

        Unlike the Samsung vs Apple lawsuit where Apple claims Samsung stole the design of their iPhone because it was, quote: “Rectangular with curved corners and a Metallic Back”.

        Darn that Samsung, they stole rectangles! How awful of them… (lol)
        Hell, with that description, it might as well be a microwave…

        In any case, Sony released a demo of a Wand interacting with the Eyetoy back in the early 2000s late 1990s. It was exactly what you had now with the PS Move, so it’s an idea they had even before the PS2 was born.

        Eventually, they dropped the wand and just released the Eyetoy, an Augmented Reality Camera that tracked your body’s movements, without the need of a controller, back in 2003. They also released a fitness package Kinetic back in 2005. Sound familiar?

        Again, the Eyetoy didn’t need a controller. But they soon realised that they needed controllers in order to play the most Hardcore games, then they released the PS Move with the PS Eye and Move Controller and it’s great.

        Again, a PS3 fanboy could make a wild claim that Nintendo has stolen the 3D technology of Sony, or the DVDs the Wii is using because it’s a technology that Sony created.
        But that would be stupid.

        Besides, I’m not a fan “boy”, I’m a man, I’m still in my 20s.

        The more technology Sony/Nintendo can create, the better the games, the better it is for us. Microsoft did try to sell their Kinect technology to both Sony and Nintendo, both of them declined their offer.

    • Juno Sprite 007

      Preach it!

  • SiSu

    Microsoft…Sony…GIve up Nintendo is just Beast

    • AwayToHit

      truer words have never been spoken!

  • 3ds guy

    does this guy phil live on the moon cos he has no clue what is going on in this plannet.go back to the moon dude an take that box thing with ya.enough junk in this world already.

    • Skl


  • Shankovich

    Hopefully they didn’t talk to their engineers for this info, because if they did that’s just sad (and probably explains their issues with thermal management lol).

    Mud slinging as usual, but this is just bad on MS’s part. Great way to take advantage of people who don’t have a clue about computer hardware in general though, which is about 90% of gamers : (

    • Owen

      slinging mud onto a 360 would be a great way to cool it down. Or does that only work in Predator movies?

    • jman4102

      seriously the xbox controller is a copy of the ps2 so microsoft is a hypocrit

      • Benjamin

        what’s funny is that the sony controller is exactly like super nintendo

        • Jeffery02

          The reason the PS controller is identical to the SNES controller is because the original PlayStation was suppose to be an SNES attachment. Just thought I’d spit that out.

          • Madmagican

            huh, how’d you find that out?

      • Jeffery02

        ACTUALLY the xBox controller design came from the Dreamcast and the 360 controller design is a modified version of the xBox’s. So Microsoft copied Sega and Sony clearly copied Nintendo’s SNES, like Benjamin stated. Also, if you’re one of those people that feels Sega copied Nintendo in the 8-bit era, then go back far enough and Nintendo’s the source of most modern gaming one way or an other.

  • jadnice

    That must be some industrial strength cocaine he is on. Nothing logical or correct comes from those high on drugs. Wii U is a next Gen console. All information from reliable sources proves this.

    • Skl

      LOL. Stop the drugs and maybe you’ll come up with something new for a change.

  • James Bowserman

    Guess what Spence?

    The controller you say copied you guys… well who did you copy… and make no mistake… you DID copy someone.

    Xbox didn’t join the console wars till way later than any of the old school 8-bit and 16-bit systems… that goes for Sony too. So yeah… don’t get all butt-hurt, because Nintendo comes up with the best ideas.

  • Your mom

    Yeah that’s a bunch of junk. And seriously the picture, thats just not right you should find a way to change it or just take out what it says.

    • The Beeshnu

      I actually liked the picture so much i commented on it

  • Yamiryuu

    Wii U is being target of so much bad publicity by the other corporations like I’ve never seen before! All they are doing is badmouthing Nintendo and trying to convince consumers that it will be a failure. Are they really that afraid of what Nintendo is doing?! So much that they try to bark louder like a cornered Pinscher dog?! In the past year all they did was find a way to copy Nintendo, knowing that their ideas for the next generation and now they simply bark about it being nothing?! Are you two even trying, Sony, Microsoft…? Shame on you two… and on two-faced EA Games as well!

    • pach

      EA should never be trusted.

    • Daemonrunner

      But…but…SmartGlass will be so much better than the Wii U Gamepad!


    • Shadriczo

      Your comment made my day my friend.

  • Me

    well yeah now lets sue sony to for copying the xbox 360 controller because it was black and had buttons just like the xbox one right

  • Anhell

    Let the dogs keep barking… Nintendo is not worried about all the feedback because they know Wii U will be a success with all the innovative stuff they have for us. Starting with the gamepad and some other stuff that hasnt been revealed yet. But of course there comes the smartglass and vita… I kind of know why Sony and Microsoft are waiting for their new consoles… Because they are waiting for Nintendo to reveal all his stuff so they can start copying and making a better console and trying to change Nintendo ideas a little bit so they can say they have their own ideas. Smart and Coward move by them!!

    • Britton

      I agree. I was thinking the same thing. They haven’t revealed squat about their proccessing or anything for their next gen consoles because they want to see what the Wii U is packing. Either that or they dont have a clue what to do next.

  • Hi8us

    The Wii U sports next graphical capabilities like compute shading and tessellation seen in Directx 11. What you see in the launch titles is still rooted in this generation of games. Basically speaking that means Wii U isn’t pushing itself at all to keep up with PS3 or 360. The real test would be to see if Wii U can run Unreal Engine 4, square’s luminous Engine or CryEngine 3. That would determine if the games from those companies, that use those engines, appear on Wii U. For the next 2 years though, Wii U will do just fine.

    • shadowfan2z

      Well of course Wii U can run the Unreal Engine 4 but for some reason they are only letting the Unreal Engine 3 to run on the Wii U

      • Aquacharger

        You have to realise they’re letting the WiiU run the real Unreal 3. The one used on Ps3 and 360 are actually gimped down versions of the PC one (the real one). The real UE4 wont be on next gen consoles but a gimped down version will be. When UE3 launched it took a while to get it on consoles due to them having to gimp it down.

        Also poor framerate.

    • Wildman

      CryEngine 3 is confirmed. It “runs beautifully” on Wii U.
      Pretty sure Unreal Engine 4 will run on Wii U hardware. Modern graphics engines are scalable. Don’t forget about Frostbite 2 and id Tech 5.

  • Paul

    Our hands are all the same shape and Controllers are made to fit your hands so it makes sense that some controllers will be similar. Get over it Microsoft! You copied Nintendo’s Gamepad with ‘Smart Glass’

  • Slipsevenfold

    Double facepalm! (One for Sony, and one for Microsoft)

  • Skozo

    Oh yeah. . . The Wii U controller is such a copy. . . The Xbox controller is definitely nothing like the Dreamcast controller. The only difference is the joystick added, everything is the same so it’s unique. Hypocrites.

  • Draco Breach


    The Xbox 360 controller is really just a layout change of all controllers before it. The first time I saw the Xbox controller immediately reminded me of the N64 and NGC controllers. You could also pretty much say it only swapped the analog stick and d-pad of the DualShock controller. The rumble feature was also invented/pioneered by Nintendo.

    It’s also been pointed out that the Pro Controller has the same exact layout of the GamePad, only minus certain peripherals (screen, camera, mic(?), NFC(?), et cetera). I see no foul whatsoever.

    As for the power being equal…

    The peal of laughter you just heard? Yeah. That was me.


    The fact that the Wii U is running 720p natively at 60fps proves the Wii U has much more power than the 360 or PS3. From what I’ve heard, I’m willing to say some initial estimates of 50~100% more power are very conservative estimates. I’m not going to say some wowzers numbers like 300% more power. I’d wager in the neighborhood of 100~175% more power.

    This also puts my price estimate at around $3/400 for the curious.

    Sony and Microsoft are digging in their heels because they know they can’t release another console until late 2013 at the earliest, and I would not bet on that. I’m guessing that they are looking at a 2014 or later release, and they probably won’t release anything more than 50~150% more powerful than the Wii U at that point. They’ll want to keep the price at or below $400 as well.

    • Mike

      The Wii U is running 1080p at 60 FPS natively. 720p is just going to be for the early 1st party games. And 720p is nothing, the Vita is running 720p natively.

      • Draco Breach

        I’m only stating the “for now” on first party games 😉

        There are too few third party games rumored or confirmed at 1080/60p for me to comment on.

        Though the Vita… I thought it was running 720/30p natively, not a full 60fps. Do correct me if I’m wrong.

    • josh with the truth

      the wii u will be 250-350 and nentendo made sooooooooooooooooooooooo much money off the wii they can make a super strong consol and price it pretty low and sony is at a lost they will probaly have the weakest consol unless they try gambling again but if they keep releasing at a lost they will go down like sega so i suspect that they will not gamble again Microsoft made only a little more money but they have other companys also Microsoft is just trying to make nentendo look bad and they are horribly failing

      • Draco Breach

        I’ll have to respectfully disagree with a few points.

        While Nintendo made a mint off the Wii and DS, they are also suffering from the lackluster economy since 2009. They also made a rather big gamble on the 3DS that did not resonate well. While they have made up for their mistake, you still have anxious investors. You also have wary consumers watching Nintendo’s next move very closely.

        They can’t afford to sell for a loss and hope to make up revenue on subscription services, games, and DLC. They have to make a profit from day one, but they also have to strategically price the console to get into as many households as possible. While I will be buying the system, there are still a number of consumers unconvinced. Nintendo is doing a lot to convince them, and that includes regaining some lost trust.

        The rampant rumor mills aren’t exactly helping things, either. While attacks from Microsoft and Sony come off as shallow, some “anonymous” developers’ statements have caused some damage. I agree that such comments can’t be trusted, but we also have to recognize a large anti-Nintendo bias from sources like Game Informer Magazine and, even GameStop.

        Nintendo has to re-articulate to the so-called “hard core” crowd. They have to have investors online, and they have to realign third party support. While they have a strong line up of first and second party games, a lot of “hard core” gamers expect a strong and bloody offering. They expect multi-platform games, and they expect power.

        I also highly doubt Sony will make the weakest console. It will likely only be marginally more powerful unless they expect to wait another five-ish years. I doubt it. They’ll want in on the eight generation of console gaming, and they are not about to skip it to be first to the ninth.

        Though, I do agree that Microsoft is failing rather miserably. I know a few Xbox fanboys who are doing facepalmdesk to this news.

  • The Baconater

    It is natural to become jealous of something that is waaaay better than your thing… so you try your last ditch effort to try to better yourselves over the little things that honestly doesn’t matter at all and no one would care about. AND I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU MICROPENIS! lol.



    • Skozo

      Nope, Sony is in financial trouble and that will cost too much and will make Sony broke due to the economy. Quit it with the rumors.

    • Mike

      No you jackass, I can already tell by your comment you don’t know anything about hardware. And you seriously think 320 GB is a large amount of GB? In which year do you live? 2004?

    • Wii Uoops!

      So, basically, you’re saying, “Let’s stop arguing about games and just enjoy them! Ohbythewaysonykicksbutt.

    • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

      4k resolutions, but 1080p. You realize that 4k is talking way beyond 1080p. But that’s just stupid. Seriously, not only is Sony broke, but that would cost them big. And even if they did support quad layered blue rays, that’d be 100 gigs per disc. So you can get 3 games on your hard drive, if the games are that size. Get a brain and use it, games won’t be that big, resolutions won’t be that impressive. Everyone’s in hd resolutions now, and TVs are maxed at 1080p, though they may jump to 1600 or even 2160 in a few years, but that isn’t now and they need to sell for now and people need to be able to actually design games for it. The ps3 took a hit cause third parties, even now still, have a hard time developing for the cell. First can, but third had trouble, and the next gen will have more shaders and stronger processors, they’ll only get more expensive to make games for. If you got your huge technical leap, you would get barely any games on it, cause, with how much it would cost to make a single non-app game, if a single game failed, companies would be going out of business. Barely any games make money now, but the big hitters can currently keep companies alive. Why do you think they recycle the same franchises year after year. Cod, for example, makes a crap Tom of money, but that’s just one franchise in a company that has many. So they put out a new one each year to sell big, so they have enough to keep them alive. So your huge leap won’t happen. And I hope you’re disappointed, cause if you’re stupid enough to think that’d really happen, then you deserve it

      • josh with the truth

        THANKYOU THATS WHAT I’M SAYING TO ALL THE SONY FANS WHO TRASH NENTENDO even if they did make a strong consol they would be gambling lets hope sony dosn’t become just like sega because of nentendo

        • josh with the truth

          no offence to sega fans but i don’t want sony to dye in the consol war like sega did

          • Benjamin

            Yes! It’s better for everyone for there to be room for all three. We all have our preferences, but they’re all fun. What’s the big deal?

      • 007 1/2

        Btw there are tvs with up to 4x the normal 1080p resolution. i read it in PC world magazine. they wont be released until 2014. no one will buy them because no one makes content in higher than 1080p and they will be VERY expensive. Sony knows this and wont make higher than 1080p. right now, sonys best bet would be to make a tv with a play station built in.

  • DerikGotro64

    I’ve always said that the wii u pro controller was an answered prayer for me cuz I like the 360 controller and now I can play with one on a nintendo console Lol.

    • Dan

      i disagree i do not like the Xbox360 controller as i prefer the PS3 controller instead and the Wii U Pro controller is great just like the PS3 layout duel sticks the way i want it, if’s its like the Xbox360 i would be disappointed.

  • Matt

    I’m not expecting the Wii U’s GPU to be very impressive to be honest and it may lag pretty bad beyond the other next gen systems, but for him to say it on par with the 360, a 7 years old system, is ridiculous. If the system can run with ease things like AC3 and Arkham City, then there’s no way on par, because a systems graphics at launch are always pretty weak compared to what they can do just a year or two later. What a dope.

  • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

    While I fully agree with what this is saying, I find this article to be a teeny bit biased. I mean, sure, obviously the Wii u is more powerful, and looks better, and sure the games may only be on par with some current gen currently (ya know, while 2/3 or third party games are going to current gen, makes sense that they aren’t gonna fully differentiate the games), and very clearly that guy is just trying to boast his own product, but the article shouldn’t just smack respond to this. That’s our job as commenters 🙂 and that guy does realize that the 360 controller copied the button configuration of the GameCube, just in a more speak case and round diamond button layout, also the double triggers from the PlayStation and second analog stick instead of the c stick. I’m sure a c stick could work into the gaming world somewhere, again. That was actually a neat functionality of it, thinking back to uses in games like ssb melee ect. Whatever though. These fools can say what they want. As long as people are able to see the truth, when the system is released, Nintendo’s good. The hardcore base will hold em over til then. And then these Sony and Microsoft smack talking high ups won’t be able to say a thing other than, “yeah, we stupid, but we hoped you’d be stupid too.”

    • Britton

      I think the C-Stick was amazing for Soul Calibur 2 on the GameCube. I made a comment about the controllers on another thread yesterday. It’s moronic to say someone “ripped off” a controller design. Especially since Nintendo is the only one who is trying to CHANGE the controller.

  • Broku6

    Poor Sony and Microsoft there always talking a lot bull bout Nintendo. Its that there Jealous and scared of Nintendo going another five and half years with top selling console and games.:). The real funny thing is that sega acted the same way. Always trying to top nintendo and years of trying they ended up bankruptcy. Sony will first one to go cause you they lose billions this years lol.

    • Jetblack

      I hope not, a lack of competition is usually bad.

      • Mike

        Not for Nintendo. They made the Wii, despite their competition. You’d bet your ass Sony or MS would never sell a console that was as underpowered as the Wii, innovation just isn’t enough for them.

        • josh with the truth

          wii was the cheapest console thats y it sold and the games and the gameplay sony is at a lost they can’t offord another gamble even if they could it would be bad for them because they lost money on ps3 and the psvita so if they gamble it would be horrible for them lets just hope they don’t go down like sega

  • Jetblack

    Maybe by graphical capability they meant both their systems come in black and white.

  • Chris

    Where to begin? First off, Crytek said that at a MINIMUM Wii U is as powerful as an Xbox 360. MINIMUM. Because the games releasing now look like the current generation does not mean the rest of the consoles future is going to be the same way. Compare Halo 3 to Halo 4 and you will know where I am coming from. Secondly, Microsoft is in no position to speak considering that Nintendo has yet to reveal the tech specs. However, based by what Crytek has said about Wii U, we are looking at one powerful machine here.

  • The Baconater

    Just saying here, but what if their was a pokemon game that combined every single version and can play it on the wii u. Then the Pokemon levels would probably reach like 400 though but still I think it’d be cool.

    • One day…

      Sir, I love your enthusiasm, and I share it. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t do a truly great awesome-looking pokémon game for the Wii U, as pretty much every pokémon fan I’ve talked to seems to think it’d be awesome.
      Sadly, though, I don’t think it’ll happen. I hate to say this, but not making this game would be moronic. Even if they’re Nintendo/Game Freak.

      • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

        Just saying, pokemon console where the multiplayer goes MMORPG style with online play. We battle and train with our miiverse friends, go and battle the tyranical *insert villain name here* who has control over *insert legendary pokemon name here* and his own powerful team of pokemon beyond just the legendary one. Imagine taking down team rocket headquarters with you and your 3 closest friends, blasting your way through all of the henchmen til you got to Giovanni. Good times 🙂

        • Andrew

          That would be wonderful. I would even get it if I had to pay every month for it. (Hopefully if you had a premium online account it would be free) Plus they could make new regions and add new pokemon without making a new game each time.

  • awsomesauce

    im a 12 year old boy u expect me 2 be playing fps(fag person shooting)games but in reality im all nintendo for example the water temple in oot 3d was by far the easiest, i wish they put super mario world on eshop when microsofty and phony are left in the dust from gaming forever, next thing you know apple joins gaming! give nintendo a break and shouldnt nintendo be more powerful cause its from japan because they are more technologcally advance than the u.s?

    • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

      They aren’t more technologically advanced then the US. They just give a damn about education and the US is a bit lacking on that. Asian countries are also notorious for being less creative, though, due to the fact that kids are put under so much pressure to do well in school and be kept on line, it’s amazing that Nintendo is as creative as it is (that goes for manga artists as well, but most of those seem fairly similar, so I can’t say that so many really make so much of a change from one another). But then you notice, most of Nintendo’s IPs come from a single man, Miyamoto. Not to say others haven’t also come up with great ideas, but what I’m saying is, they are few and far between there. Granted, Microsoft has done a fairly poor job of creating new IPs as well. They seem to only make the stereotypical American state of mind type of games. No wonder the system pretty much only sells in the US. But whatever. Point is, you’re twelve, so do a part to make America a little less stupid and try in school, then maybe you can work for Nintendo of America or something and show that the US isn’t quite as far behind as even you now think

  • PKUltima

    Microsoft, Sony… just shut up you are making asses of yourselves. Everybody has copied Nintendo at some point, from the Playstation Move, Kinect, smartglass, qaud button layout… if any of you have compared, the Playstation controller is just a Super Nintendo controller with handles and extra triggers. I also do not like the 360 analog layout, so having them even is better, also the analog sticks on the pro controller look rounded at the top so my fingers won’t slip off, it is also less bulky and won’t have those godforsaken battery packs and the buttons are right under the analog too which I will like a lot. As for power, Nintendo has had the most powerful systems until the wii, Super Nintendo had better sound than the Genesis, Nintendo 64 had 64 bits as to Playstations 32, Gamecube looks a hella a lot better than the ps2 or xbox. The next Playstation and xbox won’t be as big as a leap either, they have figured out that graphics are not everything and it would be too expensive to sell high powered machines again without going into financial trouble like sony. Basically if you want to be successful, follow Nintendos example and innovate!

    • Britton

      I read some comments from Sony. They said they do not care to sell the most consoles or be ranked #1, they only care to have the “best console” out there. Someone posed the question “would you pay $1000 for a PS4?” If you ask me that is absurd. They do not care to make the system affordable. That will be their downfall. Nintendo is smart with marketing and great at providing a good console.

      • sammy

        sorry to burst your bubble mate but the ps3 cost $1000 when it came out in Australia when the Aussie dollar was higher than the US

  • Mike

    Why doesn’t Bill Gates shut his company’s employee’ss goddamn mouths? It’s a damn shame a company with so much money, ideas, and potential, ended up so biased.

    • Answer

      Bill Gates isn’t CEO of microsoft anymore it is Steve Ballmer

    • Garic

      Mike is right….. Bill gates is not in charge of Microsoft anymore , only a large shareholder now….

      • Andrew

        He needs to come back they were so much better with him.

  • TopCat

    So, Nintendo are being criticised because the Wii U is ‘similar’ to another console…

    And just how long did it take for Playstation Move and Kinnect to appear on the market? Ho-ho!

  • Rodox

    Your all mad, wii u will be outdated by the time ps4 and Xbox whatever it will be called comes out, just like the wii was, I got a wii when it was launched and sold it 3 weeks later cos it was crap, it was a GameCube but you had to wiggle your wrists to play it, now they’ve made a ps3 6 years after sony, they say they are going for the hardcore adult market but they say that with all there consoles before release and then just make flowery games for girls and small children, 3rd party’s won’t make there new games for it and they’ll be in the same hole they were with wii relying on zelda and mario to try and save the day, they should give up the goat and do what sega did and become a software house, i do love the old nintendo I had nes snes and 64 but they lost it, casual gamers won’t get rid of there wii’s cos they’re happy with them and there iPads and iPhones, RIP nintendo you were loved by many and will be missed

    • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

      Well, it is made for adults, and based off of your childish response and posting, I’m gonna guess you’re somewhere around 12 or 13. Time to grow up kid. Games are for fun, not serious. If you care so much, get a gaming pc or laptop and hdmi hook up it to your big screen and run a wireless controller through it, cause you can do that. Gonna keep jumping on the power bandwagon, cause you’re only in second place now. And the Wii u will be out a year before the ps4 and next Xbox, so yeah, it will be weaker, but if you think it’s gonna be a big difference, then you’re a moron. Go play some mindless M rated killer game like all other little kids who think they’re so mature and get off this site, cause you’re clearly don’t know crap about technology and don’t belong on a Wii u site.

  • Nintengoth

    Well it seems Ninty are just the breast, everyone always taking cheap shots am them it grinds my gears! lol



  • free and independent male

    i fail to see how a wave bird base design and a all new wiiu gamepad front face is a x360 pad

    it was ms that copied wavebird and cube pad with the x360 controller so what planet are you on dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wiiu will be at very least 3x a x360 in power and a lot more modern lol @ the sad act MS

  • Kyle

    The more Sony and Microsoft talk and mudsling the more I begin to believe that the next Playstation and Xbox aren’t going to be much more powerful than the Wii U at all. The only reason you would make these kinds of comments is if you are worried. Its like when Sony claimed the Playstation 2 was going to be lightyears better than the Dreamcast and then when it came out it wasn’t more graphically powered at all.

    • LyingTuna

      But the dreamcast failed. It had great games, but Sony brought it down.

  • Shadriczo

    I’m loling at the other comments being voted down, That is why these MS fanatics still waring over the Wii U and they STILL don’t listen. When Microsoft keeps ranting that this is just like their console, they don’t know what Nintendo’s been doing for so many years, that’s why their kinect failed so miserably and Sony’s remote rainbow ball. *cough*stolen ideas so 5 years ago*cough*

    And who knows, Nintendo may rise again to take back what’s theirs like they did 8 years ago.

    (Let’s see you vote down bastards vote my comment down, cause if you do, that includes your wasting my time and other people of their own.)

  • The Beeshnu

    I have to say nice contribution of memes in you pics wiiudaily
    It gave me a good chuckle

  • Frankensavior

    Like I’ve said earlier. This guy is a complete idiot, and is just trying to boast his own junkbox. I find it ironic how out of their mind Sony and Microsoft have gone to put down the Wii U. As I’ve said before the difference between the Wii U, the 720, and the PS4 will be marginal. When you think of it that must be why they’re doing all this mud slinging. They’re trying to discourage people from getting a Wii U. Just so it will buy them time to get their consoles out, and try to leech off the sales. They know for a fact that their new consoles may be a bit more powerful, but it will no longer be a selling point as Nintendo will be able to get the majority of the third party titles. While having their illustrious first party games. This means that the Wii U will have the best offering of everything. I think its obvious Microsoft, and Sony are just having to bide their time.

  • Man

    Im tierd of this controller crap! come on Mic. be better than that ur like the kid who makes fun of the kid who wares whitetites and u have them in your dresser.lol.You 2 sony last time yall made fun of nintendo they crushed u in sales and the same will happen agian when your smartglass crap goes bellie up.

    Nintendo is always getting bashed by diff. comanies that go out of business (sega) or loss in sales (Mic. & Sony) Nintendo simply speaks through sales and thats all that matters.

  • sizzly-s

    Isn’t the Xbox 360 basically a Motorolla Phone?

  • Frankensavior

    I also find it ironic that Microsofts key franchise Halo is just a big mesh of glorified Storm Troopers mixed in with rejects from Unreal Tournament. Good going Microsoft! You are so “original”!

  • tony

    You see, i dont know why nobody even brought up that the xbox 360 controller is nothing but the SEGA DREAMCAST controller… also nintendo was the fisrt to have abxy buttons or was it sega… look it doesnt matter right now cause we all know who the grandfather is and who the monster still is because they still exist anx makes what everyone loves… so microsoft and sony needs to stop trolling like their fanboys… seems like nintendo are the only grown ups out their…

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      The Sega began with A,B,C button… (I think) Nintendo put L,R and X,Y on their super nes 😛 (I’m not english talker)

      • Draco Breach

        NES was the first to have a d-pad and AB buttons. The SNES added LR shoulder buttons and XY to the mix. The original Sega had ABC.

        Nintendo and Sega started the “button wars” as I dub them. They fought to make the most complex set of buttons possible. It was literally a time when fanboys bragged about how many independent buttons controllers from their favored console had – as well as graphics.


        • Getachew

          / If I were a Wii character, I’d deelintfiy be Lara Croft! Her prowess beauty with charm, and her very strong personality is a classic example of lethal combination. She fights villains with tremendous intensity, but still maintains her grace and poise in the process. I just adore the character so much that I feel I’m becoming her little by little each day! =) As of the moment, she wants to sing her heart out and try playing the Wii at Redbox sooooo bad! =)Now, who can ever resist making a Lara Croft win? =PCharms last blog post..

  • Jonas

    Is it a joke or is it a joke? Microsoft seriously thinks all the third party sell these games because of the Wiiu-classiccontroller? All the third party companies said, it was great new console because of the gamepad. Not because of the classic controller. By the way microsoft: Have a look at Nintendo64 and. If they continue like this imma get a Linux OS. Microsoft and Sony just cant take it Nintendo knows how to make good consoles, thats all.

  • mac

    microsoft is just jelly that they cant think of anything of their own they should stick to making computers and windows software

  • trainerblk

    Hahahahaha you know what even funner then this mircosoft

  • PK Thunder

    I wanna kick their ass!

  • darkfox

    NES preasure sensitive buttons (YES it did tap the button and mario only jumped 1/2 as high) SNES first six button controller NG4 first analog and rumble GCN first analog shoulder buttons Wii first motion controls, Wii U first tablet controller (not tablet TABLET Controller) BTW heard a rumor a while ago NEXT BOX will be a tablet controller (Smart Glass is prob being introduced to make the transition smother)

  • akalink77

    -__- Nintendo can say the same with Microsofts “Stupidglass”. -_-

  • kev360

    “Spencer also criticized the Wii U Pro Controller, comparing it to the Xbox 360 one.”

    “both Microsoft and Sony wasted no time firing up their copiers and introduced very similar technologies, Microsoft’s SmartGlass”


  • Frankensavior

    I just realized. He’s basically saying. A Ferrari Enzo is effectively a Ford Model T.

  • joe

    When you had your brown star hammered in the videogame market for the last 6 years, you tend to say stupid things…

  • 3dsguy

    Nintendo is king of this castle deal with it and x box go play ur amazing first party titles oh wait sorry u dont have none unlucky.

  • Isaac_Triplex

    lol sony and microsoft love talking out of their ass, they have no respect for the company who revolutionized the gaming industry.

  • Nate

    This is the reason I buy from Nintendo and Sony ONLY!!! The people at Microsoft are friggin liars!!!!!!!

    • PK Thunder

      Sony did the same thing last month.

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    Really… the f bomb in the main picture… anyways the 360 controller is one of the greatest controller designs ever and adding the Nintendo difference to that will be awesome. Silly jealous competing companies getting upset with Nintys genius 🙂

  • Michael

    Think about it this way. Wii U is the next generation of Nintendo but Xbox 360 is still this generation. Just think of the next “Xbox 720”. It will possibly be next generation being compared to the Wii U, whereas the Xbox 360, should be compared to the Wii.

  • Joyous Killer

    The Wii U Gamepad and the Xbox 360 controller look EXACTLY the same XD

  • King of Red Lions

    Can’t we all just get along?

    Microsoft: No!

  • ajfel

    So???? I don’t care…
    Nintendo > everything
    It’s not about fucking hardware u dumb micro/sony, go to hell ;]

  • link5

    Its funny nintendo does better than everyone and people flip out and make up lies like this :p

  • mario

    I dont mind buying a wii-u-xbox because what I want is a x-box with nintendo games, and not x-box games

  • jose garcia

    r u kidding me xbox 360/microsoft is declaring wii u is just a copy of their system really……. really i thats i have to say really wow

  • Wowowow

    Wow, I didn’t know Nintendo fanboys even existed until stumbling on this page… That’s how little your opinions matter in the gaming world.

  • Seriousily

    ahhhhaaaa haaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    haaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa! haaaa haaa ha haa ha!!!

    They’re joking right

  • xiq

    Fanboys, disgusting, sweaty fanboys everywhere.
    If I where to answer any of these false claims, whether they might come from the Xbox, Sony, or Nintendo Freaks, then my brain would melt!

    Paying a Company hundreds of Dollars for a Console doesn’t make them your “Brosef” that you can hang out with and have to protect. In fact, they take a huge diarrhea-dump on your face if you’re not in for the $$moneys$$

    • XIG

      You’re a tool,but a Troll at best.Go smell your dads pantys you freak.


    Nintendo Forever!!!
    I hope SONY goes down like SEGA, so I can Rub it in all the M Rated addicts Faces!!!

  • I love how microsoft said that the controllers were nearly the same… COME ON! WHO HAD THE SAME BUTTON PLACEMENT WITH GCN? Microsoft!