Jun 16th, 2013

There were some rumors that Microsoft sent employees to Wii U Best Buy events during E3 week, where they tried to persuade potential Wii U owners to switch and pre-order the Xbox One instead.

Now those rumors have been confirmed, as the video evidence above shows. A Microsoft employee was spotted at a Wii U event at Best Buy, talking about the Xbox One and why they should chose it instead. It’s quite pathetic.

Microsoft has been ridiculed over the past week for its Xbox One, a $500 console that doesn’t support used games, has to be connected at all times to the Internet, and is noticeably less powerful than its main competitor, the PlayStation 4.

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  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    Ha and people made fun of WiiU launch. Just wait til Xbox one launch then we will really have something to laugh at. Fuck all Wiiu doubters

    • Noteak

      Sadly there will still be microsoft fanboys who will buy it

      • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

        And they will suffer the consequences with money scams, being watched thru the Kinect, online requirements and used games policies lol Ill enjoy my WiiU 🙂

        • AkaLink77
        • Nah they’re gonna just make up excuses for liking it and pretend those “scams” don’t exist… as always

          • Pikachief

            I’m not gonna say those “scams” do or don’t exist. I’m not gonna make up any excuses for liking it other than I’m excited for the persistent online, asymmetric matchmaking, multitasking, and main the games.

            Also that I really don’t care about the downsides of this console and most of them don’t really apply to me either.

            Yes all those problems exist. I don’t care, you do, you wont get an XB1, I will. yay!

          • Zorlac79

            Follow blindly good sheep!
            Make sure you buy from the Gap too, since everyone else does and should.
            And bring a parachute, for everyone else will be jumping off a cliff….

          • Alex Damman

            ok, just because the xbox is not that good in your opinion is not any reason to ridicule people just based on what console they like. i mean, by your logic, a lot of people on this site are blind nintendo sheep. you can’t ridicule people for being loyal to a certain fandom, and i’m really ashamed and enraged when i see people like you on NINTENDO sites because we here in the nintendo fandom should know better, because WE were so unfairly ridiculed and degraded LAST generation because we liked the wii. a wise and ethical person would see that as an oportunity to see the issue from both sides, and respect people’s opinion. but no. instead there are people like you who seek revenge and perpetuate the cycle of hate.

          • bizzy gie

            I’ll explain this from my POV. The reason I ridicule the Xbox One and try to prevent people from buying it is because Microsoft does not deserve people’s money for this. If Xbox One sells well, then Xbox Two (or whatever stupid name they give it), will have even more restrictions. This console is anti-consumerist, but Microsoft and their PR are far too arrogant to care.

            They know the console will sell well regardless of its many flaws.

            As far as brand loyalty goes, there is a problem with that. If you buy a product, buy it because you researched it and learned it’s the best product for your budget not because it has a certain logo on it.

            In this case, there aren’t very many reasons to buy an Xbox One. It’s extremely restrictive, it’s a hudred dollars more [than its main competitor], it’s weaker [than its main competitor], and there are hardly any good exclusives for it. I don’t believe in buying a whole console for one game.

            Titanfall is a generic FPS that has mecks or mex or whatever those giant suits are called and is, most importantly, coming to PC.

            Not much was shown about Halo and it could release in late 2014 for all we know.

            Project Spark seems cool, but you’d have to invest a lot of hours into it and I highly doubt a guy who gets out and lives a regular, busy life will have time for it.

            Deadrising 3 is cool, but the PS4 is getting far too many infected games for this to be missed that much.

            Ryse= Quick Time Events the video game

            The rest are not memorable.

            It’s not like EVERYBODY just so happen to switch to Sony for no reason.

            If Microsoft decides that they care about customers (Don Mattrick basically said F U to those in the military), then they might get them back. MIGHT.

          • Zorlac79

            If you read the many post I did last night, you would see that my frustrations came from the influx of ignorant post from people that do not even need to be here.
            You want to try and point out that it is me that is causing the problem, which is ridiculous!
            Do you see me going to xbox forums to start trash talk wars in their place of communication? -NO
            Do you see me just ignorantly coming onto my forums, which is a Wii U forum just to create hate toward the xbone? -NO
            I simply got bugged by the pathetic attempts of other individuals coming here and trash talking in a place where it was absolutely unnecessary. I am no fanboy in any way, and if I was, my time has been more devoted to my xbox overall, while owning all 3 systems last gen.
            I just stand up for what is right, and people coming here to start trash need to show some common decency and respect. But we all know that is fading fast in this world this day and age.
            And no, I didn’t call someone who likes a system a sheep. Again, relating to the ignorant posts.
            Go ahead and feel ashamed, like I stood out so greatly from all the people that said what they said. I am not ashamed of what I said, at least I was willing to stand up for something I feel is right or wrong.

          • Zorlac79

            And to top it all off, after teaching an advanced math class for 4 hours a day, going to my classes and doing my labs, exams, etc. (roughly spending 12+ hours a day), you want me to have an intellectual conversation with some people who are just here to troll??

            I try to just ignore it, as I most often do. But sometimes I hit my limits just like any normal person would.

            But in my rare occurrence, I happen to make someone feel ashamed…..


          • dxcvs


          • Zombie Boy

            Don’t worry, dude, we’ve all been here before. Best bet is to let it go as I’ve found that you can’t argue with trolls. Should you prevail with common sense, they’ll resort to threats and childish name calling.

            I agree totally, as do many, many others, that Microsoft is bad for the gaming community. Many people will buy the XBox One and due to the 24 hour log-on, many people will inevitably be left with bricks connected to their TVs. People’s internet goes down. People go on holiday or away for days at a time. Some people simply aren’t aware of the restriction. PEOPLE DON’T SPEND EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY GLUED TO THEIR CONSOLES! The XBox One WILL kill Microsoft’s foray into the gaming market, if not now then soon, and then hopefully we can all get back to enjoying our games again.

            Shady goings-on like the one shown in the video above are only working against Microsoft’s reputation, not towards it. Does anyone really think that intelligent, free-thinking people (ie not fanboys) are going to be okay with this kind of behaviour? We remember, Microsoft, and your sales will show that…

          • dxcvs

            Revenge is good.

          • Pikachief

            Yes I know, I’m a sheep. I’ll also have no friends to play XB1 with other than 2 or 3 because I’ve scared the rest of them away by telling them how horrible the XB1 is. I make sure everyone knows how bad it is before they make a decision themselves. I know its a terrible system to most people, it’s not to me. I make sure they’re aware of all the terrible anti-consumerist policies, but then I don’t judge them and say they’re stupid if they still want an XB1.

            I originally wanted a PS4 and told everyone I’m getting a PS4 without a doubt. But then I stopped listening to the internet and thought about the consoles for myself instead of just following everyone else, and realized PS4 doesn’t really offer me anything I want. So yes I’m a sheep because I’m not joining in the huge chorus of XB1 haters right now.

          • Pikachief

            And Idk why my secondary console preference matters right now, I’m pumped about the wii U the most anyways!!

          • ItzameyaToad

            I agree I don’t think people should jump on others cases for choosing a gaming console. Sure I might tell you or people I know why I don’t like said console but I won’t make them feel bad or call them out for choosing the console they like the most or feel fit’s there preferance. I personally like the PS4 due to large indie support, PS Plus and used games/exclusives, but I won’t sit here and call you an idiot for liking the Xbox One for the reasons you have as everyone has a right to choose there console and not be treated like they did something wrong.

          • NMG

            those kind of thoughts are the main reason why companies are still
            launching and imposing their anti-consumerist products. if people would
            still buy it, why not? uah.

          • D.M.T

            Xbox One is a piece of shit but I respect you for not jumping on the PS4 bandwagon. If you want a Xbox One then buy it 🙂

          • bizzy gie

            So are you getting the Xbox One because no one else is getting it or because you can provide legitimate reasons?

            I’m getting PS4, but I’ve known that for a very long time before the MANY restrictions that make up Xbox One were revealed. There’s nothing wrong with wanting or doing something everybody else doing as long as that’s not the reason you’re doing it.

            Why anyone would want to pay $100 MORE for a restrictive, HUGE, TV-focused, weaker console with many less games is far beyond me.

            But I guess that’s why Microsoft is so arrogant right now (Don Mattrick, Adam Orth, etc.).

            They know people will buy the Xbox One anyway completely disregarding its many flaws and lack of justification for a purchase.

            If you want one, more power to ya. I just hope you know what you’re getting into.

          • Pikachief

            I’m not gonna go all out hipster on it and get it because no one else is. I was very excited for PS4 because I totally expected it to blow everyone away at E3 and blow XB1 out of the water. But the more I looked at the PS4, the less I saw. They didn’t really show anything at E3. They announced one new game and their loyalty to indie developers. They are getting all the praise just because PS4 isn’t XB1. That’s it. (Not always online, doesn’t come with a forced camera, lower price, etc.)

            I want the XB1 for multiple reasons.

            1. I like Xbox Live and it has proven itself to work very well and to be a very high quality system. PSN could be just as good, but for buying at launch, I’d like to be safer at that.

            2. I’m excited about Asymmetrical Matchmaking.

            3. I’m really excited about the “Family Shared Games,” because I have a few people I trade games back and forth with often and that’ll make it simpler.

            4. I don’t know what I think about streaming games yet. I’ll try it out. What I do know is that twitch is a bit higher quality when it comes to streaming games. Ustream didn’t do to well streaming E3, now it’s supposed to stream thousands of PS4 games at once?

            5. While I don’t like Kinect, there are people in my family who really do. The ideas of it automatically connecting the player to his account from him just grabbing a controller or it organizing the split-screens on the seating of the players are things I think are really cool though. Also the Kinect comes with console, the Playstation Eye does not come with the PS4, so that’s probably the reason for the $100 difference. That’s not a plus though, choices are better.

            6. I’m not the only one in the house planning on using it. Some people in my house actually really want those “TV” functions. Yuck.

            7. The games!! Titanfall and Project Spark especially look fantastic to me, among other games. Also I’ve been a halo fan since the first and so I want that too. I just liked the games they showed on xbox more than the playstation games, and the playstation games that interested me are coming to XB1 anyways.

            I bought into the PS4 hype immediately, but then realized I wanted it because it didn’t have the dumb XB1 restrictions, and not because of what it actually did have.

          • bizzy gie

            “Family Shared Games” is good for trading games. It just means whatever games are purchased and downloaded on one account are accessible on other accounts on that one console alone.

            Titanfall is coming to PC and Project Spark is good, but requires quite a bit of time.

            Ustream worked great for me throughout E3. It’s the only way I was even able to watch E3 at all. Ustream supports HTML5 video which is a rarity. I think that’ll be its main edge over Twitch as there are man Apple owners out there.

            As far as price goes, Kinect costs $100 or more alone. PS Eye only costs $60 and isn’t required. I could never buy Eye and my PS4 would work. Kinect is absolutely required for Xbox One or the console won’t function at all.

            Still not comfortable with the tracking, but the family games should be fun.

            PSN will be much cheaper than XBL.

            I have no idea what Asymmetrical Matchmaking is.

            Not to mention Sony has many more exclusives [than Microsoft] overall so great exclusives are to come.

            Considering you’re a family man, most of the reasons you provided are very respectable and reasonable. This console seems as if it will fit into your life perfectly. I hope you’re happy with it.

            Don’t forget you’re going to need top notch internet. If you’re disconnected for longer than a day, your games are unplayable (but I know you already know this).

          • dxcvs

            Xbox one sucks dude

          • Rick van der Linde

            Now this is a normal reaction, why do you get 5 downvotes for this?

            I personally don’t understand why anyone would want a Xbox One, but then I again, I have nothing with Halo or any other Xbox One exclusive.

            I would get a Xbox One though, if my friends would be getting that system instead of the PS4. *behhh*

          • tronic307

            Well, Microsoft has gone and forced me to pre-order a PS4. I went Wii60 last time around, but aside from the RROD, the Xbox 360 was actually good. I’d only get all three because I’m a video game junky. That, and “One 4 U” has a nice ring to it.

          • Neilandio

            Well, enjoy your Xbox one then 🙂

          • Pikachief

            Thanks I will!

            Not as much as my Wii U though! Woot!

          • Arthur Jarret

            I just hope you’re in one of the 21 states that can actually play the system at launch… http://www.p4rgaming.com/microsoft-confirms-xbox-one-will-only-work-in-21-states-in-the-us-at-launch/

            Or if you’re in europe, one of the 20 countries that is allowed to connect from there…

          • As a Wii U owner, I too plan on getting the Xbox One AND the PS4. I don’t discriminate and as you stated, most of the Xbox One’s downsides no longer apply to me. I have a constant internet connection in my home, and don’t trade my games in or resell them. *shrugs*

            To each his own, I guess…

        • briwas101

          But you conveniently leave out the scam perpetrated by Nintendo: selling a system without any games
          When people buy the xbox one they will know exactly what they are getting.
          But with Nintendo you were lead to believe that there would be games and lots of 3rd party support.
          Many gamers will not like MS’s policies, but MS is at least being honest about it so no one buys an xbone without knowing the details.
          And how pathetic will it be for Nintendo when the xbone outsells the wii u even with all these horrible policies???
          Nintendo doesn’t have those policies and they will still continue to get crushed.

          • Zorlac79

            Will they outsell it just like they did the Wii?

            Get educated ya nit wit!

            No, wait, don’t. Just go buy yourself an xbone and mesmerize yourself with all the pretty colors.

            I can’t wait, with MS’s horrible practices with the xbone, for the great ol hackers to tear that system apart!
            They are going to love ripping that DRM right outta there, the required online, and it’s kinect requirements too!
            Then their precious system will be hacked, just like the 360 was only 6 months after release!!
            And then I will get me a system without paying retail (just so MS doesn’t get the count) and play ripped games all day long!

          • briwas101

            Why would I buy an xbone?
            Im getting a ps4 which easily beats both of its “competitors”.

          • dxcvs

            No it don’t

          • briwas101

            Yes, yes it does.

            Ps4 is a little more powerful than xbone, and SIGNIFICANTLY more powerful than wii u (supposedly around 40% more powerful).

            So yes, the ps4 is more powerful than its “competitors”.

            But it doesnt surprise me that someone who is stupid enough to buy the wii u would also be stupid enough to think the ps4 isnt vastly superior to the wii u.

            Let me guess, you were also dumb enough to think the wii was as powerful as the ps3….

          • david jarman

            Power has nothing to do with it. Why is it morons like you only care about power? I’m not even interested in half the games that is launching for the ps4 or Xbox. I like games that are fun and wholesome. The kind that don’t attract assholes like you!

          • Elem187

            Why get a PS4??? Weak sauce, its not even nextgen.. a paltry 1.8tflops.. Mark Rein thinks it isn’t nextgen, he set the benchmark at 2.5 tflops, and Sony wiffed.
            The only nextgen experience will be on PC and Steambox…. btw, how many exclusives did Sony show off in 60fps…… I’ll give you a hint… the answer is less than 1.

          • dxcvs

            I will hack your system

          • NkoSekirei

            nope the only troll here thats gonna get crushed is u dude

          • briwas101

            Yes, im well aware that in the land of Nintendo truth is treated with hostility.
            You just run along now and continue pretending that Nintendo is not completely irrelevant and only about 10 years away from exiting the home console business and reverting to handheld-only.

          • Link Slayer

            I don’t even know if there next handheld will make it. The 3ds is doing great but I just dont see a future for the handheld market Sad but Probably True. I hope thats not the case. I hope Nintendo wakes up next gen and makes a console that is up to par with the compatition. I bet Sony was Laughing at them when they launched the Wii U a year before, they were probably like Nintendo will have this whole year and Wii will probably outsell them overnight. lol

          • david jarman

            The truth is that you’re a loser.

        • Brandon Betlej

          Come on do you seriously think they are going to be watching people through kinect? Are you that dumb? Lol why do you think that? Because it has a camera? Look at your wii u gamepad and you just might find a camera 😉 I love my wii u but people like you are just plain retarded

          • angel

            actually the government has the right to ask for the data collected from u since mircosoft is a huge company just like their doing with facebook and other huge companies that collect data out of u, but also other companies have the right o advertise to u constantly with the camera always online by knowing what u like( music, movies, porn(lol), etc) that is why it’s always online n the camera is always activated. it also knows if u r listening illegal music in ur xbox just like windows 8 knows if u are downloading illegal torrent n so on, also the congress wants to pass a bill were peoples computer gets lock n u will have to report ur self to the police if u have anything illegal in ur hardware, ur one of the reasons why the government pass bills so easily beacause of ur ignorance n ur practically giving them the thumbs up to be controlled by them

          • dxcvs

            Ill be watching you soon then

          • david jarman

            No, because they signed a deal with NSA and its on 24hrs to mine what your interested in to focus ads on your interest. No I would not like that. Plus all the restrictions-another no.
            Also why do you need a camera that can monitor your heart beat and identify facial expressions. The wii u isn’t on 24 or constantly checking.

        • WaHydraxon

          About Money scams: xbone will be 50% more expensive in Europe because Euro worths about 50% more than $. AND IT WILL BE EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE IN HUNGARY DUE TO THE FUDGING 27% TAX. (I sounded like I’m angry because it will be too expensive for me, but I’m just only angry about the high TAX)

          • Elem187

            Well the TAX problem is the voting of your fellow citizens. They voted to drown in taxes… If you don’t like it, organize and vote against it.

          • As fellow European I would like to protect WaHydraxon, as Hungary is also part of Europe, and it’s not their people who voted for it, atleast not the majority, but that issue is related to Brussels/Bruxelles they litteraly force European countries to raise taxes sky-high to relief Europe from the Euro Crisis, but instead their plan (Brussels/Bruxelles) to help Europe out of the crisis, they do the exact opposite and therefor make it only worse. Netherlands is just as bad at this time, taxes not that high, atleast not yet but they WILL next year because Brussels/Bruxelles forces European countries to do so one way or another.

            Countries have to comply, and if they don’t they will simply be “Persuaded” to do it anyway or in better words they are forced to comply because Brussels/Bruxelles forces every European country to do so, voting against won’t help, because if the Majority votes against they just let you vote again on a little different set of rules, but they are exactly the same in the end, and therefor it get’s done as Brussels/Bruxelles say and want.

          • Elem187

            Correct, the policies are set by the European Union,
            But these countries voted for their leaders who in turn chose to join the European Union… Representative democracies are a reflection of the peoples will. You vote for someone who shares your same values. And those politicians turned around and signed the agreement with the EU… which you get everything that comes from that, including the VAT.
            There is always the option of voting for politicians who are pushing for a termination of the agreement. As long as your country isn’t swimming in debt, that is, otherwise Brussels has you by the balls.

          • haha well said.

      • greengecko007

        “microsoft fanboys”

        You mean people with a reliable internet connection, and people who don’t have the ridiculous fear that they are actually being watched by the kinect.

        I’m in no way condoning Microsoft’s business practices though, they have been pretty shitty with handling the XboxOne launch and answering consumer questions lately.

      • Matthew Stapleton

        True, but lets just see how many of them actually KEEP it lol.

        • If they do KEEP it, then someone needs to send the white coats to their houses to come get them.

      • LunarNinja

        I LOVE the big N, but I took a sroll with Microsoft for a year and a half…
        I call myself a Microsoft fanboy, but even I say that they fucked up here.

      • LopsidedPasta

        I know one personally. Fanboys don’t realize how much they hurt an industry.

      • u2013

        Sadly? Don’t be fanboy. I will get wiiu and ps4x1. And right now xbox seems like a better system overall, but people on the internet are too easy to manipulate

        • briwas101

          How does xbone seem better?
          The ps4 has superior specs.
          When most games are multi-plat it makes the system’s specs that more important.
          The ps4 beats xbone.
          Sony’s exclusives are also a million times better.

          • QuizmasterBos

            Specs don’t mean good games. This assumption is what people always make.

            To put it simply, it’s about the quality of the games that are brought to the system. When a game goes multi-platform, specs only matter if the difference is big. Think Wii and PS3.
            I don’t think that a game that’s being brought to both PS4 and Xbox One (Destiny for instance) is really going to be any different. The PS4 IS more powerful, but mostly in CPU, which means the only discernable differences would be faster loading times and less lag. That isn’t exactly something that can make a whole console look inferior.

            No, in times like this, it’s about the exclusives. Nintendo has always had good first-party exclusives and Sony is also known for having pretty good ones. Xbox One is going to have less in general and less in quality. PS4 DOES beat Xbox One, but so does every console in history.

          • Arthur Jarret

            But Xbox One DOES have a new killer instinct…
            a killer instinct with a ridiculous pricing model (no retail) but still.

            I might just pick up a used XBox One in 1/2 years just to play it. I’ll make sure to hack the system so the online and kinect requirement is gone, tho’

          • QuizmasterBos

            That’s by the new Rare. This isn’t the same team that made Donkey Kong Country, Banjo Kazooie, or Goldeneye 007. Most of those people have since left for greener pastures.

            Plus, when Microsoft got Rare, Rare already started making games that weren’t super good. And they got progressively worse until they were making Sports games only. Don’t put too much trust into them anymore. Adopt a Wait-and-see approach.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Well… ‘new’ rare DID make starfox adventures which – despite all critisicm – I thought was pretty great.

            I liked the Kameo demo as well… (never played much of it)

            But, Killer instinct isn’t really made by MicroRare – it’s made by Double Helix. I just really dislike the Micro(soft)transaction-idea.

            Sure, you only really use one fighter… if you play online, competitively (you know, that 1% of the crowd)… but on a local game (gamenight!) you do pick each and every available one before the night is over.

          • dxcvs

            So Ps4 beats xbox one then

          • briwas101

            Apparently you skipped the part of my post that mentions sony has the best exclusives.

            Of course games matter, and Sony beats microsft AND nintendo in quality exclusives.

            Sony also has the most powerful system which gives them an advantage with multiplats.

            1. Sony’s system beats ms and N in terms of power.
            2. Sony’s exclusives beats ms and N.

            Get it? Got it? Good.

          • QuizmasterBos

            I didn’t skip over it, I said both Sony and Nintendo have good exclusives. Please read my post well.

            I beg to differ. Nintendo’s exclusives are known to have among the highest scores in gaming ever. Most of the ‘top ten games of all time’ lists have Nintendo score by far the most. And this isn’t just pre-sony stuff. Look at Super Mario Galaxy for instance.

            Another thing is that sales numbers would also in some way (this is not absolute) signify quality. I checked vgchartz yesterday, the first 15 best selling games are all published by Nintendo.First Sony exclusive? Gran Turismo 3 at number 26.

            The fact that Sony has the most powerful system this generation does in no way have an effect on their multi platform advantages. The GameCube was the most powerful system two generations ago and yet PS2 sold the most games and consoles.
            And how about last generation? PS3 games did not look better than Xbox 360 games. Why? Because Microsoft’s system sold so well, they were able to tell developers they couldn’t release their game on both 360 and PS3, unless the 360 version wasn’t clearly inferior hardware wise.

            And your number thing?
            1. Yeah, I get that. Read the above paragraph for my retort.

            2. If Sony’s exclusives are the best, then tell me how Nintendo managed to make one of the most popular systems ever (the Wii), make amazing profit on it and have almost no third-party support?

        • briwas101

          The ps4 also won’t spy on you when you have your boyfriend over…

          • You can tell if they’re a girl?

        • dxcvs

          How can it possibly seem like the better system its ugly weaker than the ps4‚ restricted and shit‚ and the games are underwhelming

    • LopsidedPasta

      Even though I agree with this article, Kinsley is completely wrong at the end. It DOES play used games, only has to be connected to the internet ONCE A DAY, and is virtually identical in terms of specs to the PS4. I hate the Xbox one, but facts are facts, and this guy is lying.

      • incoherent1

        Lying is a strong word. I think the author just got a little overzealous, but your point is taken — the statements he makes at the end aren’t completely accurate (although I don’t think he meant to mislead).

        • greengecko007

          But as a writer for WiiUdaily, he should be informed on the console he is ridiculing. Unless of course he is simply trying to appeal to the Nintendo fans jumping on the bandwagon hate for the XboxOne.

          • Zorlac79

            True. But I think EVERYONE should jump on the hate xbone bandwagon!

            That is coming from someone who has been xbox solid since I went from my PS2 to xbox to 360.

            I have vowed to never give slimy ass sony another cent of my money! But I would buy 2 PS4 systems before I would put $5 down on an xbone.

            Which leads me to staying happy with my Wii U and my PS3 and 360.

          • greengecko007

            “True. But I think EVERYONE should jump on the hate xbone bandwagon!”

            Didn’t you just tell somebody else to not follow like a blind sheep?

          • Zorlac79

            I think every parent should understand the crap that MS is trying to sell before they even begin to think of buying this garbage for their kids.

            And believe me, I am doing my part in letting everyone I know about the practices MS is using in this system and warning them to stay far away.

            As for run out and buy it, or stay away from something bad, it’s affect of following blindly falls a little different.

            And yeah, even if it is done blindly, I hope everyone is on the hate xbone bandwagon!

          • Zorlac79

            And when did I say they should jump on said bandwagon blindly?

            I would prefer people get educated about the xbone! It will make it that much easier for them to hate it!

      • briwas101

        Yeah…..they are virtually identical except for where they are different, and where they are different Sony wins.
        Are they drastically different? No. But the ps4 IS superior.

      • Luffy

        it does play used game, but there is restrictions. For example, it only plays used game sold from selected retailer (like gamestop) and part of the money gamestop will make will go back to microsoft. While this could be good, it only means that gamestop will put the price even higher.
        Also you can only give your game once, then it must be sold to a selected retailer that can than reactivate the game and sell it to another.

        So it can play used game, but with all these restrictions, it could as well not be able to for all the difference that will make.

        • Arthur Jarret

          But how will this work in europe – where there aren’t any continent-wide gamestore franchises?

          Most services they have attached to their system aren’t available in most european countries either.

          As it stands now, they are too focused on the american market and even losing a lot of their fanbase there. Things do not look good for the next Xbox… especially in light of a 100$ cheaper PS4 which not only has a faster processor but also a higher generation of RAM-chips

      • fireheartis1

        It plays used games for a fee and it has to be removed from the Hard Drive by a company like GameStop is what I heard. I’m not sure about the GameStop thing, but I do know you have to pay a fee if you want to play a used game like a rented game. That’s just stupid and it’s just ignorant of Microsoft to think they can get away with it.

    • briwas101

      F all wii u doubters?
      Every single negative prediction has come true for the wii u.
      Every positive prediction made by nintentards has proven to be wrong.
      Wii u doubters: 100% success rate
      Nintendo fanboys: 0% success rate.
      How stupid do you have to be to now see how wrong you have been from day 1???

      • Weraru

        Why are you on this website then? This is Wii U Daily, in case you’re too stupid to read. Go troll somewhere else, or better yet go get a life.

        • briwas101

          Congrats on completely side-stepping the point I made.
          How many positive wii u predictions have come true? ZERO!!!
          LITERALLY ZERO positive predictions have come true.
          But ALL OF THE HATERS have been 100% correct.
          Please explain why you remain so confident when ALL OF THE FACTS go against you??????
          The last time I saw someone struggle with facts this much was when George W. Bush was trying to tell everyone that Iraq was behind 9/11

          • Ony

            You’re seriously serious ?

            You’re comparing war, terrorism, politics and potential death by wrong choices to a video game console… seriously.

            Go spread your science elsewhere please.

          • Revolution5268

            DUMBASS republican right here ^^^^^^^^^^^^

          • Weraru

            I didn’t sidestep your question, donkus. It was just so stupid I deemed it unworthy for a serious answer. You didn’t even name any of these “predictions” that didn’t come true.

            I predicted that the Wii U would be a great console on which to play awesome Nintendo exclusives (and a few third-party games) and that did come to pass. I also predicted that it would receive unwarranted hate from narrow-minded people such as yourself, and as we can see from your pathetic trolling, that too has come true.

            YOU sidestepped my question. Why are you here? No one cares that you don’t like the Wii U, so you should just leave and maybe go to PS4 Daily or Xbox One Daily. They made websites dedicated to those, too. So why did you choose to come here when you know you don’t like this console?

          • david jarman

            What predictions so far that have come true dumbass?
            Because of Xbox wii u sales increased and now they have reps and losers like you desperately trying to do whatever to sway people away.
            Positive predictions:
            Zelda ww HD and mario 3d would be out for the holidays.
            Ign pretends to hate nintendo but were like little cheerleaders at nintendo’s booths.

            Nintendo sales and interest increase after Xbox one reveal.
            And it’s going to happen again this holiday.

            College students were having fun in gainsville’s best buy for the last few days.

            EA is now talking about making games for wii u due to Xbox failure. I can provide a link if you don’t know how to use google.

          • briwas101

            Enjoy your pedophile game system.

            Im sure you will be real popular with all the little boys on your street.

            Wii u sales have remained dismal EVERY MONTH just like the wii haters predicted.

          • david jarman

            Apperantly you can’t read you fucking moron. Wii u sales increased-FACT!
            I think the spy box would be more suited for pedophiles. In fact, there have been a lot of potential pedofile cases with the Xbox.
            Speaking of little boys. It’s very childish of you to go on a fan website and start shit. You’re pathetic. You call yourself a mature gamer then act like one!

          • Mario

            What re you talking about? The sales increased when the Xbox One was a.nnounced.

          • Mario

            I’m a stubborn guy. But hey! Aren’t we all like that?

      • Zorlac79

        If you doubt it so much, why do you have to come here to try to keep reassuring yourself?

        Sad and pathetic.

        Go buy yourself an xbone a sit quietly alone by yourself, if they don’t give all of their employees a free system that is….

        • briwas101

          Reassure myself?
          There is no need. Facts are facts.
          I am trying to enlighten a few losers.
          You want a good system? You want good games? Then Nintendo is the last thing you should be playing.
          I am trying to educate you idiots who keep thinking that “Game X” will sell a million wii u’s and then “Game Y” will sell 3 million wii u’s.
          3 years from now the wii u will be a dead console while Nintendo works on coming out with a new one. Nintendo will be lucky to hit the 15 million mark before it is retired.
          For every 1 game on a Nintendo system worth playing, there are 5 on Sony’s system.

          • Zorlac79

            Yeah, and sadly your failed attempts at “enlightening” people has all but succeeded, it has just left you looking like the idiot that you truly are.
            All you have shown is that you will suck MS’s cock and smile about it, and 3 years from now you will be happy to bend over and grab your ankles the next time they demand it.
            These conversations with you morons has the same promise as progression as arguing with a 5 year old….
            Oh yeah, how old are you? Oh wait, we don’t care.

          • Adrian

            Did somebody you know get raped by a Wii U advocate or something? I don’t understand your hostility, honestly.

          • david jarman

            Why? Because you like Sony? Listen stupid piece of shit! I’m tired of people like you telling others what they should or should not like. What to play or what not to play. You have to be the biggest, low life loser to go on fan sites and tell people they should like a console that you like.
            Well then I guess we should all just buy the same fucking car, same fucking clothes, same fucking shoes and we should all be born the same fucking way with no sense of individuality with no opinions or personality. In fact we should all be you- a fucking mindless sheep! Ba-a-ah!

          • briwas101

            Go back to blowing your boyfriend. You love little kid games because it reminds you of the first time you went down on a guy.


          • david jarman

            Wow, is that your best. Can’t think of something intelligent to say? I’ll stoop to your level. The only reason you keep coming back is cause you love being ass raped by everyone and from what I can tell from your comments is that you’re the one that sucks. You’re probably at home masterbating to these comments while you let the blisters on your lips heal.

      • NkoSekirei

        continue to make ur self look like a @$$ dude that wat ur becoming with all these false comments u make

      • Cyrus

        Positive prediction #1: Gamepad is awesome. Proven to be true!
        Positive prediction #2: ZombiU is a game that can shock you. Proven to be true! I didn’t have frightening game moments since a long time. ty @ubisoft
        Positive prediction #3: Nintendoland is going to be fun. Proven true!
        Positive prediction #4: Lego City is fun. Proven true!
        Positive prediction #5: NSMBU is fun and has addictive challenges. Proven true!

        Negative prediction #1: WiiU is weaker than ps3 or sbox360. proven wrong.
        Negative prediction #2: Nintendo will rush out games in order to sell systems as soon as possible. Proven wrong, they’re bringing pikmin 3 half a year later than expected, because time was needed to make it perfect!

        Could continue the list, but i guess your 100%:0% point was already proven wrong by a single item from that list.

      • Levi Johansen

        What predictions? I’d love to hear which ones the haters were correct about, and which ones the fans were wrong about.
        I can’t think of any.

        Wii U had a great launch, compared to PS360, it has a great library of games and more 3rd party support than even some fans were hoping for.

        EA and Microsoft are the only ones that are dissappointing their fans.

      • david jarman

        What the fuck are you talking about? Where did you get this stupid bullshit made up statistics? Look, just because your limp box one was a failure on paper doesn’t mean you have to take it out on us. Any human being with some remote sign of intelligence could have seen that before day 1.
        I see more fansites for nintendo then I do for anything else and I see a lot of people(probably more then you can count too) on the ps4 sites, neogaf, ign and gamespot saying,”looks like wii u and ps4 for me”

    • Steve

      Why wait till XBox One comes out? This pathetic stunt is already too funny. Lol

    • TCar

      Microsoft will be paying people to wait in line to buy their system.

    • bizzy gie

      Yeah. At least Wii U’s main problem (no games) can and will be fixed. Microsoft can fix DRM, online, and used game policies, but they’re far to arrogant.

      • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

        Exactly. And WiiUs lack of games partially because it was the first of a new generation. Takes a while to understand how to develop for a new system.

        • Revolution5268

          Thats exactly what happen to the xbox 360, a year later GAMES!!!!

          • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

            Exactly. And the games got better such as graphics and abilities the longer in the lifespan. Same with the Wii. Compare the graphics of the first Wii games to the most recent gen of Wii games.

    • Mario

      Yeah… They really went low now.

  • Jeffery02

    Wow… Just wow…

  • Link00

    this is just sad…

  • Antar Rodríguez

    how can people be so blind about xbox one, having to pay for online gaming, hard to lend games, 24 h mandatory online check, how can they still say xbox 1 is better than wii u? how can microsoft have so much people brain washed?

    • Andrew Longo

      its the other way round.. playstation plus costs money. used games are pointless, the prices of games naturally drop over time, if a game isn’t good enough for you to buy at launch it is the developer’s fault.
      tell your friends to get jobs and buy the games themselves, or just play them at your house instead of freeloading.
      a lot of the ps4 lineup are MMO’s which obviously require 100% online connection.. and how often do people go online to download updates/patches/new demos/watch youtube/use netflix anyway?
      i could care less if my x1 goes online to update my games and stats while i’m not even using it. people are convinced its a bad console for the most juvenile reasons.

      also. notice how i didn’t mention the wii u? i feel it’s in its own league and given that i’ve happily owned one for months (of course its sadly collected dust thanks to the lack of games) i don’t even include it in this console war

      • There is a difference to needing an online connection to play the game live online compared to a system that must check in daily even if you never intend to play an online game.

        My friends have jobs (well most of them) but borrowing a game to play a little to save a possible $60 mistake is necessary as so many games have ended up being hyped crap. How is this fair to companies like game fly?? If games were mostly great then game rental or used game businesses would have never come to light. Like Reggie said…. Worried about used games…. then make better games.

        • Antar Rodríguez

          i completely agree with u man

      • Wonkoo

        Couldn’t care less. Couldn’t. If you’re saying you COULD care less, it means you care quite a bit.

        Also, notice how I didn’t mention the rest of your bad grammar and punctuation? That’s because I feel it’s in a league of its own (and sadly, that league is terrible.)

        • briwas101

          Thank you! Im always having to correct people who say it wrong, and they all say that I am the one who is wrong. Even after I explain the logic to them they look at me like I’m stupid.
          If you COULD care less, it means you DO care some amount (not necessarily a lot, just SOME amount greater than 0), because there is a LOWER amount that you could care.
          If I have zero apples, I COULD NOT have less than that. It is already at the lowest possible amount. I COULD NOT have less apples.
          If I have 5 apples I COULD have less, because 4 is less than 5, 3 is less than 5, 2 is less than 5…..
          So anyone who “could care less” cares SOME amount.
          I’m pretty sure the reason everyone says it that way is because it DOES roll off the tongue better. It SOUNDS better, but I don’t care how something sounds if I know it is factually incorrect.

          • Guest

            You and I should have lunch.

      • briwas101

        You are an idiot.
        Your wii u has been collecting dust, and yet you claim to be a happy customer.
        What pathetically low standards do you have???
        You buy a system with nothing to play on it and yet you consider yourself satisfied???
        Why don’t you buy my barely-used xbox360 off of me for $400?
        You will get a hell of a lot more fun out of it than the POS you bought from nintendo

    • briwas101

      They can say it is better because it is.
      The xbone is a vastly superior piece of tech.
      The games for xbone will be vastly superior (in both quality and quanitity) than the wii u.
      The policies for the xbone are going to hurt it, there will be people who switch over to ps4 because of it.
      But the xbone will STILL outsell the wii u because IT IS a better system and will have better games.

      • Erik

        So? Specs don’t “sell” systems. Its the games and quality that counts. If you think that specs DO count, then I’m sorry you are just a troll that just jacks off to eye candy graphics and a fanyboy as well. Sure sure im a “Nintendard”, yeah so what? They made GREAT games since the SNES era till now and i’m still giving them my full support. M$ and Sony are keep getting more “re-hashed” games such as FIFA, Call Of Duty, Forza, Madden, etc and they do sell well but in the end it WILL see a big downfall because people WANT something DIFFERENT out of it not just some “minor” tweaks with the same people or thing in it and expect like millions out of it. Sure Nintendo does that as well with Mario and Zelda games but they CHANGE with new gameplay and style that brings us around and buy it. I don’t need superior specs or social media in my console, I just want a system that plays games AND being able to play my old school games that i loved since then. I love my Wii U and I’m excited about the upcoming games this year and next year. Thumb me down, argue with me about “Oh hurr durr Wii U will fail, XBone will get more sales blah blah blah.” Do i really care about them? So if you be kind of enough and just stop trolling here with random stats and fanboyism.

      • NkoSekirei

        ur an idiot

      • Zorlac79

        Just like it did the Wii.

        lol lol lol

        • briwas101

          It did not outsell the wii, however it DID (does) have more SATISFIED customers.
          90% of wii owners got sick of it after 6 months.
          Wii outsold the xbox, but almost every xbox owner is satisfied, whereas VERY FEW wii owners were satisfied.
          That is where MS has a HUGE HUGE HUGE advantage over the wii u even with MS’s stupid policies.
          When people look back at their xbox360 purchase, almost all of them are happy so they at least are leaving open the possibility of getting the xbone.
          Very few people were happy with their wii purchase so very few of them will even consider a wii u.
          Brag all you want about the wii having 90 million unsatisfied customers, but by the time the wii u officially dies it will have sold less than 15 million units.
          The wii sold better last generation, but when you combine last gen + this next gen Nintendo will actually finish 3rd. THAT is how bad the wii u is for them.
          100 million wiis + 15 million wii u = 115 m.
          MS and Sony will each surpass 115M total units between current gen and next gen.

          • Zorlac79

            Yep! All those “satisfied” customers with a broken $300 system after only 6 months of use.
            And then they were told “sorry, 30 day warranty”!
            hahahahah, yeah, they were soooo satisfied, they took shitty MS to court and won!

            So now all of these consumers know they can get their privacy stripped, have no freedom as a consumer, and can buy a system for $500 and “Hope” it works for a few months….

            No, you are loosing hand in hand with MS!

            Not ONE person I know is willing to buy it! And believe me, I know a lot of people from many different demographics.

          • RockGod

            That’s complete BS.. every 360 owner I know does not have a working 360 anymore… YEAH SURE… their ALL so satisfied. SURPRISE, they all intend to invest in a Wii U this gen.

      • Antar Rodríguez

        xbox one wont have better games dude, and its not a better system in any way, (i personally think its a tv accesory rather than a game console)whats debatable about your response is tech, wii u is certainly as capable as ps4 and xbox 1 the thing here is that xbox1 and ps4 are more developer friendly than wii u but that doesnt mean they are better pieces of tech.

  • Jon

    There were people at the Best Buy I was at and the staff at best buy kicked them out 😀

    • JuleyJules

      There weren’t any where I was in Canada though there could have been on Wednesday. Best Buy kicking them out was fantastic!

      • Jon

        not entirely sure if they were really MS employees, they just had a plain white golf shit and clean dressed and were starting to talk to people about the Xbox, saying how it could do more than the Wii U and provided a better experience, got me kind of annoyed but then 10 minutes later, 2 Best Buy employees came over and told them to leave the store. it was pretty awesome 😀

        • jay

          Yup. That was them all right!!

      • Jeremy Spencer

        I was there Wednesday and Saturday (In Canada) and I didn’t see anything either. I was at the London one

    • jay

      SWEET. You should give the company your gratitude. I’ll do it for you if you need. Some Best Buys were encouraging the Ninty hate.

      What was the location?

  • How pathetic… Sad part is if Microsoft would have just made a good system without the unnecessary DRM and forced Kinect and Installation of games to the system it would advertise itself and people would buy it even with all those TV features that I am sure some would have used and enjoyed.

  • Enigma

    Nice article that was already proven false.

    • The video alone shows that it happened. I was at a Best Buy in my area (Mario Kart 8 is Awesome BTW) and as I was walking in toward the Wii U event white and black shirt Microsoft Reps were there handing out information in the aisles and I simply said no thanks I am here to see the Nintendo Games not a $500 cable box.

    • sdmac200600

      Clearly you didn’t watch the video….

    • Nintendo4life

      First a thumbs down to your stupid comment and second i was at best buy and it is true these wackos think the Xbox cablebox will be better..Sorry guy get back on your thinking med and soon

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    They fucking deserve it.

  • Super Buu

    Microsoft, make your own event and pay with your own money. This is just sad when they take time to advertise their console at events held by Nintendo and yet Nintendo STILL gets the hate.

    • Clel

      Just… just… why all the hate for Nintendo?

      • jay

        There is a reason but most people don’t know or don’t care. But trust me there is a reason for the hate. Do a little digging you’ll find out why.

        Has something to do with money and media.

        You’ll also find out why Nintendo games never receive game of the year regardless of high ratings.

        • Super Buu

          Ummm, I don’t really understand what you are trying to say. Sorry.

          • Revolution5268

            His point is the media HATES Nintendo no matter what. Is the reason why they did Nintendo directs, own events, and why they don’t care about its competitors.

        • Arthur Jarret

          Didn’t the Mario galaxy games get multiple game of the year awards? Just sayin’

          GOTY awards aren’t like the oscars, by the way – there isn’t a single GOTY organization… it’s just individual sites and publications giving ‘awards’.

          So basically GOTY is BS – the more small review blogs there are the more GOTY awards even a crap game can get.

  • Bob Singh

    I like how the customer is just making fun of the XboxOne

    • jay

      Not really making fun but telling it like it is.

    • Revolution5268

      its called “whack”

  • Tecpedz94

    Im not one bit surprised here that they did this but I am surprised to the fact that it seems as if Microsoft is doing it in purpose to not gain sales. I mean what where they thinking……?? Did they think that internet access at all times and being able to not share or play used games would attract customers? Its a smart move on their part to make extra cash and such but consumers and gamers are not that stupid. Not to mention the extra price and spy box which most of us are already on surveillance by the NSA, CIA, FBI ect… with smart phones and internet/social networks, having an extra inst necessary….

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I will be laughing so hard when Xbox One bombs and does even worse than Wii U

    • Erik

      It should be. But considering that there are a bunch of gullible fanboys that will get it either way. Likely at LEAST 1/3rd of the people are kids just crying so much wanting the Spy Box for chirstmas.

    • And when the Wii U sales pick up starting this fall and explode once Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 are released. Only one thing could have made it better would have been to release either Mario Kart 8 or Smash Bros this fall. But I think in this case good things will come to those that wait. Bayonetta and X look Awesome too.

      • briwas101

        You nintentards have been talking about this game or that game selling millions of wii u’s, and it hasn’t happened.
        Remember when you idiots were saying that Nintendo would sell at least a million more wii u’s when Lego City is released? Did that happen? NOPE!!!!
        Remember when you idiots said that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate would drive sales of the wii u? Did it happen? NOPE.
        Will sales increase when some decent games are released? Yes, Nintendo will see an increase.
        But for every ONE wii u that Nintendo sells, Sony will sell 4 or 5 ps4’s.
        Also, increasing from 40,000 a month isn’t hard, nor is it impressive.
        When Nintendo sells 100,000 in a month other than November or December then you can talk.

        • NkoSekirei

          the only retard here is u bitch do us all a favor and stfu troll

          • briwas101

            I know you loser virgin Nintendo nerds hate dealing with reality, but pretty soon even you losers won’t be able to ignore it.
            Nintendo will be out of the home console business within 10 years.

          • Luca Invernizzi

            That makes 10 years of actually good games and fun.

            I’m ok, with it.

          • LOL They said that with the N64, Gamecube, and the Wii. We make such claims because history has proven those claims to be true. Most recently with the 3DS. Nintendo does not need to win the console war because they dominate the software war which will sell their consoles. The hard fact is Nintendo’s own IPs top the charts consistently and are amongst the most sought after games and sometimes the hardest to find because people do not get rid of them so easily as they do with other publisher’s titles.

            I have learned to never count Nintendo out of the game because to them it is all about the games

    • Nintendo4life

      Wii u is not doing that bad man and trust me sexbox cablebox won’t last

    • briwas101

      It wont.
      Nintendo has only sold 3.5 million wii u after 8 months, MS will sell at least 4 million within 6 months.
      The Xboxone is not going to completely dominate the wii u, but it will definitely beat the wii u and come in 2nd place behind the ps4.
      Get used to being in last place, Nintendo is going to be there a while…..

      • NkoSekirei

        ur a noob and wii u will wipe xboxone off the floor.enough said.

      • Zorlac79

        Well, if that happens, it does. I HIGHLY doubt it, but there is a first time for everything!
        N hasn’t fallen into last place as of yet, and has always outsold xbox 100% of the time = FACT
        Yep, only 1 generation of consoles so far, but it is still 100% of the time that MS has LOST!!!
        hahahahahahaahahaha hahahahahahahaha!

    • Revolution5268

      This will make the PS Vitanic like a god compared to this shit.

  • [000]

    My favorite part: “Just throw a towel over it.”

  • Guest


    • Nintendo4life

      Forget pc gaming ..Console gaming is better…Don’t play games on keyboards

      • NkoSekirei

        hey man dont start. There some pc games that i like to play like my classic diablo 2 and expansion that game rocks

        • Nintendo4life

          Sorry man…Just saying

    • The biggest lovers of games will appreciate good games wherever they are found. And nah, they’re not all found on PC.

      • Though, I couldn’t tell whether you were trying to show PC gamers as the “master race” of gaming with that picture or whether you were poking at them as generally being the master self-absorbed elitist privileged douchebags of gaming that many too often are. Hahaha!

  • JeanPaul

    But… if this was microsofts plan… why would they make them wear microsoft shirts? I’d send someone that looks average and just have them start a conversation saying why the xbone would be a better choice…. well I guess I guess I shouldnt be surprised seeing with what they are doing with the xbone..

  • Thomas Vienna

    Thankfully, my Nintendo Experience was free of Xbox One trolls. The line did go right through the PS3 booth, though.

  • Shamoyal ‘Jose’ Urfan ˚͜˚

    R.i.p xbox. You wont be missed that badly but you did provide a bit of competition. Say hi to sega for me

    • Forbsz

      The only difference is Sega was a good company and by the time they had decided to stop all the bullshit with hardware and focus on awesome games and stay dedicated to a console it was to late!

      • Matthew Stapleton

        I really wish SEGA would come back.

        • Nintendo4life

          I heard they might

        • Forbsz

          Wouldn’t it be nice if Microsoft left the console business SEGA saw their chance and returned with an awesome console and awesome unique games the industry needs.

        • jay

          I wish ANY GAMING company was back. Sega was a game and hardware developer. Nowadays you only have Nintendo that makes and innovates video games.

    • Player1

      Yeah… but sega died like a hero and micro$oft is and other story….

    • briwas101

      MS is dropping the ball, but they will be making home video game systems after Nintendo drops out.
      Nintendo can release one or two more systems but if they still can’t get it right with consumers then they will be handheld only.
      The wii sold 100 million units, but 90 million of those units stopped being used after 6 months.
      Nintendo DID NOT get 100 million fans.
      They DID NOT get 100 million recurring customers.
      The made a gimmick that connected with society and sold a bunch of units, but everyone got tired of the wii within 6 months of playing it.
      Why would anyone want to buy a new system when they ended up hating the last one??????
      Nintendo fanboys simply do not understand this concept.
      If you go to an auto repair shop and they do a crappy job, will you go back again? NO YOU WOULD NOT.
      If you go to a restaurant and the food tastes like crap, would you go back again? OF COURSE NOT.
      The wii sold 100 million units but it left a bad taste in 90 million people’s mouth.
      That leaves about 10 million happy customers, and so far less than HALF of those happy customers have bought the new Nintendo system.

      • MrSaturn

        And where did you get your statistics? Your gaping butt hole?

      • NkoSekirei

        like u douchebag ur facts is filled with lies and bull$hit go somewhere else troll

        • Revolution5268

          and he expects people to believe in this shit!

      • Zorlac79

        Make up some more “facts” there loser.

        People here don’t want to hear your microsoft endorsed propaganda.

        You guys hope N will drop out so you could actually get some good sales!
        We’ll see (and laugh) as your new system comes out…

      • Clel

        I was wondering who the upvote was from. So then I moused over the upvote icon and saw that it was you.

        Obviously a Microsoft employee

        • RockGod

          An MS employee trolling fans on a Nintendo website… sounds crazy… kinda like saying MS would have employees troll Nintendo fans at Best Buy demo stations after E3… OH WAIT!!! LoL

          • jay

            yet you have these NOKnowlege trolls claiming WE work for Nintendo lol.

            We just love a good company that’s all.

      • Arthur Jarret

        It took Sega three failing consoles and a series of bad decisions and dissappointing sales (despite massive funding) to rollover and go software only.

        Nintendo just had a huge, pocket-filling, success with Wii.
        Wii U is just getting started and no-one knows it’s future. But even if they won’t sell anymore (which won’t happen) – it takes ONE game to make Nintendo a profit.

        For the Xbox One – Microsoft will lose money for every console sold – hoping to make it back with online fees and developer fees on every game sold on the platform (one of the reasons console games are more expensive than PC ones). If they won’t sell – or won’t sell games because people don’t like the platform after they bought it, they lose money.

        So, Nintendo makes money on day 1 after launch
        Sony makes money 1,5 to 2 years after launch due to license fees and their own studios games
        Microsoft loses money

        I think next gen will have sony as the big winner in sales numbers,
        Nintendo as the big winner in actual profit made
        Microsoft as the sore loser – they probably won’t release their fourth system in Asia or Europe because of the severe lack of services (and thereby interest) on their consoles.

        • jay

          Why does everyone forget about the DS/3DS. If Wii U fails MASSIVELY they still have enough money to carry them over the next few generations. Not to mention the gamecube made more money than the xbox. etc.

          • Quicksilver88

            Thank you DS sold 150mi units and 3DS over 30mil and just hitting its stride with awesome games this year and next. 3DS will likely do over 100mil this generation and games like AC and pokemon will sell over 10mil units easy. Nintnedo will be fine.

          • Arthur Jarret

            I didn’t forget about it… it just wasn’t even needed to illustrate the point that Nintendo seems to be the one making the biggest profit every gen – regardless of the amount of units moved.

            They simply ensure they have better margins on their hardware.

            So even without the portable market – they will outlast any competitor simply because they don’t take the repeated huge financial risk by selling at a loss, hoping to recuperate at a later time.

      • jay

        You’re statistics are those of IGNorant media. The Wii was used more often compared to its competitors according to one statisctic.

        Also your use of of the word “only” after 100M shows your age.

        I’m sick of little 4th graders trying to educate people on gaming.

      • Quicksilver88

        Dude M$ sold 70mil X360 but how many of them were re-purchase ps from RROD? Also in two generations M$ has sold like less than 1mil xboxes in Japan which is a major gaming market. With these new anti-consumer policies XBone will not sell in the UK or EU or 3rd world type countries. So XBone is now a US only product that even people here are warry of. Nintendo continues to baffle me with their poor marketing, lack of 3rd part relationship building and bad 1st part release stategy in year one, but they have proved in the past they can turn it around and sell a lot of units and titles. Plus they are bouyed by their handheld wich is a cash cow. They also have a huge warchest which Sony and M$ do not so Nintendo is not going away even if WiiU does poorly. M$ is on a bad streak with Win8 being roundly hated and rejected and now XBone pissing off even their solid supporters (like me) .

      • Revolution5268

        DAMAGE CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Forbsz

    You keep on digging that hole Microsoft this was actually funny to watch yet pathetic at the same time.

  • ChiwawaBoi

    Im actually terrified to buy an xbox one. (or spybox). W(why)TF would I want someone watching me?! why else would the kinect need to be plugged in for the system to work? Thats exactly why im choosing a PS4 for my 2nd next gen console (I always have nintendo’s system, then decide on microsoft or sony). im definitely getting a PS4 over an Xboxone.

    1. the price is lower

    2. It wont watch you!

    3. Im a little more interested in there exclusives than I am with microsoft’s.

    Just think about it: My black wii u sitting next to my black PS4. I watch THEM. not the other way around. 😀

    • Pikachief

      better question is WHY would someone WANT to watch you? your phone and if you have a laptop, also have cameras and mics that are probably connected to the internet at all times or can be. They can watch and listen to you and much more people have them and they’re around you more often than this kinect would be. Just saying.

      • smashbrolink

        Yeah, but those things don’t give any indication of it. If they’re watching us, we’re entirely unaware of it and have no evidence to the contrary as of yet.
        Whereas with the One, we’ve got verifiable PROOF that Microsoft could EASILY watch us with invasive programming if they really wanted to, thanks simply to Kinect always having at least enough power to be activated flowing through it whenever it’s connected at all times.
        And no, we shouldn’t have to stick tape on our system just to keep the possibility from being a non-threat.
        No one should EVER feel like it’s a good idea to stick tape to any part of a brand-new system.

      • BLACKendTiamat

        also, for most devices a red or orange “recording now” light appears near the cameras eye.

      • Quicksilver88

        Have you heard nothing of the PRIZM scandal in the US with the NSa tapping all types of providers for metadata….cell companies, ISPs, Credit Card comapnies are supplying the goverment data on all of us without cause and without warrents. News Flash Microsoft is one of the comanies involved. Now these companies had no choice but to comply but we don’t have to help them by puttin an always connected, always on camera in our living rooms. Last month Orwells classic 1984 was a best seller on Amazon and like it or not big brother is here and watching us. We need more libertarians in the government but until poltics change we have to protect our own privacy by choosing how we expose ourselves to the net.

  • simkenno

    This really pisses me off. Nintendo took a ton of business and made a deal with Best Buy and, Best Buy allow this to happen. Ontop of the fact Best Buy handed out pre-order fliers of PS4 and Xbox one to customers waiting in line to try the Wii U. Im all for people having the Wii U + a different console but Best Buy and Microosoft doing this just isn’t on ! >.<

    • Jon

      it wasn’t like there where I was, MS employees showed up when I was at best buy and they kicked them out. The only time they talked about the Xbox or PS4 was if someone actually asked a question. Other than that, they would really onlt talk about Nintendo features and stuff that is coming and about pre-ordering the games that we were playing.

      • jay

        Sweet you should give them props for that.

    • wiiuoncraigslist


      • jay

        Half the locations at least.

        But yeah most the time they are clueless assholes that think they know more than you. It’s like guitar center.

    • jay

      EA and ms had a deal behind the scenes also. Why do you think Wii U got all the trash talking and pulled support from EA?

      Suddenly EA pops out during the xbone reveal. EAs upports drm and all the nickel n’ dimeing xbone is pulling

  • Marcus Adam Raphael Roberson

    The always on kinect is a non issue for me…it’s all the other crap and how Microsoft has responded to it that is the problem.

  • leafsfan73

    What’s EA gonna do after they announced their “unprecedented partnership”with Microsoft (as they announced with the Wii U) and the Xbox one get out of the gate slow like the WiiU. Are they gonna ditch them too?

    • smashbrolink

      The sad part is, it’s a possibility that there’s enough Live-hooked blind sheep out there desperate for a new console that the system might actually sell OK after launch.
      We live in a very sad, sad world with people who should never be allowed to procreate….

      • Quicksilver88

        Not sure aout that as in the forums a lot of xbots are saying they will go ps4 and M$ is already downplaying expectations saying they expect to start slow because that are so adavanced people don’t get them….lol. I am pretty sure PS4 will be the product this xmas and sell out everwhere. WiiU could do well depending on bundles and price cuts and how the upcoming Nintendo games are acceoted. If Imwas Nintendo I would try like hell to do a Disney Infinity bundle @ $300 as that would sell like hotcakes to the family crowd that can’t afford a ps4 or see it as too much system for their children.

        • smashbrolink

          Nintendo has already made it clear that they are still the cheapest system by $50[which is the price of a new game, so that works out pretty good], so they won’t be lowering their price, now that they’ve got big-hit titles coming in the next 6 months and shortly beyond.
          Rayman Legends is one of my top wants right now, but I’m also going to be giving Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed 4 a shot.

          • Quicksilver88

            I still predict come November when the other systems hit Nintendo will have a price drop and a new bundle or two (one pro black, one pro white). The buzz and value proposition for the PS4 is just too good in many gamers eyes. Now I know its going to be $400, plus a game, plus a second controller so more like $500+ when all said and done and XBone will be $100 more than that. Unfortunately Nintendo has done a horrible job bringing awereness to the value of the gamepad, which is to bad because it is a cool device, so many users will not see the value of a $350 system considered to be much less powerful than ps4. I hope for a great xmas for WiiU and a good one for 3rd party on WiiU as well so we can keep good titles coming in 2014 and beyond.

          • smashbrolink

            I won’t deny Nintendo’s horrible advertisement job. I think that’s a universally-agreed-upon point by any sane gamer.XD
            I still believe that its holiday line-up is going to be enough to drive sales despite its price, though.

  • Jack5221

    Wish I could have been there… I would have LOVED to make fun of those MS employes.

  • MetroidZero

    Microsoft, the first boss in Metroid Prime…the Parasite Queen.

    #moocher fail

  • Adam Fox

    I got a Wii and Xbox 360 at almost the same time back in 2007….and I got a Wii U for Christmas…..I will NOT be getting the Xbox One….I will get a PS4 instead….I love the Xbox original and Xbox360 but MS signed their own death certificate with this thing……

  • I like how he looks over to where I presume the TV is when he isn’t talking.

  • Martin Kearney

    This right here PROVES that they’re desperate.

  • david jarman

    Put a blanket over it? Seriously? That’s a rep? He actually seemed like he was too distracted by mario kart 8 to put up a rational debate.
    This actually reminded me of a former GameStop(EB) employee who kept getting in my face about buying the original Xbox instead of GameCube. I kept telling him that gamecubes specs are great and he tried to convince me to not buy it by showing me halo. I told him to look up Metroid Prime and that it was coming out soon. He said they were getting a demo. I went back 2 weeks later and he was wearing a GameCube t-shirt. Which was funny cause before that he would only wear his Xbox shirt.

    • greengecko007

      Not that I don’t believe your story, I just find it hard to believe that somebody cared about consoles specs back then. Nintendo didn’t have the “underpowered” reputation back then, because that reputation really only applies to the Wii. I know that some very knowledgeable people can argue about which console out of PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube is technically stronger hardware wise, but all three of those consoles were very close.

      • Quicksilver88

        They were close but if you go back and look at their best gamesnow the Cube games hold up the best, ps2 second best and xbox games all look pretty boxy and blah. I still have all my old systems and retro game quite a bit. Zelda, Mario SS, StarFox aDV, RE4, Rogue Squadrn, Eternal Darkness all still look very good especially when run in progressive scan on your Wii. F-Zero in PS looks like it could have come out last week. Sony’s exclusives and the Square games still hold up well on ps2. Xbox was first to have HD and online but its games do not hold upo well.

      • david jarman

        Are you kidding?Console wars been going on since the late eighties.
        Nintendo, sega, nec and neo geo went toe to toe from the late eighties early nineties, then sony jumped in. Xbox tried to be a brute about their specs and some of the sales people were pushy. When Xbox came out GameStop which I believe was EB at the time had three choices of shirts that employees could wear to show which console they supported.
        I still have my mags from the time if you need me to take a picture of the console spec wars between Sony, Xbox and nintendo.

      • david jarman

        Spec wars have been going on since the eighties. It’s just more popular now. I have the nextgen mag that had console wars with specs for the GameCube, Xbox and ps2.
        And this guy was so in love with the Xbox.
        During this time at EB(GameStop). Employees got to choose which shirt they wanted to wear to support their favorite console.


    I’m really hating M$ now, they are just so greedy and want everyones money. I will most likely never buy an M$ product cause of this.

    Edit: Just so freaking stupid they are! Trying to play it off as nothings watching you lol. Oh and “MOST” of your info is on the Xbox? what happened to all of it, I’ll bet they are giving it away to the government! F YOU MICROSORROW!

    • RockGod

      I just read an article about companies giving details on info they’ve turned over to the government. Those companies were Facebook & Microsoft, so anyone thinking MS new system won’t be used the same way are freaking kidding themselves.

  • Nintendo4life

    I met one of these nut now two times and let me tell you he got owned..People started chanting Wii U…Wii U..It was awesome and was pissed

    • jay

      Gotta love this. Could have made a viral video.

      • Nintendo4life

        Didn’t have anything at the time

  • Luna Moonfang

    I can’t wait to the release of the Xbox One!
    …they will suffer the same we did all this time…
    Ohhh, the sweet taste of vengeance!

    Luna, the Moonrider~

  • zerooooo

    Dude Im just waiting for Miyamoto’s new IP. It would be an awesome step for Nintendo. Im getting kinda sick of mario.

  • Narchais

    This round of gaming is going to be just like the last round; the Nintendo system will be for families and party style games, the Sony system will be for gamers and “all inclusive” style players, and the Microsoft system will be for idiots and the “I have no friends or life” style players.

    • NkoSekirei

      wii u is not just for families dude their some serious games coming for the wii u that includes some rated m ones for example bayonetta 2 and few others

      • kenny Johnson

        I love Nintendo… but it is a family friendly console, that should be celebrated!

        • ancientgamer

          just because its family friendly doesn’t mean it doesn’t catter to(god i hate this phrase) ‘hardcore gamers’ nintendo is like a bar in wisc family friendly in the day, crazy at night

    • Luffy

      just to be fair, i think last generation the xbox 360 and ps3 were pretty equivalent. i started with a 360 because it was much cheaper then a ps3, and both had their fare share of good game (i find that the first few year, 360 had better exclusif, but after that it started sucking, just as ps3 started getting all the good exclusif.

      but ill never get a xbone. they just dug there own grave and im happy just watching them walk in it.

      • everyone

        didnt think you would even have internet access in the grand line.

      • Quicksilver88

        I agree in that X360 big adavantage was it was out a year earlier and had games like Oblivion and Mass Effect way before ps3. PS3 started slow, was harder to dev on, and was getting all the same games as x360 only 18-24 months later. I didn’t buy ps3 until 2008 when the Metal Gear 4 bundle took a price drop. In the last two years though my x360 rarely gets played while the ps3 is going strong with great games like Drake3, Sly Cooper, Last of Us, Dark Souls games and much better Indies on psn like guacamelee and rocketbirds. The only thing I have played recently on x360 is Mark of the Ninja which is an AWESOME Indy stealth platform game….get it and if youndon’t have x360 you can get it on PC. This round with both systems out at same time, PS4 more powerful and $100 cheaper, and M$ anti-consumer policies I think they are in real trouble.

  • Wonkoo


    • everyone

      Hide your shame.

    • Petri

      Xbox One? It would most probably catch on fire…
      But glad they worked around the RROD problem, the leds no longer form a circle.

      • Revolution5268

        I though it was a water cooler?

        • Petri

          Would it extinguish the fire?

          But on a serious note.
          I’m not sure, but I think cooler in it, is more like a cheap closed liquid cooler, than a proper water cooling system.
          If thats the case, they might not last the whole generation, warranty time maybe, but not the whole generation.

  • incoherent1

    Baffling — why would a company design such a consumer un-friendly device then soak so much money and resources into pushing it instead of just designing something people want to buy to begin with?

    • everyone

      I see technology of always connected internet in the future and cloud storage of games. They are just trying to push the change waaay too quickly. No one is ready for it and they are too anxious to piss ppl off by trying to force it.

      • incoherent1

        I don’t have a problem with cloud storage and futuristic technology… In fact, Nintendo could benefit from using it more (linked accounts between devices, etc.), plus I love it in other devices in my life (iCloud and Siri on my iPhone for example).

        Microsoft is just not implementing it with the consumer in mind. You MUST use the Kinect. Want our polices on used games? Yeah, well, we’ll give you a complicated, half-complete answer and get back to you on the rest. You MUST connect to the internet once a day, and screw you if that’s not feasible for you. They’re out of touch with the consumer, and don’t seem to care what’s user-friendly.

        • everyone

          I honestly don’t think they have ever been in touch with their customers. They have always been a company to want to move to the next thing to make thr quickest buck. This is just coming out now due to us now having the tech to do it. The thing that scares me about the kinect is that I have a feeling they are going to use it to take bits of our conversations and push ads our way the same way gmail uses our mail history to put ads up.

    • Revolution5268

      Money and power makes a difference. M$ can brainwash people into thinking this is the future, typical American scam.

  • bizzy gie

    Every time I hear someone pre-ordered or actually wants this crap, I die a little inside.

    Ha! Ha! No. But I do feel very, very bad for them.

    • Erik

      More like… their money being a big hole too.

  • everyone

    Five bucks says this Microsoft guy pockets one of the Year of Luigi coins.

    • jay

      He kept think “i really wanna play that it looks fun”. You can read his eyes.

      • everyone

        I wouldn’t blame him. He has been stuck with Forza and prolly wanted a fun creative racing game to play.

  • Starfoxguy

    See that. Even Microsoft doesn’t believe in their own console.

    • NkoSekirei

      i saw this coming their getting very desperate wat abunch of noobs and their gonna fail

  • Byrong1

    Some guy in a Microsoft shirt does not really confirm that this is evidence of anything. I can wear a shirt, have my friends film me with their phone and put it on YouTube. Lets not rush to any conclusions here.

    • Quicksilver88

      Accept it was happening at multiple locations so likely not just one pathetic loser. I doubt they are M$ employees, more likely just fanboys given a shirt and paid a few bucks to go out and act like fools!

  • TaintedXGamer

    Ahahahahahaha OMFG! XD

  • grandlx2

    Useless topic. He is not a M$ employee. Just a person with a fake M$ shirt trying to grab attention. Just a sad sad lonely dude.

  • To be honest, this guy is not really doing anything that product evangelists and people who like their company don’t normally do. It’s not dirty or pathetic–it’s just business.

    They get sent out on location and try to put a personal down-to-earth touch to generating interest in their product, because they know that most people won’t relate to merely a bunch of suits talking on stage.

    They want to do this especially for helping with personal-level damage control. What this guy’s doing is not as pathetic as it seems. It’s quite admirable in a way. It’s just that the product he’s promoting is pathetic.

    It’s a shame, too, because he seems to be a nice guy. In any case, he’s just doing his job.

    • Quicksilver88

      The sad thing is this is Nintendo’s event and they are the ones generating the buzz to get people to Best Buy. So I think it is sort of parasitic. I mean if you want to have your own promotion and have people onsite to hard sell consumers that is one thing but to do it off another companies even is IMO ghe definition pathetic and desperate. I would push the guy out of the way and say let me play the awesome WiiU demos Imcame here for….lol.

  • AlCaPwn

    lol that guy felt super awkward, you can just tell, xD i feel sorry for this guy

  • Wanderlei

    Clearly a Sony ruse to send out people posing as Microsoft employees. No one has been more anti-consumer or engages in black PR as much as Sony.

  • Rief

    Microsoft already knows that they have lost.

  • Tyler Hilton

    microsoft are being pathetic , tbh though i dont see why everyone are moaning about the xbox one , dont like it , dont bother complaining , im enjoying my wii u AND im gonna be enjoying my xbox one and ps4

    • Quicksilver88

      I traditionally buy all consoles as well, but my question is why buy XBone? PS4 will have all the same multiplats and much better exclusives. M$ always acts like they have exclusives at the beginin but then they drop off fast and sll you get is Halo, Gears, amd Forza. Halo is still good but could argue Killzone and Resistance on PS are equally as good, Gears has really worn thin and the last game sold really poorly. Forza pales in comparson to GT as well as many codemasters racing games like Dirt and Grid…plus Microsoft refuses to support logitech wheels which are by far the best for simulation racing. I have WiiU and will get PS4 sometime next year but with their lack of decent exclusive IPs and their anti-consumer policies I will be skipping XBone this generation.

      • Tyler Hilton

        i buy all the consoles as well , but nintendo has the legend of zelda , pokemon mario etc , playstation has infamous, sly cooper , ratchet and clank and xbox has fable (yes this is the main reason im buying xbox one) , i mean also not all my friends will get the same console , but i still wanna play with all my friends , so its ideal for me

  • wiz_kid

    Is the Wii U a good console overall ? Only answer if you have one! 🙂

    • Baum 「ツリー」

      I’m quite satisfied with it so far and it only gets better the next months 😉

      I’ve got “only” Darksider II, Mario U, ZombiU, Nintendoland, MH3Ultimate and Lego City, but it was enough for me to regularly play WiiU since Christmas.

      The only thing ,that bothers me a bit, is that we still can’t use TVii in Europe :/

      • wiz_kid

        Ya. I never really looked at the Wii U alot until now because both the PS4 and XBOne are disapointments and are just accellereating the death of consoles. Also, the Wii U controllers are really innovative, and the console doesn’t look and hum like an old VCR!
        Edit: The Wii U provides more value for what you pay, too.

    • Gabriel Morales

      In all honesty I didn’t think I was going to like it as much as I do now when I first bought it at launch. But with off screen play, wii mote controls for COD (Not to mention that when you drop airstrikes you tap on the mini map on the gamepad were you want them to hit, very satisfying) the unbelievably tense moments in Zombie U, and the shear fun of playing Nintendo Land with my kids the list goes on and on. To say that I’m happy with my Wii U would be an understatement. It’s funny but when I play with my son it reminds me of when I was a kid playing video games with my family and friends. Nintendo doesn’t create video game consuls they make magic boxes that bring people together(Over dramatic maybe but true none the less).

      • mikeybruises

        I agree with you on Zombie U. I think its the most intense game I ever played. I have never played a game that made me feel the way it did.

    • RockGod

      I’ve never been more satisfied with any other home console.

    • ancientgamer

      besides a lack of big games atm i love my wii u, it has so much potential with this gamepad, off tv play feature is HUGE in my house

      • Shaise Mughal

        Thats why those new titles are coming

    • Quicksilver88

      Overall I think offTV play and Miiverse are under appreciated. MiIVerse has so many talented peopleon there providing drawings, can’t wait for the new color tools this summer to see what people do. It is a fun spin on social networking and good to get help or reviews on games. OffTV is awesome as I can get a lot more gming time in when not having to use the big screen. I have Nintendoland, Mario, NFSMW, and ME3. Mass effect is very well done and I would have never gotten thru it without offTV. There is also some good eShop. Just got Trine2 for 1/2 off and the .30 VC games are awesome. Playing Metroid on gamepad is like having a big screen GBA…next months game is DK!!! Future looks bright with Luigi and Game and Warrio this month, hopefully Dues EX next months, Splinter Cell, Rayman, W101, Pikman coming in Aug/Sept then AC4, Watchdogs, DKCTF, Mario3D all by years end. I honestly believe they will do a price drop and new pro bundles by Nocember despite what they are saying.

    • Shaise Mughal

      I have one & I love it! And now because of those new upcoming games my money is being stacked up!

  • Baum 「ツリー」

    Well, if it’s just people like that guy I’m really relieved xDD
    Who do they think, would listen to someone, who’s stupidly grinning like him!?

    • Petri

      I read someone reporting that some of those guys were more interested about the demos than promoting Xbox.

  • Petri

    Even Microsoft has no faith in their system…
    It’s so sad, that it’s not even funny.

  • val berger

    Microspft always did this. Back when they were releasing the original XBox, MS-henchmen at german electronicsmarkets went to everyone who wanted to try buying a PS2 or Gamecube, asking them if they’re really satified, buying the worse system and some of them did actually rethink their decision, going for a XBox then.

    • Shaise Mughal

      Lol they are henchmen, so the boss is the microsoft president

  • Marcel Kleine

    id love to get money for just talking shit to constumers

    • Shaise Mughal

      What if they through boots at you yelling GET OUT!

  • GHNeko

    X1 needs to be connected to the internet once every 24 hours, not at all times.

    Just a minor correction.

  • Mark Portch

    If this is the case and it looks like it is, shouldn’t Nintendo file a massive complaint against Microsoft after all this it is part of Nintendo s E3, IGN had a poll on who won E3 and NINTENDO came last this is the state of are gaming industry and the abuse Nintendo fans have to put up with,Sony won E3 because it denounced DRM ect but that should not be your main talking point,IE your killer punch at E3 it should stranded practice Nintendo didn’t make a point of it,because they didnt need to i can sell trade play Wii games ect ect as slandered,all the other two are doing is trying to score points

    • Shaise Mughal

      But Nintendo didnt really have a proper conference, thats why

  • Nikko Ybanez

    whats a microsoft

  • informed gamer






  • informed gamer




    well ps 4 gg you have just won the console wars


    don’t get me wrong i have not pre-orderd 1 because i have a wii-u but let’s just be honest it is over before it has even started

  • tronic307

    Microsoft has lost all touch with reality.

  • Sora Morp

    FACK U MICROSFT!!! Any further attempts will just lead to more hate…everyone has decided on PS4 and WiiU..stop it

  • Ducked

    Xbox one has nothing on the Wii U or PS4

  • Nintendofreak

    he didnt even know what to say LMFAO

  • ancientgamer

    my biggest problem with ms is used game fees and mandatory kinect, i rent alot of games cuz i cant see paying 60$ for a game ill beat in two days, im not paying to rent it then have to pay to play it thats bs, kinect i dont like how its forced down my thoat, i didn’t want it for my 360 i won’t want it on xb1 so why would i want to pay an extra 100$ on a piece of tech i dont want?

  • Link Slayer

    Everyone Calm down…. lol Just put a blanket over it.

    • Shaise Mughal

      But then i requires you to make hand gestures to work your way through the menu

  • Link Slayer

    I have a weird feeling that guy wants a PS4 or Wii U himself!

  • William Cole

    That is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. Really? Was I actually watching that? Is Xbox that desperate!?

  • Derek D’Arcy

    if people are still excited for xboxone, fine hope you enjoy ur console.But that action just proves to me microsoft are focusing on money and the knowledge, xboxone is far from perfect.

  • Kirbyomega

    The guy kinda looks like he feels bad about doing it.. But hey you gotta pay the bills somehow..

  • Recoded_NL

    “Hi sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord Xbox One?”

  • Guhtere

    Microsoft is really trying too hard now.

  • Infamizmikep

    Microsoft must know their Xbox One will fail by trying this petty stuff!

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    Dirty shitters!

  • Dez

    You know society has hit a new low when the people know about the spy bot in the system and it is way overpriced, but still want one. There is already a huge uproar in the U.S. over the government invading privacy of even its own members. Why don’t you broadcast yourself on some website at all hours of the day, that is the X-bone. Moreover, the thing is you don’t know what information it is taking, etc. Wii U grew drastically more popular thanks to Microsoft and their hyper anti-consumer behavior is finally coming back to bite them in the ass. I hate Microsoft with a passion, it is a huge greedy company that likes to release shit then sell the fix to you in the form of another console/OS.

    The Prime Evils of the game industry are: EA, Microsoft, Activision. I refuse to buy anything from these three well them and Square Enix simply because I despise their milking of Final Fantasy and producing bad FF games at that. Trust me, Wii U is going to shine when the competition launches. It’ll have many games ready to go while you’ll have bugs and some games that might be good, but they won’t be system sellers in all likelihood. When it comes to the consumer, they’ll buy what is more affordable and has good content, Wii U has mostly gotten through its growing pains and the AAA games are well on their way. People are such pessimistic drama queens all the time, just relax and make your purchase at your own discretion.

  • brian murphy

    thats pretty shitty of them lol they must know how bad they messed things up

  • Mark Portch

    I cant see what the difference is, this was setup by Nintendo saying it was not a proper conference in the sense it was not like All the usual E3s is rubbish this was part of Nintendos E3 only a part of it was in the best buy shops, it is pathetic of Microsoft to stoop this low, ,Nobody should be aloud it interfere with anyone’s E3 out or inside I wounder how many shops they tryed this on.Sorry its Not On period.

  • Merrfn

    I am not trolling but I don’t understand why SONY is getting so much praise…
    Nice one SONY for not putting crazy anti-conusmer policies. Can somebody please tell me the differences between the PS3 and the PS4 other than graphical improvements? I am not trolling I just want to understand…
    So far sony has not made me go wow…

    • Alex Leb

      PS4 now makes you pay for online so you can have better social interaction which can be a plus for some. Pretty much it’s only to cash in on the market because if they release it, it will be bought.

  • Bananapwnz

    Is Microsoft stooping that low to pull a stunt like that??? Now that’s just pathetic

  • get a grip fanboys

    Lol at your one controller out datrd drm bullshit consoles

    My controller selection

    Wii remotes x2 wii remote plus x2 classic pad pro x1 pro pad x1 and gamepadx1

    Lol xbone and ps4 aint shit

  • get a grip fanboys

    Trolling pathetic ms

  • get a grip fanboys

    Aiming with a stick in fps KILL YOURSELVES

  • jake

    Is there any way i can sell my xbox 360 with roughly 100 downlpaded games still o the hard drive on craogslist or something to get more ii u items and games? Thats how i feel about my xbox 360 what a waste of my money it was…im actually bores woth it and softmodded my wii to play snes and gba games like metroid and mario and zelda games…..these new games are random ideas with wannabe mascot characters teying to get there name out there and this video is actially sad…

  • Let me point out that your last paragraph is completely incorrect and is just bad journalism. (Get your facts straight) Microsoft supports used games and it is up to the publisher to allow them not Microsoft. (Also please stop being so biased to the WiiU.) The Xbox One is pretty much on par with PS4 maybe a tad bit slower, but does indeed make up for with its GPU. Before I get shit on for being a Xbox fanboy. I am a PC gamer and my 3DS and WiiU getting the most play time. WiiU Daily please be a bit more reliable when posting news.

  • HypocritesRROD

    I love the way this guy said, “As neat as it looks, i don’t want a SPY-BOX in my house”. IN YOUR FACE, MICROSOFT!… RROD.

  • wiimenonowiiu

    Its pretty simple xbox1 if it sells really good this will be the turning point for used games ps4 was originaly going to do the same but they listen to their gamers i will get an xbox1 when i see one at a garage sale just to add to my collection, i will also get the ps4 just not right away i really like what the wii u is offering me

  • TULFich

    “I don´t want a SpyBox in my house” neither do I

  • Rolando Belber

    That’s just sad. If I was there I would have thrown him out.

  • Okay, this video isn’t “proof” of anything other than a casual conversation with a Microsoft rep at Best Buy who — from the looks of it (he’s wearing his backpack) — is off the clock and more than likely works at that store.

    He mentions being torn, “One side is telling me yes, the other side is telling me no.” Most likely in reference to whether or not he’ll be purchasing an Xbox One. He goes onto to explain that the Kinect isn’t a “spy box.”

    He wasn’t really evangelizing anything, he was just talking to some people about the Xbox One and his personal opinion on it.

    I don’t get where people come up with this stuff -____-

  • Smartass2

    I think that’s illegal for him to do if he’s getting paid.

  • Your money

    Microsoft sent employees to persuade fans to the xbox 1? thats pretty sad and also shows that they are desperate and failing.

  • Kirbyomega

    Pretty much this article.