May 23rd, 2013


With the reveal of the Xbox One only two days ago, there has been an overwhelmingly negative response to the console both in the press and with gaming enthusiasts on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Officially dubbed the Xbone by those talking about it on Twitter, Microsoft has sent a confusing message to those who only care about gaming. Instead of offering TV functions as an added bonus to the console similar to the Wii U, Microsoft has made TV the full frontal focus of the console, claiming you need it.

The interesting thing here is that everything the Xbox One is touted as doing, the realm of Smart TVs does better. I can quickly access Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora and any number of TV and music services directly from my SmartTV. Sure, I can’t do it by saying a voice command, but that’s apparently something you don’t want to do anyway, as reports of consumer’s Kinect devices turning off their consoles when they hear certain keywords are rampant. Not to mention, Xbox LIVE has traditionally pay-walled these services so that if you want to use them with the console, you’ll need to shell out $60 a year to Microsoft. Not good.

While Microsoft has shown utter contempt for gamers by making used games nearly impossible, offering no backwards compatibility, and cramming in features no one wants, the alternatives are looking better and better. Microsoft has effectively dealt a great hand to Nintendo, as currently the PlayStation 4 is the only other console available that exists to focus solely on the games. While Microsoft is busy trying to dominate your living room experience, Nintendo and Sony are offering you the thing you want most as a gamer.

Many can argue that Microsoft cut their reveal in half and plan on showing purely games at E3, but their downright anti-consumer tactics have led me to question whether I want this next generation device at all. I buy consoles to play games. My SmartTV can handle my movies and TV and if I want to talk to my friends, I’ll use my smartphone or computer. It seems Microsoft is cramming functions into the Xbox One that other devices already do better, and they’re devices you’ve already got in your home.

As we get closer and closer to E3, Nintendo has a lot to prove in the form of games it will be announcing at the massive trade show. These include mega hits like Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and a brand-new 3D Mario game, but we expect to see even more from Nintendo. As such, Nintendo merely needs to market itself as a gaming device that has all the classic series you love, along with third party titles like Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed IV. Those people who usually purchase two consoles will see the benefit in having the Wii U over the “Xbone”, which monitors you even when it’s not on.

To me, it’s a no brainer, here. Microsoft shot itself in the foot by taking the focus away from gaming and now all Nintendo needs to do is put it out to pasture with great games.

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  • lonewolf88

    lol i laughed at the title.

  • Billy_Perry

    HAHAHAHA, mate they are so fucked ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Ray01x

    Iwata is laughing his ass off somewhere, you can almost here a faint chuckle in the distance.

    • Guest

      Never gets old ๐Ÿ™‚

      • AAAkabob

        They need one that zooms in on the Microsoft guy now.


          The ‘blonde’ on the right is Don Mattric (I think).

          • Samuel Mungy

            You’re a Liverpool fan? Damn, I thought I was the only one on here. YNWA.

    • Laud

      Nintendo is like

      ” LOL we don’t even have to pay for marketing.”

      • thedeciderU

        imagine if they did do some middle of the road marketing (some geared for families, some for adults)…man i hope they do. let’s sell some systems, sell more games and get more devs and publishers onboard for wiiu. it’d be a lot easier now without the reveals looming over their heads. i really hope they fix their marketing angles though. they have been garbage so far. most people that play and buy video games are adults!

  • Andrew Longo

    how the hell can you spit this pure bullshit without even seeing the launch line up for the xbox one? it will own everything at E3. regardless, nintendo will only surprise me if mario title ISNT galaxy 3.

    • It’s not bullshit when the entire focus of the presentation was on how much Xbox One can be the TV you already have in your living room.

      Their game line-up is going to have to be absolutely phenomenal for me to want something that’s always on and needs to connect to the internet once a day to phone home to Big Daddy Microsoft.

      • Revisawesome

        You beat me to it ๐Ÿ™ Oh well, just watch this

        • jay

          OH HELL NO. They did not actually show off The Price Is Right did they?!

          Wii U purchase CONFIRMED.

        • Cerus98

          Hahahaha! Wow! No wonder people are pissed. MS thinks its all about TV, sports and COD. Voice commanding something isn’t even 1/10th as handy and cool as futuristic movies make it out to be. Epic fail MS.

      • Adrian

        Ut Oh, Ashley broke out the profanities :X.

      • Talesgirl015

        @ Ashley how can that logic apply? I mean you had no problem purchasing severely underpowered console with a giant controller that is bound to have a small market. Sorry, the truth is “Wii U instantly looks last gen. And many casual gamers or “grandmas” who bought wiis will never make that mistake again no matter what..

        • How can what logic apply? The fact that Microsoft is advertising the Xbox One as a do-it-all machine instead of a game console? I fail to see your argument here.

          You seem to be angry that I purchased a Wii U.

        • zajac1661

          What about me. I see myself as a better player than the average casual gamer. I love my wii U, and game when i can on my pc. I would gladly challenge you, to make you look casual on a broad selection of Pc games. I might have Work, Family and sports at the side. But generalizing like that is a blow in the head man. What do you think “casual” gaming Means? What do you think “pro” Means? What certain games are you classifying on this behalf? Have you ever thought about the fact, that every game has their own playerbased community, with a broad variety of skillsets depending on the given players? Speak about underpowered. Every console will be underpowered compared to hardware standards no matter what. So that will not be the matter of the subject. The matter of the deal, is what the game developers make of their games.

        • Cerus98

          Where did she talk about its power or specs? No one is claiming the Wii U is super powered. What she and everyone else are claiming is that its about GAMES. Idiot troll.

      • RoadShow










        • aldo2410

          Also the red lights

    • Guest

      You’re literally too stupid too insult!

    • Whether or not the XBOX One “Owns” E3 remains to be seen but it is quite obvious that this device is being presented as an Entertainment/Media Consumption console and gaming second. If any of the Fees for used games or 2nd players are true then the only thing they will own is shelf space in the stores. No respectable gamer would succumb to those demands of having to pay all these extra fees. As a current 360 owner who has been happy with that system and disgusted at this one. It is quite obvious that XBOX wants to take over your TV experience which I am not sure is something people want or asked for. We want games and gaming capability with some nice media features come second.

    • Moshugaani

      Well, at least you’ll be surprised at something, since the new Mario will definitely NOT be Galaxy 3. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ernie Sanguyo

        yeah im sure it’s not galaxy 3 either since every console has diff 3d mario.

    • jay

      “without even seeing the launch line up for the xbox one?”

      EXACTLY. You answered your own question.

    • Cerus98

      We saw at least half of the lineup. Sports, sports and more sports. Oh and COD.

  • Revolution5268

    the title is soo misleading

    • Nintendofreak

      i know

    • jay

      I had to read it twice to “get” it. But it makes sense.

      Basically saying microsoft is helping the Wii U sell(by announcing their crappy next gen console) more than Nintendo is.

  • Nintedward

    At least we know where they got their Xbox one design from…

    • Clel

      More like THIS:

      The ALL new VCR that can also play Blu-ray!

      • Matthew Stapleton

        The resemblance is so uncanny its not funny lol.

      • Nintedward


      • tronic307
        • Kyle Berger

          I didn’t even see it until just now.

      • Sam

        But it can’t play Blu-ray; that’s SONY! hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

        • wiiboy101 uk guru

          blu ray never belonged to sonmy that is net bs bluray is part owned by many different companys not sony THATS CRAP

          • Sam

            What’s sonmy?

          • Shiny Vaporeon

            Blu Ray was patented and trademarked by sony in the mid 2000s, the only reason other companies use it is because sony allows companies to buy a licence to manufacture and sell them, while sony makes a royalty off of each third party sale.

        • Clel

          It does play Blu-ray. Look it up

          • Sam

            I know. ;P

      • wiiboy101 uk guru



    • Sonic the Hedgehog

      WOW! Looks better than my Master System!

    • jay

      Only difference will be:

      • Nintedward

        Perfect response!

        • Johny

          Wii u sales rank has gone up 875% un the Amazon UK right after the One reveal….. thats crazy lol

          • Frank

            Free Marketing. If it’s not illegal don’t look gift horse in the mouth.

      • brian murphy

        yeah they pretty much screwed the pooch on there xbox one announcement lol im glad people are buying the wii u but when E3 comes and microsoft talks about there games everyone is gonna talk crap about the wii u again until we start getting games out for the wii u from nintendo if microsoft didnt make that 360 so compact you wouldnt get an over heated console thats pretty much why they made the xbox one so big even the ps3 was pretty bad about that ive actually went through 5 ps3’s and only 3 xbox 360’s

        • Willgord

          That’ a pretty long sentence.

          • jlsniper

            Is it a sentence? Where’s the period?

          • Sam

            I don’t think he’s done; there isn’t a period after 360’s.

          • jlsniper

            Good point.

          • Sam

            Thank you I appreciate it ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Sam

          You spend too much money on consoles.

        • wiiboy101 uk guru

          what games /and in case you hadnt noticed wiiu is going to totally own E3

          whilst 2 identical pc’s that are NOT NEXT GEN compete on stage waving at cameras that lag and are terrible games controls and two obsolete pads LOL you cannot see the forest for trees can you

          • Guest

            *You cannot see the forest through the trees.* ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • DUNNY

      u (pun not intended) sir are awesome

      • Karretch

        If you can type out a whole sentence fragment saying that there is no pun yet still can’t be bothered to fully spell out “you” then methinks the pun really is intended.

        • DUNNY

          jup it was good day to u (lol) sir

    • Superstick98

      Microsoft has officially given up. xD

      • Nintedward

        @ all the comments above , thanks guys! I’m just here for the discussion about Wiiu and the laughs (and the frustration).

      • Aritos

        I wish they would give up. Not only have they fucked up Windows, they’ve now fucked up Xbox. Those are some pretty big mistakes they’ve made.

        • Sam

          Yeah. Windows 8 was basically a downgrade from 7.

          • Shiny Vaporeon

            not really, it was more of a slight graphical improvement. with better user customization options.

          • Sam


    • William Cole

      How in the heck do you come up with such clever ideas? Once again, absolutely hilarious.

    • prettypinkpanacea

      Ah, the old NES in a fine black skin. I used to have the one with the original grey skin. However, it died so I now have new model NES with several games ๐Ÿ™‚

    • RoadShow

      OMG that is beautiful

    • peeer

      Earlier I came across a PS4 mockup image made by someone who based his mockup image from the teaser trailer that Sony released the other day. Here:

      Here’s what the PS4 might look like:

      • Nintedward

        Looks like something off of Robot Wars lol!!!

        • peeer

          Yeah someone even told me it looks like lego lol.

          • Sam

            I don’t see LEGO there.

      • Sam

        That looks awful.

        • peeer

          Yeah, but I personnally prefer that “futuristic” look over the old 80’s VHS look from the Xbox One tho, its more original lol. “If” it looks like that obviously…

          • Sam

            Yeah definitely. They should make it have rounded edges like the WiiU; I really like the WiiU’s design.

          • peeer

            But if you watch the teaser trailer you will find out that the mockup image has some flaws, it don’t look perfectely like that. It looks like the program he used could not reproduce all these images from the teaser perfectly. In the teaser you can see some round edges at some instances which are not represented in this mockup image.

            Take a look at the teaser here:


          • Sam

            Hmmm…Good point.

    • Fred
  • Glovechicken

    Hopefully people will notice the Wii U after E3
    ,,because nobody except me in my high school has a Wii u. fact!

    • Orange Lada

      They will. Better yet tell your friends to come try it ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Glovechicken

        I’ve already persuaded someone to get one for her birthday and I’m trying to get some other people to get it too! I’ll keep trying to educate them ๐Ÿ˜›

    • jay

      Problem is, most people who would buy a Wii U don’t know about it.

      I literally heard someone say “Wow IDK what game this is but it has mii’s dressed as zelda, mario and samus!! I’m gonna get it for my wii”

      He was shopping for Wii games and wanted to buy Nintendo Land for his wii.

      • kenny Johnson

        Yeah I had a friend disappointingly tell me that they tried to buy the Gamepad for their Wii before they realized it was a new console.

      • Cameron

        I’ve seen similar stories. I blame it on the fact that the Wii and the U share names. With the disappointing reveal of the Xbone over here, I’d say soon people will realize the difference.

        • Pamm!!

          I actually manage to finally convince a friend of mine to buy a WiiU.
          He wasn’t too sure wether to buy this or the new XBox, but with the reveal of ONE he and LOTS of other people I know jumped off the MS train, although they were like the worst X360 fanboys ๐Ÿ˜€

      • di g

        and all the walmarts just throw all of nintendos stuff everywhere wii u games with ds games, 3ds gameswith wii games, wiis with wii u. of course there is a confusion with sloppy work of how they are displayed at stores no one is going to tell the difference

      • Glovechicken

        That’s a fair point, sir ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ElCharlo

    I really, really don’t get it. Why I need the Kinect always on to see me if i pick up the controller to focus con games when is much cheaper and less invasive a power key as the last generation. Also if Iยดm so interested on information on a game or TV show the 2nd screen solution of Nintendo is a better approach that doesn’t bother the rest of the people watching.

  • incoherent1

    “While Microsoft is busy trying to dominate your living room experience, Nintendo and Sony are offering you the thing you want most as a gamer.”

    I think this is something Microsoft would agree with. I think they’ve ceded the “sole gaming console” market and are hoping more people are interested in an all-in-one living room device that happens to play games. I think they’ve moved the XBox from competing against Nintendo and Sony to competing against Apple and Google (their traditional rivals in many other market segments). They think they can upstage Apple’s existing and future TV plans and maybe take a small corner of the video game market while they’re at it.

    Ultimately, that’s a larger market than the video game console market, but whether they have a winning formula is a big question for many reasons you’ve outlined here. I think they haven’t come out of the gate strong, but so far it doesn’t really matter for the purposes of this site. Unless they have HUGE news for E3, I think they’ve accepted they’re going to lose market share to Nintendo & Sony in the video game industry and are perfectly okay with that. If they have huge announcements for E3, then maybe they’re trying to be all things to all people, which would make the next year even more interesting, although personally I don’t see how they can hope to compete with the Wii U and PS4 when they have their attention completely divided…

    • I think there is something to say about a device that tries to do too much. Actually all Microsoft really has to do to sell their console is eliminate the ridiculous fees for used games, eliminate the requirement to install games to the hard drive, eliminate the requirement for the Kinect being necessary and possibly a few other things.

      I know the Kinect 2 is supposed to improve many things but I am not sure how they are going to address the issues where it picks up voices of everybody in the room or voices from the shows and movies being watched. It was for this reason I stopped using my XBOX to watch netflix. It would pause and stop because of what was being said in the shows.

      I also do not see the people that would be in the market for a media device such as this willing to pay $500 for a media device that happens to play games. It is two different markets IMO so if they want to sell at that price they need games first, media second.

      • Microsoft can’t eliminate all those things you said because they’re vital to how the console works. The controller itself needs Kinect because Kinect has to differentiate between who is player one and player two.

        • What was wrong with the current method of determining the player 1 and player 2 controllers? Now it needs to scan your image and voice?? No thank you

        • You’re kidding, right?

      • DragonSilths

        What about how it has 3 seprate Operaying Systems…lol

    • Mario

      Then they shouldn’t present it as a gaming console.

    • Nathan DeFalco

      I think people wouldn’t be as upset if it wasn’t for the following:

      1. Pay a fee for used games.
      2. Can’t lend games.
      3. Kinnect required.
      4. Always on-line. I don’t care if it’s 24 min or 24 hrs. It requires on-line.
      5. Mandatory Installs.
      6. No gameplay footage from exclusives. (which may come at E3)

      If they didn’t have all of these and HAD some of #6, you wouldn’t see nearly the amount vitriol you see right now.

  • Nintendofreak

    Beware the kinect is always watching you…while u take a shower, while you fart, while you poke your nose, even while you fap

    • Nintedward

      *Achievment unlocked : fapping*

      • Achievement unlocked: “Hard Worker”

        Fap without resting or finishing for 5 hours straight

        • Nintedward


      • jay

        lots of xbox geeks will achieve this one.

        • I’m a Nintendo guy and I unlocked that one forever ago XD

    • Mario

      I can just imagine it:

      “Dave, the Kinect scans indicate that you have herpes.”

    • Alex

      That would spoke a lot of people, and this feature is creepy.

    • Frank


      • DragonSilths

        Imagine your playing online, you get mad, scream AHHH FUCK OFF. Xbox One heard you say “Off” So the system shuts down lol.

    • bizzy gie

      You’re heartbeat too (I wish I was joking).

    • Shiny Vaporeon

      it also has a heartbeat monitor, so it can notify the proper authorities if you die…or go into regular REM sleep.

  • I said this before in another thread but I will say it again.

    Nintendo releases a console that offers a pretty substantial
    graphical improvement over it’s last generation, retains backwards
    compatibility with games AND controllers/accessories from the previous
    generation both physical and digital, offers an OPTIONAL discounted upgrade to the
    digital (virtual console) games so it can be played in the new console
    menu and have access to the new console features such as off screen play
    and social network integration, includes media features such as Web
    Browsing, Netflix, Hulu, youtube and more, and keeps the price in an
    affordable range and it is Nintendo that has lost touch with the
    gamers??? Really??

    • Leorio

      People have gotten weird lately lol They’re so focused on “the next gen” that they lost sight of the truth.. Nintendo has always tried hard with their consumers. In this case what you said is true xD MS just broke through the “wall of BS” that people have been piling up against Nintendo lately.. let’s see who comes through it and who stays in the dark.

      • Jeffery02

        People that have added to that pile are some of the people that assumed that the PS4 and Xbox One will be to the Wii U as the PS3 and 360 were to the Wii. IMO, the Wii was some awful hardware. Don’t get me wrong though, I loved mine and it still had some amazing games. My point though is that the PS3 and 360 were considered miles ahead of the Wii.

        Before the “next-gen” consoles were announced everyone had them on this unreachable pedestal that the Wii U couldn’t compete with. In other words, they thought that these ideal “next-gen” consoles would be miles ahead of the Wii U. Now that the systems are announced though, they are starting to realize that the systems are not going to be as great as everyone hyped about. They may only be several fractions of a mile ahead of the Wii U in terms of power instead of the MILES that everyone was expecting.

        If the Wii U can show that innovation can make up for what it’s lacking, then Nintendo will show everyone that they Wii U is NOT a blow-off and third-wheel system. It may just become the PS4’s (Xbox One pretty much lost already) competition and I think some people are just generally in disbelief that Nintendo may be threatening the “hardcore” audience with the Wii U.

        • Sam

          Very good dude. Nice job.

        • thedeciderU

          i like some of your points when you told the truth about last gen, although wii has great games. i know that MS’s reveal or half reveal or whatever it was disappointed and confused many, myself included. but here’s where i disagree with what you’ve said: isn’t it waaaaay to early to tell if this thing’s gonna suck?

          at the moment, it does not appeal to me in the slightest, and, to agree with ashley’s article that many people already have some of these system “add-ons” lying around the living room rings true for me too.

          i’m laughing at MS now, but i want to see what they bring to E3 before i dismiss it. i have to say MS’s marketing on the xbox one so far is completely ass backwards, especially since they are direct competition for Sony, who touted games and more (seemingly) powerful hardware. MS…what were they thinking?! i heard MS was trying to buy franchises from companies because many of their projects were cancelled and they might be in deep shit games wise. let’s see if it rings true.

          • thedeciderU

            but yeah, if all these fees are part of it, they probably are fucked. at least at launch.

          • I can only agree with you, I see myself making fun of Xbox One as the reveal really did suck, but just like people/haters/trolls do on WiiU claiming it dead after 6 months is wrong now we including myself do the same on Xbox One before it shows of some games.
            Nontheless I still have little to no interest in Xbox One and will go for PS4/WiiU but in all fairness you are right that we should wait and see what Microsoft brings. Still I disagree with many of their choices for the system as it is now, but only time will tell.

          • Jeffery02

            I mainly never cared for the Xbox EVER! I felt that the Xbox was a PS2 wannabe and the 360 was overrated. I never owned either, but I’ve played both. Nothing there for me. Too many shooters, sports, and multi-platform games. Not all of them are, but any game I would want to play on the 360 is on other platforms. The exclusives never spoke to me. You are right though, I was a little harsh on the Xbox One in my post.

          • kahn

            Xbox has nothing. I dont understand. It is overrated! Its got shitty exclusives compared to nintendo and playstation, horrible home menu, less power than playstation in every gen. But the games, they arent worth it at all compared to the exclusives on nintendo and sony, doesnt even compare

          • kinghenroc187

            are you dumb no more used games no live no games no kennect no games do you understand?

          • Actually yes I do understand, but do you know the saying; “don’t Judge a book by it’s cover” ? As I also said in my previous post, and on my first post as well I disagree with many of their choices including forced to be online Always, no support for used games and backwards compatibility very bad choices for both Microsoft and for the game industry. I also stated I have no interest in Xbox One at all and my choice has been made allready when I said my next gen house consists of Wiiu and PS4.

            But you sir fail to understand the point overall on Xbox One I make. People claimed WiiU dead after 3 months of it’s release, now people do the exact same thing on Xbox One in two days. But what my point states is the following: Give it until after e3 atleast for Xbox One before claiming it to be dead you understand my point better now? If not, sorry then it’s your probem, seeing the upvotes vs the downvote (from you probably) most other people who read it got my point and some 100% agree with my point so don’t use words like dumb if you are to dumb to get the point on my comment, I just hope that you DO get my point about Xbox One after reading this comment, in which I clearify it especially for you.

          • Jeffery02

            I’m just going with what it known so far, but you have a point. I should have said “At this rate it’s going to lose” or something. My point though is that it’s still not miles ahead of the Wii U. Mainly I’m just happy that the Wii U isn’t the center of criticism anymore.

          • Mc Robins

            I think the systems are the exact same that’s probably why they did what they did at the reveal. I mean it’s like coming out and saying we have 8 gigs of ram too! and we all know the CPU is the same “custom” chip the PS4 has. They had to bring something to the table that was different. I think if MS had their reveal first Sony would be the ones with the “PS fail”

          • that guy

            those 8 gigs on the Xbox one are only a fraction as good as the 8 gigs on the PS4 as the xbox uses far slower ram.(go compare DDR 3 to DDR 5 and you’ll have a true appreciation)

          • Mc Robins

            I have GDDR5 on my video card so believe me I won’t. You’ll still be reading from a disc or HDD to that super fast ram which will be bottlenecked by the CPU and HDD. These are APUs after all so don’t expect it to top a $700 PC.

          • that guy

            don’t know how powerful there octa-cores are so i’m not going to assume their ram will get bottlenecked and both support solid state drives if you are willing to purchase them.

          • The Thing i’m impressed with is that MS came out and said this is truly 64bit. PS4 has only said it’s an x86 chip which could go either 32 or 64. There are advantages already to having slower DDR3 if it’s actually putting in double the data at an efficient rate.

          • Shiny Vaporeon

            i though the PS3 was 64 bit?

          • Shiny Vaporeon

            if it’s eight GB split between eight cores, its safe to assume that each core runs at 1 GB optimally. however a single core 8GB processor with modern PC technology would run about the same with less stress on your electricity bill.

          • that guy

            when they were discussing the ram they made it sound as if it were split between all the components so i think those 8 gigs are getting split up between the GPU and CPU.

    • Super Buu

      This is honestly what companies should do more: Putting in first place gaming-related features such as the ability to play used games without paying a fee and Backwards Compatibility which honestly should be standard, bringing new ways to play (Thanks to its touch screen, you ca easily make RTS games available on Wii U) rather just wasting tons of money on superior specs. Seriously, the Wii U GamePad has every button found in a traditional controllers plus a touch screen while the Xbox One’s controller is the same thing as a 360 controller (Buttons and features wise) and still, Nintendo is considered last gen because they don’t put an immense emphasis on graphics?

      • One of the problems is somewhere down the line the term hardcore came into gaming which is often made up of a bunch of people that mainly care about specs and rated M games. Sometimes I miss the days where gaming was about the games themselves and how you play them. Nintendo seems to have not lost this idea and some people, like myself, respect and admire Nintendo for keeping the art of gaming alive. A console should be an affordable alternative to PC gaming and should strive to provide unique experiences to what you can get over gaming on PC. Sony and Microsoft seem to be focused on specs and that lures in the self proclaimed hardcore gamers who mostly make fun of people with lesser specs. In my eyes a “Hardcore” gamer is a person who appreciates the art of gaming no matter the type of game or the platform it runs on or what the graphics look like.

        • Mario

          I hear you man.

        • Jeffery02

          Metroid, LoZ, Super Mario Bros., Contra, Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fantasy, and so on are all REAL hardcore games. I’m happy to hear that I’m not the only one that realizes that specs and an M rating don’t make a game hardcore.

  • Leorio

    I don’t have cable.. I do have basic, for when I’m so bored I don’t give a crap.. but that won’t work with the wii u let along the damn xbox one. If I was obsessed with sports sure I’d consider it.. but I hate sports. And “but it has call of duty and halo!”.. so? lol CoD is multiplatform and Halo isn’t exactly new to the market.

    What I’m seeing here is a glorified cable box with games on the back burner. It’s a “gaming” console with updated graphics and an emphasis on sports and tv.

    This will be the first console I’m not getting since I started gaming at age 5 lol Really sad. I just don’t have use for a device that focuses on something I don’t even own. That’s like buying a dog house for a dog you don’t own.. why?

    MS is killing themselves with this BS. lol They’re focusing on extreme casuals that have absolutely no loyalty to any company. They go to whatever catches their eye. In this case? A “cool new console that does everything for you!!” -except you have all of that crap already.. just because it’s not in “one convenient package” doesn’t mean you don’t.

  • pfff

    so practically Microsoft handed its own ass to itself!?
    Glad Nintendo and Sony don’t have to get their hands dirty now ๐Ÿ˜€

    *I’m kind of hoping that sometime Sony AND Nintendo try to get along and make one REALLY GOOD console.
    Imagine Nintendo’s innovations combined with the power of Sony’s systems :3

    • DarkYoshi

      I’d also like that, as long as Sony won’t take control of it all.

    • Steve Anatala

      Let Sega in on that and my dream would be realized

    • Mike

      Ever heard of the Super Nintendo CD? Sony used to provide hardware for Nintendo’s consoles and they decided to create a new console with the capability of using CDs. For some reason, the deal between them went bad and Sony took their technology and created the Playstation.

      • pfff

        Actually I never heard of that. (and it couldn’t be doing any good since I even knew about stuff like virtual boy and the 64 disc drive…)

  • Orange Lada

    Absolutely agree. People keep waiting for th ePS4 or Xbox One to announce something better, and outside of hardware specs they are left with no backward compatibility (so you want me to have HOW MANY games consoles hooked up?), likely far higher price, and a lack of games as they launch – yes, just like Wii U.

    Wii U started slow, but once all the facts are out the choice for gamers will be obvious,

    • jay

      Hurr Durr the Wii U not next gen waiting for teh 720 durr.

      I wonder how stupid these hardcore gamers feel now lol

      • Cameron

        My guess is very, as my local target just sold out of Wii us.

      • DragonSilths

        Wii U ISNT NEXT GEN. Its the ONLY CURRENT GEN SYSTEM. We are in the 8th Gen now. Xbox 360 and PS3 are LAST GEN. The second Xbox One and PS4 launch they instantly become CURRENT GEN lol.

  • I agree that Microsoft’s presentation of X1 and information received post-reveal was pretty poor, but the days of dedicated gaming devices are ending with this next generation of console gaming. We feel disappointed because as gamers we are passionate about our favorite hobby, which is why most of us hated the emphasis on entertainment outside of the games. The market is way too big and competitive today to ignore the tablet, smartphone, and other electronic markets. Face it, it isn’t about you, the gamer, anymore.

    Microsoft have set trends from time to time, such as the OG Xbox having an ethernet port, achievements, Xbox Video, etc. Despite the negativity right now, we can’t predict how well X1 will do. No one expected the Wii to sell around 100 million units. Who knows, X1 might be a huge success. It’s too early to tell

    Besides, there is still time before the PS4/X1 drop. The gaming media will focus on something else from Sony, Microsoft, or even Nintendo that will bump the X1 debacle out of relevance. Always happens.

    • boynhisblobs

      I agree in the sense that the market has grown, but it’s the gamers who are first out the gate. A casual gamer will not go out and buy the new X1 just because it does all those other features and it also plays games, but a hardcore gamer will buy it because it plays games and has all those other features. No focus on the games than no hardcore gamers. All the casual gamers wont see it at a hardcore gamers house so they really wont even know it exists. They’ll just keep going on their tablets, smartphones and everything else.

      They need to focus on gaming first, because thats whats going to drive sales from the beginning. Its just going to be a tough sale for them with all this negative feedback and the fact that Nintendo will have a year of games out already by time it launches.

    • Tell that to the game developers, buddy.

  • Sidney Majurie

    Xbone – It prints money… for Nintendo ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Shadriczo
  • $41809923

    i think this all this is very funny about xbone vs wii u then ea did a 360 to say they are giving games to the wii u it looks like wii u will be the best game console

    • crocodileman94

      Maybe, but I’m sure that Sony is going to win this generation.

  • Robknoxious1

    Well said. That is all.

  • Zorlac79

    I like how they sold the kinect by first showing off Milo, but he never came about.
    Now they are using him again saying he will be out finally on this new kinect.
    What a joke!
    That’s why I sold my kinect long ago. Cuz it had crap games! All the cool things they used to sell it never really came!
    Where is the Paint demo they showed? How about the monster smashing buildings?

    • jay

      Milo was %100 CGI. Ask any xbox fan about it and they’ll act like they don’t remember him. The lady in the demo was actually talking to a video…

      You know what I hate?

      Nintendo reveals motion gaming.

      xbox nerds cry: “Zelda baby games and motion gaming is gimmicks!!lol”

      MS unveils milo. a game where you PLAY WITH A LITTLE BOY.

      xbox fans cry “awesome hardcore shit!! Did ya see the milo?”

      • Zorlac79

        I thought Milo looked kinda neat, in a revolutionary electronic kinda way. But at the same time I thought about how much of a loser you have to be if you have to play with Milo to feel like you have a friend!

        • jay

          No it was neat (even though it wasn’t real).

          The point is all these “hardcore” gamers cried that Zelda and Mario were “BABY GAMES!”

          MS reveals Milo, a game WHERE YOU PLAY WITH A LITTLE BOY and suddenly its not a “baby” game.

  • Henry Hotspur

    [Continued laughter]

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    Well, of course, gamers dont give a fuck about this machine but casuals will love it, It is an instant sucees in the US

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      Yes but casuals are less likely to spend big money on something whereas gamers are more likely to spend more money. I’m just gonna say that if Xbone and PS4 launch at the same price point, PS4 will win. Casuals are not going to go for a $500 TV box. They will see the Wii U’s price and go for that. PS4 and Wii U are now at a huge advantage.

    • jay

      Casuals want GAMES too. I’m suck of people thinking their suckers. They’ll buy Wii Fit U before they buy some VCR that plays T3h H@rdc0r3 Haloz.

  • John Andalora

    Really? The Wii U is all about games?
    I guess that’s why Hulu Plus, Netflix, and YouTube are apps automatically installed Ito the console, right?
    I’m not interested in Xbone, but I understand why they’re making the choices they are: not everyone has the money for a smartTV and a console, and people who want easy convenience would want the one that just goes for both games and TV will choose the console.
    To me, I understand that. It makes sense.

    Frankly, this article doesn’t hold weight to me because it’s just the interpretation of one person who already owns and favors other consoles and machines. To THEM, it sells the other consoles more because they already have what most people don’t.

    • GreenMarine

      Roku: $99>Xbone: +$499

      • The WiiU is all about games. But those media features are great too! I have Netflix on my laptop, but thats a 15 inch monitor and I cant multitask if I want to watch full screen. My WiiU has Netflix and Im able to watch my favorite shows on a 50inch screen instead. That’s really awesome! And in this day and age, literally everything has Netflix and HULU. Its not some fancy new feature, its todays standard.

      • John Andalora

        Can you just say something to the Roku to change it from movie to games? Does your Roku even play games?
        I find it so odd that, on a forum that advocates the “innovation” that Nintendo claims to have in the way of technology, that people would be frowning on the idea of Xbox’s innovation.

        • Guest

          Can you watch TV on an xbone while playing a game on it at the same time? I can do that with my Wii U and Roku.
          My Roku plays games.
          Why do I need to talk to my TV? That’s what a remote is for. I can turn on my TV in two seconds as well as control the volume and input all through my gamepad.
          I had a Kinect and thought it was innovative three years ago, but seemed like a gimmick more than anything else.
          Voice recognition was not pioneered by MS but is the only benefit Kinect provides to gamers. (Kinect couldn’t even see me from where I play my games, and I remember playing a Rainbow 6 game that utilized voice commands without Kinect over a decade ago.)
          I don’t want a camera watching and listening to me no matter how secure MS says it is.

          • GreenMarine

            We will see what else is on the horizon for Xbone come E3, but in all honesty there was nothing MS showed during the Xbone event, other than Kinect’s features which I don’t want, that I already can’t do with my current $450 set up. ($450 only because of the Wii U Deluxe combined with the high end Roku; Roku’s run as low as $60, but essentially all do the same thing.) If you do some research you will find that there is truly nothing innovative about Xbone. Combining other’s ideas into one system is a good idea, but it’s not necessarily innovative.

          • John Andalora

            I can play games on a handheld and watch TV at the same time. Doesn’t mean that the idea is “innovative” or “special,” especially when some games don’t even have that option.
            Also, I like playing games on the TV better. Considering the fact that the gamepad is supposed to enhance gameplay rather than just be the gameplay device, I’d rather integrate the two together instead of hinder it’s potential power.
            What games can be played on the Roku that would be anywhere near console quality?
            Why would you need the gamepad, then? If it’s all as simple as using a remote, why waste time with the gamepad when your remote could probably do it at the same time?
            Also, Xbox wants to be the one thing we use. Rather than having three remotes, it is trying to cut that down to one. For many, it might be more convenient to them.
            That was the Kinect released 3 years ago. The new one seems to be better.
            And, I’ll probably disconnect my camera when the XboxOne isn’t in use. I disconnect my Wii u when not in use because I just don’t want to waste electricity. I do it with most of my consoles, actually. When I want it on, I plug it in.

          • Guest

            Eventhough you wrote, “I’m not interested in Xbone,” you’re now planning on getting one?
            Where did I state that the Wii U was innovative? It too is a combination of ideas. (A tablet plus a console)
            Define ‘console quality.’ Are your hand held games ‘console quality?’
            My TV remote doesn’t control my Wii U but my gamepad controls my TV and Wii U. You’re still going to need a TV remote for your TV volume and power with Xbone. “Xbox on! Now where is my TV remote?”
            I guarantee the new Kinect still won’t be able to see me from where I play games as my living room is too large; others will have the opposite problem as their rooms are too small.
            Even if you unplug the Kinect while the Xbone is not in use (which defeats the ease/purpose of voice commands if you’re constantly walking to and from your console), then what do you plan on doing when the Xbone is on? Do you really want Kinect watching you while you watch Netflix or play a game that might not utilize the Kinect?

          • John Andalora

            Bad wording on my part.
            Change “I’ll with “I’d,” and “my” with “the.”
            My apologies for that.

            As for “innovative,” I’m just taking that from what I hear all the time on this website. When people were bashing the PS4, many said it wasn’t innovative enough and that it wouldn’t be as good unless it had different hardware for controls.
            I’ve heard many people claim it, so it eventually becomes a rather big bullet point on the list.
            Console quality refers to games that were made for the purpose of playing just the game, rather than having games for the sake of saying you have games. For example, DISH network has “games” too, but it’s nothing more than something like a pong remake with a show tie in.
            Essentially, it’s what you buy on it’s own; not a bullet point for buying it. And yes, handhelds are console quality.
            As for TV, I have to experiment a little more with the Wii U. I thought I couldn’t connect TV because of dish, but I’ll have to keep digging to be sure.
            I’m not really sure I care if the Xbox One watches me while I watch or play something. What’s it going to do with that information? Notice how I look at the screen? See how I take a break about every hour or so? So what?

          • Guest

            You don’t value your privacy as much as I do, that’s fine.
            Why do you have Dish? Look into a Roku. It will save you an enormous amount of cash.
            The other problem we have not discussed concerning the Xbone is cable/satellite. For people to fully take advantage of the Xbone’s features one is going to need a cable or a satellite provider in order to do so. My internet is pricey enough, and adding $40 or more a month for TV on top of the internet fee with an Xbox Live fee (while cheap, it does add up) is another problem.
            Essentially, to fully utilize all the Xbone’s features, for me at least, I would be looking at an extra $70 a month.
            I have my console quality games: Wii U
            I have my internet TV: Roku
            I pay $40 a month for internet access to utilize the U and Roku’s capabilities.
            I’d be paying around $110 monthly to access all the Xbone’s features.
            No thanks, I’ll keep my money, MS can keep their change.
            Seriously though, get rid of cable/dish. It’s a scam.

          • John Andalora

            Not like I’m doing anything really private while playing a video game console.
            Bad Internet connection’s why we have DISH.
            At least, at home, anyways. When I’m at college, I just get Netflix.
            But, at home, our parents Internet is worse than my iPhone’s 3G. They both have 2 GB of data, but the Internet is much slower.
            That’s why I don’t really care for the Xbone. Cool features that look impressive, but I’d only be able to use 1/5 of it while at home.

            I’m not really sure about the cost of the Xbone things. It seems like it’d be a lot, but I’d assume that they’d want to cost to be low in order to seem more like a selling point. I thought the TV thing would be like an added feature of Xbox and would cost less than service providers in order to hook more.
            But, I could be very wrong.

          • Guest

            YOU might not be doing much while the Xbone is on, but some people walk around naked, use drugs, have sex, talk about political issues, and many other private things they want to keep private.

          • John Andalora

            I like being naked in my house…

            In case you’re wondering, I’m waiting for someone to do something with that information.
            What could you possibly do with that info now that you know?

            None of what you said is illegal unless they hit hardcore stuff, and what on earth is anyone going to do with the information anyways? Even if someone watches it 24/7 (which I doubt: I think it’s like the old Kinect function where it tries to figure out where you are, then works in standby mode to make sure someone is in the room when it turns on), what’s someone gonna do with that?
            How about private stuff? Sally had sex with Duncan…
            Do you know who Sally is? What about Duncan? Do you care whether or not they had sex?
            Does it really matter?

            If people are really that paranoid about it, just unplug it when you don’t want it, cover the lens when it’s on, and just use the mic for only it’s intended purpose.

          • Guest

            To think that 17 of my fellow Marines in my unit gave their lives almost a decade ago so people like you could blatantly throw away or not even care about the freedom and privacy they gave you makes me sick to my stomach.
            Enjoy your Memorial Day.
            This conversation is over.

          • John Andalora

            I wanted to make sure you see this article before I say anything else. It’s about how Microsoft has a privacy policy and doesn’t intend to actually breach privacy.

            I think you’re a paranoid man who is too concerned about a rumor you heard about a piece of hardware from a cheap online source trying to scare you out of a product.
            If you honestly think that a company would make a product that spies on people for useless information, risking massive lawsuits and negative ramifications, rather than make a product that just stays in on mode and checks to see if people are in the room, then you are more pathetic and simple minded than I thought.
            And your mates sure as hell didn’t die for me. They died for paranoid men killing a dictatorship that the first men helped in the first place.
            Have a nice life.

          • John Andalora

            Also, a little gift article for you about how Microsoft has already stated that what the camera sees will NOT be transmitted back to anyone.

            Happy Memorial Day.

          • GreenMarine

            I do find it funny that consumers will pay money to put a camera and microphone in their home that monitors them. MS is about to achieve what our government has been trying to achieve for years.

          • John Andalora

            I really don’t think the camera and microphone is really going to make a difference. It’s kind of like how Google tracks sites you were at to advertise the things on the site. Knowing Microsoft, if they actually monitor anyrhing that you say pr do, they’ll just use it to advertise to you better.
            I don’t see it being anything like 1984 or something like that.

          • GreenMarine

            Guess the rest of the world values privacy more than the “Land of the free,” does.
            Tracking sites you’ve visited is MUCH different than a device that listens to you and watches you.

          • John Andalora

            I used it as an example of what Microsoft is going to do with the info.
            I highly doubt that Xbox wouldn’t have an extreme problem if anyone of them sold info to others. You see how quick people find out things about this. Wouldn’t The risk of someone finding out outweigh the potential money flow?
            I think that this “nightmare” is just a over paranoid delusion.

  • Sam

    Ooooohhhh yeeaahh!! Sorry the gif didn’t work; it was hilarious though!

  • Nintenjoe82

    This is also a good advert for Wii U

  • Sam

    Bill, don’t give in. BILL! BILL! NNNOOOOO!!!

    • WarioForever

      LOL. Please post more funny pictures! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Sam

        Will do. *big fart* WARIOFOREVER!!!

  • Archiq09

    Microsoft wanted create the new generation console gaming but the gamers want just play with games or play online with friends. But big media system is a little useless cause like me, we just want play games and make social with peoples… for this reason peoples will “lose money” for “useless application” if you understand…

  • Sam


  • Adrian

    As long as XBOX charges money to access an internet connection that you already pay for, they should NOT push the importance of internet connectivity for their users. Nobody likes subscriptions, especially not one to a service that you already pay for, ESPECIALLY when the competition is NOT charging for a subscription for the exact same service.

  • Eduardo


    • PKUltima

      Please turn off Caps Lock when you type.

    • WarioForever

      Video game gods? Do you belong to heresy?

  • Not just great games, but great 3rd party games. Nintendo needs to surprise everyone with addtional third party support @ E3. We all know the 1st party games will sell the console, but if we are talking about changing an image that has been around since the Gamecube, they need the 3rd party support. Bethesda, Rockstar, 2k, and yes even snake in the grass EA. The XONE failed in that conference but they can easily bring it back at E3 if they showcase nothing but games. Gamers nowadays love to hate something one minute and then snuggle up to it the next. Thanks to that conference I am pretty much set on “eventually” getting an XONE. Until then it is going to PS4 + WiiU in my house for the next couple of years.


    It takes Francis a while but he gets there in the end!

  • I knew who wrote this before I looked. Yeah, you may want consoles to play games as you claim your TV can do better, well I want my consoles just to play games and not try to be a cheap iPad/Fisher Price toy!

    • It’s funny you assume I’m a Microsoft hater because I wrote this article. In all honesty, I do most of my gaming on my PC. I have all three consoles that are currently available, but Microsoft is seriously pushing some anti-consumer decisions with the latest console.

      If you can’t agree to that, then you’re just as much as a fanboy as the people here who love Nintendo.

      I don’t *claim* my TV can do better. It can. I hit one button on the remote and Netflix instantly pops up. No need to turn on a second device.

      • Some people do not get that Microsoft is adding redundant features that many will not use because it requires additional setup and may not be more convenient than using the features already in their TV or Set Top Box. The voice control may sound nice but it gets old real quick especially when it picks up people talking in the room or voices coming from the show you are watching. Same with motion control… Unless they drastically improved and set safe guards in to adjust for many people and animals it will be the same where my dog has actually set off the kinect with her paw stretching on the floor.

      • boynhisblobs

        Who’s bought anything just to run Netflix in the past year? its literally on everything…even my phone.

        I agree ashley, no one is going to buy X1 for netflix, skype or anything other than what games it has.

      • Lol. I kind of agree, but to the extent that you laid out. You were clearly hating on MS and looking for any reason to hate. Yeah, I am concerned with some issues, but that is what the PS4 is for.

        • Microsoft deserves the hate they’re getting for what they’ve unveiled so far. It’s anti-consumer. It needs to check in once a day to make sure your game licenses are still valid. It doesn’t turn off the microphone when the console is set to off.

          It’s basically a living room trojan horse into your entertainment habits. As much as you spout about the Wii U being crap, you seem to fail to understand when something is actually bad.

          • I hear you, I just want confirmation first. You are right, we don’t need a spy machine from the new world order in our homes. It is already bad enough that cell phones double as tracking devices and your credit and/or debit card gives them a profile of where you have been the time, the food that you like and an insight into your mind and habits. We don’t need any of that. If MS want this type of thing, then I can do without it. However, the Wii U would have to blow my mind with graphics in order to make me go there.

          • I’m not trying to convince you to buy a Wii U. That’s a decision you’ll have to make yourself based on its own merits. I’m certainly not defending Nintendo either, as they’ve done a poor job of marketing it so far.

            But I am glad to see that you acknowledge bad business decisions when they’re being made.

    • Adrian

      I don’t understand your argument. Please elaborate.

  • Link Slayer

    It seems like Sony is the way to go this time by the looks of it. And when Nintendo drops the price and has some of those nice 1st party games out I may get another Wii U. Sony and Nintendo always has the best first party. I think Sony will get the best 3rd party this go around. Ill probably get a Wii U when the Zelda U comes out if it is huge and has amazing voice acting.

  • Talesgirl015

    Sorry to say this, facts are Wii U is a failure, and it would be in Nintendo’s best interests to cut its losses and move on… The casual gamers who bought the Wii have stopped using consoles and have started using smartphones and tablets to play games.There are many individuals waiting for “must have” titles and for the release of the PS4 and Xbox One before they purchase a Wii U (I cannot count how many times I’ve heard this). No body wants underpowered and buggy console. .. Only ones to blame for this mess is Nintendo for being cheap again..

    • No.

      • Talesgirl015

        Yes, too late Nintendo blew their chances

        • Nintedward

          Are you seriously the girl displayed in your profile pic ? Since wen did pretty girls like that turn into Nintendo hating trolls ?

          Da fuk is going on ?

          • I get the feeling that this person is a lonely fat slob and a man. I don’t know why but that is what I picture when I read the commentary by them.

          • Nintedward

            HAHAHA. Maaan , the comment section on this site cracks me up!

          • GreenMarine

            Last time I was in Okinawa I saw hundreds of pasty white girls with that exact hair color playing Ninty games at the arcade. ‘Da fuk?’ is right!

          • Nintedward


        • NkoSekirei

          ur an idiot

        • zhenyaivan

          based on my investigation you’re an attention whore.

      • Talesgirl015

        What Nintendo fails to understand is, most gamers are tired of current gen visuals. are ready to move onto next gen. instead of seeing the problem head on they release a underpower console.

        • There is no next-gen visuals. Games are topped out. There aren’t going to be any leaping improvements like moving from the PS2-PS3.

          Just look at Crysis 3 on hi settings for PC. It looks BETTER than what the Xbox One showed off as next gen. Your argument is moot when it comes to graphics.

          • Talesgirl015

            Console visuals are suppose to be inferior compare to the games found on high end PC’s.. Not everyone can afford, ‘s top graphic cards to boost of.. Right now what we see is based on early kits. if gamers really want to see what Xbox One & PS4 is capable of doing they will have to wait until a year…

            Eventually Next Gen Console graphics will look like BF3 PC Crysis 3 PC. PS4 will be capable of doing. which should be good enough to please gamers…

          • Good enough to please gamers a year from now, with what I’ve had on my PC today. You keep making the argument about graphics but if people really cared about them, they’d get a PC.

            Once you have a 1080p console, you’re maxed out.

          • Talesgirl015

            Graphics matter alot Wii U proves that, I assume most people dont want to spend 1000’s on a high end gaming set up.and update it more regularly, and because every PC is different, Consoles are optimized for gamers..

            Nintendo proves . You need to lead in technology from a graphical aspect or you’re doomed. Wii suffered the same issue. Once the novelty wore off people got sick of the dated graphics. GIven next gen consoles hardware is tenfold more powerful than last gen, I can only imagine how impressive the likes of next gen Gran Turismo, Halo, Uncharted and the like will be. It goes without saying these will be 1080p and have the graphical bells and whistles a high end PC title currently has, but the major development will be, as I’ve said, be in game design…

          • No offense but even with a Medium end pc GRAPHICS as you so boldy state beat PS4/Xbox One. My computer’s graphics card is about a year old and it makes PS3/Xbox 360 and their games like Crysis 3 run for their money. You know what I paid for the Nvidea 1GB Videocard? 49,95. So if I buy a new mediocre Videocard nowadays (2GB or so) it’ll beat PS4/Xbox One for the upcoming 2 years atleast.

            So again as Ashley also stated, if you are so graphics horney get yourself a mediocre gaming pc and it beats PS4/Xbox One GRAPHICS wise, won’t cost you more then maybe $/โ‚ฌ200-250,- and for that price you allready have a above average videocard and 16GB of ram. Only problem you have is your motherboard, will it support it.

            Mine supports up to 20GB DDR3 Ram Videocards up to 3GB and as far as cores go it also supports hex and 8-cores (at moment running I-7 quad core 3.2Ghz)

          • boynhisblobs

            How did Wii suffer at all really? They outsold all competition. They “won” the console war last round. It didn’t suffer.

          • Talesgirl015 wrote:
            [Quote] “Right now what we see is based on early kits. if gamers really want to see what Xbox One & PS4 is capable of doing they will have to wait until a year…” [Quote end]

            On that alone I allready lol, as that perfect statement (which it really is honestly, the only decent comment you made so far) applies not only to PS4 and Xbox One but ALSO to WiiU or does that not count as WiiU is underpowered in your eyes? Did you see Deus Ex and Need for Speed Most Wanted U?

            Those are released in the first 6 months of the consoles life and beat everything we have seen so far on high end games on ps360, how do you think this will improve on WiiU after the first year, let’s say June 2014?

          • Nintedward

            +1000. Go get her , Ash ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Adrian

      I will gladly accept that the Wii U is a failure when you show me a next Gen system that does 20%+ better :). Until then, your words do not make it so.

      • Talesgirl015

        Far enough, make no mistake both Microsoft and Sony were blindsided by the success of the Wii, and the most constant factor attributing that success seems to be it’s initial price. I guarantee both Sony and MS are targeting that lower price to hopefully replicate the success of the Wii. It would surprise me greatly if either one of them released a console at a higher price than $400,

        • Adrian

          We will see. I actually wouldn’t be surprised at all with a $500+ price for either of em. What is your favorite Tales game? I really liked Abyss, and the anime.

        • Fair enough, but between you and me I will be very surprised IF Xbox One and PS4 will be under $/โ‚ฌ449,- Nonetheless I will from now on focus on both PS4 and WiiU to see what they bring in games.

        • GreenMarine

          You can get a 250gb 360 now for about $299, and the original Kinect for $99.
          Good $400 price estimate on the Xbone… Nobody but fools and rich brats are going to buy this system.

    • Err what I hear from a friend who owns 2 game stores, and what he heard from his CUSTOMERS after the reveal of Xbox one, yes even from XBOX FANBOYS/GIRLS they say the same and ask him: Can I preorder a PS4 allready? And after nintendo’s direct on future game releases my next gen house will consist out of PS4 and WiiU.

      That miss Talesgirl015 is what he has heard the past 2 days since the Xbox One reveal, did I mention allready that he owns two game stores and that these words come from his CUSTOMERS? Owh yes I did, but just for the sake of goodwill I mentioned it again. Xbox One, sorry to say HAS to BRING รœBER games on e3 if it wants to make something positive out of Xbox One else they should cut their losses already after 2 days of the reveal… But a blind fanboy like you (as most blind fanboys say/think on their choice of consoles) won’t accept the FACTS.

      I can tell for me at this moment NOTE HUGE NINTENDO FANBOY here aswell, PS4 is gonna be my core console this gen, and WiiU for the few great games it’ll get.

    • Denvy

      It’s a bit too soon to call the system a failure. We really need to see how the rest of the year goes to get an indication if the Wii U will go the way of the GameCube or worse. Nintendo has just got to get the games out plain and simple.

    • boynhisblobs

      What facts prove Wii U is a failure? Facts actually show they’ve sold more than microsoft and sony did at launch and in the following six months. Are you finding facts or just want you want to hear?

      Real Facts:

      month one for 360 – 326,000
      month one for Wii U – 425,000

      month two for 360 – 281,000
      month two for Wii U – 600,000

      It wasn’t until December of 2006 (a year later) that 360 sales really started to pick up past 1,000,000. They had some very rough sales that first year, very similar to Wii U. Also, it should be noted that entire first year, PS2 sold 45% more than 360, similar to how 360 is currently outselling Wii U.

      PS3 was even worse with 197,000 units sold in the first month and we all can remember how slow their entire first year was…Resistance was the only good game.

      No new console has ever really done great from the start. Its always a slow build, but really, Nintendo is doing great compared to past facts.

    • Denvy

      I also believe that even when the new consoles do launch this winter, they aren’t going to go like hotcakes. I think the gaming market as a whole will be slower than last gen.

    • NkoSekirei

      ur the biggest failure on this site u douche

  • Johny

    yup… the whole internet has gone CRAZY over that reveal ๐Ÿ˜€ haha
    its was all just … TV TV TV… SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS… some cod… dogs… dogs..MORE TV TV TV .. and some more sports . the end

  • Talesgirl015

    Poor fanboys and their wishful thinking smh.,. Nintendo have had a lack of 3rd party support on the Wii and unless that changes for the Wii U it will struggle. I really dont see that many people buying one just to get Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros.. Microsoft ,will rebound at E3.

    • Archiq09

      just people dont know games on wii who coming on wiiu…. has No more heroes, Conduit, Track Mania TM wii, Xenoblade, a wish for Madword 2, pandora tower and the last story…

      If you not have know wii perfectly you dont know this game.

    • Petri

      You must have missed the countless statements saying “I only buy Nintendo consoles for the Nintendo exclusives”?

    • NkoSekirei

      wow the troll bitch is back why dont u just do us all a favor and stfu noob

    • Nintedward

      Wishfull thinking ? Explain the massive sales spike for Wiiu on Amazon UK ?

      Nintendo has the best IP’s and first party content in the industry. And they will get great third party exclusives. #Dealwithit

  • Petri

    I don’t think I’ll be needing anything else but Wii U and PC.
    This crappy Windows 8 is killing PC gaming for me though.
    Just need to wait how well Valve gets Steam on Linux to run.

  • Adam Fox

    I thought the Xbox One was great….I don’t get the hate…..but, I will admit, there was too much emphasis on TV and voice command…..even though it requires the Kinect to work, I am sure you can still use a controller…and since the Kinect 2 is coming to PCs, if your Kinect breaks, you can get another one…….I seriously doubt the Xbox One is going to be as bad as folks are making it out to be……There was tons of emphasis on Call of Duty and Halo on the Xbox360 and Live…and I don’t care for NONE of that…i don’t play Call of Duty or Halo and I don’t use Live….I play racing games mainly…..I don’t watch TV hardly at all (just over the air stuff) so there is no reason for me to care about about the TV part….i want it for the next Forza….the next Mortal Kombat…and my friend is hoping for another Silent Hill Downpour…..there’s other games we played as well, Driver S.F. was a good one we enjoyed…, there is more to the Xbox than Halo/Call of Duty and Live……

    • PKUltima

      People are hating it because…
      1. Even if you have the game disk, it is mandatory that you install it on your hard drive.
      2. Indie developers are not allowed to self publish
      3. If your friend wants to borrow one of your games, then he has to pay a fee equal to the full retail price to play it.
      4. Used Xbox One games will be practically worthless because of the aforementioned used game fee.
      5. All of the fees for the online services.
      6. Always online. Microsoft says that the Xbox One isn’t always online but it will have to connect to the internet at least once a day for it to let you play games.
      7. Mandatory Kinect. The Kinect 2 has to have an unobstructive view of the player in order for you to play your Xbox One.
      8. No backwards compatibility. Many people don’t like having extra consoles lying around and would prefer to play all of their previous generation games and current generation games on the same console.
      9. The size of the console. Everybody knows that the Xbox One is a pretty bulky console. But what if one of your friends wants to play one of your games and not pay the fee? Well too bad, it looks like you’re going to have to hulk around this giant monstrosity along with the bulky Kinect 2
      10. The name. First of all, I have to say something. I love my Wii U, but its name is really, really dumb. When naming a product, it is absolutely necessary that even the most stupid consumers will be able to tell what your product is. Wii U and Xbox One fall flat in these areas because many are confused and think that the Wii U is just a tablet controller. When the average consumer sees the Xbox One they’ll think “I already own a Xbox 360 so why would I want a Xbox One?”
      11. Emphasis on everything… Except for games. Whether you loved or hated the conference you have to admit that their main focus was showing how great of a multimedia center the Xbox One is instead of how great of a video game console it is. I will give them the benefit of the doubt as they said that they’re working on fifteen 1st party games at launch and that they said that they’re saving their “big guns” for E3, but after the first impression that the revealing made, many doubt that anybody will care what they show at E3.

      Well those are all of the cons that I remember of the Xbox One. I think everything that I’ve mentioned in my list has been confirmed true by Microsoft themselves. Also, bear in mind that I’m not “trolling” the Xbox One, but I am trying to tell you about the cons of the Xbox One before you make your preorder and purchase.

  • RonnieMexico

    Nint3ndo quit da vid3o gam3 biz…d3y scar3d

    • GreenMarine

      ยกAprendas a escribir, tu mariposa!

  • Eduardo

    No wonder Nintendo has just been chillin. lol. they knew all along.

    • DragonSilths

      Nintendo knew if they kept their secrets, secret that Microsoft couldnt copy them and they would have to guess at what to do with the Xbox One…Microsoft guessed and wasnt even close to what was right lol.

  • I’m far from an Xbox fan but I think everyone is being way too critical of the Xbox One considering the game announcements are just a couple of weeks away, and what it’s able to do in terms of video entertainment is pretty darn slick. It’ll be overpriced for sure, but over time, I think this will be warmly received.

    • David Tims

      What? Are you kidding? Have you even listened to anything? You wanna go on a road trip? Gotta make sure you have someone over to connect your xbox online every 24 hours. Wanna buy a used game? Go ahead, but when you put it in your disk drive it doesn’t fucking matter, you ahve to buy the full version of that game to your account from XBLA. Wanna play games with marginally better graphics and no other gameplay one’s got you covered! Wanna device that does things your pc or smart tv can do better, Xbox One ladies and gentlemen. Fuck the game announcements. 15 new Ips? That’s 15 new Ips you’re gonna have to pay full price for

      • There are a lot of assumptions made in that statement. They said you would have to pay to play a used game, but they never said, not did it sound like, it would be full cost of a new game. There’s no way of knowing how much better the graphics of this generation will prove to be over the last after five or six years. I don’t know about your PC, but the average PC boots far slower and is much more clunky when it us used to watch TV than what they showed with the XBox One.

        In any case, I doubt I’m getting one, it’s not for me, and from the sound of it it’s not for you either. But I do think this is something that will appeal to a lot of people and have a lot of success. You don’t have to like the Xbox One, and you don’t have to agree with my opinion, but you should ground your argument in fact and not theory.

        • David Tims

          Everything I stated was based on both the conference and interviews between Harrison and journalists. Except, you were right to point out that we have no idea about how good the graphics will get. I was wrong to assume COD ghosts takes full advantage of the system. I will say that graphical enhancements have, however, become redundant. I believe a solid case to that point is the 3ds. Anyways, good luck!

  • Nice article, still needs to focus more on the title and use it as a central theme and not just a hook. And don’t forget to put [Opinion] on the title, so people don’t think it’s a news article.

    P.S. Forgive my english.

    • Petri

      Big red opinion on the front page, under the title. (Well, small, but easily noticeable)

      But yes, they could have it on title too.

  • Justis Bistawros

    That’s a terrible name Xbox one its like Microsoft listened to Nintendo with the wii u and backed off and let the wii u destroy it.

  • Guest
    • ThunderGod_Cid

      That was my favorite part of Superman:Unbound.

  • Man

    Whoa whoa whoa whoa, I just read something extremely stupid. Apparently, the Xbox business head, Don Mattrick, told Wall Street Journal that only 5% of gamers play
    past-generation games on new machines, so it would not make sense to
    invest time and resource in backward compatibility on the Xbox One, he
    said “If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards”.

    ………………..Are you kidding me? Seriously, is this guy kidding me?

    • Adrian

      Hah, too bad that is the exact reason I won’t be getting a PS4 any time soon.

  • Rob Lucci


  • Why is it called Xbox One anyway? Console names never make sense anymore.

    • Mc Robins

      All in one device

  • the wiiu will crush the x-bone

  • The Age of Stupid Console Names is now upon us! Congratulations, Sony. You’ve proven yet again that you can count, which is more than can be said for Microsoft. Meanwhile Nintendo is just speaking tongues like Pentecostal snake handlers.

  • Petri

    Only change that Xbox One has, is if they kill 360.
    And even then, they wont sell that thing well outside of US.
    I can see MS doing this, Sony might keep PS3 around for couple of years.

  • Zuxs13

    The stupid thing is, all the people complaining and whining about the Xbox one, will go out and buy its soon as Halo 5 comes out.

    • Alex Leb

      Younger kids who jumped in later into the series maybe but the group that was raised with the original halo are mostly gone now.

    • DragonSilths

      I will pick up the stupid Xbox One ONLY FOR HALO 5 AND 6. But Halo 5 wont be out till 2014, or 2015 so by then the system will be cheaper lol.

    • GreenMarine

      I’m sure Destiny is going to trump Halo 5, and you’ll be able to find that on PS4.

  • Teves153

    best news all week! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Shadriczo
  • Magnus Eriksson

    Yiiiihaaaa! Microsoft clearly prooves that they are in a totally different league than Nintendo when it comes to great visions and innovative touch. I think it is great to make unique console that only will be able to play games you bought in a store but not games that you lent from a friend. It actually erases the line between buying and owning. Thats amazing Microsoft, now I can buy things WITHOUT owning them. You are amazing! Thank you! And the focus on television, who would have thought of that in 2013?

    Or actually I dont think thats cool. Hope you loose this generations game console race Microsoft. You deserve it. Let a gaming console win this years race – It’s all about the games

  • Guest
    • Sam

      Hilarious! XD

    • DragonSilths

      A chainsaw wouldnt even stop the power of the N64 lol.

    • Nintedward


  • Agent721

    I want you all to remember that Pachter just said last week the One would be revolutionary and years ahead of the competition. Look it up, he said it. Now that we see how off he was on that (not too mention the tons of other predictions he’s completly missed in the past), I hope we can stop following this blowhard. He DOES NOT GAME…he is an analyst and that is it, so his predictions are worthless. Might as well ask your dog for stock advice.
    I’ll leave you with this. Pachter years ago predicted that no one would ever try to buy out Take Two, as the company outside of GTA wasn’t that big of a deal. I played the exact opposite trend, bought up TTWO stock and waited for the buyout. EA came in 3 weeks after my long entry into the stock and the stock surged by 50%. I cashed out royally.
    Pachter during this entire time rated the stock a hold, even thought it went up 50% and back down once TTWO said no to EA. A man who calls a stock a hold, while the stock surges 50% and back down, is an total imbecile. Do not pay attention to his calls, they are the calls of idiots.

    • GreenMarine

      You know, with all this news going around I completely forgot about that idiot and his worthless predictions. Thanks for the reminder!

      • Agent721

        And the best part is, the trolls have left the building!

        • GreenMarine

          The PS4 trolls are trolling the Xbone, and the Xbone trolls are too busy defending the bone. Yay!

        • Guest

          Check out his predictions for the Xbox event.
          1. Xbox will always be online
          2. Xbox will come with Kinect
          3. We will see women at the event
          He’s gaming’s Nostradamus!

  • Sonic

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if they failed like the Dreamcast.

    • Destructonator101

      that would be nice

    • Hey, we might be doppelgangers, but Dreamcast is insulted badly as you compared it to XBOX ONE.

  • Agent721

    And by the way, notice how the trolls have mostly gone back down under the bridge??!!! LOL!!!!

  • Guest
  • Guest
  • Guest
  • DragonSilths

    Miiverse alone is better then the Xbox One. Cant wait till we can make our own private communities on Miiverse then we can organize our own Mario Kart U, and Smash Bros Universe tournaments!

    • Sam

      Count me in! I’ll send you my code when I get one. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • DragonSilths

        Send me a code? How you dont know my Nintendo Network ID lol.

        • Sam

          Exactly I was kidding lol. ๐Ÿ˜›

          • DragonSilths

            Oh? Well now I’m confused…were you bashing it/me then?

          • Sam


          • DragonSilths


  • Destructonator101

    Wii U vs. PS4
    Xbone vs. consumer

    GO WII U!

    • Sam

      *Captain Falcon’s voice* YYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!

  • 00EpicGamer00

    Enough said.

    • Sam

      Agreed. Nintendo consoles are the most durable as Nintendward showed.

      • 00EpicGamer00

        I know right? especially NES/SNES game cartridges…those things are indestructible! You can bang them with a hammer, drop them in water, freeze them, leave em’ outside and they’ll work just fine.

        • Sam

          Yup. I own both of those and love’m. They work great and haven’t aged a bit!

    • steinhauershawn

      But that N64 was the only time Nintendo had the fastest CPU of a Generation. Just the Cartridges could hold the capacity that 3DS Carts can hold now.

  • DragonSilths

    What happens if theres more then 1 RROD this time? 3 operating systems a RROD for 1 of them, YROD for 1, and a GROD for the 3rd lol. 3 OS means triple the possibilities of problems.

  • devmiles

    all i want is good games, not 10.000 functionalities..else i’d go for a PC. i’m sure looking at the specs this device will kick ass in possibilities and we have to wait for launch as for the amount and types of games to be available, i’m sure that won’t be dissapointing. as for nintendo.. they have been lacking very much with good games recently..they should pick up their pace like fucking fast and deliver asap.. yes we do want zelda metroid starfox smashbros so come give us…yesterday, not in 6 months or another year

  • Sam

    This is off-topic but if anyone is into papercrafting, could you maybe testbuild this WiiU GamePad I made for me? If you do, you can have the credit for it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You’ll need Pepakura viewer to print it.

  • FlyingBoat

    that link is creepy

    • Sam


      • FlyingBoat

        the link in the article, about the kinect always listening

        • Sam

          True, very true.

  • Phoenix Maybe

    Dear Microsoft, I don’t want a camera in my living room watching me 24/7. That’s kind of an invasion of privacy. I WILL TAKE YOU TO COURT!(maybe)

    • discuss

      An interesting subject. What happens when the xbox gets hacked? Will all living rooms be visible?

      • GreenMarine

        When playing ME3 with the Kinect, powers were accidentally triggered due to in-game dialog that sounded like (sometimes not at all) power names. Makes you wonder if the Xbox One will turn on if it hears phrases that resemble “Xbox on.”
        MS probably has the privacy issue covered as I’m sure they don’t want a massive law suit on their hands, but you’re right; could it be hacked?

        • GreenMarine

          “I got to put my socks on.” *xbox powers up* ๐Ÿ™

      • Petri

        Well, 24/7, thank you future, thank you infrared cameras, thank you stand by modes, thank you low power modes.
        Does kinect have indicator that says when its watching you? LED or something?

  • Sam

    It’s a Computer the size of a big brick.

  • Sam

    Microsoft now has two PCs! yay!

  • david daniel wharton camacho

    i like microsoft but this just wasnt what we expected for a new console…
    i love nintendo
    like microsoft
    Hate Sony

  • BL4CKSH33P

    People spend money on smart TVs ??? Why???

    • GreenMarine

      $99 Roku>Over priced Smart Tv
      $99 Roku>$500 Xbone

      • Petri

        Ok, what is Roku?

        • GreenMarine

          Essentialy turns your TV into a smart TV- a digital media reader. Able to view hundreds of internet channels. No monthly fee at all, and with the $99 version you can play games. With a Roku and a Wii U the combination is great!

    • BL4CKSH33P

      The people who downvoted this bought a smart tv hahahahahahaha

  • BL4CKSH33P

    Wow Xbox doom and gloom already? That’s fucked up. I hate Microsoft but I think its too soon to say that it will not appeal to people… Because apparently people PURCHASE smart TVs with actual money…that’s ridiculous.

  • discuss

    I hope to see some numbers but instead I got theorycraft ๐Ÿ™

  • Ulikecookies

    Wii U Deluxe bundle is up 800+% on amazon (in UK) since Xbox One was revealed. Can’t say I didn’t see this coming

  • It seems this “Opinion” article is spot on. Just read that Wii U sales on Amazon UK are way up.

    • Petri

      Yes, might as well remove the “opinion”, and post it as news.

    • Mario

      I’m looking for this image, but I can’t find it anywhere. Where can you check the sales rank of a product?

  • john

    I’m not gonna predict the Xbox One will fail yet; people said that about the Wii U and they’re already getting proved wrong. I will say that it would be hypocritical for someone to say the Wii-U was just an Updated Wii and not say the same about the Xbox One though.

    • RoyCar69

      exactly, the Xbox 360 could do everything the Xbox One can do and the controls are the same. The difference is upgraded hardware for better graphic and a HOPEFULLY WORKING Kinect. And that’s it folks…

      • Petri

        At least 24/7 spying is covered with infrared camera.

        • john

          Yeah, that really does make me uncomfortable. I feel like if Microsoft isn’t spying with the camera already then it would only be a matter of time before some hacker developed a way to watch people without them knowing. If I get this system (I don’t think I will) I’m just gonna keep the camera pointed at the wall or something.

          • Petri

            It also comes with a quality microphone ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dacoda Spalla

    It’s very hard for me to explain how the Xbox One will fail to people at school and work. They have such hard ons for xbox and are completely blindsided. I have had my Wii U since the week after launch, and will be enjoying my PS4 this gen, and I had a 360, not a PS3. Thank you so much Microsoft by making this such an easy decision. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rob Lucci
  • UnusualUsually

    This was always what was going to happen. I am a huge believer that people just needed to see what was going to be offered by the others. This will continue if the XbOne or PS4 are high priced and continue to showcase ports of titles that can maybe be done a little better on them but ultimately could be done on the WiiU with very little trade-off like Destiny, BF4, and Watch_Dogs (A likely outcome). I think the WiiU has significant advantage here because even if they do show the same title like Watch_Dogs, they can showcase an immediate difference that’s bigger than how realistic is the dogs fur.

  • Mc Robins
  • ChariotMan7

    I Can’t Stop Cracking up Over that Name X-BONE LMAO!

    • manowaffles

      I prefer Xbox None.

  • Stephen Davis

    I think its too early to tell the consoles success. It will be interesting to see how the public reacts to it. Though I too was shocked by the XBOX ONE targeted to appealing more to those who watch TV and Movies than those who play games. At least there doing something different, rather than pushing the graphics to max out everyones wallets. ( ahem Sony) I like to see companies take risks, though I feel MS have always looked towards Nintendo for Inspiration anyway. So it makes sense. I do feel all of this will work in Nintendos favor however. With all that tech and no backwards compatibility, its definitely going to hurt. Now maybe others can see how Nintendo (sometimes plays it too safe) BUT above all they play it smart. Nintendo has once AGAIN changed the living room forever

  • Petri

    Unfortunately, Microsoft has the money and the resources to keep Xbox alive for centuries, while buying off all the support from other consoles.
    Nintendo might have the money to compete, but do they have the will?
    Sony is only one that could not keep up, currently, their gaming division is doing better than other divisions, they really cant afford bad launch for PS4.
    But I think if they keep PS3 alive, they might be fine.

    If my gaming would ever become solely dependent of Microsoft, I would quit gaming, and withdraw to mountain seclusion only with Nintendo handconsole, and one of those crank generators.

    • Agent721

      Nintendo has been a business for over 100 years. Of course they have the will, or else they wouldnt be A BUSINESS.

      • Petri

        They haven’t made home consoles that whole century.

        Of course they’ll be around, but I doubt, if they would start making loss on home consoles (which I don’t think would be possible, but if), they might start to invest more in handhelds.

        Though I cant see Nintendo as that greedy, that they would give up on home consoles, if they weren’t that profitable.

  • HypocritesRROD

    Among all the nintendo-hating articles, i do agree with this one. The biggeat thing microsoft did in their preaentation was make nintendo look good. Thanks microsoft. Lol.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    This just about sums it up:
    Well, maybe not so much for Sony, I think Ninty and Sony are in a good position for this gen.

    • Sam

      Fantastic! I fell bad for those people though.

  • kahn

    Wii u vs Ps4? This rivalry will be 10x cooler than xbox v ps. Cant wait to see how they influence eachother!

  • SuperSmashMan2

    Sales for the Wii U go from Amazon UK went from #390 to #40 basically over night!


    Oh my god.

    Microsoft fucked up big time….

    (Also, this is a big middle finger to all the trolls out there,)

  • Sam

    The sound of no gaming.

  • Sam

    Really. Why?

  • Sam

    Companies that will make the most money in the 8th gen: 1. Nintendo 2. SONY 3. SEGA 4. ATARI 5. NAMCO BANDAI 6. Microsoft.

  • bakedapplepie

    I’m definitely not getting the Xbox, very disappointed with Microsoft’s spy attempts and charging way too much for there network access. Already made room for my Wii U and PS4 purchases. Can’t wait for Nintendo’s announcements at E3.

  • Sam

    Thanks MS! And…

  • RoadShow

    Finally an honest article. You can’t do anything on Xbox without paying $60/year for xbox live and that’s IF xbox live doesn’t go up.

    no browser, no online play, no access to streaming services, heck you can’t even use cross game chat without xbox live “gold”.

  • peter griffin

    Microsoft want us to pay ยฃ500 to watch TV though my TV. . . fail


    another reason?


    also a good reason to buy….

    • Jean


    • manowaffles

      Perhaps your wife would be alright with your porn viewing if you weren’t trying to hide it like a 13 year-old and a stolen playboy.

      • JA GOOZE

        just a joke dude, relax those tits….

    • Petri
  • Cubester_64

    Oh MICCC-ROSOFT! You’re supposed to market YOUR OWN products! Also XBOX (d)ONE is a literal step backwards, name wise. XBOX —> XBOX 360 —> XBOX ONE.

  • Sam

    Ha ha ha aha hha ha ha ah ha

  • Sam

    Tsk tsk.

    • skstylez

      too good, TOO good!

  • sd

    Microsoft, so disappointing. I was planning on getting a new xbox one as well. But restricting used games in any way means not a chance for me. Looks like just me and U from now on. Oh and for nintendo haters..maybe not all 3rd party games are coming to this system, but the U has more exclusives on the way than any other console and now sonic….The Wii U is the best console I have owned, ( and i have owned all of them), it just needs more games, which will start coming out from June.

  • ttarreks

    Gets less appealing by the day

  • wiiboy101 uk guru

    i much prefer this insult


  • wiiboy101 uk guru

    i recently found out both x360 and ps3s cpus had 40 STAGE PIPE LINES the longest in cpu history 10 stages or more longer than prescotte pentium 4 the worst intel core ever made

    x360s cpu was basically a bag of complete shit and the clock speed was a MARKETING TRICK

    wiiu not only has by far the shortest pipelines in consoles ever it also has the highest clock speed 4 stage pipeline cpu core EVER CREATED

  • wiiboy101 uk guru

    right a lesson in commonsense

    do you scream repetedly at kinect mic to get it to work or wave your arms about and watch it lag

    or do you navigate your apps and channels and net and tv services via a precsion lag free touch screen or a wii remote

    i think wii all agree whitch to use and witch to giggle at

  • Aamir Islam

    You know why all this is sad? People will still buy it for the early DLC. That’s pretty much a fact. A very sad fact.

  • Leo