Jun 13th, 2013


A few weeks ago it was revealed that Nintendo would start a promotion in collaboration with Best Buy to help players interested in the new Wii U games to be able to play them even if they weren’t attending E3. These events have been very popular, but it seems like Microsoft is playing foul and trying to poach people interested in the Wii U.

Multiple reports have come in of Microsoft employees hanging around the Wii U kiosks at select Best Buy’s, talking to those who are waiting in line about pre-ordering an Xbox One. It’s interesting to see Microsoft try to use guerrilla advertising to try and sway those who might be interested in their competitor’s consoles, when those consoles are capable of more things than the current Xbox One. Microsoft’s own advice to those who want to play an Xbox without an internet connection is to “buy a 360.”

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  • Edward

    SMH…….Trolling the Nintendo events. Shame on Microsoft.

    • Shaise Mughal

      Theres two reasons I hate Microsoft now!

      • [000]

        Only two?

      • Josiah Parsons

        What was the first one?

    • Mario

      Have they no shame!?

    • RockGod

      I think it’s clear at this point that MS knows no shame. They think they can fix ANY problem by just throwing money at it.
      I thought the 360 was built like CRAP! This new system didn’t even get a chance to FRY itself yet!

      • Edward

        Well hopefully if any console ends up failing it is Microsoft. I bought a 360 and the RROD got me. I know many people who bought multiple systems. I got someone to fix mine and now all it does is collect dust. Never has a Nintendo system ever broke on me.

        • Andreas Sunde

          Kinda makes you question the 77 million sales…

          • RockGod

            I’ve often questioned the actual numbers myself. every 360 gamer I know has gone through like 4 or 5 systems. All the sudden your fanbase isn’t quite as big as you thought…

          • Rey Hardy

            I had 2 Xbox 360’s. An Elite then…I got a Slim cause it was new, shiny, and built in Wifi lol. Sold my Xbox 360 Elite to Gamestop to help me get the Wii U. Still have my Slim. Never had a RROD but I got them late in the game like 3 years ago…so halfway through the 7th Gen. Thinking about trading in my Xbox 360 slim to help me get a PS4…I dont like Sony as a company but I feel an odd feeling to get a PS4…Maybe just to help crush Xbox One lol?

          • RockGod

            I know 5 360 only gamers, funny thing is right now, not one of them has a working 360… so their playing, I don’t know angry birds on their freakin cellphone or some crap.

          • Edward

            I know some die hard microzombies fans. I just like the Nintendo’s franchises. I want to see what they come up with next. It doesn’t have to visually stun me, I want fun, amazing games that I replay and I like the puzzles. Finding the secrets and that sort of thing. COD and first person shooters often get boring to me, although I do like the multiplayer online aspects.

          • Andreas Sunde

            It doesn’t have to visually stun yiu, but it still does. Look at DK’s fur in Tropical Freeze, or how good MK8 looks etc.

  • Elem187

    Bestbuy employees were handing out PS4 and xBoned preorder forms at the bestbuy I went to yesterday… pretty sleazy stuff. Here Nintendo sent their kiosks to bestbuy, dragging in a lot of traffic to bestbuy, and what does bestbuy employees do? Hand out flyers for PS4 and xBoned.
    They should have been handing out flyers for Nintendo because they were bringing in traffic to the stores.

    • Mochlum

      That happened at mine, too. I almost burst out laughing when I saw them handing out the fliers.

    • GuardiansFan

      honestly if i see that when i go on saturday i will walk up to them and tell them have lost my business. If i want that junk i’m educated enough to look for it myself rather than getting it fed down my throat.

      • incoherent1

        The problem is that not everyone is educated on the products enough to turn them away. I can see how many consumers would say “Oh, I’m waiting in line to play something that isn’t released yet, and if they’re handing out pre-order forms, it must be to pre-order the system I’m about to play”.

        If I were Nintendo, I’d be ripshit furious with Best Buy for such a backstabbing business practice against a company bringing traffic into your stores.

        • GuardiansFan

          Agreed i’m actually quite surprised they are doing this…you would think this would be a good way to sell some wii uunits on the floor as the demos are being played

    • Iceman

      I’m really starting to hate Microsoft and Sony…

  • Kenny Mathews

    Wow if only one day I could be that cool!!!! Microsoft is sinking their own ship

  • Ace J

    lol i just posted a link on this

  • Nintedward

    lol. Pikmin 3 , Wonderfull 101 , Windwaker HD , DKCTF , Mario 3D world , Sonic Lost world , X , Bayonetta 2 , Mario Kart 8 , Smash bros and much more.

    Enjoy Ryse :Quick time events of Rome idiots lol…

    • Edward

      Sunset Overdrive looked kind of cool. Too bad its excusive to XBOX One.

      • Nintedward

        I thought it looked like a Tango or Fanta advert haha!

    • I watched Mark from XOD play Ryse for the site, he kept missing the quicktime events but still got the executes. If that’s how the game plays, no matter how gorgeous it is, no thanks.

      • Nintedward

        Exactly :D!

      • Nintendo4life

        Hey i debated some of those people at the best buy i was at and people in line found out about the always online and the price tag they all said no thanks..hahaha and one of them got mad at me call wii u garbage it was very laughable…

        • jay

          The person who said it was garbage, was it a best buy employee or microsoft rep?

          If it was a best buy employee I’d file a complaint and leave a yelp review.

          We go to the store to PURCHASE products for them. Any employee saying a product is garbage is detrimental to the company and should not be tolerated.

          As a Nintendo gamer no longer will I be taking shit from ANYONE.

          • Nintendo4life

            Both and i did file a complaint as did the nintendo reps and the guy went as far as say nintendo fans needed to die but they refused to fire him but im going back sat to stand up the poser again if he is there

          • thedeciderU

            wow, what an asshole. it’s a fucking video game system, folks.

            get your life together.

          • Nintendo4life

            I know right..But there will always be haters but we have a awesome console to play and it next gen

      • Elitepwnsface

        Sounds like Ninja Gaiden 3. Loved the first 2 but once quick time was introduced in the third one, no thanks.

    • MTGSWE

      I despise Quick Time events. The most stupid thing to hit gaming. It destroys the flow and if you miss the button press, sometimes you have to do everything all over again >:|

      • Nintedward

        They were amazing in Shenmue on the Dreamcast in 1999/2000 XD.

        Shenmue = the best QTE in Gaming ever and it had amazing combat and gameplay as well.

        • MTGSWE

          I have not played shenmue. Never had a Dreamcast 😛 Great that people like it. 🙂

          • david jarman

            It’s awesome!

        • Mc Robins

          If only Shenmue was coming to Wii U 😀

          • GameChanger

            Could be possible if Nintendo decides to put Dreamcast games on VC.

        • TULFich

          Leon vs Krauser knife fight in RE4 = THE BEST QUICK TIME EVENT EVER!!! EVER!!!

          • Nintedward

            You have a good point sir 🙂 . But the chase and escape scenes in Shenmue are my personal favs!

          • AJ Chioino

            i agree totally 🙂

        • thedeciderU

          yes i had that and it was so good!

      • Well, they can be done well

        • MTGSWE

          This is what I think of the mechanic:

          Everytime I find quicktime events in the games, I usually suddenly stop playing them. I wondered for a time why I could not bare the game.

          Last time I played a game with quicktime events I realised it was the QTE that made me quit playing it. I feel like I’m not in control of the character.

          I don’t like pushing button in the right moment. Most of the time you will have to watch a whole cutscene again because you could not press that specific button at the right moment.

          Well that’s my take on it. I don’t like the mechanic. Other people can enjoy it as much as they want. I respect people that find some of it good. I can’t bare it though. <:D

          • I dunno. I mean, if it’s ALL a game is, I dont know if I’d like that, but I like boss battles where you work for a while, and then the last hit is done by the hit of a single button when standing in a single spot. I was never a fan of “I’ve been hitting you the same way this entire time, now all of a sudden this hit made you crinkle up and die”. With QTE, you can realistically beat bosses while still working to get there :3

            but of course, its double sided

          • thedeciderU

            QTE were the only negative thing about far cry 3. otherwise, it’s easily one of my favorite games from the last decade.

      • Arthur Jarret

        I don’t agree.

        I love Warioware games

      • AJ Chioino

        RE6 killed QTE for me. right off the bat you are required to use qte for every… little… FUCKING.. thing! even prying open a damn door lol.

    • Ace J

      the only game on the xbox done that i really want is Killer Instinct. It pisses me off, because that game looks amazing and it makes me wish Rare was still with Nintendo. I remember playing Killer Instinct Gold on my n64 for days

      • ludist210

        This was me too, until I learned it was F2P. Jago is free. Additional characters are not.

        Get ready for a lot of Jago V. Jago matches online.

        • Larry Howell

          Oh, you’re shittin’ me! Seriously? We should kill a Savage Deviljho to vent our rage. 😀

          • ludist210

            Apparently I didn’t read correctly. There’s two versions: the full version or the “demo” version (where you just pay for characters that you want, Jago aside).

        • JB

          I don’t think it’s a bad idea to charge for additional characters. By Microsoft’s logic (logic being a very fluid term for Microsoft right now), most people have at most a few characters that they use and know inside-out more than any of the the others. That sounds about right and I think (even though I don’t care too much for micro-transactions) is smart. It allows you to tailor the game to your specific needs and style of play without having to shell out 60 bucks for a full game. As a huge fighting game enthusiast (and completist) I’d like to have all the characters and learn them inside-out. So if I was getting an XB1, then I would for sure just pay for all of them, and I’d get the bulk discount for buying the whole cast.

          This is great for the “piece-meal” fighing fans who isn’t necessarily like me. Though I would hope that they implement some way of trying out new fighters before commiting to buy to see if you like them or not.

      • Nintedward

        Same. But I’m skeptical about KI on the One.

      • ItzameyaToad

        The game on Xbox One that I would like on Wii U is Dead Rising 3, that game looked awesome that or that Spark game. Who knows though Capcom could bring Dead Rising 3 to Wii U a few years from now!

        • Zombie Boy

          Yeah, of all the games at E3 that I wish wasn’t an exclusive, that was it. I played Dead Rising: Chop ‘Til You Drop to death, then DR2 on the PC along with it’s dlcs… But even though I want Dead Rising 3, I’m not going to succumb to always-online spyware to play it!

          • ItzameyaToad

            Exactly.It is one of those games that Wii U(and PS4) will most likely have a chance to get a few years from now seeing as Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop came to Wii and dead rising (I think) came to the PS3. Microsoft probably payed for 2-3 years of exclusivity to Dead Rising 3 so it will probably head to other consoles after awhile.Also I will never stoop to the level of getting an Xbox One unless they change some of there policies.

          • Zombie Boy

            I’d be prepared to wait rather than buy a BetamaXBox. I’d rather it come to Wii U, but even if it comes to PC I’ll be happy!

      • Andreas Sunde

        It’s not even being made by Rare. It’s by Double Helix, the guys behind such masterpieces as Battleship and Green Lantern: the cash in.

        • Ace J

          i think double ahelix is co developing it with Rare. You know, like how sledgehammer helped infinity ward develop mw3

  • Man
    are they desperate. Sad thing is all they had to do was make a great
    console without all the restrictions and requirements (like Kinect) and
    it would advertise itself. XBOX already had a strong following but
    they effed it up. Still time to fix it Microsoft… you know what you need to do.

    me of the time I was at Best Buy to buy my wife a Kindle Fire and the
    Apple rep came over and said I should buy her a “real tablet” meaning an
    iPad of course.

    • RockGod

      It’s very condescending to be spoken to like that, isn’t it? Like you can’t possibly choose for yourself and need to be told. Unfortunately, these places (gamestop ie) often times force employees to say all kinds of crap, whether it be true or not.

      • I find the condescending know it all attitude is very common amongst younger people that work retail. Especially in Best Buy. I used to work there many years ago as a computer tech and even today when I go in there it is the same old story with a different group of teenagers and young adults. I have overheard Best Buy sales people talk out of their ass to try and make a sale or deliver biased information and make fun of another brand. It seems the vendor reps (whom are often of a similar age and mentality) are no different.

        Fortunately I have been working with technology for a very long time and being a Network Admin for a profession I have forgotten more about technology than they will ever know so I am not influenced by their sales pitches. If I go to Best Buy I know exactly what I want before I walk in the door and if I am browsing around I do not need their opinion or input other than to verify a price that may not be marked.

        My wife hates going with me because I have been known to intervene when I over hear a sales person bullshitting or outright lying to a customer.

        • RockGod

          That’s a good thing you did, helping people not get BSed. It’s sad to think about how often no one is around to help these people.

        • JB

          Sounds like my trips to Best Buy in a nutshell. That or they are totally clueless or apathetic, like they don’t want to be there (depending on which one I go to) Suffice to say, I now avoid BBY at all costs… Though I will go to tryout the E3 demos this weekend in my city…


    This is just sad. I have only one thing to say to Microsoft:


  • bizzy gie

    Did the same to Sony. Now to Nintendo too? Microsoft knows they failed.

    • RockGod

      Oh Bizzy, something tells me.. We’ve only just begun to see the EPIC fails of this gen.

  • Lusunup

    That’s low microsoft, but that means you fear nintendo hahaha!

    • RockGod

      Of course they fear Nintendo… MS was barely able to outsell Sony last gen, They never had a chance at outselling Nintendo!
      If you don’t have access to internet then we have a product for you and it’s called Xbox 360… Really? LoLz! Who’s gonna buy either of their consoles after being spoken to like that? Morons…

  • Edward

    Guess what haters. I will be pre-ordering me an XboxOne.

    • Edward

      Good for you.

    • MTGSWE

      Hope you will have fun with the vcr 😛


        Dude that would be so bad ass if it could even run VHS! I mean it does everything else.

        • MTGSWE

          That would actually be cool 😛

          • [000]

            I don’t know. How is it any better than my current VCR? Because I’m not paying anything over $50 for a new VCR unless if it’s absolutely necessary.

          • Andrew Chambers

            Does your current VCR also play Blurays? You have to connect online to play games, M$ never said anything about needing that for movies.

          • Nintendofreak

            there is a thing called ps3 it only does that n everything the xboner cant do

          • Andrew Chambers

            It was a joke about the VCR comment. The OP was talking about the X1™ being a VCR. I was calling it a “high tech VCR”

          • MTGSWE

            I would not buy it either way. I was not even serious 😛 It would be cool though.

          • Andreas Sunde

            It’s not even a vcr. Or a cable box. It’s just a new remote control for your cable box.

        • Sean Burgess

          Then the internet goes out for more than a day.. what do you do then, smartass, go hunting with your blunt instrument?

        • Jon

          then comes the hurricane or some other big storm and you lose internet for a few days but power comes back on, then what will you do?

          • CTRAINGAMER

            First of all..I don’t fully understand what you’re trying to tell me…Secondly…I’m not to worried about any type of storm here in Colorado. I would only be worried if yellow stone erupted causing a super volcano that has ash that would spread over half the United States. But then again, the rest of the world should be worried about that too. Not just me.

          • Jon

            ok, but everyone is not you, people will get these storms and I am sure just because you are in Colorado, that does not mean you don’t get storms that knock out power and internet.

    • Clel

      Good for you! I hope you enjoy it.

    • Mario

      So? That’s your decision. Not ours.

    • Sonic

      I feel so sorry for you.

    • Diogo Zacharias

      Bad decision, if you really want to skip, or have more than one plat.,
      you have the option to buy an PS4 with almost the same games cheaper,
      and still have the options of not be always connected, and/or trade your
      games. But still…Its your decision.

    • Guhtere

      Have fun playing a lot of exclusives-OH WAIT! XBOX ONE WILL GET 3 EXCLUSIVES I FORGOT! XD LOL!

    • howling_wolf1334:[

      Guess what man, you will be the one dissapointed when you have it and need internet connectio every day, just to play CoD or Fifa with yours bros or friends… & if they wanteed to borrow the disc, they will not be able to play it in their consoles… Pitiful…

  • babulibaba

    microsoft is just scared


      Microsoft already said they know it was a tough move. They also stated that they believe that the Xbox One is gonna have a rough start. All that said, they also stated that they believe they made the right choice.

      • Andrew Chambers

        Stalking customers at a Nintendo event is not the right choice.

      • RockGod

        I absolutely hate MS tactics! That being said, These jerks probably DO feel they made the right move. Everybody is acting like this is just MS, And that Nintendo and Sony will stand together against them. That is not what is happening, 3rd parties want these restrictions made for their games… Hell MS designed their whole console around the idea, and Sony will allow 3rd parties to make PS4 another DRM machine, but they can say “but not our (1st party) games”! Nintendo will be left standing ALONE as both other systems WILL be overflowing with these DRM issues… 3rd parties are flocking to this idea, notice their beginning to distance themselves from Nintendo. It’s not because they don’t like Nintendo, it’s because Wii U is the ONLY next gen system they can’t enforce that crap on!

        • thedeciderU

          what MS are doing is typical american asshole tactics, straight down to the condescending attitude. this makes me glad i did not go to best buy yesterday. i almost did, and thought for some reason that i’d rather stay home and be excited to have fresh experiences this fall, and i also thought i would be aggravated by employees to purchase and pre-order. sounds like in this case i was right. i would have told them to back off.

  • Tekina Sibawo

    Wow…..fucked up

  • [000]

    This is WONDERFUL news! Everyone in line will be talking about how sh*tty Microsoft’s console is, and then the flyers will reassure their hatred with “TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Water cooler sports sports sports Call of Duty Call of Duty Call of Duty Dog Call of Duty Call of Duty Call of Duty Call of Duty every 24 hours Kinect always on DRM”

  • Clel

    I’m not sure how legal that is…

    • Virus6


  • Mario

    Those sneaky guys are attepting to interfere with Nintendo’s affairs!

  • sdmac200600

    Uh do they know that 90% of the people waiting in line knows about all the shit xbone is doing?

    • Andrew Chambers

      Sadly, I doubt it. The average person doesn’t know about the X1™ yet.

      • Nintendofreak

        well i would doubt somebody who doesnt know about games wait one hour in line for 5 minutes

        • Andrew Chambers

          These are in big cities. There are litterly thousands of customers. I know a lot of people that love Mario and Mario Kart that don’t know anything about next gen systems. And they would wait in line for the demos.

      • Rey Hardy

        Most of the people waiting in line KNEW THE DEMOS WERE THERE. I doubt much of them were just your random everyday customers.

  • Guhtere

    Such dicks…


    They shot of their legs now.

    • Sean Burgess

      They didn’t just shoot their legs off, they tried to put their legs back on with scotch tape, and their musket went off on them and now they are limbless.

  • Quicksilver88

    Oh so funny….Look people there to play the Nintendo games and if they came away impressed likely going to buy a WiiU anyways…..M$ already trying to lower expectations but when Sony is cheaper and Nintendo more creative and both not enforcing stupid restrictions I just don’t think M$ will recover….Also any of the exclusives they don’t publish or own will be on PC or PS4 in less than a year and they did the same with x360 in its early days then dropped of to nothing but Halo, Gears, and Forza. Last Gears sold crappy and Forza is a poors man GT. Meanwhile Nintendo and Sony keep cranking out exclusives for the life of their systems….go ahead and get an XBone…..I got my U and a shiny new Ps4 is coming next.

    • Zeldatrek

      The Best Buy I was @, there were NO WIIUs LEFT IN STOCK! Only prop boxes.

      • Quicksilver88

        Thats good to hear….I was really bummed my Best Buy was not selected. No idea why as it is an A class store, very busy and there isn’t another one within 90 miles or so. Oh well, maybe Nintendo will be nice and let us download these Demos sometime soon.

        • Nintendofreak

          there is no single best buy for like about 200 miles n it was not selected WHY EL PASO WHY

          • Quicksilver88

            Well it sounds like they got the Buzz they wanted with the Demos at best buy so why not give them to us as download now. Just to be able to play a little of these awesome games would do so much to excite the installed base

  • Jack5221

    Take a hike Mircoshaft… If I want a offline then I’ll buy a Wii U – O WAIT! I already have one. AND I LOVE IT! I’d rather use 500$ towards awesome Wii U games than an Xbone.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Microsoft must be getting desparate

    • Superstick98

      Maybe. XD

  • JB

    Stalkers… LOL

  • Nintendo4life

    There was some at the best buy i was at and boy did they fail big time because i got into a debate with one of them

    • Lord Carlisle

      I’d love to hear the details of said debate.

      • Nintendo4life

        When i have time i might but right now im too busy playing some new games for wii u

  • JuleyJules

    Microsoft… the biggest troll of them all. How desperate are they now? This is just pathetic that they’d have reps at an event that has consumers who obviously know about E3 and the Xbone but who know the games they want to play are on Nintendo’s system. What a waste of time this will be for Microsoft. I guess the bottom line is they know they’re about to get their ass wipped by Sony and Nintendo.

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    Good move Microsoft… dirty but good…


  • Michael Jurado

    Piggy back riding on number one as usual!! I’m not worried though because the whole reason they are there is for Nintendo’s wii u 😀 that being said shame on best buy employees they should have informed people about wii u games so they could really capitalize on this Nintendo event instead they got greedy and by doing so lost loyal customers like my self -.-

  • Joyous Killer
  • Zeldatrek

    Happened to me too. Best Buy tried offering preorders for both consoles. I heard people laughing under their breath at the mention of XBox one. Oh and a Micro$oft employee was lurking around the line but did not say much. He knew he was wasting his time with our group.

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    Devious Sluts!

  • Justis Bistawros

    Screw you Microsoft get off Nintendos shit.

  • RockGod

    The Rock thinks Nintendo needs those Deluxe Wii Us at $300 this holiday!
    But Rock Knows this.. XBONE needs a price drop way worse than Wii U!

    • Andreas Sunde

      I wouldnt take it if it was free.

  • RockD79

    Man I guess they’re getting desperate.

  • david jarman

    I think best buy should be held accountable. This should be some sort of breach of contract. It’s one thing to advertise in the same store. It’s another thing if your sabotaging their campaign. If nintendo paid them to have their kiosk there then they should sue them for breaching their contract for this is conflict of interest.

  • JG
  • mikeybruises

    Yeah I got into a debate with a Microsoft rep. while waiting in line. I told him I couldn’t afford $700 for a console. He said, “It won’t cost you $700, its only $499”. I said, “Oh yes it will cost around $700”. I explained, “The console will cost $499 + 43.00 tax, a new game about $60? + tax, an extra controller about $40.00? + tax, and an annual Xbox live subscription $40. That comes out to $690 and some cents”. He just walked away.

    • smashbrolink

      Aha! And that’s when you know you’re awesome.XD

  • Sora Morp


  • TrueWiiMaster

    Kinda pointless. You can’t turn a Nintendo fan when they’re about to play Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, and Donkey Kong.

  • WellWisher

    It’s probably just best buy going ‘These guys are into games, let’s let them know that new consoles are around the corner’. I don’t doubt that Microsoft and Sony are paying for advertising, it’s just that Best Buy likely don’t have a clue about allegiances and the fact that it might be seen as insulting to a fanboy. They don’t know nerd etiquette.

    • ronin4life

      Except it says “Microsoft employees”, Not Best Buy employees.
      And there is no mention if similar people talking up Sony.

  • HypocritesRROD

    Haha. Microsoft is desperate. They wish they were first to came out with the idea of giving E3 game demos at Best Buys… RROD.

  • 00EpicGamer00

    Wait, everyone! I just thought of something. Didn’t Microsoft say that you can control the Xbone with your voice? Like saying ” Xbox on” and it’ll turn on or saying “Xbox off” and it’ll turn off.
    What if you have an annoying brother or sister, they come into the room, while your playing a game. Let’s just say that your fighting a boss…and that you were to lazy to save before that. Then your brother or sister yells “Xbox off!”….all your progress would be gone. Fail move for Microsoft.