Jul 18th, 2013


Rayman Legends director Michel Ancel has a lot to say about the Wii U. When Rayman Legends was confirmed to be going multi-platform, he and his team campaigned at their Ubisoft headquarters to try and get Rayman Legends to remain a Wii U exclusive. Now, Ancel has some critical things to say about the console he once defended.

The game will make use of the Wii U’s touchscreen exclusively in some levels, as Murphy is controlled entirely by the touchscreen. Ancel says it doesn’t feel natural to play with the stylus on the resistive touchscreen, when many consumer devices these days such as cellphones and tablets are capacitive and support multi-touch gestures, as well as responding to your fingers better.

“To me, it’s not very natural to play with the stylus. I think most of the kids now are more comfortable with tablets, they use their fingers.”

Ancel explained that the team had to tweak the game in order to make finger input on the gamepad accurate enough to control the actions of Murphy. Ancel’s point is interesting and probably mostly correct, as I’ve owned my Wii U since launch and have never felt the need to use the stylus unless I was inputting text using a keyboard.

What do you think?

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  • Tim Chaten

    Your finger works fine too and that is natural – pens/pencils/fountain pens are all man made things and well not as natural as using your finger … not sure his point … the GamePad has the option for drawing apps that need it

  • Jack5221

    The only time I really use the stylus is when I am drawing stuff on Mii Verse. Every other time I just use my thumbs.

    • Yep, that seems to be the consensus. The problem is he’s creating a game that is more accurate with the stylus and most people aren’t even familiar the GamePad has a stylus in the back.

      • Andreas Sunde

        Not a word about this.. http://www.vg247.com/2013/07/18/xbox-smartglass-not-popular-or-responsive-enough-ancel/
        Ignoring it, or splitting it up into smaller articles to get more ad revenue?

        • Arnold Pain

          ALL of these guys are purposely manipulating their articles in ways that generate more. Ad revenue.
          It’s sickening how they prey on Nintendo for their own profits.

        • Why would I focus on what he said about Smartglass on a Wii U site? Smartglass has no bearing on his comments about the Wii U. He criticized them both. It’s not like I offered up Smartglass as being superior in the article.

          I stuck strictly to his comments about the Wii U.

          • Andreas Sunde

            His comments give the message that the gamepad is a lot more responsive than smartglass, the competition. You have had articles about Wii U vs the competition before.

          • Potemkin

            Because it is compared to the Wii U maybe? There have been news with less relevance posted on this site.

          • Scott Duperree

            I wont suggest anyone is trying to shield info from us but I think the info on the smartglass is relevant as it highlights the fact the Wii U has superior technology in that regard. I am glad someone mentioned it cause I would have missed it.

          • JB

            …and you did link the orginal article, just in case anyone wanted to read it, so there’s that. 🙂

        • JeanPaul Badjo

          Think your tinfoil hat is too tight…

          • Andreas Sunde

            Oh sorry, they would never split an article. What was I thinking? What they do is rewrite their older articles. Sorry.

  • Ken Seymour

    I don’t like the title of the article, it is very negative sounding about the controller in general. Why doesn’t it just say he prefers not to use the stylus and just wants to use it for something it’s not meant to do…Also, Nintendo has made the comment that the screen is meant to be used for an extra screen not for playing multi-touch games like a tablet. I for one have never had any problems or dislikes with the screen.

    • Arnold Pain

      Negative titles draw attention, and gets people talking, and arguing…which generates more views and ad revenue for the person who created the article.
      It’s sickening.

      • Geoffrey Tasker

        ^right, as long as I’ve been reading from this site Misleading article titles have become natural. the angrier you get your audience the more likely they will return to see how you will piss them off next.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          They’re conditioned to do so. At least most. Anger has been the norm for comment sections and forums for a long time now. It won’t change anytime soon.

    • Nintyfan

      The title should have been ‘Michael Ancel says Finger Touch Control on Rayman Legends is more Natural, Thoughts on SmartGlass’

      • bizzy gie

        This article has nothing to do with Copyglass.

    • Nintedward

      What he says isn’t a bad thing. He’s refering to KIDS. Sure a stylus these days isn’t ideal for kids , but it definitely and I reapeat DEFINITELY adds more precision to touch screen gaming for Hardcore gamers.

      Murfy’s dungeon works so well with a stylus , much better than your finger. So what he is saying is a load of BS imo.

      • dasapolis

        Gotta say I disagree with you. I tried some Murphy levels with the stylus, but it just wasn’t as good as using my finger. The good thing about the gamepad’s touchscreen is that it actually feels natural to use with your fingers. I almost never use the stylus for other things than writing or drawing, because it’s more convenient and gives a better feel when I use my fingers.

        • Joey

          I never had that problem with the stylus and i again disagree with you too.

        • Satoru Iwata

          Please understand, that our sylus is flawless. We recommend you try Rayman Legends on Wii U to see how wonderful our system is and appreciate why Nintendo is so great and heavenly.

          Thank you for supporting Nintendo and its products.

          • Nintyfan

            Keep making great games!

        • LonDonE247

          dito agreed, but i found either way works great, stylus or finger!! while i would have preferred dual touch, like on a phone, i understand why they done it, but i hope it was not just to save costs, i only use the stylus when i browse online and need to tap icons which are very small, but also i know i could just zoom in and enlarge said icons, with regards to using my finger in rayman, i thought it worked great, what i don’t like is how developers these days keep complaining about having to do any extra work, they are so lazy, seriously DealWtihIT ubisoft!!!!!

    • Amz Strange

      The gamepad screen is not meant for multi-touch games because it’s not multi-touch. Nintendo cut costs and went with the slightly outdated single-touch resistive display, opposed to the current standard multi-touch capacitive display.

      For me, after using an iPod Touch every day, the gamepad does feel quite unresponsive in comparison. Also, I think Nintendo missed out on some unique gameplay opportunities by using old tech, a multi-touch display would open up even more interesting possibilities for innovative game design.

      That said, I don’t mind using the stylus, so it’s no big deal for me. Does seem like a missed opportunity though.

    • Satoru Iwata

      Another satisfied costumer.

    • sillybajillies

      If you’re putting something out to be viewed or consumed by others, they aren’t going to care what your intent was because that isn’t relevant to them. All that should matter to consumers is how it actually played out. Nintendo may have intended for it to just be a second screen, but that doesn’t change the fact that developers are making games that use the touchscreen for gameplay or the fact that some audiences like playing touch screen games. Nintendo saying that the gamepad was meant to be used as a second screen would be like them saying that the Nintendo DS’s lower screen was only supposed to be a second screen even though the DS pretty much brought touchscreen gaming to mainstream markets and the touchscreen games for the system brought revolution to the game industry in itself.

  • Joshua Brodie

    I must admit that though I do like the concept of the Wii U tablet controller, the touch screen is pretty poor. I personally struggle with it all the time. To be fair though, I don’t know whether its the tablet or the programming for the game, as some work better than others. And the fact that it didn’t come with multi-touch in this day in age is ridiculous.

  • $41809923


  • $41809923


  • I actually prefer the stylus. I dont like fingerprints…

    Also, what’s he mean not “natural”? Resistive touch screens dont grow in the wild?

    • By not natural he’s talking about the fact that nearly all consumer devices these days use capacitive touchscreens, which respond to finger input much, much better than resistive. There’s a reason resistive screens became obsolete in consumer electronics.

      • I know, I was just making a joke. I guess it didnt come off that way 🙁 sorry!

        But yeah, I do find it a little weird that the pad doesnt support multi-touch

        • Resistive is notoriously hard to get working with multi-touch because of how it interprets input. Honestly resistive screens are better for single point interaction interfaces, like what you would have on an ATM screen.

          • Maybe they needed it to help speed up the latency between the Gamepad and the system? I mean, transmitting one touch like that had to be hard. Maybe a more advanced touch screen wouldn’t have been able to transmit that fast…

  • BIG Franky

    very poorly written “article” …. it takes his comment out of context, as well as not even including his entire thought! This comment was in relation to the XBox SmartGlass and how the touch screen features werent ported over to that medium because the SmartGlass doesnt work as well as the Wii U Controller….. and how while the Wii U controller is made for the stylus he prefers fingers because that is more natural. This whole piece is scrap. shame on you, WiiUDaily.

    • Mr. J

      does anyone smell jerkface?

      • Arnold Pain

        You didn’t even capitalize the first letter of your useless boogersnotted mistake. You are a lumbering lump of poo!

        • He don’t need to capitalize, he’s not the writer.

          • Mr. J

            I like this guy

    • Mr. J

      You didn’t even capitalize the first letter of your giant boogersnotted mistake. You are a lumbering lump of goo!

      • BIG Franky

        oh boy…. pointing out spelling/grammatical errors in comments is lame and and doesn’t invalidate my point. Gimme a break… The title of the article is to encite clicks….. it is knowingly inaccurate. what is wrong with me calling that out?

        • Arnold Pain

          That’s right. I’m sick and tired of reading these useless, deceitful “articles” made by poor people trying to make money from views.
          They are made almost daily now.
          Making money from purposely lying about a company is low.

      • Josh Samson

        what are you Mr. J the mod/article writer’s other account? Franky is right, this was obviously just for clicks and taken way out of context.

        • Mr. J

          So tell me how it was out of context please?

        • Mr. J

          I’m in the 11th grade I have enough writing as it is. I am not one of the mods.

    • I fail to see how it takes his comment out of context when the comment is included in its entirety. He said kids are more familiar with using their finger on touch devices, which doesn’t work very accurately on the Wii U as it is a different type of screen input.

      • BIG Franky

        c’mon Ashley…. the title is obviously not delivering the message he intended. It is presented to infer something that was not his intended message. to say that is not what is happening here is disingenuous at best…. and dishonest at worst.
        and the comment is out of context as it is presented it in a vaccuum relative to the actual subject he was discussing, which was the XBox SmartGlass and the Wii U’s superiority to it.

        • Pikachief

          The title is fine. He said its unnatural because most people have used the other form of touch for so long, that going to stylus is not natural to people.

          What I find wrong is that Ashley would say he’s being critical of the Wii U when he’s just making a non-biased statement. He’s not being critical, he’s just saying its weird for some people to switch between 2 forms of touch screens.

      • Doctors Tardis

        The title is extraordinarily misleading. By taking a quote out of context, the title makes it seem like he is bashing the wii u, rather than saying using your thumb is more comfortable. It is only when you read the article that you find out the title is so misleading. It’s a blatantly obvious bait and switch to get more page views for the article. It’s terrible journalism, but pretty standard these days.

  • Squid

    Maybe release a lubricant to make the screen feel smooth? I have realized its not very smooth. But I got over it.

    • mojack411

      I actually liked that it has some friction while drawing things. I feel it’s a lot more difficult to do finer details on a completely smooth pad that hardly gives you any tactile sensation at all.

  • mojack411

    Yeah I feel like this isn’t the best article and not giving us the whole picture but regardless; The only time I’ve used the stylus for a game was drawing paths on Yoshi’s Fruit Cart on Nintendo Land. Other than that I’ve always used my fingers. I wouldn’t say the stylus is unnatural, it just that on this bigger screen its a lot easier to use your fingers than say the 3DS. I also feel like the screen smudges a lot less easily than the 3DS’s. On the flip-side, the whole reason the touch screen is resistive and not capacitive is so that a stylus could be used. A capacitive screen requires that tiny amount of electrical current going through your fingers to work, so a static stylus wouldn’t do the trick.

  • Mr. J

    I’m using the stylus right now while typing this comment. Now guess what device I’m using (:

    • Nolan ArchLord

      The Galaxy Note 2!! 😉

      • Mr. J

        Ha I’m an apple fan sorry

        • Satoru Iwata

          I bite chunks out of Apple. They will never beat us in a handheld war. Please understand, Mario beats Angry Birds with a simple jump on the head.

          Thank you for converting to Nintendo and it’s products.

  • incoherent1

    I agree, and am guessing Nintendo knows this too. I think, a couple of years down the line, we’ll see Nintendo release an updated Wii U with a capacitive touchscreen like what’s found in tablets and smartphones.

    • Andreas Sunde

      Doubt it. Capacitve screen is not only more expensive, but it also can’t be used with a regular stylus, making it terrible for drawing.

      • Prince Ali

        And imagine accidentally brushing the screen with your palm causing something to go wrong in the game. With the resistive screen you actually have to intentionally touch something for it to register.

  • makkan

    for me it depends on what game it is some games i use my fingers and others games i use the stylus.

  • crocodileman94

    I always use the stylus. I don’t like havin’ finger prints on the screen.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      I have huge hands, must use the stylus

  • Prince Ali

    Nintendo already stated that the main reason they added a touch screen at all was for inventory and menu inputs and typing. I do not think the touch screen was ever meant to fulfill a primary control scheme.

    Also, the reason most other consumer electronics have capacitive touch screens is because they have no other options for control besides the touch screen itself. The gamepad has a myriad of button inputs.

    And besides… if the had gone with capacitive… we would not have the wonderful Miiverse art!

  • Adam Porter

    uh, he’s just saying he doesn’t like using the stylus to control the game, calm down guys.

  • Ducked

    Just think of this game was still a exclusive, and it released in November instead of September, and that the sales would be much bigger.

  • Pikachief


    (he’s not really being that critical, he’s just saying that he thinks using the fingers is more natural since most people use their fingers. duh.)

  • Chris Jones

    My 3 year old daughter finds it easy to use a stylus or her fingers. And so do the rest of the family I think he needs to experiance real life with real people.

  • nappyp

    For me the only complaint is the single finger/stylus function. Randomly I’ll catch myself trying to pinch zoom or use two fingers in some way. I see how it saves cost, but man, is that a real bummer when you realize it isn’t a multi touch screen for the first time.

    Everyone who plays my Wii u is blown away by the thing, and that’s always their first negative comment.

  • I hate that. I will not use a touch screen device unless it is compatible for use with a stylus. My finger tips are too big. If it won’t allow the use of a stylus I can’t use it. Not to mention I also hate for a screen to have finger prints on it.

  • Levi Johansen

    I have only ever used the stylus for drawing in Miiverse. I use my finger for everything else, including the Rayman Challenge App.

  • OmegaRed

    That’s weird because when I play the Rayman Legends challenge app I use the stylus. As a gamer I noticed my fingers were not the most accurate way to play so I made a simple adjustment. If you’re making a game for a system don’t point out the negatives until you sell some software. Rayman was originally a day one purchase for me but now there are other titles it has to compete with. I’m buying pikmin, splinter cell, wonderful 101 and GTA 5 leaving not much room for Rayman

    • kenny Johnson

      I use the stylus for the challenge app as well. I prefer it on those levels.

  • Justis Bistawros

    The stylus is optional you dont have to use it unless you dont want to get fingerprints all over the gamepad touchscreen now there’s a reason to use the stylus.

  • david jarman

    I have no issues when I use my fingers on the touch screen. I have an iPhone 4S and even that I have to constantly touch something over and over. I actually find using a stylus a little more accurate. That’s my opinion at least, anyways.

  • zantis

    It comes down to if you need precision, use the stylus.. if not, use your fingers.

  • Elem187

    Wow people have poor reading and comprehension… He isn’t calling the screen unnatural in general, he is speaking about how his game Rayman Legends feels unnatural to use the stylus to play…. which I agree, I never use the stylus on this game, I’m always using a finger.

  • Kyle Berger

    I use the stylus because it slides across the touch screen better than my finger. I use my finger for most of the other touch screen related things I do.

  • audi lover

    Ive got mans hands Ancel not little boys like yours obviousley, i find it a pain to touch anything with these banana fingers, stylus is far more accurate when your a proper man

  • Thomas Vienna

    Wow, is that really what everybody thinks? I’ve always felt the DS/3DS/WiiU touchscreens are way better then smartphones and tablets! For me, smartphones and tablets are glitchy and unresponsive, and unprecise. It’s impossible to use any drawing apps! But Nintendo touch screens are way more precise.

    EDIT: that goes for using the stylus AND fingers too. Nintendo’s are better.

  • Nintendofan

    This article is bullshit. The wii u gamepad is the best controller I’ve ever had. It is just as accurate as my Ipad. Stylus or not, it’s awsome either way. Sure, it doesn’t have multi touch, but why would you need that anyways? Anyone who says the gamepad is crap, are just haters and trolls and should be banned from wiiudaily. I’m really fed up with all those negative comments.

  • Agent721

    Who cares? Ive never used any of the stylus on any device as my finger always works better.

  • discuss

    Not having to use the stylus is a good thing.

  • thedeciderU

    bitch bitch bitch, moan moan moan…

  • Madmagican

    Hell, I just use my fingers
    I haven’t even touched the Gamepad stylus yet and I’ve had my Wii U since November

  • 7Down

    I like the stylus, he prefers fingers, the article is just stating his opinion, so what’s up, read the article

  • JB

    I can see his POV, but I think it all depends on the game. Games like the Rayman app, which requires precision and speed, I actually find the stylus optimal. Games with on-screen buttons/menus (a la Zombie U) finger presses seems like the natural method. though it’s generally second nature for me to pull out the stylus when I boot up my Wii U. It just my preferred method I suppose. Maybe because I use a Galaxy Note and a Wacom drawing tablet on a daily basis. I find it more accurate even on a capacitive screen.

    I’m sure Nintendo went with a resistive screen because A) it’s cheaper and B) it prevents ghost inputing. I would hate to play a game using the touch screen and it did something I didn’t want it to do because my palm or another part of my hand accidentally grazed another part of the screen.

  • Cutcopy

    So the stylus is more accurate, but fingers are more natural. That’s basically the summary of his comments.

    • Cutcopy

      Oh and that they had to make it work accurately with finger input since most people use their fingers.

  • Paul Wright

    Thats like… his opinion.

  • Mario

    I don’t see the point of this article. Everyone can use the stylus if they want to or not.

  • Sidney Majurie

    Miiverse would like to have a word with you. Also people with big fingers like me. Typed this message on my Gamepad with my stylus. There is entirely too much projecting when it comes to Wii U, I swear…

  • bizzy gie

    Why is he playing Legends on 360?! Has he forgotten that that’s a cheap port and the better-looking, superior, original version was built from the ground up on Wii U?!?!

  • Kay Wrobel

    So I took my three year old toddler, who has some “experience” with touchscreen as he uses Kids Doodle on our two Android tablets (both capacitive), to our local GameStop to check out the Wii U. Guess what the first thing was he pulled out and played with: the stylus. And he used it immediately and instinctively to roam the map of the New Super Mario Bros for Wii U demo’s world map. So much for natural, Mr. Ancel. He is THREE!

    I think many game developers are overthinking this game pad. I find it an awesome hybrid between tablet and traditional controller and wished my other tablets had analog sticks, d-pads and ABXY buttons. Seriously.

    • How strange it is to know that this technology is the only world that many children know. HD resolutions and touchscreens is the base of their memories, all so completely natural to them. They don’t even remember a time when we had “snow” reception on the television or a time when touchscreen technology all needed styluses. It makes me marvel at times to see how kids today just have little to no sense of just know how far we’ve come, and just how fast we’re moving.

  • Wayne Beck

    Capacitive Touchscreens do not work for video games. They are to sensitive. That is why emulators on smart phones make the games infinitely harder. You have to use resistive screen so that the control does constantly register new inputs.

  • Just develop games please, don’t over-think the concepts.

  • Kirbyomega

    I like the stylus, as most of my childhood included a Nintendo DS not a tablet

  • Cube

    He could be true but there are other things the 2nd screen can be used for.
    Can Nintendo allow two people to play in the same level and one person could use the TV while the other use the gamepad. So for explain in Super Mario World, since I’m good I would run ahead in the level while my sister can move at her paste in the level, that would be cool but I haven’t seen this in any games yet?

  • Michael Jurado

    I love my stylus (it has Mario posing at the top) anyway while the gamepad doesn’t support multi touch the gamepad also doesn’t instantly break up 1 fall like said cell phones besides the gamepad feels amazing and responsive 🙂

  • Jeffery02

    I actually don’t mind using a stylus. I prefer it actually. I even have the Galaxy Note 2 and I find myself using its packaged stylus all the time. When I want more accurate touch coordinates, I usually go stylus regardless of the kind of touch screen.

  • Arthur Jarret

    I disagree with him.

    For videogames, I prefer the precision of a stylus and lack of fingers and smudges on screen. Capacitive still isn’t very responsive when it comes to selecting small icons (such as a phones qwerty keyboard) – it works for a tailored GUI – but it wouldn’t be ideal as a main input device for a game console.

    I wish Ancel would stop blabbing and start working on BG&E2 already- which should have started development in February before Ubi delayed and ordered to expand and port the already finished game he was working on…

  • $39063977

    of course it’s not. resistive screens are old fashion almost obsolete technology. another, major sign of Nintendo’s backward looking minds. the more i think about their choices the more upset i get.

    • Leo

      Nintendo is the only one who actually does something innovative with a game controller for godsake! Jeez you should be upset with the tired 17yo dualshock or the 10yo Xb controller!

      • $39063977

        why on earth would i be tired of a controller that works well? It’s a freaking controller, a means to an end. the games are what matter. Nintendo gave you a gimmick made of obsolete parts to take away from the painful truth that they lack in innovation elsewhere (games!). what did you not understand?

        and if you want to get things done, then do them properly! in this instance, they are not.

        • Leo

          The SNES controller was perfect until people experienced the analog stick controller.Technology becomes estagnates when people are not willing to change and change it’s what makes us go forward. The painful truth is that people in general are lazy to adopt new things and are pretty much satisfied with the same rehashed thing all over again. Thank God for Nintendo to shaking up the industry with everything they have done to gameplay in the last 30 years. You bet the competition will follow those “gimmicks”, they always do.

          • $39063977

            you are serious now? in what way is the gamepad considered an improvement over the state of the art? off-tv play? having a menu on a second screen? Nintendo doesn’t even know itself what on earth to do with the gamepad, other than the obvious – which are by no means even close to the type of innovation that would force me to change entirely my play style (cause adopting a control stick to some controller is very different to having a big fat box to replace entirely your controller). Nintendo’s rivals have focused on ergonomics and features that are necessarry to enhance playability…not fancy obsolete tech screens to force you to adopt into a something that HASN’T EVEN BEEN TESTED! you obviously have no idea (neither does nintendo) how one technology goes from development to production. what pilot studies has nintendo adopted to test that gamepad in real world settings? selling it at real prices and test driving it on real customers? that is absolutely lame. you haven’t noticed, but you/we are part of a beta study that may never go mainstream.

          • Leo

            You can play with the pro controller if that’s what you want – how nice of Nintendo they even give this option to people who refuses new technology Lol

            They are investing in different gameplay for people who wants to experience something new. For instance i love the off-tv play and i can’t even imagine my life without it anymore, not counting the inumerous options you have with the Gamepad as an endless field for creativity. If you want the same old thing all over again you have the competition to look forward to.

          • $39063977

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you guys just love to go over the line. as if that helps you get ur msg across. the majority of people out there refuse new technology while Nintendo fanboys can see the light! hell yeah! a BIIG LOL on that one.

            that marks the end of our conversation. i prefer to let the market judge what is a good innovation than some nintendo fanboy still aching on some resistive touch screen or cooking some outclassed ppc processor. you obviously have no idea what is new technology or have been locked up in a room with only nintendo products for a very long time

          • Leo

            Fair enough 🙂

  • AAAkabob

    I can text just as good WITH MY FINGERS on the gamepad as on my cellphone…and I have average sized male hands

  • It depends on the game and the usage. For some games, to use fingers work better. For other games, to use a stylus would work better, particularly for with you need to pinpoint something on the screen.

    Also, with some non-gaming aspects with the GamePad, a stylus is desirable (such as drawing things with the touchscreen or web browsing). Even some in-game aspects can benefit from a stylus–I can easily see a RTS game on Wii U, that’s use the stylus very similarly to a mouse. A stylus is nice to have for moments where it’s simply preferred.

    Personally, I wouldn’t compare a GamePad with a tablet, though–they’re just two entirely different experiences. A tablet is designed to be a general-use product, relying exclusively on touch input while covering a range of usages. It has to have the better touch technology.

    A GamePad, on the other hand, has only one use–to provide touch input along side traditional-style controls. It doesn’t have to be on the level of a tablet’s touchscreen, merely because it doesn’t have nearly the range of usage that a tablet features. I wouldn’t complain about how much the GamePad should feel like a tablet, because they’re simply two different things.

  • WellWisher

    Not in games. But in web browsing and drawing pics on Miiverse it’s superior. I’m glad it includes the stylus.

  • Justin Scott

    I agree. I only use the stylus when I am typing. During game play, I just use my finger tip.

  • Akatosh

    I agree actually, it feels more natural to use one’s fingers. Multi-touch though, has never felt natural.

  • Jason arreola

    I don’t use the stylus either

  • Joyous Killer

    I play Legends with the stylus… It feels more accurate….

  • raiden777

    Well, Nintendo needs to hear this feed back. But I’m sure Nintendo has plans to upgrade the Gamepad in due time, as a future selling point. The current touch screen seems rugged and durable so I understand why Nintendo chose that type of screen and technology. It would of been nice if it was guerilla glass and 10 point touch, but that would of cost the system more.

    Devs aren’t neccasarily complaining about Wii u, when they comment like this. Either way, if your a good dev, then tweaking something to suit a console shouldn’t be a major bitching point. Its what you get payed for.

  • Sam Beddoes

    Well done, Ancel. You noticed what a resistive touch screen is. Have a round of applause. 😛

    I’m happy with the resistive screen since the stylus is great for all the drawing and stuff on MiiVerse, and none of the games are expecting multitouch when you have a huge bezel covered in buttons, try doing a pinch gesture on your gamepad screen, it’s awkward as heck anyways with those big besels and having to hold it in one hand. Nah, most games have you using your thumbs on the edges of the screen.

    I’ve no doubt capacitive would be better for standard touch, but it’d bump the price up a hell of a lot for something which really wasn’t all that necessary, what with buttons surrounding it and all, and if they wanted to support the stylus (which they seem to be fans of) they’d then have to implement a digitiser which would be even more expensive.

  • SinNiji

    You can play Rayman Legends with you finger without any problemes at all.

  • Martijn Plasmans

    Ancel got a good point here.

    A capacitive screen and using your fingers is a better combination than a resistive screen with stylus. We have to press the screen with finger or stylus, whilst with the capacitive screen all you have to do is touch .

    It creates a layer between you and your device.

  • blindtiger

    attention 3rd party developers… nintendo fans are sensitive. we have been gettin the shaft from yall since the wii began and we are tired of it. make better games if you want us to buy them but the worst thing you can do right now is talk shit about wii u. we are more than satisfied with our 1st party titles (pending). some will buy a ps4 to play your games but a lot of us are going to boycott your bullshit in the future if you dont shut up and start supporting our 7 year uphill battle…

  • Dan

    I’ve always hated the stylus, in anything. Even when I’m using the pads to pay for things at the store I use my finger for everything until I actually have to sign. I would agree with Ashley that I primarily only use it with my Wii U when I need the keyboard. I also use it in the e-shop because otherwise I keep inadvertently pressing things when I’m trying to scroll.

  • Johny

    the title of the article doesnt do it justice. he didnt really bash it or anything.
    also yeah. i kinda found myself using fingers with rayman, and i was REALLY surprised by how well it worked, and thought it was just in my head, since you cant really just…”make a capacitive touchscreen more sensitive”…. but i do have to give them props.

  • Nintendude

    You scared me a little by putting “Michael” in the title. Because… you know… that other one…

  • bugart19

    I thought the pen stylus and finger touch both worked fine when I played Nintendo Land, but I think the stylus should be used for getting more accurate control from the screen. I think the article title chose a more negative spin to represent the article for added sensationalism but I don’t think it was needed; I would have read the article if it was titled, ‘Ubisoft prefers finger touch over stylus for Rayman’.

  • Anthony Hayes

    touching is good. Courtesy of an old kirby commercial.