Jan 18th, 2013

Pachter Wii UThe world’s most famous video game analyst, Michael Pachter, never shies from expressing his opinion. That’s his job, after all. However, when it comes to Nintendo and the Wii U, his opinions over the past year have not only enraged Nintendo fans, he has been widely inconsistent, as we’ll show in this article.

This isn’t about making predictions. Anyone can do that, analyst or not. This is about Pachter taking a stance only to change his position a few months or weeks later. Worse, it’s about Pachter rampant hypocrisy when it comes to Nintendo. We’ve rounded up 3 important points where Pachter consistently flip-flopped on the Wii U and Nintendo.

1: Wii U will sell out and be popular, but Nintendo is done

Pachter has held several positions when it comes to the popularity of the Wii U. One of the very first comments he made on the Wii U was that “it won’t work“. He even said the Wii U would be “the next Dreamcast

But somewhere along the way, his opinion changed. In late 2012, he said that the console will be popular and “will sell out” for months, all the way until March 2013.

And then again, he decided to change his mind and go after Nintendo. He said that the company “just doesn’t get it“, and that Microsoft and Sony are “destroying Nintendo“. He even went further and said that Nintendo has become “irrelevant“.

And yet, only days ago he predicted that the Wii U could go on to sell 45 million units during its lifetime, which is quite high by today’s standards.

2: Doesn’t like it, but will play it

Pachter has said several times that he doesn’t like the Wii U and that he expects the new Nintendo console to fail. Only to later on say that he’ll buy the console just to play Bayonetta 2. He said at E3 that he wasn’t impressed by the Wii U games lineup, only to later praise Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U.

3: Wii U Sales forecast

A few months before the Wii U launch, Nintendo went on the record saying that it expects to sell about 5.5 million Wii U consoles by March 2013. Pachter was quick to comment on that number. He went on record saying that Nintendo’s Wii U sales forecast is unrealistic.

But it gets even better. Nintendo said in October 2012 that they would sell 5.5 million Wii Us, which Pachter thinks is unrealistic. However, a month earlier, Pachter himself made a Wii U sales prediction. His number? 7 million.

So let’s recap the sales flip flopping: Pachter predicts that the Wii U will sell 7 million. Nintendo says they will sell 5.5 million. Pachter thinks this is unrealistic. Later, Pachter revises his own number and predicts 5.5 million just as Nintendo said.

And so it goes…

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  • Stop making articles on Michael Pachter. No one on here likes him nor do they care about his views on Nintendo and the Wii U, so why continue to make articles about what he says?

    • Laud

      They removed my comment when I said I was tired of them.

      You better watch yourself, exercising your free speech like that. You should know better.

      • Immallama22

        Yeah, same…

    • Cold Heat

      Because… You keep reading the articles and commenting on them.

      • SinkyChan

        That’s no reason to keep writing these ridiculous articles. With your logic, serial killers should get away with murder because they become the talk of every news station when they strike.

        Oh, and inb4 you make a comment about the fact that I’m being extreme, you know exactly what I’m trying to say. If not, I feel very sorry for you.

        • Gary Moscheles

          that is an astonishingly terrible comparison. lol.

          ok Wii U Daily, you heard the man. SinkyChan doesn’t like Michael Pachter, so you can stop writing articles about him.

          • SinkyChan

            Haha mad because I’m right? Of course you are. And yes, I don’t like Patcher articles. Tons of others don’t either, so stop acting like a dick, kid. Grow up a little bit, and realize that this site is terrible at what it does, but it could possibly be better.

    • I remember when this website was small before wii u’s launch. The summer era of this website where you could speak what you want and you wouldn’t get banned. What happened admins? =(

      • Revolution5268

         when the wii u was launch they also change the comment site, also the public started to know whats a wii u is, the only people who where in this site where nintendo fans, but not anymore.

    • Gary Moscheles

       because he’s hilarious in how little sense he makes, and there’s no reason to ignore him. this is a news outlet, you think it matters what the readers care about? get real.

      • SinkyChan

        That’s literally the dumbest thing I’ve heard.

  • He is bisexual… opps I mean bipolar, saying he is bisexual is an insult to people with that sexuality 

    • SinkyChan

      Is that supposed to be funny?

      • Is that supposed to be a comment? 

        • SinkyChan

          ? That doesn’t even make any sense.

  • MetroidZero

    Michael Pachter behind closed doors:

    “Alright, I am all setup.” *Looks around suspiciously* “Now to choose my Nintendo Network ID..”

    • Cold Heat

      I believe he has previously stated that he owns a Wii U.

      • MetroidZero

        Yes, he owns one. I was playing a joke.


        • Elem187

          I don’t see how he still has a job. His opinion changes as fast as my wife changes clothes in an hour.

          My prediction?? Wii U has already sold 2.5m worldwide in 8 weeks. The PS3 at this point was 900,000 where it stalled and needed a price cut at the 2 month mark.

          The Wii U is doing fine, not as explosive as the Wii, but in this economy its impressive. The Sony and Microsoft systems will both have a Radeon 7000 series which is only marginally faster than theRadeon 6000 series in the Wii U (15-20% than the Wii U isnt much of a leap, more of a baby step). Both M$ and Sony will have multicore CPU’s which raise the price of their consoles by hundreds of dollars, while not adding much to performance in gaming (the vast majority of game processing happens on the GPU 95-99%). But hey at least all those CPU cores will make Netflix load faster.

          In this intentional depression Obama is creating by holding his jackboot on the neck of small businesses, which is the driver of our economy, which is why less money is in the hand of consumers means the cheapest system this generation will win hands down. Which is fitting because Bill Gates is a huge Obama supporter and its his guy that will make his video game division lackluster. Consider it poetic justice.

          Sony on the other hand onlycaters to the hardcore gamer and ignores the casual gamer (core gamers only 10% of the console market, while casuals make up 90%) which will be why Sony once again fails to turn a profit on their consoleagain this generation as well.

          See, my predictions are rooted in facts, taking in reality of the Obama depression, the cheapest console will be the clear winner as the vastmajority of consumers find paying DOUBLE the Wii U price tag for only 20% more game rendering power is absurd. But Sony and Microsoft will once again fight over the bulk of the hardcore gamer, which 10% of the market isn’t much….. But at least Microsoft has Kinect to drag in casual gamers, Sony has…. has… the ‘move’ was an even bigger flop than te Vita. Between Sony and Microsoft, Sony is going to get its lunch handed to it.

          See, I’m better than Pachter at this.

          • MetroidZero

            I agree 100%! Every paragraph. Well said!

          • Lucy Heartfillia

            hahaha man thats so true!!

          • Arthur Jarret

             Quite true – but it’s likely that Xbox – with it’s rumored kinect 2.0 integration and 2 SKU’s – will manage to capture a large portion of the casual market.

            Audience-wise, it seems Microsoft and Nintendo will trade places (one going for a more casual appeal, while the other is trying to cater to everyone) – while Sony will remain in the same location.

            I hope all three manage to do well, though – I like my PS3 as much as I love the wii and wii U, and I like how – until kinect – the xbox made both have to step up and take the euro and US market serious.

  • Id love to b*tch slap patcher

  • Billy_Perry

    This is completely ridiculous, as an analyst, he must observe the situation in the market, then make judgements about his observations. The market changes, and thus his opinion changes with it. Plus, he is allowed to get stuff wrong now and again, analysts are not giving facts, they are giving their opinion. 90% of analysts will get stuff wrong, as their opinion is subject to the information available to them.

    Chill out about him, not only is he wrong, but it is his opinion, and is allowed to change.

    • bizzy gie

      Yes, what you say (or type) makes very much sense. However, it appears that when not much information on Wii U news is released or something Nintendo makes is new, Patcher feels the immediate obligation to produce negative assumptions towards whatever the concern is.

      It’s only after he sees the actual success of said concern that he changes his mind and still remains correct in his theories. And according to the article above, it seems Patcher isn’t admitting he’s wrong. It claims that “he’s still right” implying that he was also correct in previous predictions.

      I can understand change of mind as older allegations become irrelevant and outdated, but claiming things such as “Nintendo is getting destroyed” and is “irrelevant” then says that it will sell well by over-assuming period sales then dropping it to the initial price you claimed was “unrealistic” or that he doesn’t like system, but is still getting it, not for review purposes, but to actually play it makes for one horrible analyst.

      It seems he has a bittersweet view of Nintendo. Bitter when Nintendo is hardly given a chance to prove itself. Sweet when the company is in its prime. I respect your opinion and welcome you to explain your disagreement in mine if you have one, but if you ask me, Patcher isn’t an analyst at all. He’s a bandwagoner.

  • Fred

    Of coarse he’s constantly changing his opinion. His job is to give investors predictions so that they’ll know if Nintendo is a good place to invest their money. As the picture and landscape of the Wii U is constantly changing and as we are constantly getting new information and as actual sales numbers slowly appear he’ll take the info he has as the moment and state a new opinion. It’s like if I watched a football game and predicted team A to win by 30 points. If team B is up by 20 at half time I’m not going to continue to say that team A will win by 30, I’ll evaluate the situation based on what I knew previously plus what I saw in the first half and make a new (hopefully better) prediction.

    • MujuraNoKamen

       Changing his mind is fine, like you said with that Football analogy, that’s how predictions work. But he’s a fanboy who says things to be insulting, look at how he said Ninty are stupid for thinking Wii U could sell 5.5m units by march when before he said it could sell 7m units by march. Obvious troll is obvious.

      • Randall Hellmer

        It seems you read this piece, rather than Pachter’s original comment. That is not what he said.

  • I own many consoles, including the Wii U, the ones ive used the most are my PS3’s and i think Patcher is an idiot.

    • Fred

      I use my Wii U more often than my PS3. It’s just a matter of preference. Generically speaking my wife and I have more fun on the Wii/Wii U games than we do on the PS3 games. It used to be if a game was on both Wii and PS3 I preferred it on the PS3, but now if it offers off TV mode I prefer the Wii U. Examples I have NBA 2K11 and NCAA football 12 on my PS3, but I have NBA2K13 and will buy my next Madden on the Wii U because I love the off TV play.

      • Well im in the “PS3 Scene”, so i cant really help but use my PS3 more :p , i do think that the Wii U is awesome though, totally hooked on Super Mario U

  • GeDDeN

    Pachy could predict storm was coming even he was struct by lightening, why give this guy and time of the day, is beyond me… 

  • DemonRoach

    What does a 70 year old man know about what kids want anyway?

    • Elem187

      He seems to ignore most parents buying tendencies…. most don’t know the difference or having budget issues, especially in Obama’s intentional depression he is causing, will choose the cheapest system.

      Nintendo is smart, they will release heavy hitting titles everytime Sony or Microsoft try to make big announcements, and when they release their new consoles, Nintendo will grab parents buying Christmas presents by dropping the price a tad to show the system is only 40% the price tag. The only people buying Sony and Microsoft at launch is the hardcore gamers… which their isn’t very many left(only 10% of the console market today)

      The vast majority of hardcore gamers don’t even own a console anymore as they already figured out you get much prettier graphics, much higher framerates for a much lower price by buying a PC. The only core gamers left on PS3 or Xbox are the ones who can’t do cost balance analysis to get the most bang for their buck (hint: PC gaming far superior to any console for hardcore gaming in every concievable way).

      I do have a Wii U which me and the wife love, but also have a PC for playing shooters. There just isnt any comparisons that makes a gaming console worth it for hardcore games.

  • HSN1

    Well duh you’re an analyst after all that’s part of your job

  • LOL what a life he doesnt have…

  • Srpg2ishere

    You can’t always get what you want in life..

  • SYates

    Yet you continue to post articles about his “predictions” and “opinions”… Please, no more or I’m done with this site.

  • kevinaaaa

    I love how WiiuDaily puts words in his month.  He never said they will sale 7mil.  He said ‘SHIP’.  There is a difference,  meaning there would be a bunch left on the shelfs.  And guess what all the stores are stocked and it is hard to find a place that doesn’t have stock.

    He was correct on the ‘unrealistic’ 5 mil till march.  Nintendo will not get there and that was correct.

    Stop twisting his words.  Report it correctly.

    WiiuDaily  is so biased when it comes to people that doesn’t like wiiu.

    • ipaxton

       Unrealistic is the incorrect term it’s more like impossible.

  • Wildman

     Michael Pachter: The Ultimate Troll

  • I would rather have no story than another one on this guy. I don’t know why you have such a love affair with him. Listen to your readers…keep this “news” off the site.

    • SinkyChan

      This site is hardly news. It’s patcher articles and week old updates.

  • I can understand Pachter’s negative, albeit inconsistent, views towards Nintendo and the Wii U specifically, even if I don’t agree with them (and I don’t).  What I can’t understand is how he can focus on predicting Nintendo’s failures when Sony is in the process of failing right now.  The Vita has been a complete flop, and all Pachter can do is criticize Nintendo’s decisions.  Come on!

  • Torrez Hillard

    over 3 million Wii Us have sold.

  • TDS_Computer

    I have seen his comments for years, and it seems he has about a 10% accuracy rate. I think about his 10th story on how Nintendo will collapse on the previous Wii/DS generation finally convinced me that he is not very accurate. I think that part of the problem is the Gaming press still goes back to him for quotes, even though even they know he is not an accurate source of information.

  • Chris C

    Nobody here at Wii U daily understands the business of Investment Analysts.  So nobody can understand his comments in the context of his job, and it just ends up upsetting Wii U daily people.  

    Wii U daily should just stop posting anything about Pachter, because this crowd is the absolutely wrong crowd to handle an intelligent conversation around anything he says.

    Investments are a living breathing thing.  Change, and change of stance or position is normal.  

    • MujuraNoKamen

       You don’t have to know anything about anything to realise that his remark about “Wii U will be the next DreamCast” & “Nintendo will become irrelevant” after saying “it will sell a healthy 45m units” is a load of BS he came up with just to be insulting. Changing your mind about how well a console will do is OK but he mocked N for saying that Wii U could sell 5.5m units by march, when he said it could sell 7m units. Blatant fanboyism! if he’s going to be insulting and unprofessional then no one should listen to him.

      • MujuraNoKamen

         but I agree, we should stop having articles about him here, what he says is clearly unreliable and will change within days so sets wash our hands with this stupid guy.

  • One Word: “Douchebag” nuff said 😉

  • George nWo

    Neutron, you’re a no good son of a gun, little kiddo!! go watch Cartoons or something.

  • Gamer Cake

    Simply put, Micheal Pachter knows nothing about video games and Nintendo, and it would do us all a favour if he just kept his views to himself.

  • Sidney Majurie

    The Wii U will sell 45 million units just like the Dreamcast… Oh… wait…

  • Valsh Lowery

    I love coming here, always hilarious arguements. First off pachter is a nintendo hater. Of course his opinions are subject to change he is an analyst. However his predictions about the great nintendo is just wishful thinking for him, and all other nintendo haters. 3ds is whooping vitas ass pachter, wii whooped ps3, and xbox’s ass… tell us more about this failure, Nintendo. I love video games and hope all 3 companies can be successful, hell i wish there was another company to throw in the race. (maybe google). But nintendo will always have more respect from gamers, well mature gamers. (neutron you should know ur place boy) because they(and sega) built the video game industry… and they make the best games. best selling games on sony and ms consoles are always call of duty games (overrated pieces of shit) and their private little games that are irrelevant now. They are going to copy nintendo, again, and fail to make anything intuitive. No respect. But i will gladly buy the new consoles to add to my collection. I have played many consoles, but the first i owned was a ps one. crash bandicoot baby! also nintendo haters this shit doesnt work okay. “nintendo sucks , stupid fanboys i only own nintendo consoles so u know im not biased”. Not that I’m an expert but I have taken enough psychology classes to know thats childish. Also kids to confirm your suspicion, I am siding with the “fanboys”. Mostly because I am a fan and I am a boy; ad it’s rational.

  • Zelly Jeffers

    I like turtles.

    Really, though. He’s no different than most gamers I encounter online these days. They exude an odd bitterness and see everything through a jaded slant, but deep down, really really really deep down, they just want to be kids again and believe in something. They want to believe that Nintendo will become the company they envision. They really WANT the company to succeed, but it just isn’t ‘cool’ enough to admit this and shaddaptheface. So they continue to rant, and flip flop, and fling about a sense of entitlement that Nintendo should cater to them and only them.

  • Randall Hellmer

    I normally just let these float on by, but I feel this deserves comment. If you’re going to actually quote someone’e inconsistencies, you should make sure they’re actual inconsistencies.

    45 million is less than half of the Wii’s lifetime total, and not even close to that of its competitors. To say that 45 million would be “quite high” is grossly over-optimistic.

    And if you bothered to read his “sell out for months” comment in its entirety, you’d see it is not a contradiction, as you claim.

    Further, it’s clear you didn’t read the entire comment that his “unrealistic” statement came from, or you would see it pertained exclusively to the software sales, not the hardware sales.

    In short, everything about this posting you have made is demonstrably false, and the fact such a thing has actually garnered such attention, and worse yet, agreement, is pathetic.

  • InterTripleteWorldChampion

    Does anyboby have news about this idiot? He dissapeared… Perhaps after a Nintendo Direct like THAT he decided to quit for ever! Shame on him, for ever!

  • andrewjcole

    Make up you mind, mister. He is one confused man.

  • This guys a hypocrite and doesnt know what he is talking about.