Jan 15th, 2013

Everyone’s favorite game analyst (or not) Michael Pachter is back with a few more words and predictions on the Wii U. In the latest episode of Pach-Attack, Pachter says that he doesn’t think the console will sell well, and estimates that, optimistically, the Wii U will sell 40 to 45 million units in its lifetime. He also gave a “pessimistic” sales number, which he put at 25 million units. This is because of the competition from the upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft, which could be in the same price range as the Wii U.

Pachter also shared his thoughts on playing the console. He said, “I play on the Wii U and it feels like a DS to me. The GamePad feels very similar to the bottom half of the DS”. Pachter added that he got tired when playing the Wii U, because you constantly have to switch focus from the screen in your hands, to the TV in the distance.

Check out the full episode below:

Pachter recently predicted that the Wii U will be receiving a price cut this year, likely as a result of slow sales.

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  • Matteo Fossati

    Here comes the stupid analyst.

  • lies as always …Wii U will do fine..He said the same for the 3ds and look where that ended up

  • Sam Norberg

    “I play on the Wii U and it feels like a DS to me. The GamePad feels very similar to the bottom half of the DS”

    Make way for our new Einstein: Mr. Pachter.

    • Elem187

      He says it like its a disadvantage. The DS smoked the competition in the handheld gaming market….. People like Pachter think he Vita is the greatest thing in the world. Enuff said.

      • not just handheld. It’s the best selling console of all time. It just kicked out the PS2

    • Tobias Naustdal

       such a shalow statement :L

    • InterTriplete

      Perhaps one of the four most stupid things I head in my life… Patcher=EPIC FAIL

  • Gary Moscheles

    and yet he has nothing to say about the smartglass.

    • uPadWatcher

      What’s a SmartGlass?  LOL!!!!!!

      • Takarashi282

        SMRTGlass is basically an app that allows you to look at your X-Box Live account from afar.  I don’t know if any games are playable on smartglass, but that’s what Google’s for.

        • Revolution5268

           they said that this will destroy wii u, but now most xbox fanboys don’t want to talk about it anymore, just like the dumbass sony drones and their ps dildo move.

    • Sun Mountain

      Breaking News!!! Pachter hates Nintendo! Oh wait… We all knew that…

    • frumpus

       What’s there to be said? It’s an obvious failure.

  • Colin Tosh

    The problem with Microsoft and Sony is that their systems are so similar to each other it will be hard to convince a group on their own platform whereas Nintendo just do their own thing. Microsoft have the better chance with the better system sellers under their belt. The only way they can even compare to Nintendo is if they take a similar route but that would mean their “hardcore” followers will give them a backlash.

    Being more powerful and bundled with Kinect 2 will make it more expensive since Kinect 2 will also be more expensive to produce.

    The way I see it is so many people have such high hopes for these new consoles they can only disappoint them. There is no way Sony can afford to make a powerful console tech wise and make it profitable enough. The whole argument against Wii U the entire time has been power but if you look at things in front of you REALISTICALLY you see there is absolutely no chance they will outclass Wii U in the way 360 and PS3 did with Wii.

    That means only disappointment can come from them.

    For Wii U, people will pick it up as Nintendo releases more games.

    •  Thank You! Somebody gets it! I couldn’t have put it any better myself! New Super Mario Bros. U and Zombi U are neat games but they’re not system sellers. Start talking net gen Zelda(if it’s in a darker setting with Ganandorf) and Super Smash Bros. U and then Nintendo has system sellers. This is like Microsoft launching the 720 without a Halo game. Let’s see how well it does then.

    •  Sony CAN make a powerful and profitable system.  Blu-Ray won the war and the technology is a lot cheaper now. There is no need for a high price on that end.  Truth be told, all MS and Sony have to do is make 1080P games the minimum, throw in a new advanced GPU and some more RAM and they are good!

      • Adam Porter

        so……….they should make an expensive console, that’s what you’re saying

        • Revolution5268

           i don’t get the logic behind this.

        •  Where is your brain at?  If all they did was change the GPU and add RAM, it would be more advanced, but cheaper since the old parts would be even cheaper!  you know, kind of what Nintendo did with the Wii’s.

      • Laud

        Lol, Blu-ray is slow as shit. 

        The drive that Wii U uses is at least 2 times faster AND cheaper.

        Your truth is shrouded in a fog of fanboyism.

        •  The Wii U is a cheap system and this time the people did not fall for it.

      • Matthew Mckechnie

        Look WiiU has a gpgpu custom based on the 6000 series has a modern cpu that does out of order execution ect has 4 gig of Ram or 2 gig for retail ect the gpgpu handles DX11/Opengl4.1 and compute shaders,it can stream the game image to up to 6 displays enough said.

        •  That’s not enough. No one cares about video streaming to 6 displays. Their focus was not right and they are paying the price for it.

      • frumpus

        What war did Blu-Ray win? You mean against HD-DVD or whatever that was? Who cares. Physical media is dying and likely will be gone for good in the next generation. Downloadable games is here to stay and become mainstream. Deal with it.

        • Just because articles said that physical media is dying does not make it so. When was the last time you tried to download a 40GB movie? What if you wanted 100 of them? Where would you store them?  The ONLY reason downloads even matter is because of cell phones and Ipads!  The industry wants to sell downloads to people so that they can regain control of their product and put it in a ‘cloud’ (their servers where you never touch it).  Maybe in the next generation after the upcoming, but surly not now will physical media be gone.  ISP’s will be overloaded and they all put restrictions on how much we can download per month in an effort to make more money, so physical media is here to stay.  Most people still want something in their hands and of high quality. 

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            One of the rare times I’ll agree with you. I prefer physical media over digital for the most part.

  • raindog469

    Well, at least his pessimistic projection is still better than Gamecube managed to do. He crapped all over the Wii and it still went on to beat the other two consoles. I’m not sure the Wii U will come in first in the next generation, but when it comes to Pachter’s sweeping predictions I feel pretty safe betting the other way.

    @google-1889df5997e175da238af1845b12ecd2:disqus , I think the reason he didn’t bring up Smartglass is because it’s a red herring. Like PS Move, it’s another manufacturer’s way of saying “See? We can do whatever Nintendo can!” while developers largely ignore it because it requires an additional hardware purchase.

  • Leathersoup

    Why does everyone promote this guy.  His ‘predictions’ have about the same success as random guesses.

    • Revolution5268

       its mostly the drones and fools who have a hate on nintendo is the ones who support him, sony drones more cause their so called hero kevin butler got sue and betray and gamestrailer love having him cause he milks money on their site.

  • Does Pachter pay you to write about him? Or is he the ONLY one in his field? Goodness…

  • I do say that I 100% agree with Colin Tosh, ps/xb fans expect FAR to much from their next consoles, they’ll be dissapointed (as many are perhaps dissapointed in Wii U at the moment?)

    On a side note John Kingsley, you got your salary again from Pachter? It’s always you posting pachter stuff 😉 (read it as a funny intended comment)

  • TheLast

    Since we are playing the guessing game again, my guess would probably fall between 55M and 65M.

    •  Considering that Sony and Microsoft will have to take a more creative approach to their consoles this time around you’re probably right. Nintendo did the best they could and Sony is in no place to outgun Nintendo this time but Microsoft probably is. We’ll just have to wait until all 3 consoles are on the market to make judgements.

  • Will

    Why the fuck do the writers of this site keep featuring stories about this guy? The guy is a huge douche and most importantly isn’t even credible.

    He goes back and forth about what he’s saying every week between slagging off Nintendo to back-handedly slagging off Nintendo, and he did the fundamental exact same thing with the Wii; said it would fail, it wouldn’t sell, no-one will support it.

    Giving an update at every comment this guy makes just publicises the things he’s saying, and ultimately generates bad publicity for the Wii U.

    Everything analyst’s say, literally everything, is purely speculative.

    • Laud

      Yeah but this website doesn’t get it, horrible authors. They do it because they know we’ll click on it and thus give them ad revenue but I’m so tired of it that I might just leave this community for good.

      I’ve been here since this website has started and they still won’t stop posting articles with this asshole even after all everyone has said.

      • Nintendude

        Ads? Are those the things that appear in random spots on websites? Haven’t seen those since I started using Crhome.

        • Laud

          Well no, I’m talking about the Xbox 360 dashboard, it’s full of ads.

      • Arthur Jarret

         The name of this site is Wii U DAILY… seeing as Nintendo is not supplying a lot of news, they need to fill the ‘daily’ requirement with non-sensical articles like ‘Pachter said’ and ‘Developer confirms for the 12th time game …. is not coming to wii U’

        • Laud

          Lack of news does not justify a pachter article, everyone is so dead tired of this guy. He’s a complete utter joke.

    • because it starts these backlashes XD

  • NintendoNoob

    Pachter… SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  • Michael Mullins

    Pachter says 45 million sold? Wii U confirmed for 90 million sales.

    • Beau H

      Technically the opposite of what he says comes true.  The opposite of 45 million is negative 45 million. So looks like Nintendo really is doomed! 🙁


  • Josh111111

    Serious question: Have any of Pachter’s predictions been correct?

    • Revolution5268

       nope never not one bit.

  • haha why are you wiitards so butt-hurt about reality? Sony and MS 4 life!

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Get out troll

    • MetroidZero

      wiitards? If you’re going to troll, you should know this site is about the Wii U….a better word would be wiiutards, since it’s more appropriate; but you’re a moron, so gtfo. 

    • Revolution5268

       not reality faults information.
      if you have the system, you know he is saying bullshit you dumbass drone.

  • This guy is full of S***T!! jeez.

  • DemonRoach

    Pachter is really a Pokemon gone bad.

  • Johnny Star

    Unfortunately the next systems from Sony and Microsoft may be what takes Nintendo out. I’d hate for this to happen since I have liked Nintendo since they originally launched in the 80’s, but it is what it is. I mean it took Nintendo until 2012 to reach High Definition. Sony and Microsoft have a lot larger fan base that will purchase a new console, Nintendo didn’t advertise enough to be sure people knew this wasn’t just an attachment to the current Wii, no one wants to drop $350 on something they see as an attachment. Advertising goes a long way. C’mon Nintendo, step it up, I’d hate for you to fall down the path of SEGA, but it is highly possible within the next few years. 

    • Laud

      It’s because the other companies jumped the gun on HD that they’re in the shit financially now. 

      Yeah, sure, they might have the more active fan base but they also had multiple annual losses. 

      Nintendo just had their first annual loss and it wasn’t even that bad. 

      BTW, don’t even bring up that Sega shit. SEGA was dying financially and they tried to revive themselves with multiple attachments, this isn’t a SEGA console.

      Nintendo hasn’t started the advertising train yet; once they see that it’s time to advertise, they will.

      • Johnny Star

         Hmmm, isn’t Nintendo at a loss out the gate on the Wii U? Didn’t they suffer a large loss on the release of the 3DS? Not far fetched to compare them to SEGA. Time will tell, time will tell.

        • Laud

          Large loss on the 3DS? They made their profit back literally within the same year after the price cut.

          Nintendo is not at a loss from the start of the Wii U, they’ve generated more profit than with previous consoles.

          • EvanescentHero

             Technically they sell the console at a loss, but the sale of one first-party game per console makes them a profit. But no, the U overall is not losing them money.

            It is, however, incredibly far-fetched to compare them to SEGA, especially considering that both their current-gen products (Wii U and 3DS) as well as their previous-gen products (Wii, every model of standard DS) are making them money, and even if they weren’t, they have lots and lots of money to fall back on. Even if the Wii U fails to sell well (which it hasn’t so far, and once games like Zelda, Smash Bros., and Metroid come out, sales will pick up even more), it will not be the end of Nintendo. They are in a much better position than SEGA was with the Dreamcast, and they’ve been in the console business longer than anyone else. They won’t be taken down by a single poorly-selling console.

        • Revolution5268

           last September they earn profit again, meanwhile sony still does not.

    • Revolution5268

       hello you can’t advertise something you don’t have, why do you think pre orders sold out.

    • Revolution5268

       sony and MS are doing a sega move, not nintendo and look what happening to sony.

    • frumpus

      lol no, MS and Sony will also die out. We are living in a global recession. You think that is going to make consumers go out and buy $500 consoles and $70 games when they could use that money to buy food instead?

  • Russel Bowersox

    Why do we give this guy publicity? If we see news about him, just let it go and move on and post something else. Literally anything else….

  • olden

    Why does he keep on using this line about the screen being a DS like it’s an insult? So Pachter, you mean the most successful handheld of all time, Nintendo’s best selling product ever still selling at upwards of 150 million units? That DS? Yeah why would the Wii U want to be influenced by such such success….(sarcasm)

  • fk these pachter things

  • Srpg2ishere

    “Because you constantly have to switch focus from the screen in your hands, to the TV in the distance.” 1: When you play with friends, you don’t need to use the TV because YOUR gameplay is on the gamepad. I don’t think Pachter has friends. 2: It really isn’t that hard to look up from the gamepad to the TV. 3: The GamePad isn’t actually REQUIRED to play the game. I can name multiple times that I’ve played Sonic Racing without even GLIMPSING at the GamePad. Haha. And when you DO need to use the GamePad It’s either for a map or little information you have to read real fast then just get back into the gameplay on the TV. The real purpose of Wii U is to connect together with your families and the person using the GamePad has the ultimate power and that makes it even funner because you don’t know what they’re up to. 4: USE THE PRO CONTROLLER. 5: I know all Wii U games don’t support the pro controller but on every Wii U game I’m pretty sure you can use a wii remote or classic controller, too! Because think about it. WHY would they make a game where you only use ONE GamePad and that’s all you can use? lol. 6: You cannot determine the future Pachter. I thought you said the Wii U was gonna fail. IT DIDN’T. LOL. 7: How much you guys wanna bet Pachter’s not gonna think that xbox 720 and ps4 are going to fail? (Insert Amount Here)

    • Genesect4ssb4

      How much you guys wanna bet Pachter’s not gonna think that xbox 720 and ps4 are going to fail? (Pachter-They will be cheap (400$ minimum and powerful yes 2-4x as powerful but WAYYYYYYY OVVVERRR PRRRIIIICCCCEEEDDDDD!)

  • MetroidZero

    Pachter after playing 2 hours on the Wii U:

    *Places hands on the back of neck* “Wrecked with pain! It’s too hard to look down at Gamepad and then back up at TV! Me no wanna play anymore! Wii U sucks.”

    • Srpg2ishere

      lol exactly.

      • Genesect4ssb4

        A little story on Pachter

        Son: Daddy I want a Wii U!
        Pachter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKss2uYpih8
        Son: Tears well up in eyes, begins sobbing
        The People: HEY HE MADE HIS SON CRY! LETS KILL HIMMPachter-FUC-killed by the people 

    • Revolution5268

       this i believe.

  • George nWo

    Does this guy get PAID for this s#!t? Man im tired of his hate about Nintendo.

    • Revolution5268

       he does, sad is in it?

  • Matthew Mckechnie

    He talks rubbish obviously getting paid to dis credit Nintendo as much as he can who cares it’s Patcher we all know he chats SHITE.

    • ByteManNeo

      Ron White called it… You can’t fix stupid.

  • heavenshitman1

    Sony is in their worst position right now. PS Vita is being anhialated by 3DS (and standad DS) and PS3 was a financial disaster for Sony most the way. Only just at the end of the PS3 cycle has it come into it’s league, and now they have to convince their customer base who just shelled out for PS3 to buy their likely new uber priced piece of hardware…
    Wii outsold everyone, and Nintnedo made their profit off Wii all in all. WiiU started slower than Wii comparitively…. But the market now is rock bottom, unlike back then, ppl aren’t spending on anything, I just got a mortgage with a virtually non existant interest rate. And also the WiiU as a machine is a tad up on price to the Wii. And Nintendo haven’t promoted the device very well this time. I’m getting a WiiU, to play all the solid A grade games it will have.. games that PC frag heads are to proud to attempt to play.
    Microsoft new machine I think will carve it’s own fair success, The nVidia game device they’re announcing currently looks to be a wrong design. Google it, one web site suggested without aggressive pricing it’ll be “dead on arrival”.
    And the Steam box that the tech heads think will wipe out consoles, I think is bogus. The Steam box is the very definition of why consoles exist and existed so successfully, it runs into every problem you have with a PC. Interchangeable hardware (hence compatibility issues), run various OS’s, hence faults, glitches, crashes. Fully open, hackable and customisable, ie. more crashes, viruses etc.. The constant upgrade game many ppl don’t like, and for a good one with a good setup in the house will cost a small fortune anyways.

    WiiU will sell 45 mil max? Well, within it’s first 2 month cycle it will already be 10 percent that way there. At that rate it would have met that mark in less than 2 years..
    I got my WiiU, sorry Sony, Microsoft, nVidia, Valve, and PC gamers. Nintendo make certain mistakes for sure, but they haven’t lasted this long in the business cause they have no idea what they’re doing.
    Microsoft and Sony only survived with their systems at all cause both are backed up astronomically wealthy coorporations that could afford to take massive financial blows when things didnt go as planned with their systems.

    • ByteManNeo

      Thank Mega Man, SOMEONE understands that the s**tty economy plays a factor in how people use disposable income. Too bad PHony and Micros*** will not learn that, release $499 systems, drop price in  months, lose their asses, and Nintendo will prevail, being given the same 1 yr. head start that Micros*** had with the Gen. VII 360. The economy will recover (eventually), and money will FLOW to Nintendo, and the others will do ok, but none will touch the House that Mario built. (…and installed the warp plumbing in… hehehe.)

  • Revolution5268

    fuck you gamestrailers  for letting pachter exist,  and how is nintendo community in love with this guy? we hate him. the only people who love him are drones.

    • ByteManNeo

      This guy’s as dumb as dogs***, and only 10% as entertaining. He’s almost as bad as Glenn Beck.

  • Genesect4ssb4
  • Mario Kart Wii and SMBB were both a huge success (they sold millions of units). When their Wii U versions come along with new Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, 3D Mario, Yoshi’s (Is)Land and Pokémon, they’ll increase Wii U’s sells by millions. And not forgeting about Pikmin 3 in near future… 😉

  • Michael Pachter has had a vendetta for the Wii U since day one. People need to stop believing the negative press about the Wii U and go buy one!!  I took the chance in buying one and I am glad I did.  It is an excellent console and a unique idea to say the least.  Fair enough there aint a great range of games for it but it is because of people not believing in it that no game developers are willing to invest in the Wii U.

    I think you all need to ignore the negative news on this and any other website about the Wii U and just buy one and I promise you won’t regret it!!!

  • Wing Zero

    as always he’s a stupid as ever but, 45 million unit is a good number considering all gaming site hate Nintendo 3rd Party EA for example want to destroy the Wii U plus stupid people who call them self hardcore gamers and play only FPS zombie related games (easy games) the mobile and tablet industry for unknown reason people got to have the latest phone or tablet even if dose not do anything new  

  • frumpus

    Though he’s right, he is foolish for thinking it will be due to competition with the 720 and PS4, both of which will also sell in the 50m range. Consumers are sick of $500 consoles and $70 games and will opt en masse for new cheaper consoles that provide cheaper games. Steambox, Ouya, and many more will replace the current generation’s leaders.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      That’s a bit of a stretch. Ouya is still questionable on how good it’ll even do. Steambox on the other hand I can see taking some chunk of the market as people trust Valve.