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Oh Michael Pachter. Sometimes you say stuff that makes sense and we agree. Other times you seem to purposefully troll the Nintendo community that makes you look and sound like a more civilized version of Rush Limbaugh. Speaking about the Wii U during the latest episode of GameTrailer’s Bonus Round show, Pachter reiterated on a comment he made a few weeks ago where he said Nintendo fans were so stupid they’d buy a piece of cardboard with “Nintendo” on it. Now he says they’re not that stupid, but still stupid enough to buy a box with Nintendo on it. Pachter said:

“I don’t think Nintendo fans are so stupid they would buy a piece of cardboard. A box on the other hand, that says Nintendo on it, they probably would.”

Michael Pachter trollNow, it clear here that Michael Pachter is joking — perhaps “joking” is the incorrect work. “Trolling” would suit it better. Every time Pachter trolls Nintendo fanboys (or any fanboys for that matter), he gets a lot of attention. And we, the press and media, are partially to blame for feeding the troll. But hey, news is news. We’re suckers for drama as much as anyone else 🙂

On the more serious side, Pachter’s professional opinion on Nintendo and its upcoming Wii U isn’t much more different. Earlier this year he said that the Wii U could become the next Dreamcast, and later, he plainly stated that “the Wii U won’t work“. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, Michael.

Via GameTrailers

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  • rp17

    Just lost all respect for him… if there was any left

    • LazerK

      I seriously can’t believe this guy.Why does he say this about only Nintendo fans?Heck,why does he say this at all?Sure,most fanboys(ALL kinds fanboys)can act really retarded most of the time,but they’re definitely NOT as stupid as to buy some cardboard box with their favorite brand name on it
      Another thing I can’t believe is how most of you are reacting to yet another stupid claim coming out of this clown’s biased mouth.I know, he speaks only out of his ass,but that’s just more the reason to ignore him
      We all hate him,but grow up guys.He’s just mad that he’s been wrong about every Nintendo prediction he’s made.Hopefully,the Wii U will be good enough to shut even this idiot up
      AND TO THE STAFF OF WiiUDaily,please,PLEASE don’t post anymore articles related to this asshole.I’m a bit disappointed that whenever something related to Patcher is posted on this site,it floods with angry comments.I think we’ve had enough bs

      • tom

        I think the same stop putting pratcher bs on here its getting lame

      • theorangefish

        Apple fanboys would by a glass full of sand (with the Apple emblem on it) from Steve Jobs while standing in the middle of a dessert.

        • theorangefish

          I know that guy died…

    • YoGoUrT

      What are you telling us, you once had respect for him ?

    • 007 1/2

      That guy is so stupid. He never makes fun of all of the graphics whores on the other systems. He is probably so desperate for attention that he makes fun of the worst gaming company at the moment.

    • trainerblk

      Na friend the little b*tch started it . Won’t end to the bastard in the ground or lot his job. Sad but true till then were going to sh*t on all his thoughts & hopefully he lose his job & when that happen then we may leave him alone. Maybe…..

    • 007 1/2

      I laughed at the Rush Limbaugh joke. I am glad that wiiudaily is democratic.

  • Draco Breach

    My comment to Wii U Daily: Leave Rush and politics out of it. We want gaming information, not your opinion on politics or political figures.


    Whatever the case, this guy is at it again. He’s just a drama queen in desperate need of attention. As such, I’ll leave my words to him at:

    Go fly a kite.

    • Rabbu

      Eh, it doesn’t matter. Rush is so universally hated that I doubt it would offend anyone – I can’t think of any sane conservatives I know that like that asshat.

      • JamesD


        • Draco Breach

          @Rabbu, @JamesD

          Please. Both of you. My point was no politics or political figures, at least so long as it has nothing to do with gaming.

          Did Rush say anything about the Wii U? No? Has he said anything recently about gaming in general? No? Then what does he have to do with this news article or any news article until he says something about the Wii U or gaming.

          • DoubleDragonDonut

            Dude you need to chill out. Its not that big a deal. It was a funny comparison. Two crazy dudes saying crazy stuff who get a lot of undeserved attention from the press. Neither one are relevant. Yet its hilarious to watch peoples reaction to them. Instead of what we should be doing. Laugh it off, and proceed to the next real news story.

          • derp

            you dont have to read articles if you dont want to.

          • snestendo

            The only reason they used Rush was to make a comparison.

          • Draco Breach

            This will be my last comment.

            I keep my politics and political figures to my political boards unless it relates to the subject at hand. As Rush is not related to the subject at hand, there was no reason to bring him up.

            As an example of politics or political figures being important to a gaming board, I’ll posit a political figure saying that video games are dangerous because they make gamers violent sociopaths – coughhillaryclintoncough. Conversely, a political figure saying such a position is absolutely ludicrous and is an attempt to control people – coughrushlimbaughcough. Those example I posit as reason for politics or political figures to appear on a GAMING board.

            How Pachter’s stupidity – financial, analysis, or whatever – is in anyway related to Rush’s radio show is beyond me. He is in no way currently relevant to the discussion. Until Rush weighs in on recent video gaming and/or the Wii U, his opinion is irrelevant to this board.


            End Statement.

            Further comments really are not worth my time.

          • Eric

            @Draco Breach Dude shut up! He was making a comparison.

          • liberalagenda

            @Draco Breach If you don’t like it, leave.

            I like the comparison. 😀

          • DoubleDragonDonut

            Lmao dude your hilarious! It’s politics! Who gives a shit about it! Just enjoy your life. It was a humorous comparison. If you don’t like it. Leave the site. No ones gonna miss you!

          • DoubleDragonDonut

            Oh, and let me just say one thing. It’s obvious your one of those “hyper offended” people. Who gives way too much of a shit. I mean really “Political Boards” so just like everyone else. Your part of the problem. You sit around and complain about politics. Then you go about your everyday life. Instead of making long ass posts on forums, or complaining about political problems. Get off your ass, and actually do something about it. Sure it feels nice to be a keyboard warrior, but if problems really bother you. You’ll actually take a stand for what you want. Instead of just complaining about it.

  • Matthewmc685

    He always says that the Wii U will not work but never why it can’t work!

  • Milodon

    it seems that somebody has bought some sony/microsoft shares and is starting to worry about his money XD

    • Kyron

      So THAT’S the reason why he hates Nintendo.

  • link

    roses are red violets are blue michael is dumn and so is me

    • AKA-Link77

      that was kinda lame….
      ( ‘)¬( ‘)

    • Wii u rocks

      Its inspirational

      • derp


        • link

          it is dumn because i am dumn.dont you read

          • 007 1/2

            Yes bc u can’t spell dumb right.

  • Alienfish

    I can tell if a box is empty. I wouldn’t buy an empty box from Nintendo, only one with hardware/software in it. Here’s a question: Would you buy a box that Miyamoto farted in?

    • Nintendude

      Depends how much it will sell on ebay.

    • Jose

      I would! In 50 years, it’ll be worth AND smell like a shitload

      • Braulio500

        @Nintendude @José

        You made my… night with your comments X’D

  • JC

    Yeah he is right because I do buy everything with Nintendo logo on it ’cause they are worth it!!!

    • AKA-Link77

      Yah… and its the same with Sony & Microsoft FB’s….Theyll buy anything that says “Graphics” on it. – ¬ –

      • Colton

        Microsoft fanboy who wants to say: LOLNOPE.
        Same with Nintendo.

        I love both, but both have things I don’t like. I don’t like Mario, at all. But I’m a huge Nintendo fan for Pokemon, Zelda, Kid Icarus, the consoles…

        I love Microsoft, but I’ll only buy a game that looks good on their systems.

      • Michael Jackson

        People need to stop being so bitter about “graphics” here. I know gameplay is much more important, but I see a lot of Nintendo fanboys acting like they completely don’t matter. I’m not sure if that’s what you meant to imply, but eh.

        Graphics are art. You don’t need the highest-end specs to create a beautiful style, but picture the filters and rendering techniques Skyward Sword would have if it was on the PS3. Yeah, you know the painting style they were going for? They could’ve made an engine that doesn’t just blur things in the distance. To pretend that visuals aren’t part of a positive gaming experience is just silly.

        Weaker processing also kills third party support. The Wii was orphaned because it NEVER had a chance to recieve multiplats like the 360, PC, and PS3 got. It essentially became a system for Nintendo’s studios to create on. Why would a developer choose a system where they can achieve less?

        For the record, I am a fan of the Wii, but it has some real flaws.

  • MisterED

    As long as you guys (and the gaming media in general ) keep giving him free PR to boost his “reputation” and help him to get some headlines, Pachter is gonna keep trolling hard the Nintendo fanbase. Is a win-win situation for him… and gaming sites (who enjoy the extra page hits). Amiright? Sure I am.

  • Josh

    And that guy will hate any box that says “Nintendo” on it.

    • Roy


  • me

    This guy surely is a troll. I don’t know why anyone would pay him for anything he says
    . He is just a douche

  • Mida

    He has a pretty disturbing death wish by saying that… Anyways, I personally don’t even buy EVERY Nintendo stuff and at the same time, don’t bash at any other companies.

  • ed

    Someone, Plz record what this fool says, and send it back to him in 3 year, when Nintendo is the Leader.

    • Nintendude


    • NoPUNintendo

      Who’s to say Nintendo is not the leader?

  • AKA-Link77

    Id love to hear him say this to all the Nintendo fans’ faces…Coward! Someone needs to muzzle this ugly dog or we’ll have to put it down!

  • Kirbo99

    @Pachter /
    Have you heard of the Virtual Boy?

  • Adam Fox

    UGH…I hate this guy……..Does he get paid to say this crap? What’s his problem with Nintendo? Nintendo outlasted Sega in the hardware business even though Sega beat them into the 16-bit era and had the awesome Sega Dreamcast……but in the end, Nintendo pulled ahead…..Now its Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft….while Nintendo isn’t “competing”, they are doing a fantastic job. The 3DS is much better than the Vita, IMO…..The Wii-U is gonna be flat-out awesome…Patchter needs to shut up!

  • Mac

    i actually think pachter is smart. now now don’t downrate that just off that first sentence. let me explain. you see…pachter cant predict anything correct and he knows this so he bashes a game system, particularly, any nintendo console. which in turn gives him alot of publicity whcih in turn brings him in ALOT of money. so ya see….smart……i still feel as though i will get downrated…

    • fedster

      yea u probably will… but u still get my E1

    • Nintendude

      So in a nutshell, you are saying he is smart to realize that he can get paid say absolutely bullcrap things?

      • Mac

        yep that is exactly what i am saying 😀

  • TurtlePowa

    The way I’m reading these things makes me feel like he seeks attention and is lonely so he criticizes everything xD.

  • Angel

    believed that trolls were found only in the forums and caves! 🙂

  • Hi8us

    Pachter will always say these things about Nintendo and their fans because he’s always wrong when it comes to Nintendo. It’s just hate, nothing more and the same thing can be said about either Sony or Microsoft fans. Nintendo will continue to succeed and Pachter will continue to doubt them.

  • SuperShyGuy

    Sure Nintendo fans will buy a piece a cardboard if it played Mario

    But then Sony would call it stupid then release a piece of slightly higher grade cardboard put packing tape and glitter on it and say it’s not the same. And their fans would eat it up just as long as it plays newest FPS of the day.

    • Egamingway

      I enjoy the PS3 but I don’t like FPS games.

      • Kyron

        What about third person shooters?

  • Robert

    That is the same thing 15 year old kids ( and grown men) say on Youtube. Nintendo, this is when you know you have won LMAO….NINTENDO WINS!!!! FLAWLESS VICTORY!!!! lol

  • Raul


  • trainerblk

    & that nintendo box we buy, is worth more to everone then you’re career. In all fairness why he seem to have such a negative out look on Nintendo. They are the only real gaming company that’s keeping gaming alive. Without Nintendo he would not have a job, he would have been working in the restroom giving neck for quick cash. I bet when ps4 & 720 come out he will praise it like the holy grail. He’s need to quit his job, or better yet ran up on & knock the f*ck out & recored so i can wacth a ten hour video of it on youtube. 🙂

    • Kyron

      Ouch man….that restroom comment was just horrible. But hey, sometimes the truth hurts.


      • Truth

        You said the truth hurts; it looks like Michael “faced” it and got hurt; that’s one ugly mug right there….

        • trainerblk

          Not even a mother can love

  • Lord Carlisle

    Yes, he is definitely being a troll. Saying outrageous things just to get attention. And we’re all feeding him.

    You know, the picture of him here and those of him in the “similar news stories”… I can imagine him being a troll in every one.

  • fedster

    hmmm i think he lost a little weight… good for u patcher. but screw off

    • Lord Carlisle

      Naw, it’s the beard.

      And if he did lose that weight, it’s because he’s having to cut back after losing money in his shares with Microsoft/Sony. (Reference to Milodon’s comment)

      • fedster

        nah u can see it in his neck this time that he lost weight, considering if u could even see his neck in the other screeenshots of him

  • Wii Uoops!

    He technically just admitted the Wii U will succeed. It’s in the shape of a box, it will say Nintendo on it, we’re Nintendo fans…
    There is an obvious connection here!
    All jokes aside, I feel he is starting to get carried away.

  • John

    Why not troll Sony and the worthless vita ?

    • Kyron

      Exactly! The PSVita is sucking right now in sales. And if Sony doesn’t something quick to gain some momentum, the Vita sales will start to taper off (way too early for a new device) like the Wii’s last days (admittedly).

  • Trexo3

    Look at that xbox game stack. Looks like we have a paid troll.

    • Kyron

      Oh S—, I didn’t even notice that at first! You’re right, there’s something going on there.

    • NoPUNintendo

      All my thumbs up going to you.

  • gPadWatcher

    This is just one of the many reasons Michael Pachter have FAILED at becoming a boy scout. Nice try, Mr. ANALyst!!!!!

  • Your Mom

    Patcher we are not that stupid because what if we like Zelda and not metroid or if we like Mario but not Luigi you see we don’t all have to like every nintendo franchise. Meaning we won’t buy every box that says Nintendo on it though most Nintendo titles are fun to play.

  • ken

    i wana shake this guys hand then take him out to lunch pheraps we will sit and enjoy a glass of cold ribena then move onto lunch i would have a prawn cocktail as a starter michael would not be hungry so he gets a sandwich hes not feeling too peckish hou know hes over 40 doesnt want to put the pounds on round the waist we talk exchange views on the nintendo wiiu a few jokes to lighten the mood then BAM ill slap that cheese and pickle sandwich from that beanheads mouth and say hey michael we dont want to hear your silly comments you pleb go and get a job on radio 1 where you can talk aload of stinky cat poo with the other beanheads who do the presenting i would then pheraps just go home and wash the carpets with a vax i brought the other have a glass of coke.

  • regginator

    Why doesn’t Microsoft. Nd Sony have a Guy like this why does king Nintendo have to receive. All the hate and.mockery in this industry

  • ken

    the next day i might phone him apologise for the sandwich that i slapped out of his mouth and offer to buy him a new one this time try the tuna and sweetcorn

  • TheBoldman67

    This guy is wrong, I am a Nintendo Fanboy but I also happen to own an Xbox-360.

    • Collected

      I feel that because of the duration of this generation, new IPs and competitive pricing that a lot of gamers went from owning one console system to having multiple systems. It has benefits but that doesn’t mean a person has to stop favouring (or being a fanboy of) one system. I own a Wii, PS3 and play games on the PC sometimes, and I have enjoyed the Wii the most, while also enjoying games on the PS3 and PC

  • Lugo

    Uh, yeah. Nintendo consoles really do come in a box that says “Nintendo” on it, Mr. Pachtard.

  • BananaPwnz

    Oh now hes trolling US!!!!!
    Now hes pissing me off!
    The only thing that “wont work” is this bastards brain!

    • Kyron


  • alex

    Ok he is not,the only one that think like this one of the reason I dont,,belive in ign anymore when it come to nintendo is because the same shiet they praise and report everything about the shitbox cuse I like the ps3 I used to be and nintendo/xbox happy owner but,after see that Sony,five me the same as xbox live for free and after 3 ring of death I switch to nintendo/Sony and I notice that ign do not say nothing good about nintendo and do not report about rumors on nintendo but,they,do all the,time for the 720 and patcher is the,same

  • Solphins

    If it was a good box and was really cheap I might buy it, but I would buy it if it said Batman too.

  • Seth

    I don’t think this guy has ever been right about anything. I’m not sure why people keep posting stories on what he says.

  • Kyron

    Its funny to hear people like this. They call something a failure before it even get it’s chance to bloom. But this is nothing new, it all started a few years after the Wii was released. That’s when the Anti-Nintendo-era began, and is still going strong to this date!

    I own a Wii and my older brother owns a PS3 & 360. I play & like all three systems equally a lot and I DO believe that each system has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. And the only reason why I picked a Wii over the other two is because I wanted a system that can play all sorts of games, not just mature-saturated games. But here’s a problem I see often:

    PS360 lovers making negative comments & jokes about the Wii & it’s fans. But there’s a very very small amount of Nintendo fanboys talking trash about the other two consoles.

    Now I’m not the only one who actually loved the Wii. There are millions out there that do too. And believe it or not, half of them are actually hardcore gamers. That’s why I back up the Wii so much, because it needs a voice. And I believe that the Wii U doesn’t even need any outspoken fans to back it up, the system itself will crush naysayers with it’s exceptional performance.

    P.S. – Let’s get this straight: A hardcore gamer is anyone who plays video games, lives and breathes video games 4 life.

  • Sethlaw225

    LMFAO !!! He really is an idiot.

  • Mikey

    Everybody CALM DOWN!!! There is a simple solution to this. If there is one thing we learned from video games it should be this. What do we do when we run into trolls? We form an unstoppable band of heroes and slay the trolls!

    • NoPUNintendo

      You have my sword.

  • Mikey

    Oh, and I’ve never heard a thing he said that made sense and that I agreed with.

  • Enigmatic

    Lol. He has a beard. What do you expect?

  • arp

    This guy a total idiot , he just wants attention , and it’s not like his comments matter anyways.

  • Enigmatic

    Sony fanboys would buy any box with the word “Sony” on it, Apple fanboys would buy any box with the word “Apple” on it. He is not saying anything special here.

    I have agreed with most of the stuff that he says regarding Nintendo in the past but this, this is just obvious trolling.

    Digging the beard, though.

    • 7Down

      The beard does suit him…

  • 3dsguy

    wii u is going to fly off the shelves faster than patcher strapped to to the front of a bullet train.even if wii u only sells half of wii its success.someone super mario glue this guys mouth shut.

  • ChaoSHer0

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ im about to UNLEASh MY RAGE on Pachter!

  • 3dsguy

    every fan on this page i give u a challenge to convert a ps3 or xbox user to a wii u so far i have convinced two of my friends to trade there xbox for wii u fifa 13 helped alot and zombie u plus 2 analogue sticks an that was enough to convince them my work will continue.

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      GREAT IDEA, I’ll tell that Idea to all my friends in School (now it’s summer holiday).

    • NoPUNintendo

      Trust me. I’m making custom made Wii U fanboy t-shirts. Spreading the love.

    • Nintendude

      So far only one of my friends is getting a Wii U. However, my friend MAY get one if he sees me play it. He wants to play ZombiU with me. 😀

  • Yoshi33

    This guy is so retarted, so immature, so iggnorant, its just ridiculous. Heard just about enough of his comments, can’t wait for the Wii U to expose this clown.

  • chiapet

    Well, if in the future cardboard boxes can run Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Starfox, Animal Crossing and a some good third party titles, then yeah, I’d probably buy it.

    • Kyron

      Nice name

  • RonaldCoLtd

    Patcher will take one small look at the Vita and he’ll instantly change his mind. .

    • Enigmatic

      He has already analyzed the Vita. He says it has great hardware, as in the Vita itself is a powerful, great system, but it is seriously lacking software.Which is true.

      Why? What do you think that he would have said?

  • SUperMetroid1234

    Who fed the troll

  • Braulio500

    This guy is very lame =/

  • rp17

    If he trolled the ps vita, playstation would go out of business and he would have less things to “report on”. Same with smartglass and such. By trolling Nintendo (which always succeeds) he gets his publicity… without losing his job.

  • Melk

    I don’t care if you grew a new beard, Pachter, and I don’t care how cool you look with it, because I hate you even more now…

  • Thepokemonmaster

    “Patcher fans were so stupid they’d buy a piece of cardboard with “Patcher” on it”
    How do you like that patcher!?

  • Christian

    JeezLuiz, Patcher! You’d probably buy an empty box with the words Microsoft on it.

  • Jonas

    Dear Michale Pachter:
    I wish you could just stop making stupid comments about us, Nintendo and their amazing new console. Anything please stop him if he doesnt decide to stop himself. When you came up with your last comment, i was trying to convince myself, that thats a once in a time thing and didnt want to blame you, but this time.
    Just go fuck yourself, if you even have the balls to do that. And if not i hope you get raped by a gay monkey.

  • Levi

    His opinions (when it comes to nintendo) are superfluous.

  • D2K

    If he is an ‘official’ financial analyst shouldn’t he be prohibited from spouting false information based on an uneducated opinion?

    I guess it will be more satisfying for Nintendo to see this guy look like a bigger bozo than he already is once the Wii U does well rather than waste time pursuing legal action against him.

  • Desi

    Poor semi-famous guy needs attention…Nintendo is THIS big! I´ve been running Metroid 3 and Galaxy1 for the 2nd time and I keep getting amazed by the quality of Nintendo games, the effort they put in it, the creativity…as a professional musician, Nintendo is inspirational!

  • Groose

    sooo… where can I preorder this box?

  • Collected

    Just remember folks, when Pachter acts like this or insinuates something about Nintendo fans he is working off a stereotype that has been created in the modern age of gaming. There are many gamer stereotypes for both consoles and genres but these almost never reflect the whole nature of those who play them.

    Stereotypes work not by reflecting the majority of a group but the aspects which are defined by them from outside sources. There may be a grain of truth to stereotypes but this is all. They are also used to simplify and explain phenomena to those who do not or will not accept what the truth of the matter is.

    For an financial analyst like Pachter to use such stereotypes signifies a lack of understanding and objectivity. It is also shouldn’t be tolerated by people, as he uses it to bait Nintendo gamers and appeal to certain egocentric minds of xbox 360 and PS3 gamers.

    • NoPUNintendo

      Back in my day, gamers bought games and said “Holy shit this game is awesome I’m buying this”. When did this whole “hurr durr our game system is better than urs hurr durr because urs is made by kid company and we are for da mature xD” start? I don’t think it was like that during the early 2000s.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        I think it mainly started in the 2005-2006 as I think that is when all of the graphics whores started rearing their heads

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I find it funny how Pachter acts like Nintendo fans have no brain. We are not stupid as I am sure us fans can tell the good Nintendo games apart from the garbage (dare I say it) i.e Hotel Mario and the Link The Faces of Evil

    • SUperMetroid1234

      Hotel Mario and Link The Faces of Evil were made by Phillips

  • nintendo gamer 38

    maybe he should retire and stopp getting people pissed off by calling them stupid and since im a nintendo fan boy hes calling me stupid so he should go to an old folks home and stop getting people pissed off

  • ConCity Soldier

    I didn’t buy even buy a Wii.

  • ConCity Soldier

    I didn’t even buy a Wii.

  • UGotWongGuy

    This qualifies as news? Seriously, why are you giving this guy any attention, when the only thing that comes out of his mouth is pure garbage.

    He always claims Sony will be first, followed by Microsoft, and then Nintendo (typically with a minuscule fraction of the market share). Not only that, but also frequently admits that his monthly predictions are “wrong” but in the same breath says he can predict the market overall better.

    “COD will sell!”, well thanks Captain Obvious. “Wii sucks and will not outsell the mighty PS3 and its Blu-Ray!”, well we see how that turned out. Reality is not his strong suit. Making investors happy with “strong sales predictions” and marginalizing the competition is obviously where he gets his ideas from.

    A guy like this isn’t going anywhere, so just like the cast of Jersey Shore, just change the channel and hope something better comes along.

  • Eric wii u

    and ten more the next time your words Watch Out, by the way you work with if and only remembered nothing you complain .

  • Eric wii u

    we can not allow that people who know nothing about consoles, we insult the fans of Nintendo, just jealous because I never had a Nintendo console.

  • Eric wii u

    Tell him your twitter account on how they feel about fartale respect for you, all you fans of Nintendo.

  • paul

    Screw you Pachter! Just because we are Nintendo fans does not mean we would buy anything they make just because it says Nintendo. We buy it because they make great stuff

  • Come at me bro


  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    Honestly, at this point this just makes me laugh. I mean, you could say the same thing about any fanboy, and then they’d all argue over who has the best box. Hahaha, this was probably the first thing I’ve heard him say that didn’t piss me off for a while

  • leo

    Oh Mr.Pachter when will you learn your lesson?Perhaps we should get an analyst to analyze you sir.

  • The Beeshnu

    Actually yes anything that does have a nintendo logo on it i would buy
    Because it’s nintendo. Anything with that logo on it will be good!

  • Dr.Man.Person

    I was expecting him to say this AFTER the Wii U was released.
    Wii U does fairly successfully, he responds with “Heh, yeah, I was right about the Wii U failing, but Nintendo FANBOYS would buy anything that says Nintendo on it… so that’s why it didn’t sell badly. It is going to be a financial failure, but only if you don’t count the people who bought it, because they’re all fanboys!”

    Ugh… I said fanboys… twice, even! No, three times now!
    I feel dirty, but that is the kind of thing he’d do.

  • RockD79

    Cardboard box huh? Well of course. I’m also looking forward to buying the official cardboard Pachter Dartboard. His only focus is Nintendo. He’s made that loud and clear. Not once have I heard him talk about Vita or anything else that’s done poorly recently. Just 3DS, Wii and Wii U. Christ! The damn thing isn’t even here yet and apparently it has already failed according to him. What a joke. Then again he does have one the most worthless jobs on the planet next to a movie critic.

  • olimar

    ok, then by that logic, all sony fans will buy a box that says Sony on it, and the same with the microsoft fans. 😛

  • Ben

    Exactly the same for Apple fans, except we dont wait for 2 weeks o-in front of the store to get it. Also, doesnt that shows how loyal the Nintendo fanbase is?
    Also, with the beard he looks even more retarded.

  • Rockbro

    I think this is also true for Xbox and ps3 fans. And by the way I really don’t like this dude who is always says something bad (witch is not true) about the wii u and Nintendo. So he should stop this and care with his things.

  • ken

    i wana slap this guys bum hard so it leaves a red handprint damn you pachter damn you!

  • SmilesPrower

    Well Mr. Pachter, I think that every FPS fan will buy every heap of shit that activision spits out with the title COD. At least Nintendo offers quality in their games. Without Nintendo’s innovation you wouldn’t have games like we do today. Show some respect you ignorant prick.

  • Bravyoura

    Well drrrrrr Patcher thats what being a fan is sticking with it through good times and bad. I own back catalogues of loads of bands even if a few albums are shity, It’s all about loyalty to something you love.

  • ken

    i want to smack his bum hard so it leaves a red handprint

  • Joseph Pipitone

    So…. Nintendo has loyal fans. That’s good business. What’s the problem? If it makes money, why the hate? Nintendo is in business to make money.

  • ken

    im gona smack that bum cheek hard give him a bright red cheek

  • ken

    i hope mortal kombat 9 comes out for the wii u

  • Dustin

    He tells the truth. There are about a million people out there that will buy the WiiU at launch no matter if it costs $500. Fanboys live to consume.

  • Butts

    This guy needs to stop riding the Wii U’s dick for publicity.

  • Come at me bro

    Sorry, but Nintendo just can’t help being so awesome!!

  • Grodus

    I would buy a peice of of cardboard if it actually could play mario, I just would only pay like $20 for it, ‘cus it wouldn’t have that many games.

  • Hamilton

    Dear Michael, please go bother someone else.


  • Nintendude

    I have the feeling Michael Pachter plays COD on the XBox360/PS3 a little too much….
    If this is the case, then guess what Pachter? Black Ops 2 is coming to the Wii U, and guess what? It’s gonna blow away the Xbox360/PS3 versions. Which one are you gonna buy?

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    Ok so actually I would buy any “box” that has Nintendo on it, but that is not because it says the literal name Nintendo but because that name represents quality games and fun.

  • Adam Fox

    I wish Nintendo would make some toilet paper with Michael Pachter’s face on it……would LOVE to use that after a bad night of explosive diarrhea!

  • Ninty1



  • ken

    im gona slap him round his face with my sausage

  • ken

    games that need to come on wii u buy rare back and god damn bring back killer instinct that alone would just the wii even the sony ps3 boys would buy it starwing orvstarfox whatvever it is and fzero and lots of rail shooters from arcades like terminator salvation maybe some old school ones lethal enforcers terminator 2 area 51 etc and of course new ones just for the wii u and a port of mortal kombat 9 with upgraded graphics new content.

  • goginho

    why is he hating on Nintendo so much? He must have had a bad experience with N or something

    • GamersGlobal

      I think he asked Nintendo/MS/Sony for money to predict good sales to raise share price, but Nintendo said “Fuck You Noob” 😀

    • Phantom Ganon

      He probably got a virtual boy.

  • Nintengoth

    Someone needs to end him, nuff said.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Oh come on! What’s with this guy? first he said Wii U wouldn’t work, which was apparently because he’s not sure of the price or specs yet which makes his job difficult so , but since he’s an analyst he should have realised that Ninty said it would be cheap, and the tech demos and games as well as the TRUSTWORTHY developer’s comments prove how powerful it is.
    then he said some BS about Wii U games should cost $60.00 because $50.00 (normal priced) games would signify low quality, which is ridiculous! like I said before, if they can sell new games for $50.00 then more people will be able to afford them and more will be willing to pay $50 than $60. Now he says we’re idiots for being fans of this company that it appears he hates and that we’d buy a box that says Nintendo on it, well hardly… unlike him we have good arguments and reason to support our views on the matter (read what I said earlier about his other brain-dead comments and tell me if I’m wrong) Well sorry for thinking that the best loved and most trusted and forward thinking name in the business would provide a great console and make good decisions. WELL EXCUUUUUUUSE MEE PRINCESS!!!

  • ajfel

    shitbox & nobstation lover, we don’t care!
    Nintendo 4ever

  • Mark

    pachter needs to die, thats all i have to say!

  • Zak Iceblade

    Im starting to think if this guy works at microsoft or sony and is just trying to make nintendo fans playstation or xbox fans. I mean what other motives could there be just to criticise nintendo.

  • Hero

    This article’s blatant jab at Rush Limbaugh demonstrates how we all are hypocritical and closed-minded in some way.

    R.I.P. fair & unbiased journalism

    • Mshenay

      Haha yea man good point

      I think the fun of being a nintendo Fan is to take the trolling… that being said ZOMG I <3 the Dream Cast [I still use mine]

      But his point is a good one… the technical flaws in the Wii are a big reason why I switched to PC gaming. So it's nice to have some one elese make the statements that most of us are scared to acknowledge are there! We all want the Wii U to be great, but considering all the Drama surrounding the 3DS… who can be 100% sure it'll be as great as we want it to!

  • gareth

    some idiot put Michael Pachter on a pay check and give it to this guy, i would have sack him if i was his boss