Oct 26th, 2012

Pachter Wii uNintendo recently announced that they expect to sell 5.5 million Wii U consoles by March 2013. Analyst Michael Pachter believes this number is unrealistic, because, according to Pachter, Nintendo will face heavy competition this holiday season, with the new iPad Mini and other devices.

Pachter says that they (analysts) expected sales of 6-7 million Wii U consoles by March of next year, so he sees Nintendo’s rather conservative numbers as disappointing. Pachter also commented on Nintendo’s forecast of selling 24 million software units by March 2013, saying it’s “highly unrealistic” given that it would mean an attach rate of over 4 games per console.

He did have some positive comments, saying that the launch schedule is better than expected, with high profile titles such as Assassin’s Creed 3 and Black Ops 2. He concluded that demand for the Wii U will drop once the core Nintendo fans have purchased the first 5 to 6 million consoles.

Pachter has commented on the Wii U numerous times before. Sometimes he was optimistic — back in September, he said that he thinks the Wii U will sell out for months, eventually selling 7 million consoles by March 2013. He also claimed that he would buy a Wii U just to play Bayonetta 2, since he was a huge fan of the original. Other times, Pachter has been very dismissive of the new console from Nintendo.


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  • ZeldaFan996

    This guy just doesn’t know what to think about the Wii U. Make up your mind already.

    • Ninjafish

      It’s because Patcher is a dumb piece of crap 🙂

      • SuperSmashKerfuffle

        He was right. If 6 million people buy 4 games per console, which will never happen, he’d be wrong. But that never happens, so he’s right.

        /convoluted logic

        • PACMAN

          You know what I’ve decided from what patcher has said. I think he’s a super indecisive idiot!!

          • AKA-Link77

            Patcher says its “Unrealistic”?!
            Hes UNREALISTIC!

          • PACMAN

            Who thumbsed me down. I’m sorry if you don’t like my comment. but niceness is a virtue in life.

        • TheDavyStar

          I’ve bought tons of DS games and 6 3DS games (Along with tons of downloads) and my family are slightly poor.

      • Chammybhoy

        Or maybe he’s just an attention whore?

        • SuperSmashKerfuffle

          So doing your job is being an attention whore? got it.

          • Bigger Things

            He’s doing his job in the same fashion that Rush Limbaugh does his job.

            1. Say outrageous things
            2. Contradict yourself
            3. Lie

            He causes attention to himself by getting a reaction. Thus getting him views, and a following even if they do hate him. Which makes him more money. Nothing new about this tactic, and it works everytime. It also benefits the sites that report what he does, because it gets them more views/comments as well. So technically he’s helping the Nintendo fan sites by blowing up there view counts, and giving the sites more money to keep going.

            Im sure when he speaks to investors his tone is quite different, and his information is professionally thought out. He’s basically just figured out a way to make extra pocket money by saying crazy shit on the net.

          • Nko Sekirei

            stfu troll go back and bang on a thorn bush u idiot

        • Lati

          ..But hes doing his job?

          • thejam216

            If his job is to act and sound like a complete idiot a lot of the time, then yes, you’re right…. he’s doing his job =]

      • ssb4FC 3007 8585 6950

        Do u realize dat pachtr says bad thing about nintendo and their consoles perform extremely well? Well if pachy keeps sayin bad stuff on wii u, it will do better overalln like the wii

      • mama pachter

        Wii U is the next dreamcast!

      • Nko Sekirei

        i agree hes like mitt floppy who flip flops on everything

    • LazerK

      He never said he liked the Wii U in the first place…

    • Nko Sekirei

      patcher is so stupid he makes patrick star smarter then him lol go bang a cactus u douche.

      • Michael Pachter

        Patrick Star is my hero, man.

        • inb4downvotedtooblivion

          It would be funny if you were the real Pachter.
          If you are, you’re really conceited searching for news about yourself.
          If not, well..

          • Nko Sekirei

            hes not the real patcher dont waste ur time insulting a wannabe

        • Lazara The Last


      • SuperSmashKerfuffle

        Then what are you nko? You can’t even spell or use grammar!

        • Nko Sekirei

          stfu idiot nko stands for noob killing organization cod clan one of the best clans out there get ur facts straight patcher love slave/that wears princess leias outfit from return of the jedi

          • 0soul

            Okay, first of all your not funny and you dont even post any intelligent comments. Example: “hes so stupid he makes Patrick star smarter” WTF do you get your shitty ideas from?

            PS your clan name sounds stupid.

        • Nintendodo

          I never thought this existed but, your a pachter fanboy grammar nazi…

          • Wii U wake me up Nov. 30

            There are Nazi fanboys everywhere in every walk of life.

            I think Nintendo are including digital in their 24 million figure.

          • Nko Sekirei

            hey osoul go sholve a cactus up ur @$$ patcher lover and second nko is one of the best clans on cod period and i betcha ur one of the squeakers who yells alot on the game and annoy alot of people

          • 0soul

            I stand corrected.

          • 0soul

            I don’t even like patcher so I don’t know were you got “patcher lover” from. Not only can you not say something smart but you can’t even fucking read. I don’t play cod either…

        • TheDavyStar

          God get over it nobody like you SSK

    • SuperSmashKerfuffle

      He did make up his mind, read it without your hate goggles on.
      Hint: he likes it.

    • aughra

      Patcher… You’re no analyst. You’re an anal cyst. You change your mind to much for your opinion to be taken seriously.

    • inb4downvotedtooblivion

      Sigh. This site has some of the most hardcore, and stupidest nintendo fanboys. I have in fact preordered a wii u, and own almost every system nintendo has put out. But seriously, you guys.. You’re the kid who can’t stop talking about nintendo in class and then starts getting really angry when someone says something *MILDLY* bad about nintendo. Grow up.

      • NintendoYou

        Yeah fan boys in any regard are annoying. I love Nintendo but some people on this site are just morons that are no better then the remarks they leave on this site about Pachter. Look the fact is that it’s his job to Analise this stuff. He has never rely given his direct opinion on the console he has said that he will buy one to play one of his favorite games and he has questioned Nintendos advertisement along with their expectations for sales (Sale price and quantity sold).
        These fan boys just jump at the first glimpse of anything that can possibly been seen as “anti Nintendo” and go off the rails. Not to mention that the Authors of these Pachter articles always do the same thing witch throws in the chain of fan boy remarks. It’s awful…
        How ever i disagree with Pachter on the software sale as i am buying 4 games on release and have plans for 5 other games that are coming out early next year. So that’s not 4 games before march that’s 9. I understand that not everybody will buy this many games before march, but i honestly think with all the great titles coming out in that period of time Nintendo is probably wright, and it will even out from the people who buy more and the people who buy less to the 24M.
        But that’s just my opinion

        • Paul

          Over 60% of Wii owners never bought a single game . They played Wii Sports that came with the system .Another 9% only bought one more game . I do not see the WiiU doing well in the long run.

      • 0soul

        Your right everyone here is kiddish, but I’ve seen worst on xbox lol. My God listening to them rage in cod is aggravating. Not every Nintendo fan acts stupid like that.

    • ziggy

      patcher is a dick like the dog in duck hunt if only u could shoot the dog lol

    • SideScreamer

      Seriously, how is one man’s opinions news worthy?


      Well, I can’t speak for others BUT

      1) He is an idiot and goes back and forth on his comments. I think he is suffering from Romnesia too.

      2) I am getting the Deluxe U, and I am getting SMBU, ZombiU, BLOPS 2, Assassin’s Creed 3, Mass Effect 3, Batman: AC, Madden 13, Darksiders 2, Trine 2 from day one…then getting Pikman 3, Raymond Legends, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Aliens: Colonial Marines…then maybe 007Legends, Bayoneta 2, Monster Hunters U…and more and more.

      3) So my point in 2 is I guess I will fill my 4 games per console quota and help someone else’s as well hehehe…

      4) F U Pachter…Nintendo 4 life!!!

  • theBALLANCEDopinion

    So in other words he’s saying that Nintendo….. underestimated themselves?

    • kevin

      He didn’t say what wiiudaily said. If you read the report he said he expected that nintendo will ship 1 mill a month and that would get i7mil shipped by march.

      Please remember that the writters of wiiudaily are not. Straight and light any news place blends the truth a bit.

  • Tbone51

    Can somebody say “HATER”!

    • FireRed


    • Bicentennial_Pidgeon


      He is a Ninty Hater.



      • Wii u Central

        What an idiot.

        • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

          Haters gonna hate

          • Naterman

            And potatoes gonna potate

          • JumpMan

            @Naterman so true, man. so. true.

        • Gangsta

          Waiters gonna wait

          • TheDavyStar

            Baiters gonna bait. Sounds so stupid.

          • Naterman

            Lol thanks man. It just came to me

        • Grodus


      • thejam216

        haha ninty XD

      • SideScreamer

        There are Nintendo fans, then there are Nitnendards.

        • Screamer

          There are Screamers, and then there are SideScreamers. 😛

  • absentmindedliberal

    They should be lowering their guidance. That way, if the Wii u sells a lot, then they can say that they exceeded their expectations and the stock would soar.

    • Jon

      That would be stupid. They aren’t making predictions to pander to you. They make the predictions for their shareholder and future investors.

      • absentmindedliberal

        They are not “pandering” to me. It is a typical business move. Set the bar low so that your performance looks good.



    • RoboticLink

      Sure, keep thinking that.

    • AKA-Link77


      • 0soul


    • Nintendo Power (Chuck Norris)

      Blue Shell thrown

    • FireRed

      I think you are on the wrong website sir, a couple doors right to youtube, thank you very much.

    • Grodus

      Ironically, you are way above 30th.

  • Drew

    Dude make your mind up do you like the Wii U or not


    Nevermind D:

  • nintendofreak

    can u please stop posting patcher stuff

    • LazerK

      I doubt it.WiiUdaily seems to love posting articles of this guy.Maybe they like how each Pachter post gets over 100 comments in less than an hour.Oh well

      • Lazara The Last

        Well, we love to hate on him, so… ;D

  • Kav

    4 games per console… sounds realistic, i’ll buy Zombie u, pikmin 3 and maybe NSMBU, Assassins creed 3, Black Ops 2(It would be my first CoD), monster hunter, injustice, wii fit u and a lot of virtual console titles. All of this before march, i will definetly buy more than 4 games.

    • Axe

      Damn… You must piss money.

    • XxTwinRova

      Yeah I know right. I’ll be picking up NSMBU, ZombieU, Mass Effect 3 (if it indeed is a launch title since it’s sounding like it’s not going to be), Batman Arkham city, Sonic racing, Black ops 2, the Deluxe consonle, AND a wii U pro controller ON LAUNCH day. So I think it’ll average out between people who don’t get 4 games and people who get everything on day one

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      Does getting the deluxe bundle count as one of those four games?

    • Lazara The Last

      Whit nintendoland, i’ll get 6 games ;D

  • microsia

    The most useless analyst ever I don’t know how he has kept his job.

    • Nintedward .

      I’m getting a Job as a video game anylyst next week. I went into the interview and the guy said ”can you speak a load of crap about Microsoft??”

      And I said ”YEEEEEEEEHHHH” and I got the job :S

      • phantasystarfornintendo

        hey do u know when phantasy star 2 comes out, i really liked part 1 for gamecube like yur picture states

      • Nintendude

        Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were bashing Microsoft and got on a website similar to this only for the next Xbox?

      • NintendoYou

        I call bs

  • sehxualpanda

    keep in mind this guy is an ANALyst, they are experts at talking out of their… well you get the picture.

    • RoboticLink

      Look at the last Pachter article, I already used that joke (you know the one that says he cannot make up his mind) . Get your own ideas.

    • Derp

      5.5 million units is high, but considering the success of the original Wii, and that everyone who loved it probably want more, I doubt that the Wii U isn’t going to flop. (Unless Nintendo can’t keep up with demand)

      • Derp

        “I doubt that the Wii U isn’t going to flop.”
        OOPS I ment; I doubt the Wii U will fail.

        The worst choice of words in the worst place to chose them. lol

        • 0soul

          It’s grammar fags like you that piss me off. You can’t insult anyone by saying something else intelligent? You know you really just make yourself look stupid.

  • Chris

    Michael Patchter is unrealistic

  • joe

    Anyone who buys the ipad mini is seriously wasting their money..

    • KMaziuk

      Yes, exactly! When has anybody ever said to themselves, “Gee, my Iphone is just WAY too tiny, and my ipad is WAY too huge! If only there was something in between…” It just makes no sense!

      • NintendoYou

        Apple is a horrible company….. that is all

      • NoPUNintendo

        You just wait til the Ipad27. It’s going to be just like the first one only thinner and 1Gb more of space! Oh man you will be so jealous when I pay nearly $800 for the Ipad27 when it comes out tommorrow! Plus the Ipad28 and Ipad29 all comes out in 4-6 months making me pay $800 for tiny upgrades!

        Yeah I can feel the jealousness following through you…

  • NameUcanthate

    k, now its my time to make an awesome comment. um… Pachter sucks ass.

  • TheUNation

    Douchebag Pachter fails again!!!!!

  • Garic

    Why does every Nintendo website always post about Micheal pachter?

    • RoboticLink

      Because he is a troll to all of us and Nintendo.

  • Nyan Guy

    He right about the concurention, but the Wii U is a console and the iPad is a tablet. These are two different cotegories! You got to be stupid if you want to buy a device wich can run cool games, and you think that it is an iPad. Nintendo is the best!

  • 3dsguy

    Get his face off of the game pad its not a good look for the controller.

  • SteampunkJedi (3DS FC: 5284-2360-9145)

    First he alludes to a sales number below 5.5 million, and then he says 5.5 is too low a prediction. Talk about contradictory.

  • NintendoMan :D

    Ok the iPad mini is a mainly a type of ebook reader and the Wii U si a game console. HOW WOULD THEY HAVE COMPETITION?!?!?!?! NOWBODY ASKED FOR PACHTERS OPINION!!! THE WII U AND IPAD MINI LOOK TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!!!!

    • Gabe Hoffman

      I know. Why the hell do people think iPads and Smartphone games will give Wii U a difficult time? Seriously it’s like comparing Apples to Oranges. Let’s face it iPhones will never replace consoles because there will always be a demand for high quality AAA games, something that the iPod Touch and iPad lack.

      • NoPUNintendo

        “Apples to Oranges”.

        At first I thought you meant the company Apple. lol.

    • RoboticLink

      He is an analyst, that is his job: to give his opinion (though he should say it in his dark closet where no one can see or hear him).

  • Caminante

    One can argue that the iPad, iPhone are eating away 3DS sales. But to plainly believe that they will compete with the WiiU is just wrong. I for one own various iPads and still want the WiiU because they are totally different experiences. On the contrary, I think people who know how a tablet works will want to know how Nintendo translates it to gaming in the living room.

    • TheWiiBros

      Lol iPad games are not that fun. Most of them seem fun but just want inapp purchases and crap. Imagine the “free-to-play” games, but the actual game sucks. 70%of the games I play on iPad I delete after 3 plays because they’re boring.

  • Sobari

    I would donate a ton of money to the AdBlock developers if they made a Pachter filter.

  • LaLlamaqueLlama

    what a troll

  • Guhtere

    While I do think the competition will be tough, what do you think will sell better? A succesor (I hope I didn’t spell that wrong) to the Wii for $350 tops, or another iPad that is the same thing as last year except faster for $600?

  • Lewis

    I don’t know why u publish what this moron says he’s just a knob!

    • BubbleMan v2

      True, nothing any particular analyst says at this point is helpful and it certainly isn’t news. However, reporting this does generate website traffic and keeps hype up for those who are avid Nintendo supporters.

      • LazerK

        I still find these pachter posts annoying
        I WANT WIIU NEWS!Not another stupid claim from a sad excuse for an analyst

  • Max

    wow this is new. on another note i got to play the wii u at my gamestop 😀

  • Ryudo

    I believe the sales of pizza will fall because subway has mountain dew

  • hellburner918

    Well I bought 12 Wii U Games so far but think I Patcher is underestimating Nintendo.

    • NintendoMan :D

      So you spent $720 on Wii U games and an additional $300 on the actual system. Hard to believe…

      • NoPUNintendo

        Some men are probably that dedicated.

      • hellburner918

        Yes I did is that a problem.

        • NintendoMan :D

          No, thats awesome that you could afford that many games, I just found it hard to believe. I can sit in a corner and suck my thumb if you want me too. 😛

  • FishFan03

    When will Pachter learn his lesson? He also said the Wii was going to bomb. Pachter claims he’s no fanboy but he clearly hates Nintendo, never acknowledges Sony and is always jumping on the Xbox bandwagon. I think Nintendo has another hit going for them in the Wii U. What I care about the most and what I say will be the key will be the third party support. Its got to be backed by it.

  • Joesatmoes

    can someone tell this guy to make up his bloody mind already?i mean, i think hes schitzofrenic or something

  • BubbleMan v2

    How well it sells will almost completely depend on how well Nintendo gets the proper amount of Wii U consoles made and distributed. There is obviously a very high demand, which also increases with sales as consumers “jump on the bandwagon”.

    I just hope Nintendo is smart about distributing quickly. Nintendo has consistently done a good enough job though, so I’m sure they know what they are doing, even if we don’t.

  • Elladan

    That guy is just plain stupid. He changes what he says all the time. -_-

  • Keath

    4 games per console isnt that high considering theres 23 games available at launch. it seems anyone can be an analyst…

  • Just nin10do

    5 years later i will see him.
    Wii U:100 million sold
    Michael pachter:cried

  • Marioravesto3d

    The guy is nuts,sold out across america and uk hard to get one.Once everyone can see what wii u can do people are going to want it.

  • aaronth86

    I don’t know about anyone else but I preordered the deluxe ed. Wii U. I also pre ordered AC3, BO2, Darksiders 2, Nsmb U, Sonic all-stars and ZombieU. So yeah that’s more Than 4 games…

  • WiiUlover

    Wii Uuuuuuuu Wii Uuuuuuuu. Remember this from a spongebob episode

    • NoPUNintendo

      Or Kung Pow.

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    I do agree with him (somebody kill me) regarding the sales. 5.5 millions seem to be a little frustrating. I think Wii U ha much more potential to sales, and by March 2013 there’ll be around 7 millions consoles sold around the world.

    But once again, Pachter seems to be mistaking markets: iPads don’t compete with gaming consoles! And the competition is between a new generation console by the same price of current ones and the current gen consoles. I’d say Nintendo has a great advantage here, since almost everyone who wanted a PS3 or XBox 360 already has one by now, but no one has a Wii U yet. And the retro compatibility with Wii and it’s accessories will boost sales as well! No need to worry on this regard!

  • Death

    So… He originally predicted they’d sell 7 million units by March, but now, since the unveiling of the iPad Mini, he believes that Nintendo’s own estimate of 5.5 million is unrealistic. :/

    Is this guy literally handicapped?

    • kevin

      He never said that. He said they will ship 7mil. There is a difference, read the article, you can’t believe wiiudaily. They bend the truth even on their own articles

  • marioU

    Nintendo will take control all over the world at 12:01 am, November 18. go go NINTENDO!!

    • NoPUNintendo

      I may get downvoted for this. But I sure hope not.
      If there was no competetion for Nintendo, no reason to make another console better than the last one. It’s why I’m rooting for Sony to at least pull in a little bit further.

  • Elite

    Finally went to my local gamestop and played it. pretty impressed. Very light controller and it feels pretty good. I think this guy needs to play it.

  • Future1

    Dude is crazy. I haven’t played AC3, madden 2013, 2k13, wonderful 101, zombie U , scribblenauts, batman, or the lego game and a host of others. I sold my ps3 and wii and a few games. I owe nothing and paid nothing for my pre order. Its funny when I gave up the ps3 the words was wow it’s dusty.
    Not to rant but in 4 months ill have hardcore and party games for me and my girl to play.

  • Hi8us

    selling more than 5.5 million wii u consoles by march 2013 is highly likely if nintendo can keep stock up and hopefullly speed up manufacturing. an attach rate of 4 games per console is also totally possible. pachter seems to have nothing good to say about nintendo ever and they succeed so yeah, no one cares.

  • Mac

    lol yet wasnt he the one that said that the wii u will sell 6-7 mil by march? now all of a sudden 5.5 is unrealistic and his 6-7 mil is lol what a fail. you know what they say “the more you hate on something, the more you love it”


    What is wrong with this guy? What does he have against Nintendo?
    I’m starting to believe that someone with a mustache of Mario Bros, raped to Pachter in their childhood.

  • LazerK

    There’s a silent troll(probably more) giving a thumbs down to all the comments
    LOL!Pathetic haters are pathetic

  • Coval

    I like this guy, but what “gamer” could buy ipad mini or ipad 4 gaming… Maybe They stole some of mainstream from them, but i dont think that, the gamer choose ipad than WiiU… 5.5 millions units its realistic… I’m sure… sorry for my poor english. It is difficult to explain what is has something in his head and does not know the language… 😛

  • LP

    LP: “Michael Pachter is unrealistic”.

    • LP

      Wii U: “Michael Pachter is unrealistic”.

    • Coval

      That’s what i’m thinking about…

  • DiMM

    The reason why Patcher is still around is cause people continue to write articles on him :l. Erryone just needs to stop & not care bout his opinions.

    • Nintendude

      …But I love reading people’s comments on Pachter articles…

  • Christian

    Pachter is just a trolling sonofagun. End of the story.

    • 0soul

      Say that again without sounding stupid.

      • NintendoMan :D

        When I first read this it looked like sono fagun, not son of a gun. 😛

  • Djs

    ho the hell care what Michael Pachter thinks , im getting it day 1 and im gonna enjoy zombi u 😛

  • Josh

    Oh, lord. Pachter, can you, like, shut the damn lie hole. I am sick and tired of this guy. He is arguably biased. We don’t need a biased analyst’s opinion on the matter. Now, shut up and be a good boy.

  • microsia

    Wow there are quite a few people who love patcher on here quite a few red thumbs being clicked, or is patcher on here with his mates clicking the thumbs down.

  • blinder2

    my god this guy gets on my nerves,he changes his mind more times than a politician,Prate sorry pachture if your reading this go away,and stay away.

    • Elem187

      He’s always been a Nintendo hater, and has always been proven wrong.

  • Death47

    Why the fuck is he on my controller??

  • nice

    hmmm, there is simply no competition. why should someone who wants to buy a new console buy some iphone maxi? this is simply ridiculous. i don´t doubt that nintendo will sell every console they have for the first 2 years, until the next consoles reach the market.

  • jman4102

    every one who says patcher is an idiot is wrong; he just is trying to please the majority of his viewers who have xbox360; he is not an idiot he is a coward

  • -IVIatrix+

    Patcher, just shut up. Thank you.

  • ck1x

    What is dumb about his comment is that Nintendo its expecting the average WiiU consumer, to purchase 4 games between launch and the end of march 2013. Why is that such an unrealistic number for him to believe? They weren’t saying that at launch only gamers will probably pick up 4 games with the system!

  • Shane

    I hope Pachter is just trying to help Nintendo, by saying what they should look out for in terms of what they need to succeed in the market, but he just keeps saying “good job”, and then “wait a minute”. I honestly don’t really care, especially if he doesn’t know what to say in the first place. iPad Mini should cost $275 at most(sell at a loss route?). I could tell you features it has over 2, and features it doesn’t have over 3, but the features over 2 does not outweigh 3, like the stronger computer inside, and no retina.

  • Hellburner918

    No Nintendoman I really did. I got the deluxe set which comes with nintendo land, Wii U Pro controller, and 11 other games. You can watch my unboxing video Nov. 18 on youtube under Picollo918. All are invited.

  • theorangefish

    You know bo2 , ac3 darksiders2 and some others won’t boost the sales because those are no where I have to buy a new system. And if somebody comes along and says: ZOMFG the wii u version is much better becuz of da grafix and some other stuff” you sound like a pc gamer.

    @ fanboys come on thumb me down so I’m proven right! fanboys gonna fan haters gonna hate pwchter’s gonna pant and fishers gonna fish

  • Come at me bro

    I wish this guy would just shut up about the wii u. Nothing he says will ever change the fact that the wii u is awesome. So just ignore him. Thumbs up if you agree!

  • Chris

    Can this guy make up his mind on ANYTHING?

  • hellburner918

    I will have an unboxing video of Wii U on Nov 18 so you are all invited. Its under Picollo918 on Youtube so people who are not for sure if you want a Wii U this would be good for you to see if you are in the decision of getting one. About Patcher his getting what he wants attention on the internet and around the world. He is a douche bag, his words are pointless, and have no meaning. Lets enjoy Wii U and ignore this ignoramus pointless chatter.

  • WarioForever

    Nintendo WILL sell well on holidays, people aren’t that stupid to buy another
    mobile phone. What’s so good on the Iphones? Same s*** over and over again.

    • Nintendude

      It’s just like a popular game franchise, except it’s hardware and it costs hundreds more.

  • Mario

    I hate Michael Pachter, he is really negative about Nintendo. He only get a big d . . from Sony en Microsoft. Always i see the name Michael Pachter, i skip te artikel.

  • I was frozen today !

    Considering how long it’s taken to produce the half million consoles for launch world wide how exactly are Nintendo going to produce the extra 5 million for projected sales?

  • Chris

    Why does anyone listen?

  • D2K

    Remember sport fans. This is the SAME guy the predicted the 3DS will fail….um…

    (22 million units in a year’s time after a bad launch.)

    This is the same guy that predicted that the Wii would fail……um…..

    (5th best-selling console of all time with 97 million units and counting)

    This is the SAME GUY that predicted the Nintendo DS would fail…..er…..

    (2nd best-selling console of all time with 153 million units and counting)

    Yeah. Michale Pachter’s financial advice is excellent, if you are looking to invest in Nintendo that is. When he says ‘doom’ investors say……..

    *in Will Smith’s voice* CHING-CHING!!

    • 0soul

      Please say that again without sounding stupid at the end. Otherwise good point.

      • D2K

        That comment was totally uncalled for.

        • 0soul

          I said good point, jeez.

  • RayRay

    I think this guy must have been molested by someone that resembles either Mario or Luigi.

  • NightºƒCore

    Come on guys, don’t be so hard on Pachter, he’s going senile man!

  • Evil Empire

    who is this Fudge patcher again?

    who does he work for? sounds like a confused idiot to me, a different rant every week.

  • CRT_hater777

    Because the iPad mini is going to be better than a home video game console…dumba***

  • MujuraNoKamen

    “Nintendo will face heavy competition this holiday season, with the new iPad Mini and other devices.”
    Why would Nintendo be facing more competition from a shrunken-down version of a product that’s been on the market for 2 years?

  • Ljink

    Michael Pachter is unrealistic!

    Nintendo’s consoles/handhelds have always sold well. Except 64 and Gamecube because Playstation had head starts and twice the storage. But anyway, The 5.5 Million is less than The U.S. fanbase that Nintendo worked hard for. He’s just like Romney, always changing his mind. “Oh, I hate Wii U” then… “Wii U looks great!”. MAKE UP YOUR MIND! I’ll buy a Wii U no doubt about it. Nintendo will lose steam off in the future when Miyamoto, Itawa, Sakurai, Yuji Horii, etc. die but as of now they still lead the gaming world in sales.

    If 5.5 Million is too unrealistic for Wii U then it’ll be impossible for PS4 and Xbox720! The Wii U has to succeed or it’ll spell DOOM for Xbox and Ps4. I’ll buy a Ps4 but still, I just tell the facts.:D

  • Michael

    Am I the only one who read the article?
    Pachter said that Wii U would probably sell MORE than 5.5 mil. I think everyone on this website just reads “Pachter” and assumes he’s saying something negative.

  • TheMan

    Who wants an ipad mini anyway? Buy an Iphone or Ipad.

  • code

    i don’t know about you guy but i already fully paid my wii u deluxe and next week getting zombie u. The must get game that is actually using the console to the fullest.

    • code

      let prove this patcher troll wrong

  • He might actually have a point this time unless he’s proven wrong. Just look at all the ports and no new games. Games like BO2,AC3, DarkSiders,Mass Effect. How are they going to sell if they were already out on the PS3/Xbox 360? If they start Bayonetta 2  and some First party party titles then they’ll reach their goal. Otherwise no. He was proven wrong with 3DS because of first party titles and exclusive 3rd party titles to 3DS. The Wii U hasn’t gotten any exclusives except for Zombi U.

  • InterTriplete

    2,5 milions now, after less than 2M. If there is a man who doesn’t know a thing, he is mr. patcher. EPIC FAIL