Jun 19th, 2013


Last week a Q & A session surrounding Pokemon X & Y took place for fans and press to ask questions about the upcoming game. One person asked the team to go into further detail about Mew-two and his changing forms, and whether or not he would appear in the new Smash Bros. game for Wii U.

The team responded that they didn’t have anything to announce about Mew-two’s new form and that they can’t comment on his appearance in other games. Masahiro Sakurai, the main developer on the Super Smash Bros. series was sitting in the audience, however, and he commented with a simple, “We are thinking about it.”

We know the entire roster for Super Smash Bros. hasn’t been revealed yet, but the addition of the Villager from Animal Crossing and Mega Man from Capcom’s famous series have been positive ones. Would you like to see Mew-two in Super Smash Bros?

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  • bizzy gie

    I don’t know. We had Mewtwo in SSBM and Lucario in SSBB. I’d rather keep upgrading Pokemon as we go along. I’d much rather play as a Legendary.

    • DingoWalley

      Well, Mewtwo is a legendary pokemon. Lucario isn’t a legendary at all, actually. I’d support bringing Mewtwo back, in either his old or new form.

      • Kyle

        If there is any mewtwo form it will be the new one, for sure. I think it would be cool tho, the smaller mewtwo form fits better as a fighter in ssb imo. Or maybe he could transform like zelda/sheik.

      • Adrian

        Mewtwo is more than legendary, he is ULTIMATE. More or less, he’s like a pokemon god. Haha.

      • bizzy gie

        I should’ve specified. I meant a Pokemon along the lines of the one that was in that one stage in SSBB that screws up direction, flips everything upside-down, and fires huge rays from the ground up.

        • Mike Vukovich

          Zekrom for Smash 4!

    • simkenno

      With that logic both pikachu and jigglypuff wouldnt be characters ? Some Pokemon are more popular than others and if many fans prefer mewtwo than a new pokemon…. guess who will get put in ! 🙂

    • jay

      It would be fine if they were all in as unique fighters. As clones, NO THANK YOU I rather have one at a time.

    • Neilandio

      Maybe zoroark?

  • simkenno

    Yes id love this ! My pics a def giveaway i love mewtwo. But keep it in its original forme then maybe have its down + b move be the transformation into mewtwo’s awakening forme. 🙂 please here my plea. Have more pokemon playable but not too many in smash bros. Maybe 5 would be pushing it but sure , i wont complain 😉

  • John Andalora

    I remember him from Melee.
    He was okay, but not great.

  • Josiah Parsons

    Please. Cut Jigglypuff. Just do it. Now.

    • Rade

      That would be a huge loss since Jigglypuff is one of the best characters (if you know how to play it properly ;D ).

      If they add Mewtwo, I’d say they SHOULD take the new form. I think it’s more logical this way with X and Y coming this year and since they always use the most recent appeareance for their characters

      • Terrible Pun

        Jigglypuff should stay…she’s my level 9 punching bag.

      • Mike Vukovich

        Snake is an even better character. Would cutting him be a huge loss?

        • Madmagican

          Yes, but you also have to remember that there’s only a few slots for 3rd party characters and Megaman is already taking up one of them; not to mention Sakurai said he wants more franchises represented and he’s keeping the roster relatively the same size

          • Mike Vukovich

            I understand your point, I was just pointing him out since a couple of people seem to be arguing that Jigglypuff should stay in simply because she’s a good character competitively.

            If Snake is cut out, some people would miss him, some people would be glad to see him gone since he was broken in Brawl, and some people would just dismiss him as a 3rd party guest character for Brawl only (as opposed to a Smash mainstay). But I think hardly anyone would think he should have stayed just because of his tier ranking.

            Bowser, on the other hand, is a low-tier character (and probably will still be), but he’d be a terrible decision to cut from the roster. Even though he didn’t appear in Smash 64, he’s arguably the most iconic Nintendo villain, and his loss would be much, much worse than Jigglypuff’s. Good thing he’s already confirmed.

          • Madmagican

            Hell, people are always going to miss whatever characters don’t make it back
            but you’re right in that tiers have absolutely nothing to do with the roster and I don’t think the developers really think about the heavily competitive aspect (like tournaments)

    • sdmac200600

      They aren’t cutting jigglypuff. She’s been in the game since the original. Note how they haven’t gotten rid of any of the originals.

      • Adrian

        Jigglypuff is not a girl. Ppl always seem to call it one though.

        • sdmac200600

          But every pokemon has a gender.

          • Adrian

            Yes, but Jigglypuff’s gender in smash has never been disclosed, so you can’t just assume :-p. Bows don’t mean a thing!

          • Sean Castillo

            Actually, you can assume. One of her alt costumes in Brawl is Leaf’s hat. Leaf is a girl.

          • Jeffery02

            Yeah, and Birdo is a cross-dressing guy. Point?

          • Adrian

            I try on women’s hats every time I go into Macys!

          • jay

            lol sweet!

          • Lunatic

            Unless, you know, it’s one of the 70 genderless Pokemon.

          • Adrian

            That’s weird, in gold when you could breed, I’m pretty sure all the pokemon had genders. But then again, they could just not have included all of the pokemon in that game.

          • Madmagican

            well some aren’t given a gender in the games (commonly found in rock-types)

    • Adrian

      No, Jigglypuff was my original favorite character in the 64 version, before I became equally good with all the other characters (then Samus, fox, and DK were probably my favorites). Anyways, Jiggly is a beast, why would you cut Jiggly?

      • jay

        Jiggly is a beast. people are just too wussy to give her a try.

        SIDE NOTE: I once attended a Smash tournament and only one person chose Jiggly. He was an emo guy(think bronie) and he got annihilated the first round. He slowly walked out of the building after being defeated and just stood leaning against a wall. Staring into the ground with watery eyes for about 15 minutes….

        • Adrian

          Jigglypuff is awesome for playing against medium high level players. I usually don’t use Jiggly against people I actually feel threatened by though haha.

    • Petri

      Wanted to show you a big black dude announcing his love to jigglypuff,
      couldnt find it, so here’s something better.

      • William Jarael Smith

        Lol I know what you’re talking about. Its called “Black man loves Pokemon”. I about died laughing when I first seen that video.

        • Petri

          No wonder I didnt find it, I only remembered something about “making love to” a jigglypuff.

    • Kirbyomega

      You can’t get rid of one of the originals.

      • jay

        He’s probably like 12. I hate when little kids come and try to change the rules of the game.

        • Mike Vukovich

          The reason why he wants Jigglypuff cut is probably because she’s no longer relevant to the Pokémon fandom. She’s probably loved by Smash fanboys, and Smash fanboys alone. Especially Melee fanboys. If they replaced her with Genesect/Noivern/Zekrom/something, the larger Pokémon fandom would probably be happy, while Melee Jiggly fanboys would rage.

          • Arthur Jarret

            In this short text, you have used the word ‘fanboys’ four times, and ‘fandom’ twice.

            To give a final blow to your (likely well-meant) argument: Jigglypuff is the most popular gen1 pokemon in japan. It’s the pokemon’s poster boy/girl/thing there!

            Which fanbase would be most important to japanese game developers?

          • Mike Vukovich

            -First of all, you probably mean WAS the most popular Gen I Pokémon in Japan. The fact comes from the very early days of Pokémon; it’s been over 15 years since then. Back then, the proportion of kids to adults that were into Pokémon was far larger, so it’s natural that the “cutemons” like Jigglypuff got more attention then than they do now, when the fanbase shafts them in favor of the “badassmons” like Charizard.
            -Secondly, even so, at the time it was only the second most-popular next to Pikachu.
            Look at the nonexistent level of marketing and promotion Jigglypuff is getting these days compared to Charizard, Dragonite and Mewtwo, even in Japan. If Jigglypuff was still that popular, it would have been a perfect opportunity for the anime writers to bring back the classic Sharpie-wielding Jigglypuff from the anime, rather than (or in addition to) Ash’s Charizard.
            Which audience would be most important to Japanese anime writers?

          • Arthur Jarret

            That sharpie wielding jigglypuff just gave me an idea:
            They should make a jigglypuff-starring pokémon-themed drawn to life game.

          • Mike Vukovich

            However, there are two reasons why she could stay in the roster, the first being that she’s one of the originals, and the second being that she could show off the new Fairy type.

            But then removing her from Smash would be a much less extreme version of making Pikachu unobtainable in a Pokémon game, which they did do for all Gen V games. Oh the horror!

        • Kirbyomega

          Well you were close ^-^ I’m 14

      • Adrian

        Have all the originals been in every game? Luigi, and ness also?

        • Madmagican

          Yes they have.

      • Mike Vukovich

        Says who?

      • zerooooo

        Ok Im just going to guess you are new to SSB and Nintendo in general.

    • bizzy gie

      But I like doing the Jigglypuff glitch. Plus Kirby needs a girlfriend.

    • jay

      Please shut up. Just because YOU don’t like her doesn’t mean you have the voice to take her away. Shes’ HUGE in Japan so she’s staying for sure.

      I’ve just about had it with all these selfish requests. “Take out Wii Fit trainer” “Take out Lucario” “Take out Villager” “Don’t include Mii’s” “Don’t include Ike”.

      Don’t like a character? DON’T CHOOSE THEM.

      • Mike Vukovich

        The problem isn’t that we have Jiggly in the roster, the problem is that she’d be in over a different/more popular Pokémon. And she USED to be huge in Japan; she actually seems pretty irrelevant to the Pokémon fandom right now. Though they could always leave her in to show off her new Fairy-type moves.

        Think about it; if Jigglypuff was cut from Brawl rather than Mewtwo, how would fans react differently?

    • Michael Nillo

      aww no! she’s the perfect troll character! what better way to insult people than by beating them with jigglypuff?

    • Mike Vukovich

      Seconded. It’d also be cool if they got rid of Pokémon Trainer’s stamina system, made Charizard a standalone character, or God forbid replaced her with Zekrom or a pseudo-legendary. Or Trainer Hilda, to replace her as the token female Pokémon character.

      Yes, right now, Hilda (and the Unova starters or Hydreigon/Haxorus/Zoroark they’d likely give her) is probably multiple times as popular as Jigglypuff.

    • TULFich

      Please do so, it really annoys me seing it on the roaster, or use another fairy pokemon, I´m sick of jigglypuff using that roaster slot!!

  • CyanideInsanity

    You know what they should do? Make some characters alternate skins. So in this case, if they did bring mewtwo back, you’d be able to to use a lucario skin. They would be exactly the same, aside from the cosmetics.

  • everyone

    I enjoyed Mewtwo more than Lucario but it might be cooler if the new form was playable also.

    • TaintedXGamer

      in b4 mewtwo makes it in and his final smash is 2 go into his awakened form or mew3 as some peeps like to call it and be powered up.

      • jay

        Not Bad.

  • zerooooo

    Please add MewTwo, or atleast his new form. I actually liked mewtwo I was good with him in melee.

  • *you’resuchanoob

    I want Mewtwo to be in there, but if he is then Lucario may not be. I’d rather have Lucario; he kicks ass.

    • Josiah Parsons

      the Villager would be great against Lucario. that pocket projectiles defense/attack thing would grab those bolts right out of the air, then Pow! right back at him!

  • Adrian

    Yo Ashley, correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no dash in Mewtwo. I hope I’m right, since Pokemon was my life between 7th and 9th grade (The original 150). :-p

  • Lunatic

    “Mew-Two”? Are you people serious? I thought it was a joke when I read the article title, but then they repeated it THREE TIMES in the article.

    It’s “Mewtwo”. No hyphen, no capital T. Just Mewtwo. Jesus, do you people do any research?

    • Mochlum

      It’s a hyphen. It barely matters….

      • Lunatic

        It’s a name. It’s a well-established name of a well-known character, written incorrectly FOUR times on a popular video game news site. Would you say it matters if another news site wrote an article that constantly said “President O-Bama”? Might get people riled up a little, don’t you think?

        Also, you can’t say it doesn’t matter when it’s making the readers into idiots. I see a bunch of posts here in which people are now spelling it “Mew-Two” or “MewTwo”, two spellings I’ve honestly never seen used before now. I know it’s minor, but it’s still spreading ignorance to the impressionable youngsters, and that’s not cool.

        • QuizmasterBos

          Actually, I’ve seen people spelling it Mew-Two before. And it was just as stupid as you would imagine. Also, thanks for pointing this out, I hope someone already would’ve. Otherwise we can start spelling all characters names differently:
          Don Key Kong
          Mr. Gaim and Watsj

          • Lunatic

            Yeah, I felt like I needed to point it out, but I suppose it’s a little pointless in the end. It’s not like Wii U Daily actually pays attention after a post. That post about Mario 3D World still incorrectly has the Smash Bros trailer on it.

            Hopefully some readers will learn something, though.

        • Mochlum

          To be fair, I’m pretty sure Obama’s name is much more known then Mewtwo… (Also, isn’t Mew-Two a nickname for Mewtwo’s new form they announced?)

      • Josiah Parsons

        Barely Matters??????!!!??
        Punctuation is POWER.

        • Andreas Sunde

          Says punctuation is power. Uses incorrect punctuation.

          Seriously, “??!?!?!??!?” is unnessescary. A simple “?”, or “!?” is enough.

          • Bob Charlie

            “Downvoted for grammar.”

          • Josiah Parsons

            Sorry. that was to imply extreme shock. you got me.

          • zerooooo

            Your being a grammar fag and you capitalized your “I” in is. Seriously, don’t be that person.

          • Andreas Sunde

            Sorry, autoshift on iPad. Edited.

          • Logan Waltz

            dude, you clearly don’t get it. take your lack of artistic understanding and gtfo!!!!!!!!1111!!!!@@!!!!$$$!!!

      • David Reynolds

        It’s the principle, man! /fake outrage

    • Brian

      so true, I was like what is ‘mew-two’…

    • Adrian

      How come my post that pointed out the exact same thing 30 minutes before you (just in a more polite way) gets all but ignored, while yours gets a whole bunch of attention. Oh well 🙂 haha.

      • Lunatic

        Probably the phrasing. I jumped right into my point (first word was their typo) and used repetition to push my point. Also, you said “Yo Ashley”, so there’s a good chance that some people stopped reading before getting to your actual point if they didn’t think they were meant to read it.

        Nowhere did you actually say “Mew-Two”, so a quick skim may not have revealed your intentions.

        • Adrian

          Could be :p.

    • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

      I know I was about to say that’s disrespectful. Lol you can’t mess up the most famous Pokemons name. Mewtwo is like the king of all pokemon. Unacceptable

  • Daniel

    OH YEAH!! I’d love to see him back in action!

  • Mochlum

    Yes please!

  • DeedsGaming .

    So they’re stuck on Mewtwo, but determined on Wii Fit Trainer… Nintendo is a confusing company…

    • QuizmasterBos

      I don’t think it’s that confusing at all. Nintendo prefers bringing new fighters to the table, especially those of franchises that haven’t even been a part of Super Smash Bros. yet. That’s the reason Mr. Game and Watch and Olimar were added to Brawl.

      Going back to a previous character (especially a character from a well-represented franchise) that you cut in a later installment would be backwards thinking. So, I don’t think they’ll bring back Dr. Mario either, or Pichu.

      Also, I prefer new characters, makes the game much more worth it to play.

      • Andy

        Mr. Game and Watch was added in Melee.

        • QuizmasterBos

          Dang, you’re right. Well, they DID add R.O.B. in Brawl.
          Either way, my point still stands.

    • jay

      You don’t understand. Wii Fit Trainer is really pushing the game forward(As is Mega Man). Smash Bros. Isn’t about YOUR favorite characters. It’s about putting together the ultimate fighter with as much diversity possible.

      Reading some people character requests make me sick. No wonder Sakurai is so frustrated. I’ve seen kids request 10 characters from the Mario universe and others request Tekken characters. Are you Serious?!!

      • DeedsGaming .

        Wii Fit Trainer is NOT pushing the game forward, she has an ugly design with a boring (as we’ve seen) moveset. Just because it’s a new character doesn’t mean it’s innovation.

    • Mike Vukovich

      Don’t worry. They probably do want to put Mewtwo back in. And Wii Fit Trainer wasn’t put in to advertise Wii Fit, she was put in as a Mr. Game and Watch-type silly gimmick character. And to troll fans (no, really). She is a pretty creative and amusing character choice, though it’d fit best if her role was similar to Mr. G&W rather than a starting character (which she looks like right now).

  • Starfoxguy

    I would love to play as Mewtwo again.

  • Vextrum

    I don’t see Mewtwo happening. I don’t really see Lucario or Zoroark happening either. Although I may be wrong, I think Nintendo will use a character other than this gen’s main Pokemon.

  • CleanerTax


  • John Sullivan

    Mewtwo is like my favorite pokemon of all time, so of course I want him back!

  • Lusunup

    Mewtwo has a changing form? o,O im sorry but when did this happen?

  • Graeme Lynch

    YES! I was GUTTED when Mewtwo wasn’t in Brawl and replaced with Lucario. Really? Lucario? Pffffft. Really hope he Mewtwo returns to his overpowered glory!

  • Joyous Killer

    Damn Miiverse… they might get what they want for once….

  • shoeses47

    If they add Mewtwo into Smash Bros., I might actually forgive them for adding in the Wii Fit trainer and buy it.

    • Ryushi

      Can I ask what was wrong with the Female trainer? She’s what is known in the fighting game community as a “Joke Character”. Remember Dan from the Street Fighting series? Same basic thing. Besides the Smash Bros. cast was in need if more female fighters anyway.

      • shoeses47

        If they were adding a butt load of new characters like they have in the past games, I wouldn’t give a shit. But that’s not what they’re doing this time. So, to cut to my point, she’s taking up a space that should be filled with a character that actually deserves it, like Mewtwo. Besides we already have 3 “joke characters” in the series. Why the hell do we need a new one for every new SSB game?

        • Ryushi

          They never said there wasn’t going to be a relatively high amount of characters. Don’t forget that 35 or even just 24 are both quite decent amounts of fighters. Besides the Wii Fit Trainer is apart of a series that became very popular, and a Nintendo exclusive.
          And in relation to joke characters: which are you speaking of? Only previous joke character I am aware of is Pichu. You do realize a “Joke Character” by definition is a character that is considered nearly unusable in competitive play, and Lord knows Smash has quite a unique competitive scene.
          And allow me to point out they said Smash simply won’t have more characters, so I assume they mean they’ll have a maximum of either 35 or 24 characters. Besides, if you have suggestions for them to use that are not third-party characters (they stated there’ll be very few third-party characters), I’d suggest trying to contact Sakurai via Twitter.

  • Ryushi

    Can we stop obsessing about the spelling guys, seriously? I know people are going to down-vote me but whatever. Onto the actual topic of the article: Mewtwo would be a welcome character, however if he does make it in the game he needs a buff.
    In relation to Mewtwo, I feel that Mew should be pushed into the game, it’s an important character to the series, and one of my reasons for wanting Mew is mostly because if it wasn’t for Mew, Mewtwo wouldn’t exist. Please do not hesitate to correct me if I’m wrong.
    Oh and I want Mew as a fully playable character, even though I mostly believe Mew would be a little harder to figure out the move set, considering we haven’t seen Mew fight very much.

  • Mike Vukovich

    Mewtwo returning sounds awesome, but wait until you find out that HER new voice and gentle personality will be in Smash… *shudders*

  • Josiah Parsons

    What would be really cool would be if pokemon evolved in game. like if Pikachu started as pichu, but once he deals 100 damage he evolves into Pikachu, and then 200 later he evolves into big, bad, Richu!

  • Abe

    Jigglypuff is pretty relevant considering she is a fairy type now.

  • JulioCHB

    i like it..i imagine a final power of mewtwo evolving in mewthree (the new form in pokemon x/y) like samus and zero suit samus..and if you make another final power you dont change again..you have a doble final power

  • Tyler

    Of course Mew-two need to be implented into the game, If smash bros is going to bring in some pokemon they need to bring in the major faces of that. Of Course Pikachu is making the appearance the face today, but Mew-Two is also one of the Faces of Pokemon.

  • Dan Walton

    maybe mewtwo could turn into his new form? DID U THINK OF THAT? NO, IM A GENIUS SIGN ME UP FOR ALL THE SMASH BROS TITLES FROM NOW ON 😀

  • $41809923

    mewtwos ressurection is coming soon
    x and y please my fav character is hear

  • floatinghead21

    Did anybody watch the video where Mario and Megaman battled each other? Now did anyone see Megaman use that attack where he hit the ground with the fire and stuff? Is it just me or did that move do about 50 damage? I think that’s more then a falcon punch!

  • floatinghead21

    People have been wanting Megaman for so long that the people working on the game might be pressured to make him over powered. I’d actually like to play as Megaman but I don’t want to use him if they overpower him.

  • msrio
  • William Cole

    I loved Mewtwo in SSBM. He was waaaay better than Lucario.

  • Ray

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE BRING BACK MEWTWO!!!! And Mewtwo has no hypen please..

  • Jonathan

    omfg please.

  • Jonathan

    some of you naggers need to realize that if a character has been in two smash bros games already, They won’t, I repeat, won’t take them out. That’d be absolutely stupid. They’re veteran characters and deserve to be in the game. I don’t want another situation like Marvel vs Capcom where they took out Mega Man, which was very dumb.

  • Yesenia Lucio

    Yes! Hopefully they will will hes an awsome fighter 😀

  • companyoflosers

    if they DO put mewtwo back in, id say make it so the forms are inter-changable kinda like zelda and sheik. pres down+B and a quick transformation back and forth or maybe just start as mewtwo then you can only transform forward but not back? maybe have distinct advantages or disadvantages of changing or something? might be cool.

  • Your money

    Mewtwo, the strongest Pokemon of all Pokemon. (before arceus was created.) I would consider him to be in supersmash bros 4. its better than lucario to be honest.

  • TULFich

    I liked mewtwo, but his lack of full back-guard attacks made him really difficult to use so most of the people would left him abandoned (like me) and it was slow as watching ice melt!! And because Smash is about freshness, I would rather see his awakened form than his original one, looks badass (yes, like Freezer´s 3rd form), and could be a great introduction for old and new fans of the series.

  • brandon braun

    Yes i like to see him in ssbU

  • Arthur Jarret

    The only thing I really, really, really want to see in the Wii U version of smash is a Xenoblade-themed stage.

    Fighting on top of the giants (which should be a bit smaller in smash than they were in shulks adventures) while the giants are moving & fighting each other would be great.

  • Nos’am

    I think it would be awesome to have Mewtwo back in the game, but with a altered moveset then ere. I think it would also be great to insert Scizor as a character. He as the potential. 4 limbs like all the other characters, great moves like bullet bunch, counter, steel wing etc.,

  • MujuraNoKamen

    I hope more Pokemon get in, we know Pikachu will be there, and probably Jigglypuff, hopefully Pokemon Trainer. Mewtwo would be amazing but it’s quite possible that they’d use one from gen 5/6 instead – maybe both.
    Speaking of new characters, how about Pac-Man, Sonic, Snake again, Bayonetta (I would tweet the developer and ask but…), Travis Touchdown?

  • Yes please. Mewtwo is heaps better than Lucario. I also want Charizard as his own character, not stuck with Pokemon Trainer.

  • Kaihaku

    Yes! Please bring back Mewtwo!

  • Apollo Haynes

    nah. i think Genesect should be in. (also, i would LOVE IT if you could be PACMAN, RIDLEY, and (place name here) the main character from PUNCHOUT

    • sup3rnoah

      little mac