Jun 13th, 2014


Judging by Nintendo’s release schedule over the past couple of generations you’d swear Metroid was simply a sad afterthought and Samus Aran’s role was reduced to Smash Brothers fodder. But the future of Metroid might not be dead if Miyamoto’s words with Kotaku are to hold any value.

When asked which style of Metroid game he likes — the 3D platformer-style games or the first-person “Prime” style — Miyamoto proudly professed Prime, and his belief that there’s a lot that can be done with that in the future. Producer Shinya Takahashi went with the 2D-style Metroid, for what it’s worth.

Either way, it’s quite telling that neither of them were willing to close the books on the beloved series. While this certainly doesn’t confirm a Metroid game is coming anytime soon, it’s important that they left the door open: after all, we were ready to give up on Star Fox before Miyamoto surprised us with an announcement that they were working on bringing the series back at some point next year.

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  • Disappointing but hopeful at the same time.

  • Ducked

    Looks like we won’t be getting one until 2016/17. But please Nintendo, don’t give us a 2D Metroid on Wii U before a 3D Metroid. We already have 2D Mario, 2D Donkey Kong, 2D Yoshi, and 2D Kirby. I like 2D games, but please give us more 3D games! I never thought I’d be saying this.

    • matthew garcia

      I agree. I’m still pissed though. Will Wii u even still be alive by the time a metroid game is made

      • David Trail

        100%, yes. Stupid question.

        • tronic307

          This^ Nintendo just owned E3 and MK and Smash are huge. Now that the must-haves are rolling in they’re just getting started with Wii U.

    • LevenThumps

      I agree. I think a 2D Metroid would fit better on the 3DS, and the Prime style would work extremely well on the WiiU.

      • Mads

        Is that a Spoonhead I see as your avatar? 😀

        • LevenThumps

          Yes it is. 🙂

    • Casey

      I feel the opposite. I want more 2D side scrollers and less 3D.

  • jjbredesen

    YES! YES! YES! This may not sound like much, but the fact that Miyamoto even talked about considering it, is enough for me!

    • This game more realistic graphics would fit the game type.

      • jjbredesen

        Yeah it would, usually i enjoy more artistic directions, but Metroid simply must be Metroid: Dark, realistic, gritty and represent Nintendo’s more dark side.

        A dead space theme would suit metroid a lot!

    • Daniel Carvalho

      As long as it’s Retro making the game, and not Yoshio Sakamoto, I’m all for it. Specially if they either remove Other M from the cannon or just make the next game as they’ve made the others, without playing with Samus’ character, giving her voice, or making her have flashbacks.

      Of course, the 3D title would be for Wii U, but the 2D title would be for 3DS.


      • Mario

        Right… You do realize that not everyone hated that game. Right?

        • Daniel Carvalho

          Talking about numbers, Sakamoto’s way of portraiting Samus didn’t sell. Using the same approach again wouldn’t be the smartest choice.

          • abe

            and if we go by the number they should scrap all retro metorid games for more donkey kong because donkey kong country returns out sold the entire prime trillogy.

            I’m all for exploring samus as a character as a complaint that is always thrown at nintendo is lack of story or development. Much like Batman though “early years” isn’t what we want to see. We want to see Samus at the top of her game

          • Fred

            It sold almost the same number as Prime 2 and this was AFTER the Wii was basically dead!

          • Mario

            You do also realize that, whether we like or not, they won’t remove Other M from the Metroid cannon. Right?

        • tronic307

          It was a good game, just not Metroid good. After beating it, I was crushed with disappointment. I still beat it 100% on hard mode, though.

        • MetroidZero

          I prefer Other M than Prime 3…but that’s just me!

        • Fred

          I like Other M!

      • Thiago Fernandes de Aguiar

        If you don’t like metroid other M than you are not a metroid fan = I played all metroid games since nintendo 8 bits and the prime series for me was the worst games.

        • Daniel Carvalho

          I’m not gonna discuss if liking Other M makes you a fan or a retard because I’m tired of it, but speaking in term of sales, the game has proven it’s not a profitable path for the franchise. According to Reggie himself, the game didn’t sell even half as what they were expecting.

    • Jack5221

      3D Prime for the Wii U, and a 2D Metroid for the 3DS. I’d be okay with that.

      • jjbredesen

        Yup, that would be fantastic!

      • Ellen

        I’d prefer, yes, 3D prime for Wii U and 2D for Wii U/3DS as well. I don’t want to miss any Metroid games.

    • Rinslowe

      Well Sci-fi and realistic “style” visuals are mean’t for each other imo – in many cases. Looking at how Nintendo has succeeded with their recent art styles and technical prowess. I’d say if they handled Metroid in-house. They could make something quite amazing using that approach.

      • jjbredesen

        Yup, Nintendo have really proven this gen, that if they want to they can make just about anything looks amazing.

        They made fucking Mario Kart look like one of the best games ever, and its a cart racer!

        The one thing they have most control over is the shading in there games, just look at any major 1st party title and you will be blown away.

        Now after seing how well they have done Zelda U, i am sort of 100% onboard the Nintendo boat again.

        I know that they can make it great, and i am sure it will be!

    • The Clockwork Being

      I think they should start a new Trilogy and not call it Prime. Because if we follow the Prime Trilogy, the Metroid Prime and Phazon insurrection have been taken care of so it would logical of some new treat would be at work this time

      Not related:We might be hearing about Mother 3 soon too if the Nintendo Digital Event said anything.

      Loved it when the guy said: Where is Star Fox and then we got Star Fox!!

      • jjbredesen

        Yeah, i agree on that was just talking about the style of gameplay etc.

        As far as Mother 3 goes, Reggie said that they where just having some fun with us, and that they are not working on it 😉

  • Lusunup

    I long as they stick with first person now it’s fine some of us are getting tired of 2.5 d games we should of got a 3d donkey kong and we diffently need a open world pokemon game.

  • Teves153

    Ok then, E3 2015 then…

  • Ony

    I’m speedrunning Metroid Fusion, and I’d love to speedrun a 2D 3DS Metroid game <3

    And as always: METROID BY RETROOOOO o/

  • MerryBlind .

    A new hardcore first-person Metroid game might just be exactly what the Wii U needs. Have Metroid fill the role of Nintendo’s answer to Halo. Give it an awesome local and online multiplayer. A good shooter to gather to that crowd would really help the Wii U sales, and Nintendo’s image in general. Of course that doesn’t mean letting go of the exploration Metroid games are known for, don’t make it a straight-up shooter, but do make it attractive to the shooter crowd.

    Really, I think a good first-person Metroid is THE ONE game the Wii U/Nintendo needs ASAP.

    • DC777

      Very true but if it hasn’t even been thought of much less started, may as well forget it at this point. I think Nintendo needs some new blood after the things I have heard over the last few days. These guys are old. Even Mickey Mantle had to retire at some point.

    • Rinslowe

      I would actually like to see them develop a third person Action RPG style shooter similar in mechanics to say the ME series. That would be interesting…
      But a first person answer to Halo would suit me equally fine.

      • MerryBlind .

        I think that wouldn’t really suit the series since it has already established itself as either a 2D side-scroller or an adventure FPS game. They might as well use Star Fox to do a 3rd person shooter since it was already employed for StarFox Adventures.

        But sure, it could definitely work, I just think it’s not necessary to the franchise.

        • Rinslowe

          I think it would reinvigorate it in the same way the prime series did.
          It was changing things up that made the prime series stand the test of time.
          I could imagine many different interesting third person mechanics that would fit the Metroid idea perfectly.
          I could also see new HD remakes on future generation systems benefiting from having many different types of Metroid experiences available…
          But that’s just my tastes.

    • abe

      I think they could do a “proper shooter” using the Metorid Universe but not Samus herself.

      I think Nintendo needs to spin off its franchises into unused genres like they did with Luigi’s Mansion. Like a 3rd person open world Captian Falcon Bounty Hunter game

  • Arthur Jarret

    I’m hoping they continue the tale of fusion in a 2D 3DS game, with free aiming using the touchscreen similar to the control method of PC-title abuse (where you ran with keys, aimed with a mouse).

    I also hope they’ll make a sequel to Metroid Prime Hunters on Wii U – including bounty hunters with various abilities and multiple online modes in addition to a robust single-player game that doesn’t include most of those hunters (maybe in background story as scans and encountered as mutated lifeforms) – but instead goes back to a sense of solitude that was present in the first three metroid games as well as the first metroid prime.

    • abe

      I think Metorid Prime Hunters sequel needs to be made with Nintendo working with a online experienced third party dev

  • Sdudyoy

    I love Metroid, but it’s never been a system seller, and that’s what the Wii U needs, but man the Wii U is perfect for Metroid, with the gamepad, and HD visuals.

  • LevenThumps

    At least there is still hope for Metroid fans. Maybe we’ll see it at E3 2015?

  • Fuzzylittlebastard

    I agree with the people that have commented already. The Wii U NEEDS a Metroid game to attract the hardcore gamers to the scene.

  • TheBoldman67

    I guess I’d better give up on F-Zero. ;(

    • abe

      well they only do 1 mario kart per system and we got MK8 very early. so there is plenty of Time for F-Zero or Diddy Kong Racing

  • Dark Lord Sauron

    dont forget guys nintendo did give retro the green light to start working on metroid game after their done with their current projects and retro did give an metroid easter egg on tropical freeze

    • DC777

      The way things are going they probably have them working on a bunny hop game.

    • abe

      if you want another metriod game after these ones come out buy two copies!
      the only reason we got DK: Tropical Freeze is because DK: returns out sold the entire prime trilogy and it’s Wii Rerelease combined

  • Mr Ninty

    not enough starfox in these comments. i want starfox

  • CaptRodgers

    How does it seem like metroid is an afterthought after the last couple generations? There are more Metroid games on wii and gc than either Zelda or 3D Mario games. They’ve released two games per system, if anything that makes it one of Nintendo’s most released franchises on home systems, not counting spin offs

  • discuss

    Why would a series so popular suddenly be considered dead? I really don’t get it.

    • David Trail

      It isn’t dead. Nintendo just don’t milk Metroid as much. One is on the way. That I am pretty certain.

      • discuss

        Well this article surely disagrees with that. I love Metroid games.

        • David Trail

          I love Metroid games. Nintendo don’t milk Metroid games as much as say Mario. That is a fact. I also love Mario even if it is milked a bit.

    • abe

      Metorid suffered a heavly blow when Donkey Kong country Returns outsold the whole Prime trilogy and rerelease combined

  • Casey

    side scrolling Metroid please

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    As long that Metroid Will Coming Back then i’m Happy.

  • nWo4liFe

    So… Are we suppose to think Retro aren’t working on Metroid as we speak? I think Nintendo knows that they don’t wanna throw all the big stuff out there at the same time.

  • Mario

    You surprised us with Star Fox Miyamoto. I wouldn’t be surprised if your keeping another one in your sleeves as well.

    • David Trail

      A new Metroid is definitely on the cards.

    • LevenThumps

      Mother 3 US Release! (We can always dream, can’t we?)

  • David Trail

    It hasn’t been that long in all honesty. The last one Other M came out in 2010. Only 4 years. A new Metroid will probably come out late 2015 or early 2016.

  • Rinslowe

    Miyamoto san wouldn’t confirm nor deny any franchise on their list of IP’s…
    Nothing is impossible. But it does seem that for the foreseeable future; improbable.
    If they do begin developing it, expect roughly 2 years before release. That’s the tail end of Wii U’s lifespan almost…

    • abe

      they announced Smash Bros before any work had started which was a mistake because people demanded it every time they spoke. I think Nintendo’s new policy is to Announce when they have something to show

  • Marioman21

    Remember the rush of Metroid we got in the mid 2000’s from 2002 until 2007 we got Fusion, Zero Mission, and Prime 1-3 in the main series. Plus we got 2 spinoffs in Prime Hunters and Metroid Prime Pinball.

  • Spaniard0069

    Metroid Prime Trilogy HD?

    • MetroidZero


      • abe

        this would be the second re release of prime though

        • MerryBlind .

          who cares.

    • MerryBlind .

      Yes please. I have never played them, and the trilogy is super rare and thus expensive right now. Plus, an HD remastering wouldn’t hurt. I heard those games are beautiful already!

  • Spoon

    Ugh.. no fps please. This was all a competition back then against Halo.

    Retro is certainly a very capable studio, but no fps… Gameplay wise, Other: M was a huge improvement (as a metroid game), and way more metroid-ish. It just needs to not be so linear, and Samus HAS to be a silent protagonist. Or just have factual inner thoughts like previous games. Although the level designs and all was wonderful in the Primes, Samus was clunky and unagile. But obviously, they were good games.

    Sakamoto is overly blamed methinks, I blame more the localization team behind the translation of M:om, they exacerbated the (kinda classic, mainstream japanese) cheese of the plot.

    Anyway… At this point I’ll take anything of Metroid that they’ll throw at me.

  • lonewolf

    This means there will be a metroid 3d game for the wii u and 2d metroid for the 3ds

  • Keith D. Witherspoon

    I don’t think they need to rush a new Metroid. Since we’re officially FINALLY getting another StarFox game. I’m cool with them spending time focusing on that game. They also have Zelda coming so they can cool it on the Metroid for now. But I think sometime towards the end of the generation there should be a Metroid game. I think people judged Other M too harshly. It was still a pretty solid. But I think if they do decide to continue the Prime series, I hope they develop an Online Multiplayer system. We need it. I know most Nintendo fans don’t like first person shooters and to them, I don’t care. The the story mode will still the main focus, if you don’t like it, don’t play it. Simple.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Undoubtedly the story mode should be the main focus but I’d love an online mode in Metroid. I think has so much potential.
      There could be online co/op where you’re Samus/other bounty hunters and you complete missions tracking down space pirates or finding items and god knows what else.

      And instead of standard deathmatch games. You have whole expansive areas where you have to track down other players. reminds me if the end in Snake Eater. or being hunted in MP Hunters.
      whatever happens I hope we get Metroid sooner rather than later.

  • devmiles

    metroid could make a comeback .. eventually…
    that is a very annoying and silly comment.. yes, we will get a starfox which will probably take another year if not longer. i don’t want any mario maker or amiibo toys.. it’s signs that nintendo wants to sell so bad since sales were so bad. even mariokart can’t fix this eventhough it’s a super game. many ‘announced’ titles will take a lot of time to arrive.. zelda… well, my guess is holidays 2015, starfox, same, captain toad, yoshi.. man, did we see anything actually finished? no….

    metroid on a wii-u is like a zelda and very essential.. metroid on the gamecube or say the trilogy.. such a shame they are letting it down.. yeah focus on the kiddy stuff instead.. i just don’t get this. develop a damn good metroid that will recieve a 10 on reviews, they can do it, the wii-u is a perfect system for that.. why haven’t they started in all those years? the E3 presentation was ok, good but just not enough.. zelda as well.. in a very early stage, all the fuzz and talk about that is further speculation that will take us nowhere.. nintendo is too caught up with all that pokemon crap to fund their accounts, it just gives me a bad feeling. their products are indeed special but the wii-u needs not just some info on some games that will arrive in 2015 , it needs a clear heavily fueled injection.. and it just didn’t..

    wait another year, buy a cheap 2nd hand wii-u and around that time you’ll be able to play a decent library of games. reminds me too.. where the hell is pier solar hd?

  • blindtiger

    Prime online fps… The halo killer

  • Petri

    I wish Platinum Games would make a Metroid game.
    Third person action game.

  • Orlie-noob

    The problem with Prime and Other M is that Prime Cut half of Samus Potential and skills/abilities cuz is a FP game unlike a 2D/3D game like OM that u can enjoy everything samus can do like in (old times) that is why i prefer OM than Prime.

  • Allvalve

    I think it is likely that Metroid could very well be a launch game for the 3DS successor and perhaps the Wii U successor.
    What we saw at E3 will take us through to the end of 2015, by which time the 3DS and WiiU will be right at the end of their lifetime, so a Metroid after that is unlikely.
    Of course, Metroid for 3DS and Wii U could be the surprise for E3 2015 and was purposefully held back this year as next year will be quite spartan. (unless they do a hardware reveal)