Nov 20th, 2012

The Wii U has launched, but that doesn’t mean that developers have stopped sharing their thoughts on the console. Especially when it comes to those criticizing the new Nintendo hardware.

Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light developer 4A Games says that the Wii U has a “horrible, slow CPU”, adding that they had access to a Wii U dev kit early in the development of Metro Last Light, but that it wasn’t good enough for the game, quality wise. 4A Games’ CTO Oles Shishkovtsov said:

“Wii U has a horrible, slow CPU. We had an early look at it, we thought we could probably do it, but in terms of the impact we would make on the overall quality of the game – potentially to its detriment – we just figured it wasn’t worth pursuing at this time”

Metro Wii UHe added that they “might” pursue it in the future, but couldn’t promise anything. Metro Last Light was originally scheduled for release on the Wii U, but 4A Games and THQ later reversed that.

4A Games’ comments sounds a bit whiny, since other developers have managed to port them games to the Wii U without any trouble. In fact, the Wii U versions of popular Xbox 360 and PS3 games look better. For example, Batman Arkham City, FIFA 13, and Aliens Colonial Marines all look better on the Wii U, according to their developers.

Nintendo emphasized on power efficiency with the Wii U hardware, and the console reportedly only draws 35 W during New Super Mario Bros U gameplay. This is about one third of what the PS3 draws, and one fourth of the Xbox 360.

However, this isn’t the first time the Wii U CPU has been criticized. Tekken developer Namco said a few months ago that the Wii U CPU clock speed was “kinda low“.


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  • The Detonator

    funny other developers said it was great.

    • NintendoWizard

      Exactly. Other devs who have spent more time working with the new Wii U hardware have been able to port games with no issues, even improving in some cases. It’s laziness and inexperience on 4A Games part. Their claims of a poor CPU are down to their lack of experience with the new platform. Never cared about the Metro series anyway, so many more good franchises out there, plus you can’t buy The Legend of Zelda on PS360… So… Yeah.

      • a educated gamer who doesnt take lies lightly

        there lying its a excuse and a blatant attempt at wiiu sales sabotage remember the wii was a fad also and nintendo doesnt make consoles they make toys COUGH COUGH they admitted not even having a dev kit a few months back

        • MujuraNoKamen

          They’re lying haters, what is it they have against Nintendo? If they say they only make “toys” then how come they’ve made a console that surpasses the abilities of the 360 and PS3 which 4A are happy to develop for? – obvious liars are obvious. And are you serious, they never had a dev kit but they still posted statements about how bad the hardware is, how low can you get! I’ve heard Wii U’s CPU is a bit below par, now I’m no expert on computer parts and all that stuff but you don’t have to be an expert to see that Wii U can still deliver great visuals above the current gen consoles regardless of any issues it has. Now before anyone complains saying Wii U is only as powerful as the ageing consoles, you might want to think again, it’s the first console to offer native 1080p graphics and has been confirmed to be more powerful than the PS3. Don’t give me any of that crap about “oh why do BO2 and AC3 on Wii U look the same as the other versions then?” THEY’RE PORTS FFS! AC and CoD games look the same on PS3 as they do on 360 it doesn’t mean that the PS3 is only as powerful as the XBox. Another way the Wii U proves itself is the fact that it offers graphics which took 6 years to arrive on the 360+PS3 at the start of its lifespan, the best of Wii U is yet to come, I had a similar thing with the PS2, some of it’s earlier games looked like N64 games but after a while we got some pretty good looking games. The only reason we haven’t faced that problem in this gen is because the jump from standard definition to HD was so huge (this cost Microsoft and Sony dearly) it’s a similar story for the jump from SNES to N64, the former focused on 16bit graphics & 2D games (e.g. A Link to the Past) whereas the N64 had 3D graphics and from day 1 offered games unlike that of it’s previous gen counterpart.

          • REALITY

            If “They’re lying haters” that should make you an honest lover? only problem is your facts. There is no reason for Nintendo to have the best hardware or even really try to compete with Sony or Microsoft when it comes to this because if they really needed to or wanted to they would have made the Wii far better then it ever was. Remember, the Wii is barely faster than the FIRST xbox. They have glorified the gamecube again with hardware that is CAPABLE (not special) to do the graphics in HD. I like the Wii U and i am going to get one, but its not better in any graphics department or cpu department. its the equivalent to what is on the market and it has the new handheld toy for wow so that they can keep up with the times. And NO CoD does not look the same on the ps3 and the 360. Only if you compare it to the Wii. LOL

      • MisterED

        How come no one notices this part of what they said about the Wii U? They said and I quote:

        “We had an early look at it”….

        Notice what that means? They tested an Wii U EARLY BUILD DEV KIT THAT WAS NOT FINALIZED!!!! Remember that the early build dev kits had limitations and were later revised and improved. So these guys jumped ship before they even got an improved dev kit.

    • Cheese


      • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

        troll, lets stuff u with troll ammuntition until u explode like an atom bomb.

      • Person

        Someone please ban this retard

        • Chris

          You can’t ban cheese! I love cheese!

      • KDR13

        Your the biggest troll there is! 🙂

      • Steve

        ???? Who cares?

    • Jack

      Talk about a biased article! Voicing opinions and what not. Great objectionable journalism! As long as you praise Nintendo, you are a god. Go against them and you are ‘whiney’ or a fool.

      • htaed7

        ..and that would make the vast majority..(a few years off this stupid trend)
        …WHINY FOOLS

      • NintendoWizard

        The article makes valid points from a Nintendo fans viewpoint. It is NOT biased. Many of the articles on Wii U Daily have objective opinions that pose questions for the reader. LaLlamaqueLlama below makes a good point about THQ/4A games financial situation and that they are bound to prioritise perfecting the PS360 version over adapting it to fit new hardware, at extra cost, for an infinitely smaller install base. It makes sense that the game isn’t coming to Wii U. Their comments about slow CPU are based purely on their inexperience with the console, because they just haven’t bothered to spend any time working with it.

        • Jack

          No, if you know anything about journalism, you are not supposed to voice your opinion while writing. If goes from being objectionable to something short of slander or at the least, biased reporting. While all journalists (or is this a blogger here?) get around being objectionable with slick things like “some people might say that you suck!” They form it in a way to make it appear as if it is not a personal opinion, but it is.

          The idea is to report the facts and not try to create a story that you would prefer the readers to sway towards. You are supposed to let the readers decide on the what the story means. This article in effect says: “THQ says the Wii U’s CPU’s are slow – they just don’t know what they are doing and all they can do is complain!” Instead of attacking them, they should have just written: “While THQ has expressed concerns over their claims that the Wii U’s CPUs are slower than they would prefer, other software developers have not expressed such sentiment and have no issues programming breath taking games for the Wii U.” That way you keep your journalist integrity and you do not sound like you are being PAID to only deal with the positives of Nintendo/Wii U and stomping the negatives into the ground.

          • Nintenlord

            Ha say that to gamespot

        • Hate Skyrim

          Not biased? It’s incredible that you can get so many up votes for being so, so very wrong. I won’t bother to explain reality to you, as it seems like Jack has already done so.

      • Nintyfan

        If it is so biased? Why are you even here?

      • MujuraNoKamen

        The point is this isn’t a proper opinion form 4A, they didn’t even have a Wii U dev kit, so they’re the ones being biased and spreading hate for Wii U about something they’ve not even looked at. And by the way this site isn’t biased, they’ve posted many criticisms of Wii U (as have the users of site) such as the mess about headsets being required instead of using the gamepad microphone as well as criticizing the Wii Us CPU which is a little below par but still not “horrible” like these imbeciles say it is. And before anyone jumps at me saying “they’re still entitled to their opinion” yes that’s true everyone has an opinion but when it comes to consoles and games, you actually have to play them before you can form an opinion – for example, would you listen to a movie review from someone who hasn’t seen the film? NO!

    • LaLlamaqueLlama

      Let me translate it. THQ it´s on financial problems and because the install base of the WiiU is small, and the programming difficulties on how to streamline their code for the console are unknown, they will just ignore the WiiU.

      They aren´t on a position where they can spare more resources that what they need, and they cant bruteforce the development for the WiiU by wasting CPU resources on unoptimized code. So they just prefer to pull the plug.

      • NintendoWizard

        Well said.

      • D2K

        It would have been nice if they would have just told the truth and said just that rather than trying to pass the buck onto Nintendo and spout untruths.

        It is unprofessional and pretty stupid to alienate a company by ban mouthing them publicly when you are on a sinking ship. For all they know, putting a game on the Wii U would be just the thing their company needs to pull it out of this nose-dive.

        I find it very interesting that the most successful 3rd parties right now (Ubisoft, Activision and EA) and have multiple titles on the Wii U and if they have complained about it’s hardware, I haven’t heard it. Ubisoft is trying to stuff as many games as they can on the Wii U.

    • Anhell

      I think That developer doesn’t even know how to make a good game on wii u like the other devs… What a shame!… Hey.. Don’t blame the console… Blame yourself and your crappy skills making games on wii u.

    • htaed7

      that is correct, to me it seems like the dev is trying to save face for promising the title and not coming through (be it by choice or not..they are in bad shape) …so the best way avoid the negative pr is to slip the middle finger to nintendo…i mean seriosly not even the statement makes sense.

      “the cpu is horrible and slow”….so why the hell would you consider in the” future”

      but in the end is all good:
      the pc elitist provide flame ammo to all camps (sony, nintendo, microsoft)
      the “hardcore gamers” get their fix, bashing each other over specs, condeming inovation through gameplay in favor of grafics.
      the mentioned elitists, laugh as console gaming gets flooded with cookie cutter shooters and yearly releases..and eventualy implodes, maybe in the hopes of getting full attention AT LAST for quality games….in their platform (they realy hate us for this)…and finally as the industry seems to come crumbling down…..A new zelda comes out rendering my argument moot, because EVERYBODY will love it.
      …yup same old same old.

    • Hate Skyrim

      This is how less known developers get some media attention. I doubt they honestly think that it is horrible. Besides, even if they did, does it matter? What amazing games have came from Metro recently? I can’t think of a single one…

      • nintendofreak

        wat d hell is metro?

        • Nintenlord

          4 yards ?

    • edward montgomery

      Should of called this nintendo a brick what a joke nintendo are looking now

    • dr scoobie

      there obviously going to be pro’s and cons
      and depending on what you want to do with it
      it could be good or bad.

      for example butter tastes disgusting but
      is great for baking cupcakes.

      so its terrible to eat for lunch
      but is great for making cupcakes.

      • [000]

        I actually kind of like butter by itself.

    • U and Mii

      Who needs their crummy game anyway? I’ve never even heard of them or their game until it was announced for the Wii U, and all it looked like was another unimaginative shooter.

      • Steve

        I don’t even know what the heck of a game they were talking about. Never knew they were making one until just now.

        Not buying it either way. So, they can cancel it. Would not affect me on bit.

    • Mike1986

      Who claimed that CPU is fast or appropriate or even at least so fast like in Xbox/PS3 ???

      You have very little knowledge about IT not mention about developing. GPU mostly is calculating graphic but if you want game with nice A.I., big multiplayer, living world, good physics (which won’t happen on Wii U) you need to wait on new gen.

      Wii U has 3 core CPU based on super duper slow technology which can’t be so fast like his super old brothers from normal consoles.

      Even current Tegra3 or Cortex A9 (quad core 1.5GHz) from mobile phones bitting s*** out of Power 7 (made in 45nm :D).

      Evidence 🙂 check power usage 🙂 it is closer to Atom or even slower.

      CPU made in 45nm with that kind of power usage (32W for whole console, so probably 15W for GPU and 15W for CPU) which would be similar in power to at least mobile CPU’s like Cortex A9 doesn’t exist.

      Why ? If it would be one, then would be used in Samsung Galaxy S3 or other phones, that’s why CPU from your mobile has better performance than Wii U, that’s simple physics CPU in such a old technology would take a lot of energy to calculate everything fast enough.

      Live with it, Wii U CPU is bitten by Cortex A9 in some tests by over 6 TIMES !!!

      That’s huge rotfl. And graphic in Batman or COD isn’t better. Check shadows (lowest possible setting, which always costs a lot of power to render it), Wii U is a huge joke for real gamers.

      Of course for copy of Mario Bros (with almost same graphic like on Wii) it will be fine :>

      But don’t compare CPU to normal CPU’s like Xbox or Cell 🙂 You just making jokers from yourself…

      ROTFL OF THE YEAR 🙂 CPU Wii U >= CELL ???

      • Saminator

        Big thumb up for Mike1986 , finally someone talking technical ,the last metro game had the most intense shade and lighting system than any other game out there even a high end pc hardware was struggling to run the game on max , i mean for god sake how hard is it if they integrated a separate GPU unit with decent memory and a faster cpu . i dont wanna know how farcry 3 and crysis 3 and even the new tomb rider would look like on Wii U , i loved my wii and i waited for years for a faster and better graphics Nintendo console i mean come on nintendo fans what the hell, this wii u is hopeless im sure somewhere inside yourselves would agree with me and dont tell me that the new controller is a winner cuz im sick of it people keep repeating that to me , controller isnt everything today ,lots of today’s great games are very demanding for cpu and gpu power .

  • popotiticaca

    he dosnt like bacon

    • revolution5268

      lets kill them >:C

  • Dazz

    This is why the wii u will need more power

    • Bicentennial_Pidgeon

      Its already OVER 9000 what more do you need.

      • Nintyfan

        Its ovar 90,00000000000000000 and infinity!!!! LOL

    • mojojojo888

      The Wii U has plenty of graphics processing power with its GPGPU, but these developers have taken no time to learn how to write for it. You can’t take games that are primarily CPU driven and copy and paste them to hardware built to be driven by a GPU, it won’t work. You can’t optimize a GPGPU to run like a CPU, and vice versa, and since the other two rely much more heavily on their CPU’s, the Wii U needs some tweaking for those games to make them work well. When the focus starts with the GPGPU from the ground up, then we will see significant jumps. But as far as this developer goes, they may in fact be right about the CPU, but the issue isn’t the CPU, the issue is the different architecture of the machine, which they apparently don’t care to learn.

      • nintendofreak

        u know u could have just said dat deir lazy dumbasses n dat would have save u a paragraph

        • [000]

          That wouldn’t have even been close to the same. This comment explains more than any other in the entire comment section.

  • Jon Turner

    Do we REALLY need to hear this when other developers are making games for it? SERIOUSLY? And some people are predicting 3rd parties will dump WiiU because of this report!

    • Nintenlord

      He just gave hope to haters that needed a developer to fill there empty souls,also from what date is his “opinion”

      • NintendoWizard

        Haters gonna hate. Now they THINK this is the ammo they need to put Nintendo down for good. Too bad they’re most definitely wrong. I predict a lot of exclusives coming our way. Beyond Good and Evil 2 is almost a dead cert IMO.

  • Jetty

    Meh, I still enjoyed New Super Mario Bros. U regardless of CPU. Graphics are crisp, and it ran very smooth. My only problem was not looking at the TV. I couldn’t stop staring at the Gamepad. Wii U’s CPU is good enough for a simpleton like me.

    • Nintedward-WiiU is 100% paid off.

      Exactly. Do any of us true Nintendo fans really give a shit ? nope. I am absoloutly ecstatic about the prospect of playing Assassins creed 3 level graphics under my bed sheets on the gamepad.

      That for me , is a total revoloution in gaming. With the other tablet and social features of wiiu. we have every reason to believe the wiiu is gunna match or exceed the wii.

      • Jesus

        You have all the reason! I really don’t give a sh*t I just buy Nintendo Platforms to play the games I love and to play Nintendo Games I can’t get on other consoles.

    • Jack

      New Super Mario Brothers is a game that could run on the PS, N64 or even the SNES (with more memory)! That is not the kind of game you put out with new hardware to show it off.

      • revolution5268

        i see where you coming from but also keep in mind 2d mario has a large install base, and people always want mario at launch day.

      • Jetty

        My point exactly Jack, even the praise for the SNES. Pikmin will be the show pony of the launch titles. Nintendo wants to show off some first parties before Zelda and Metroid. NSMBU isn’t the graphics of the decade, but it’s fan service. The same as it’s release on the DS, a chance to relive the glory days of 2D platformers.
        That is why I’m a fan in the first place. I’d prefer gameplay over graphics anyday, hence why I play on consoles over PC. I can understand where you’re coming from and respect your answer. Have a great day!

      • eyesac

        Prove it. Last I checked my snes didn’t have a touch screen controller.

      • Kingas of the Pingas

        You don’t know Jack, Jack!

      • immallama

        Are you kidding? Or just plain stupid?

  • Keath

    yeah but it only costs $300 at launch compared to $600 ps3 launch. plus the power draw is great

  • microsia

    Rubbish programers no wonder thq is going out of business nobody else seems to be having problems.

    • Nko Sekirei

      i agree u dont see any other developer say anything bad about the wii u they had said that wii u is 80 to 100 percent more powerful then ps3 and 360 thats due to that the wii u specs is custom built and running on some powerful processors others as well this developer doesnt know wat hes talking about cuase his company is in some serious debt which i feel bad for certain groups that like from thq especially theo nes that made darksiders 2

      • Superrty

        Wait, is this all of thq or just a small group. Cause i like thq. Or maybe just part of it

        • Nko Sekirei

          small group

  • sharlo

    Maybe they din’t get the last devkits. if the wii u cpu is so poor, i don’t think it can handle a next gen game!!. at neogaff they say that a next gen game is in the make for the wii u, it’s a game no one have aspect!!

    • Nintedward-WiiU is 100% paid off.

      If the wiiu’s CPU is so poor why is it running AC3 so effortlessly on day 1 of its release ? No matter how you start tossing the salad , The CPU can’t be that bad on that basis alone.

      Notice he only talks about CPU cus they don’t want to invenst money to make it look better on wiiu , they just want xbox 360 code running on wiiu.

      The wiiu has a higher graphical limit than current gen weak CPU or not and it has its revoloutionary gamepad screen.

      That’s all that matters to me 🙂

      • a educated gamer who doesnt take lies lightly

        exactly there trying to build anti wiiu hate based not on performance but clock speed there lying they never had it in development for wiiu in the first place its a excuse

      • Nin_Stream

        What people don’t get is now Wii U is current Gen. Xbox 360 and PS3 are now last Gen.

        • Sylux

          That is indeed another way to put it.

  • Leeroy


  • Shankovich

    Probably does, but the GPU isn’t. The future is in parallel process programming, so get with the future because the PS4 and Xbox 720 CPU’s from AMD aren’t going to be much better.

    • Madmagican

      especially since 720 comes out next year, it’s not going to be a big improvement at all over Wii U, and the lack of used games and backwards compatibility means 720 for sure will suck… just gotta worry about ps4 competition now

      • Mac

        not really. i heard the ps4/orbis isnt even coming out till 2015 which gives nintendo 2 years to take ps3 fans from the playstation brand. the 720 is gonna be beast anyway you look at it. dont get mad and thumbs down, but microsoft is at the point where they can put whatever the hell they want in their system and sell it at top money and people will barely buy it and it wont even put a dent in their wallets. cant say the same for ps4/orbis since sony as as much as a kiddie pool of money left. after ps4/orbis there isnt gonna be another playstation i cant guarentee you guys that now

        • marioravesto3d

          This is to make compatibility with 4k tv.

        • Jon Turner

          I agree that Microsoft MAY be a potential threat to WiiU, but on the other hand they seem to be focusing more on Kinnect these days, so… I’m a little skeptical. Sony I just don’t see being a threat, what with the losses they suffered from PS3 (initially) and now PSVita.

          • Jack

            All this talk about graphics and power now, what happened to the controller, the games and “graphics don’t matter?” I knew that they always did. Back in the 16-bit days, they mattered to Nintendo. Hell, Nintendo always had system superiority up until the Gamecube.

        • MujuraNoKamen

          You’re right, despite what everyone’s saying the PS4 won’t be out for a while yet, Sony themselves said they have no intention of releasing another console anytime soon – developers have only recently tapped into the PS3’s maximum potential so they don’t want to waste that by starting again on a new console right now. As for the next XBox, it will likely be announced at E3 2013 but won’t come until 2014 – any sooner than that and they won’t have the time to build buzz about the console and persuade developers to support it, SO WHY THE HELL DOES EVERYONE SAY THE PS4 AND 720 WILL BE OUT NEXT YEAR?!?!?!??!??! Neither console will be a major step up from Wii U, the jump from last gen to current gen was only so huge because MS and Sony were willing to make massive losses on the hardware. Microsoft and especially Sony can’t afford to provide anything like the powerhouses of this gen at the moment, another thing that limits Microsoft’s capabilities is the fact that they’ll try and recreate Nintendo success with Wii, and aim at the casual audience. patents have already been uncovered from Microsoft hinting at a Kinect 2 based console, whether or not that makes it into the final design remains to be seen but looking at all the focus MS has been giving to Kinect in recent years, it seems only logical.
          The main problem I can see with Wii U in terms of competition is it’s software library, despite problems with the 720 and PS4 they’ll get a lot of attention from gamers and there is a chance they’ll take centre stage unless of course Nintendo can persuade them to come to Wii U. Now here is the problem, Wii U may have a good lineup of games, some great exclusives and many of the popular multi-plat titles, the thing is, the other consoles will be getting those same multi-plats (AC, CoD, FIFA) which means Wii U won’t have any advantage outside of its exclusives. There’s no word on games coming after spring 2013 and unless Nintendo announce something soon we’ll hit a dry spell until E3 2013 (the chances of them announcing their games before E3 are slim) and even if Metroid, Zelda etc are announced at E3, it’ll be a while before they’re released meaning Nintendo will have less time to draw attention away from the 720. if they do a Nintendo direct over Christmas or early in the new year announcing some A-grade Wii U games with a close release date then they might be able to win more people over.

  • sharlo

    this is bullshit

  • Ryu No Hadouken

    It does have a weak CPU, but with independent GDDR5 ram and GPUs, it doesnt matter much.


    ^ agree

    • HogyBear

      Quiet you troll… 🙂

  • Max Lazy 10 / NNID: Max_Lazy_10

    XIf they want to be good programmers, use what’s given to you. Think outside the box. Don’t make excuses why not.

  • evil empire

    asassins creed 3 is silky smooth running 1080p @ 60fps. its awsome.

    what is this clown comparing the wii u to?
    its a console. and its the most powerful one to date. why is he upset again?

    • 0soul

      Do you like video games?

    • Nintenlord

      He must be thinking that if he bash nintendo hard enough a competitor will save then no publisher will do that

      • 0soul

        Do you like playing with joy sticks?

        • Nintenlord

          Are asking me out? Sorry dude i dont roll that way

  • Ultranist

    The ports of Batman Arkham City and Darksiders 2 are horrible too.
    GG NO RE nintendo

    • Nko Sekirei

      gtfo troll before we roast u in the microwave

  • Behind you


  • Gabe Hoffman

    Thank you 4A games for ruining the moment

  • Nintyfan

    If a lot more devs said this, then ok. But this like from 1 guy who probably jealous of others.

    Move along.

  • nm_nintendo

    blame your programming skills, not the console. Black ops looked beautiful…

    • FireRed

      4A games is bad and they should feel bad

  • LolWatTurtles

    Even if the WiiU’s CPU was slow, it’s using a GPGPU. So the GPU handles a lot of what the CPU should be doing. So let’s say the CPU was slow, it wouldn’t make a difference in games since the GPGPU handles a lot of it at the same time.

  • Robert

    This is really weird, they canceled the Wii U version months ago and when they said “we had a early look at it” are they talking about the early Wii U dev kits? wait till the next Xbox and PS4 are released, they will be begging them not release a new console that is harder to program for LOL

    • Nintedward-WiiU is 100% paid off.

      Wiiu dev kits were significantly upgraded around january this year.

  • Madmagican

    You want mustard with that bullshit?

  • Miranda

    I think the problem is because the Wii U is a brand new console and piece of technology developers like THQ/4A Games don’t know how to properly use it’s full potential/graphical capabilities while they’ve been making games for the PS3/Xbox 360 and they have experience with those consoles and how to push them to their max. It will take some time for developers like this to get used to the Wii U’s internal components for example: look at games in the early life cycle of the PS3/Xbox 360, they didn’t look all that great and they actually looked pretty bad compared to games 5-6 years later (which is now) that look pretty good. It just takes time for some developers to understand how to handle new technology and internal components like the Wii U, just wait until you see some truly jaw dropping games on the Wii U like Star Fox/Metroid/Aliens Colonial Marines or even some new IP’s 🙂

  • rafa

    early dev kit story again? 😛

  • jadnice

    Even after the Wii U release we still having this “its less powerful than…” “its more powerful than..” drama. Can a reputable hardware specialist site just gut the damn console and confirm what is the final specs of this system. How hard is this to do? Its been out for 3 days now.

  • CyanideInsanity

    I’m just wondering if they say that because of their own fault. Apparently metro 2033’s engine is quite unoptimized on the PC, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it wouldn’t be immediately optimized for a new console.

    • me

      Exactly they pretty much are pointing out the fact they are horrible programmers with that statement. They know enough to get games made but not run as they should. I don’t trust a thing they say about anything gaming related.

  • evil empire

    i love being able to surf the net a make comments on wiiudaily on my wii u while im in the middle of playing asassins creed 3.

    this system has sic features that cant be touched. great job nintendo. :p

  • marioravesto3d

    What is he really on about ? or yer that’s right he’s talking shit again.Moving on there’s a game for the ps3 called stranglehold one of the first for the system looking at it now it’s more like a ps2 game If you compare it to say batman a fairly new game.See were am getting at these games for the wii u already to the standard of ps3 and 360 that is very impressive I can’t wait to see future titles.Remember this system is pumping out two pictures that is some power.

  • Bill Cosby

    It must have been an alpha system. As in, a system, that had unfinished hardware in it.

    “Wii U has a horrible, slow CPU. We had an early look at it…”

    I’m taking this with a grain of salt.

    • D2K

      YES! HE’S BACK!!! Where you been Bill?

    • D2K

      To add to that, it was stated that the final dev kits for the Wii U were indeed more powerful than the alpha kits. However, the Japanese Garden and Zelda HD demos were made in 3 weeks time using those same alpha kits. :/

      The facts seem to lean towards the programmers are just lazy rather than the Wii U having a ‘slow’ CPU.

  • joe

    He sounds like he’s defending himself because he can’t program worth shit.

  • TheShmow

    Yeah, a developer who is doing its 2nd game under a failing publisher isn’t exactly a credible source, especially if their statements clash with that of veteran teams.

    They probably don’t have the resources and/or know-how to get to know a new system and properly design for it, but rather than admitting it, they sprew some hogwash about the system to seem cool rather than poor and inept.

  • yousef

    okay i have the wii u too its true the loading games is really slow so the cpu is really low havng said that the games still look better then xbo360 and even ps3 because ihave asassin creed on my xbox as well wii u and the wii u verison looks much better as well as call of the duty black ops 2

    • Dan

      Game loading times may or may not be related to the CPU. It could be how the OS is structured or how the hardware is accessing the information.

  • a educated gamer who doesnt take lies lightly


    this dev never had metro last light in development for wiiu remember they said better than ps3 and x360 then they admitted not even having the wiiu dev kit then they admitted the wiiu version would have to wait then they now say its not coming ITS THE CPUS FAULT

    no it is not its a flop title that will make no money and they likely tried to get nintendo to hand them cash and it failed there blaming a cpu for there own INTERNAL PROBLEMS and no doubt there ran owned managed by a anti nintendo bunch of industry clowns

    how can far more power than x360 cpu plus a dsp plus a arm co cpu BE WEAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    there trying to spead a antni wiiu myth based on the cpu CLOCK -SPEED,not the cpus performance

    its a sad attempt to spead lies becuase uneducated types will think DERP LOWER CLOCK SPEED DERP LOWER PERFORMANCE

    xbox 360 cpu 1 execution unit per core = 3 execution units total (even atom cpu has 2 execution units)

    wiiu cpu core powerpc 32 bit 400 serie (the most powerful 32bit core on the planet) with 5 execution units per core so wiiu cpu has 15 execution units

    15 execution units vs 3 LOL METRO DEVS YOUR EXPOSED

    xenon cpu in x360 = 2 instructions per clock

    cpu in wiiu 5 instructions per clock power pc 45nm 32 bit is 5 instructions per clock rated efficiency

    xenon xbox cpu has a half clock speed 1mb catch 3.2ghz cores 1.6ghz 1 mb catch sram (thats crap as hell)

    wiiu cpu has 3mb full speed catch its also made from edram not sram so its bandwidth is much much much higher

    at 1.6ghz a powerpc broadway fied cores at 5 instructions per clock and 5 exection units per core and out of order execution vs inline execution of xenon

    out of order is 2x inline and 5 instructions vs 2 is 2.5 x more and 3mb cacth is 3 x xbox 360 and at very least 2 x the bandwisth wiiu cpu also supports real time data compression de compression so far more date is pushed thru vs xbox 360

    then take into account xbox 360 does all tasks on cpu sound os io everything sound alone takes half to a full core


    powerpc 5 instructions per clock likely clock speed 1.6ghz 1600 x 5 = 8000 instructions x 3 cores =24000 instructions out of order execution totally dedicated to games NO SOUND NO OS NO IO

    xbox 360 2 instructions per clock 3200 x 2 = 6400 x 3 cores =19200 instructions inline and also having to do OS IO AND SOUND PROCESSING

    3mb edram catch vs 1mb sram cacth

    metro developers i as a educated and thinking man CALL YOU OUT FOR LYING

    wiiu cpu = tricore powerpc 32 bit 45nm 400 series with nintendoized broadway fied upgrades

    5 execution units per core 15 total vs 3 total in x360 cpu

    il gladly face any tech challenge anyone here throws at me i know what im talking about

    • evil empire

      dude, you know your shit… hats off to you.

    • Schizza

      Where did you get all off these specs? Source please or SHUT UP!

    • olimar

      ladies and gentlemen, this is the truth.

    • Stephan

      …Whoa… O.O

    • Sylux

      I’m not a techie myself but what you write here is the same (more technical details though) then all the info I’ve seen on YouTube about the wiiu’s specs before it was actually launched (tech USA some whizzkid and many other technical reports about wiiu) so I also take the statement of A4/thq with a grain of salt

    • LP

      You did a great job my friend, standing ovation for you. Good handling of the numbers.

      • Schizza

        wow you all have blinders on…

        not even IBM will say the specs, or clock speeds of the Wii U CPu chip. The only thing IBM officially has said is the cpu is BASED on a power pc chip. NO SPECS OF THIS CHIP HAVE BEEN MADE PUBLIC!! People speculate it’s a beefed up broadway Cpu like the one found in the Wii but we don’t know… IBM nor Nintendo are saying anything.

        So I ask again to the OP, please provide a legitimate source or SHUT UP!

  • Nintendo Power (Wii U FTW)

    Its obvious that they have no skills on newer technology. Just take some time to get use to. BTW I still don’t have the Wii U /:

  • Sobari

    Like I said on the forums, considering the fact that this is coming from the team that made the most poorly game coded game of this generation, Metro 2033, I think shitty programmers are more to blame than the CPU itself.

    • a man apart

      the cpu isnt to blame at all its more powerful than x360s cpu and does less tasks also there for IN GAME its far more cpu performance than x360 these idiots are lying….its also a gpgpu design you code acrosss the gpgpu and cpus as a whole system there talking crap

      example x360 does sd surround dolby on the cpu you just lost 1/4 to 1/3 of the cpu to SD dolby 5.1…

      wiiu does HD suround sound no cpu required its all done on the DSP so the wiiu kicks x360s ass at sound and does it without touching the cpu at all

      x360 does os and io and functions on the cpu so again more wasted power

      the wiiu has a back ground ARM cpu for this so again the cpu isnt touched at all

      the wiiu cpu is superior to xbox 360s and its also used far far more efficiently and 3mb edram catch vs 1mb sram catch

      developers please dont insult my inteligence

  • Falcon PAWTCH!!!

    Man, I’m hearing a lot of people believing this garbage.

  • MiGi

    just say it 4A…that you don’t want to deal with the new gamepad,and his new hardware because you feel lazy to do all the awesome work 🙁 so sad

  • Johnny C.

    I was interested in that game too… it sucks to know the devs are a bunch of lazy pricks.

  • Elite

    I loved Metro 2033. But i don’t see how the wiis processor is any slower than the xbox 360 processor and it is getting last light. I think there is other reason than a slow cpu that is stopping 4A.

  • Zak Iceblade

    Ok, do people really need to critizize in things that probably dont matter. I mean many people and companys thought it was great, but really.

  • Christian

    …And there it goes!! Another attention-hungry troll!! Well, trolls gotta troll, haters gonna hate, but the Wii U will stay a fantastic system regardless.

  • Me La Suda todos Ustedes

    Wii U will rock! forget about all these haters.

  • Linskarmo

    If 20 other developers say the same thing, I might give it some credibility. Otherwise, this is BS.

  • ??

    I don’t get this site sometimes…the developer sounded “whiny” ? Give me a break! Nintendo themselves said that their kit is under clocked because they didn’t want the machine to overheat….so the developer is just saying what Nintendo themselves have said…also these guys aren’t the first ones to “complain” about the system’s power (which you stated). Stop trying to make the system out to be more than it is…

  • RodSF4

    not that i’m defending the devs or something, but in another statement of the same interview, they mentioned something about having to increased the team size to accomodate the porting to PS3, and seeing that the CPU clock speed of Wii U is slower, although they can probably work around it, don’t feel that it was worth the additional investment.

    so there could be a couple of factors: they’re game uses much of the CPU, instead of using the GPU so would be hard to optimize their code; or given their publisher’s financial problems doesn’t have enough resources to give Wii U a try, and just make it for systems that have already a big install base. so to save face for cancelling the planned Metro Last Light release to Wii U, they opted to use the “slow CPU” bit.

  • Mariolgy101

    My console is messed up.. it freezes all the time I have to save after every level in mario.. what should I do about this? I was just playing and set the controller down and the system started making a loud beeping sound.

  • Biased much?

    This website is one of the most biased website I’ve ever seen. Anything developers say is always followed by “Oh well the ports looked better than PS3/360 ports…herp a derp.” How is anyone supposed to take you seriously? I at least admit when shit is not how it should be. For instance I have an Xbox 360 and admit it has quite a few issues like, loud fans,dumb disc tray,online subscriptions, an so on. These ignorant fanboys on here are no better. Listen, I like Nintendo, The N64 was my favorite console of all time, but that won’t keep me from admitting facts from developers who I’m sure know more then some editor at a biased Wii U site. Give me a break. Fanboys are the cancer of the gaming world.

    • eyesac

      Its a “Nintendo” site of course they’re biased. Just because they are developers doesn’t make what they say a fact. People have said lots of things that are taken as facts and should not be.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      Developers can lie too. Remember that former Darksiders developer who said the Wii U was terrible, only to later admit he’d never touched one? The facts are that various current gen games have been ported to the Wii U without any trouble. If Metro can run on current gen tech, what makes it so different from the other games that could be ported?

  • Maverick-Hunter

    All I know is that if it’s not on the wii u I’m not buying it I don’t own a 360 and I will never buy a ps3 … What’s this mean? this means metro 2033 your losing even more of my coins 😛

  • Yahya

    Nintendo said : they are after hardcore gamers and they will not do the same mistake as they did with the Wii , Wii was great system and I enjoyed playing with it. I do remember I sent them an e-mail mentioning that, they should go through different ways of playing and graphics are not necessary that much at all !!. However for such comments from such developers, I do not believe them, because I do remember the Bird’s demo at E3 and Reggie Said : this is an early proof for what the system can do. you have to know that Graphics power are also combined with the CPU power. AND I AM SURE Wii u can deal with unreal Engine 4 with 30 FPS minimum.
    Nintendo did a great business with IBM since the GameCube and nobody reveals any specifications till the moment and the reason because of the consoles war, Microsoft did a mistake when they bring the kinect in order to steal the Nintendo gamers or duplicate the new way of playing as the Wii did, and they scored profits from it and Nintendo will never forgive them for what they did. that’s why we have to be convinced with the Wii u ability as a next generation console

  • Zhenya

    BSing at its best 🙂

  • wiiufanatics

    metro… whats that?

  • jcb411abuser

    look the console is slower to load than xbox 360 and ps3, the damn thing bricks if you look at it funny, graphics are hardly any better at all, this console is supposed to surpass the last generation, apart from nintendo games why would anyone buy it? those who aren’t into nintendo games you won’t buy it, the will buy their games for other platforms, these will be third party games, developed by third party developers, who will have no interest in the wiiU now. especially because the only people who will buy the wiiU will be nintendo fans, and they will mostly be spending their budget on nintendo games, why would third party devs bother competing. i love zelda that’s the only reason i will get this, but if the rest of you can’t accept that this console is looking to be a massive failure then i guess you really are all just fanboys. to be brutally honest i feel extremely let down right now. this is barely matching hardware brought out 7 years ago

    • Zhenya

      *Facepalm* us “fanboys” think positive of Nintendo, what’s the point of always being negative? With negativity you’ll never go far in life.

    • mojojojo888

      Man alive the idiocy is astounding…these are PORTS. Not just ports, but ports that are CPU intensive. The Wii U runs a GPGPU, which requires different coding to optimize, and when you try and port CPU intensive games to a system with a smaller(albeit more efficient) CPU and expect the same result, you are an imbecile. The games either must be optimized(which apparently some developers can accomplish better than others), or the game must be coded differently. Your trolling is idiotic. So far, every feature about the Wii U is awesome(the browser is just lightning fast), and the games from the launch look mostly great(even with a few hiccups, considering my point above)…you are just an idiot troll…

      • jcb411abuser

        i’m not trolling, saying anything negative abut the wiiU must now be deemed trolling is it?? it does brick quite often whilst updating, it does load slower than other consoles, and now you, yourself are saying that it takes alot of effort to port to. bearing in mind nearly all third party multi-platform games are ports built for another system, being the odd one out isn’t a good thing is it.
        this console was needed to reassure haters that nintendo were on the ball again, nintendo needed this thing to be perfect, they had 17months since it was announced last year to do that. but that hasn’t happened, if anything it’s even made nintendo fans(that would include me btw) unsure about this console.
        i’m in 2 minds, i want nintendo games, but i don’t want a console with this many problems.

        • mojojojo888

          Again, what problems? Bricking? So people’s systems were bricked…now let’s ask why…because they either turned off their systems while updating(brilliant btw, seeing as anyone with even an inkling of technical knowledge knows not to touch a system while its saving loading updating, etc etc) or because their power went off, which is rather unfortunate. Now, how are either of these issues Nintendo’s fault? They are not. And furthermore, I never said it takes lots of effort to port to. I said it takes a different approach. Games that were in development twice as long on other systems took half as long to optimize for Wii U, and they are some of the best looking on the other two systems, coming out as ‘ports’ at the launch…I’d say that is pretty good…

  • Dan

    Companies closing left and right, thank nintendo is still here preventing vgames crash by keeping developments down..

  • Chris

    Or you know… they are just lazy.

    I don’t see why they are bitching about the CPU when people have actually managed to create really good ports (excluding Mass Effect 3 which was a lazy port) and they said nothing but praise about the power.

    Either bring Metro Last Light to the Wii U or don’t bother at all because if they are going to be lazy then why bother.

  • goginho

    What’s “Metro Last Night”? Never heard of ’em.

    • Chris

      Its the sequel to Metro: 2033 which was amazing but the developers are just [removed]

  • Marcel

    I think he is a horrible developer.

  • Johny

    lol new super mario bros U doesnt really use the wii u’s power that much.. bad game to draw info out

  • lev

    who’s going to buy this metro nonsense anyways,keep your trash on the last Gen please & thanks

  • theruck

    horrible programers…


    My Gaming PC could run this game on Ultra. But It wont, cause I aint supporting this DOOSH.

  • Devilus

    Some news, it does seem like the wii u does upscale wii game to 1080!!! wierd that the big N has not mentioned this?!

  • NesToWiiU

    According to the Darksiders 2 comparison it ran slightly slower than the Xbox 360, it isn’t exactly horrible but it is a little unimpressive I must sadly admit. Like we all said before we don’t need graphics but everything else in this generation.

  • diim

    I understand the company is in a financial crisis right now, but this seems more of a childish rant to me. I may have believe them if I didn’t try playing their first mess Metro 2033 that sold after 15min of games play. What difference does it make if they make the game this month or next year? The CPU power of the WiiU is going to be the same regardless. They could have taken a more professional approach to abandoning the Wiiu.

  • Dronch

    The sad part about this is that stupid people(ps and xboxfanboys) will actually buy this and try to use it against the wii u.

  • Mohi

    Guys for [redacted] sake this guy is a douche, cevat from crytek said that wii u runs the cryengine 3 beautifully and I’m sure the metro engine doesnt come close to the cryengine 3, I’m also sure crytek is a much bigger company than 4a or a4 whatever the [redacted] their called……

  • t_vo

    Wii was a very exciting new piece of hardware, which I bough at launch, but was ultimately let down by it’s power. Wii U is the same thing, exciting new piece of hardware, but are none of you worried about it’s longevity? I’m just worried about 3rd party dropping it like they did the Wii and all we have left is some really excellent Nintendo games that we only get a couple times a year. I’ll have to stay on the fence for a bit before jumping in this time. Got burned on the Wii. Don’t want it to happen again. Why can’t Nintendo give us both? Ingenuity and power. Who cares if casuals wouldn’t dish out 400 for a system, I would if it was worth it. Casuals don’t put enough money into consoles to keep the industry going anyways.

  • nintendowonder

    Jason Rubin, Jason Rubin, Jason Rubin… ‘Tis such a shame that you can’t get such a popular game like Metro Last Light to function properly on the Wii U. If your name is Jason Rubin and you’re reading this, take lessons from other 3rd-party developers who have their games licensed for use on the Wii U. Hype for the Wii U is reaching the stratosphere (and anything beyond that), so THQ, take advantage of this and get that Last Light game on the console before it’s too late. And on an unrelated note, it’s such a shame you have to get your crew to sayonara the Darksiders franchise so that you can have them focus on other IPs, or so a very popular rumor is saying. My advice? If it’s true, treat your fans to an epic, Skyrim-like Darksiders 3, before finally calling it quits on the series.

  • kidnintend

    i could careless just came back from toy s r us and all wii u game r buy 1 get 1 40% off. so i just picked up nsmbu and zombie u. Awesome deal and even before black friday.

  • verymetal

    When the PS3 was first released a lot of developers claimed it was a hard system to program for. Once developers got used to it, then all was fine and dandy. As for the Wii U, this developer claims that it is slow. Tell that to Activision and the Black Ops 2 team. I guarantee Black Ops 2 has more going on screen than Metro has. Mediocre developers make mediocre ports.

  • richman

    I did a google search on the powerpc cpu that’s on the wii u which is the powerpc 476 if I am not mistaken and that CPU is IBM’s most energy efficient CPU and that CPU is a good CPU. now do we really know the clock speed of this CPU we really don’t now with that being said I read peoples comment on this site and they’re saying this website is biased especially when developer say something bad about the wii u specs they get all defensive now for those that say that If a developer had come out and say that the ps4 and xbox 720 CPU is horrible and slow how would you react you would defend them too so to come to a nintendo website and say that they’re biased is irrelevant let that happen to the ps4 and xbox 720 and how those fanboys would react and really that is all I have to say and I wish Wiiudaily didn’t post that article because the sony and microsoft another reason to bash the wii u without giving the system any chance right now all we have is ports with some exclusive wait till a game is built from the ground up for it then you will see what the wii u is capable of and just to let you know i am not a Nintendo fanboy but I am a fan of gaming just to let ya’ll know.

  • Andrew

    oh look fanboys defending the system. New.

  • 911RollingThunder

    Ok, so the update was slow, but the CPU isn’t! The biggest troll in the Wii U industry!

  • richman

    @ Andrew. I bet if that happened to the ps4 and xbox 720 you will be defending them too so gtfo.

    • Andrew

      ummmm no I’d be disappointed. I was excited for the Wii U but all this news is dropping that excitement. I love all consoles and im building a PC. if something sounds horrible then im not going to defend it

      • Nashoba Darkwolf

        Here something to burst your bubble. The brand new AMD 8 core processor still cannot and never will out perform a Intel i7 2600k and that was last year’s model. How is this possible with the AMD having a higher clock frequency and more cores? It’s called efficency, something the Wii u has world’s over than the last gen consoles. 

  • McDaniel-77

    CPU-Power doesn’t really matter, if the GPU is powerful enough!

    Best of all, Wii U has 2 GB RAM and twice the memory bandwidth ( Wii U 51.2 GB/s at DDR3 1600) than PS360 offer. In modern systems, the most important part of the hardware is the GPU (grafics processing unit). Back then 7-8 years ago when PS360 hardware was built, CPU power was much more important, because the GPUs were weak. Look at how cheap and ugly PS360 games look like, they look almost like PS2 games in higher resolution.

    The matter of fact is, that Wii U will show it’s muscles soon, games like Nintendo Land are just a glimpse, back then when Wii Sports came out, nobody really admired the 60 fps lag less visuals of the simplified Wii Sports grafics, but the are clean and bug free. Later Super Mario Galaxy showed off some superb visuals for the relative weak Wii hardware.

    Now Nintendo plays with lot’s of power. The GPU is really large and the smaller CPU isn’t so small at all, it’s about 7-times larger than the Wii Broadway CPU (90 nm vs. 45 nm today).

    Rayman Legends, Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3 etc.. look good. 60 fps is very important and Nintendo always keeps that in mind.


    • Andrew

      You couldn’t be more wrong about CPU not mattering. you think a 660ti is going to perform well with an intel celeron?

      • Havoc87

        Shut up meg!

  • JEovany

    Normal I’d say that there idot but I think that their right because from all the article I’ve been reading the memory speed is 12.8GB/s. That half that of the play station 3 and Xbox360

  • TheMan

    It’s hard to get top comment when you don’t discuss the minute the new news are out.

  • JaytHewRit3r

    Well I don’t know all about the tech side of things but did anyone read this article. It’s from Gearbox…the guys that did Borderlands and they are currently doing Aliens: Colonial Marines for WiiU, 360, and PS3. They state that visually the WiiU will be the best version and they praise the capabilities of the modern tech inside the WiiU.

    Here’s the article below from

  • loltume

    at least they could have told us the name of the metro last light dev then this article could be more believable

  • LolWatTurtles

    Drtre81 already made a video about this and proved a good point. Metro Last Light is supposedly a really heavy CPU-reliant game. So the CPU obviously isn’t that bad, (Wii U is more graphics based on games with the GPGPU, so it makes up for the CPU), but it’s the fact that the devs obviously don’t wanna spend time converting a CPU reliant game to a system that relies mainly on the GPU. (a system that is a huge amount more powerful than last gen systems, you obviously won’t see that in launch titles.)

  • gear 999

    The wise man (Metro: Last Light Dev) has spoken. No need to tell that any other console (except for Nintendo) or PC is lots of times better than the Wii U.