Apr 29th, 2014


Today Capcom confirmed that it is working to bring Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue Version and Mega Man Battle Network 3: White Version to the Wii U virtual console. These two titles were outed by the Australian Ratings Board over the weekend, which is why Capcom stepped in and decided to comment on the speculation. These are the only two titles mentioned, but Capcom does say other titles will be coming.

“We are working on bringing this and other GBA titles to the North American Virtual Console. We’ll have more information about the lineup in the coming months. For Australia and Europe, we are still in discussions about the release of Virtual Console titles for those markets.”

It’s pretty obvious that the titles will be heading to Australia at some point since the ratings board outed them. Capcom has been a good supported of the Wii U virtual console, with Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts and Mega Man arriving early in the Wii U virtual console’s life cycle. Will you be picking these up once they’re available?

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  • Capt. Smoker

    *cough* *cough cough*

    • verymetal

      What have you been smoking? Get the cock out of your mouth.

      • Capt. Smoker

        lololol I’d be smoking some serious sausage if this was an announcement of Megaman ZX for the ds vc we’ve yet too receive

        • verymetal


        • Rinslowe

          That’s the spirit!

  • Arthur Jarret

    Nope, still got the originals. Of most portable VC games, actually – the great backwards compatibility until GBA ensured I held onto all my old cartridges while collecting more. If you don’t have access to a portable version, they’re great games – although I would recommend Megaman Zero 1-4 instead (still able to be played on 3DS with the Megaman Zero Collection on DS)

  • Skelterz

    How about nintendo bring Gamecube and N64 title’s to the E-shop and whilst there doing that they can chase up square and get the new FF and KH while there at it! WHO’S WITH ME!!

    • LukeMM95

      The poor quality of the Eshop is one of the main reasons why I feel Nintendo needs to get a new management team. I mean at this point we should at least have a few N64 games on the VC but instead we get 1-2 NES games per week. It’s just pathetic to be honest. Where are the classic Sega games? Why are Turbo-Grafx and MSX games only in Japan? Why is there so many more games in Japan? Why are there so few demos? I could go on…

    • Elitepwnsface

      Unfortunately that is why i already bought the other consoles as well. So i would actually be pissed if this happened.

      • Skelterz

        I understand that and there’s nothing wrong with having a varied line up of hardware and software i have a 360 and will do until they stop making games for it its a great system and there’s still quality games like dark souls 2 i haven’t played.

    • SP-937-215

      Iwata admits that he sucks for not doing this.

      • Skelterz

        Iwata admits he sucks for 5 dollar

        • Arthur Jarret

          He sucked me for only 1 nintendo coin.
          It’s rumored Iwata will go to suck everyone with platinum status for free next July.

          • Skelterz

            Dude he sucked me off and i got a super mario 3d world Soundtrack because i told him to swallow but he couldn’t..
            He said ”Please understand my mouth is full and far too narrow to swallow such gargantuan amount of semen” I said oh that old chestnut.

          • SP-937-215

            He only swallows if you have an ambassador 3DS.

    • Ducked

      Did you say Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts? You’ve found a new friend.

      • Skelterz

        Damn straight i have all the others

    • Rinslowe

      Yes! ….

      Where are we going?

      • Skelterz

        I haven’t got that far lol

  • steveb944

    Never heard of these, I’ll have to read up on them.

  • Mario


  • Old School

    Not bad but how about a NEW Wii U Mega Man?!

    Jesus and they wonder why the systems a failure

    • Jason

      The Mega Man creator left Capcom.

      • WT Herrod Jr.

        Inafune is giving us Mighty No 9 though

      • Old School

        So if the creator leaves does the show stop? No, the show must go on just like with anything else.

        Problem with Nintendo is they would rather have a weak VC game vs getting creative and bringing in a team that can make a beautiful remake of a legendary game.

        I don’t know about you guys but I can’t play these VC’s without getting bored quick. New remakes would bring back a lot of old gamers to Nintendo

        • TCar

          The creator may have the rights, not the company. So if he leaves, he has the control over what does and doesn’t get made. You think the show must go on but this is why some of the games everyone wants, doesn’t show up. The rights have been lost and they can’t be revived.

    • verymetal

      I agree, but just wait, 10 years from now, Nintendo’s newest console in the year 2024 will release current Wii U games for it and make major headlines!

      • Old School


        I hope your right, I hope they have all 10 of Wii U’s masterpiece collection

        • Arthur Jarret

          Don’t forget Wii U remix!

          • Old School

            Lmao! 😮

      • RennanNT

        No, no, no. In 2024 they gonna announce 3DS games on virtual console and, if we pray enough, about 10 GC games. Please understand.

    • Alexander Kleinwechter

      for the last time, its not a failure, get it in your tiny brains, a failure is something that is terrible. Wii u has just slow console sales, tho what matters mostly are software sales, Most people who buy a wii u mostly buy more then 1 game, so they make up for their losses. Its more then just console sales

      • Old School

        It’s a failure, just like your post.

        “brains” I only have one brain btw…. .-.

        The Wii U is doing worse then it’s worst selling system. Nintendo’s lucky it has Mario kart 8 and smash bros. Otherwise it might be a good idea to stop selling the system

        • Alexander Kleinwechter

          ohh, when i said brains i meant you people who call it a failure, And please get the facts before you post comments like that, really you think Wii u is nintendo’s worst selling console xD ohh well, you can believe what you want

          • Old School


            Let’s have some more fun with numbers. Let’s go back to comparable moments for each of Nintendo’s recent systems. Here are the sales from the Wii U, Wii, and GameCube from their second March on the market:

            Wii U (March 2014) – 70,000
            Wii (March 2008) – 721,000
            GameCube (March 2003) – 165,000

            Taking it a step further, here’s where each of those three systems were at sales-wise overall at those same points:

            Wii U – Between 5 and 6 million units worldwide as of March 2014
            Wii – About 25 million units worldwide as of March 2008
            GameCube – About 9.5 million units worldwide as of March 2003 (Update: We originally had 14.5 million units for GameCube but we were mistaken. Thanks to all who pointed out the correction.)

            People keep comparing the Wii U to the GameCube, but look at those numbers. They are not comparable. The Wii U is selling about half as much as the GameCube. And the GameCube is still a year away from its swift and quick collapse. The GameCube might have been in third place in its generation, but it wasn’t anywhere close to the complete and total bomb that the Wii U is.

          • Alexander Kleinwechter

            you said to me that the wii u is selling even worse then the worst selling wii u system, those you mentioned were the latest non-handheld console that released, and those console did better then the wii u yes, but the wii u isnt still a failure, its aobut software mostly. even if the console doesnt sell much, it balance it out with software sales. For an example, if 5 millions wii u sold and each wii u owner buys 3 games, thats 15 million games, tho say if 6 million ps4 sold, but they buy instad only 2 games for the ps4, then it has less software sold. It really balances it out, and ofc the console themself are much more expensive, but as i said, it was an example. The real thing looks quite different, also there is so much more involved then just selling consoles.

          • Michael Ocampo

            I think he means it’s not like the Virtual Boy.

          • classicgamer20

            I think what people mean when they compare the WiiU to the Gamecube (or at least how I see it) is that while they aren’t selling a lot they both have really good games on them.

      • It’s not a failure if I’m enjoying it, but I’m sure someone will accuse me of lying about that

        • Arthur Jarret


    • crocodileman94

      You make it sound like it’s Nintendo’s fault there’s no Mega Man.

      • Old School

        Not all the blame is on Nintendo but I bet you most of it is.

        I know I come off as if I hate Nintendo but I really don’t. I want them to get creative because right now VC’s are not creative.

        I remember being a kid in the 80’s playing all kinds if cool new games. Why can’t they either remake great games or make NEW games.

        People that haven’t bought a Wii U are not going to get excited about downloading old games

        • TCar

          I do get excited about getting games I played many moons ago. They are quite fun and not as expensive as the newer games. If Capcom wants to release a new Mega Man game to the Wii U, it is totally up to them. If Nintendo had and way of making devs make games for their system, they would have forced that hand long ago.

    • Jon

      Capcom making new megaman game….. *Chuckles*

    • TCar

      Wouldn’t that be up to Capcom and not Nintendo?

    • adamm

      I actually prefer this. At least we know BN:3 is a good game, the last thing we need is another Wii U sidescroller with Mega Man instead of Mario, Rayman, or Donkey Kong.

  • Metal_Man_v2

    Mega Man Battle Network 3 is a really fun gba game! It’s actually one of the longest, but somehow less repetitive, entries in the series. It also has some of the best netnavi designs, including Metal Man… *cough* *cough*

  • Matthew Nunez


  • classicgamer20

    Yayyy battle network

  • Jon

    all I can say is….”AWESOME :D”

  • A Rod

    as much as i would love to see the battle network and zero titles on my wii u its not what the e-shop needs right now, im really dissapointed, i have been expecting gamecube title or n64 for so long that it feels like forever, this past years nintendo has been taking all the bad decisions, i just hope they star taking the good ones.

    • TCar

      Stop expecting things. Just because you want it doesn’t mean your gonna get it. Who knows what kind of developmental cost is in making GC games available on the Wii U. Also, they may not be investing that much in GC or N64 VC because of the cost. With the devs who once backed the system backing out, they aren’t getting the customers they thought they would get. Thank you EA for being the leader of that bandwagon. They say they only are making games for the “next generation” yet they still develop games for the systems that are older than the Wii U and portable devices that aren’t even gaming machines. So far, they are making as many right decisions that they are being allowed to.

      • A Rod

        you are completely right about EA and all that bull”#1 devs, but in my opinion at least nintendo did made a lot of bad decisions as a gaming company

        • TCar

          I think they are still playing damage control because of the EA fallout. They went from Top Dog to no one accepting their new system and it is funny how it all started with EA. If they can get past this than who knows. I am hopeful.

    • adamm

      I’d prefer another HD updated game like Wind Waker over a virtual console port. That’s also what is going to really sell systems.

      Plus, the Wii U can already play N64 games like Ocarina of Time via the Wii virtual console.

      • A Rod

        i know but i just dont like playing n64 game with my wii remote and i dont have a controller to attach it, wonder why wont they make the pro controller to be recognized as a wii mote with a controller attached

  • Stuart Thomas

    So OoT is released for Wii U VC and it plays faster than the N64 and IQue versions, Cosmo will have a field day.

  • I’d really like the later mega man x games and a saturn virtual console

  • WiiUPS4
  • Akatosh


  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog


  • Rinslowe

    That’s great and all that. But even better, take a draft contract over to Nintendo’s Headquarters and discuss your acquisition…

    Oh and what everyone else is saying, N64 + Gamecube titles to VC. Chop chop.

  • Iflywright

    How many Mega Man games does the eshop need? I want variety, but I don’t want to shop off of wii mode because there’s a chance one day it will be released on the wii u shop.

  • Pilu Skifte Grønvold

    Nintendo you made Wii U more or less a first party games console, now make us some first party games! lol

  • Chris Aita


  • Chris Aita


  • Kenshin0011

    Mario kart 8 bundle. Free game when anyone buys copy of MK8. Game chat online.

  • Madmagican

    Hell yeah, bring on the Battle Network games!!