Aug 14th, 2014

August is the month of Mega Man, with a new Mega Man coming to the Wii U virtual console every week. This week’s title is Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge and Nintendo has released a trailer on their official YouTube channel to show gamers the game, since this one differs from the standard Mega Man titles most people are used to seeing.

Instead of your standard platformer, this game plays much more like a JRPG featuring your favorite Mega Man characters will abilities that you can use strategically in battle to get the best of your enemies.

Will you be picking up this game today?

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  • David Plugge

    interesting a JRPG with mega man O.o! I might do some research

    who knows what will be next ???

    • Yen

      Battle Chip Challenge is actually a derivative of the Battle Network series, just FYI. I really enjoyed the RPG take on Megaman, the first game is on the eShop as well. Hopefully the rest will too.

    • That could be the best picture I’ve ever seen.

    • Rinslowe


  • Zach Cruz

    I am going to pass. Too many others games I personally would rather play.

  • ActivesiN

    still waiting on Mega Man X3 to come out 😀

  • Zach

    Hey, Ashley King or someone at the Wii U Daily staff. I would like to get back in contact with Wii U Daily.

    • Pablo Lavín

      In the ”more ” section, there is a Contact sub-section.

      • Zach

        Thanks, but they don’t really reply to those messages.

  • Goken

    I remember playing this! It’s not like an RPG, more of a tournament based challenge game, Battle Network is the RPG one.

    • Mayoo

      And Command Mission for X series