Jun 3rd, 2012

Medium Wii U
Medium is a brand new Wii U title from developer Blobber Team. Medium will offer a “completely new model of gameplay” for the Nintendo Wii U and other platforms, according to the developer. Not much is known about the game besides some interesting postcards that were sent to members of the press (via GoNintendo). The post card shows a futuristic city setting, much akin to Blade Runner. There’s also a website for the game, which so far shows nothing but a logo.

Yesterday, the developer did some phone teasing by calling game journalists and leaving the message: “Do you know about Medium? You will”. While we don’t know much about the game, it appears that the developers knows how to create some hype for the new title. Medium for the Wii U will be unveiled at E3 next week. When it comes down to it, generating hype isn’t that hard, especially just before E3 where so many rumors and and interesting stories are in the air. There has been many a time where huge and innovative titles were teased and hyped, only to be revealed as disappointments at E3 a few days later. We’ll have to see what Medium turns out to be.

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  • alienfish

    I agree, that is some pretty hardcore hyping.

  • James

    Funny? NINTENDO left the same voice message to E3 reporters too.
    Only they replaced medium with Wii U.
    Weird huh?

  • Wii Who?

    Why hasn’t Wii U daily mention the Pre-E3 special webcast on the Wii U they are doing in about 2 hours (5pm CST. for me)?

    Link to Webcast: https://www.facebook.com/WiiU/app_385608378148291

  • Montblanc

    I think it needs to be pointed out in the story that Blobber Team is probably supposed to be ‘Bloober Team,’ aka the successor to Nibris. Remember all the hype and craziness surrounding Sadness? ….Yeah, it’s THAT Nibris. This will never see the light of day.

    • Paladin

      That’s a damn shame if it’s true. I would love to play a good game that is similar to stories written by Philip K. Dick. A very fun experience, indeed.