Jun 7th, 2012

Wii U accessories
It was only a matter of time before third party accessory makers started unveiling their Wii U toys, and Mad Catz has officially kicked off the Wii U accessory wars. The company revealed several types of accessories here at E3, including a screen protector and a stand for the GamePad, and a stand for Wiimotes as well (Wii U supports Wiimotes and other Wii controllers– don’t you forget that). Mad Catz will offer the new toys at launch, and will also introduce a new gaming headset which will fit the Wii U as well. Over the coming months, third party makers are likely to start unveiling their Wii U accessories as we get closer to launch. We have some photos of the new Mad Catz products after the break.

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  • SOAstockton209

    Better be a good headset because the cheap shit of the wii headset!!!

    • Chris

      Don’t need one, the Wii U Game Pad has a built in speakers and mic, also you can plug in a pair of your own headphones.

      • alienfish

        As long as the mic is good on the controller it should be fine, but do the pro controllers have mics? I’m probably going to want to use a headset if I’m using a pro controller and even then I might still want to use a headset (when I say headset I mean full sized) for the touch controller so I can hear things better. This issue concerns me and I really hope Nintendo is paying attention to these needs.

      • James

        Yes, the fact that you can put in your own headset is super win!

      • BlazeKiing

        wait so i can use my old delta turtle beaches or my black ops 2 turtle beaches i pre ordered?

      • Trollolguy

        You guys don’t us your brains! If the Wii U Gamepad has the built in microphone to use for First Person Shooting games such as “COD”, it will be ridiculously annoying because as you talk with the speaker, you will hear every kind of button press coming from the gamepad controls! And the gamepad doesn’t have a headphone jack, and why should it? It’s a gamepad controller people! We don’t need no headphone jack! The gamepad is not a smartphone or a Ipad, so don’t think of ridiculous things and post it on this Website.

  • Hafid

    No Need about accessories for Nintendo products !!!!!!!!
    Its just to do Money …

  • Skozo

    I want a clear screen protector for the screen.

    • Eddy120876

      Great idea from Catz now I hope that Zagg release and HD invisible shield for it . That shield can take a beating and keep on ticking 😀

  • Paul

    sorry but why would you need a headset as the wii u tablet has one inside the system

  • Your mom

    Nice stand does it come in black? LOL. And a headset this better be good.

  • seth

    i wonder if you could you the headset in mass effect 3 to make your own custom choices like the xbox version

  • seth

    i mean use

  • david6

    The accessories look cool. Pro thing about game pad, i feel like im getting a luxury accessory, bad thing, i think its costing power from console.

  • Eddy120876

    The more support the Wii U gets the better. So i welcome our overlords with open hands. LOL

  • Firlit

    I need that screen protector…and the stand are awesome too.

  • Ben

    It looks like the screenprotector also could be used as a small stand.

  • crapcake

    wait, is that a copy of ipad smart cover

  • Matt

    Any word if the Beats Studio with the microphone cord will work?