Sep 8th, 2012

The Mass Effect 3 Wii U port isn’t done by BioWare, it’s handled by new Australian studio Straight Right. They’ve been working on Mass Effect 3 for the Wii U for a while now, and that’s not the only Wii U game they have in the pipeline for Nintendo’s new console. According to studio CEO Tom Crago, they’re working on two more Wii U projects. One is a brand new IP for the new console, while another is based on a “big franchise that will come out in 2013”. EA has several “big franchise” games coming out in 2013, the biggest of them will be Battlefield 4.

Mass Effect 3 Wii URegarding Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U, Crago said that the game has been in development for a year now, and will look just as good as its PS3 and Xbox 360 counterparts. Crago said that first and foremost, they didn’t want to “screw up” the original game. They focused on staying true to the original title, while trying to enhance it with the new Wii U technology and features found in the GamePad controller. The game is currently in the polishing stages, and will be a launch title later this year.

Check out the recent Mass Effect 3 Wii U gameplay video, showcasing some of the new GamePad features.


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  • The incredible sandwich


    • drscoobie

      the part that worries me is “will look just as good”
      when the console is more powerful

      • theBALLANCEDopinion

        its a port. It cant look dramatically different.

  • nintedward

    I am buying this and darksiders 2 . but they are old ports you say ??
    yeh , well i am going to use these two games to test the ‘playing away from the tv experience in bed in the dark with a cup of hot coco and some nice headphones plugged into the gamepad’ experience .

    Pikmin 3 , Rayman legends , Fifa 13 , Mass effect 3, Zombiu and Darksiders 2 are what i am picking up at launch . I want more , but they can wait 🙂

    Nintendo land , NSMBU , BACAE , Lego city are the ones which will have to wait.
    expensive i know ! but i have been slowly saving up for this since christmas 2011.

    • nintedward

      i dont know how my 3dsxl will react to me playing the wiiu on the gamepad in bed . it will probably get jel….
      the wiiu is king and 3ds prince . the pc is jabba the hut .

      • Lord Carlisle

        Could you please start typing more fluently? I’m not trying to be rude, but it’s annoying when I come across these illiterate comments.

        • nintedward

          There actualy isnt much wrong with my comment’s at all .
          sorry i am not ‘mr oxford and cambridge’ like you Lord carlisle.

          after all everybody is so linguistically astute in carlisle *facepalm*.
          apart from the lack of capital letters , there is nothing wrong with my comment.

          so to answer your comment = No .

          • Sikora

            Is it just me or ever since the Zelda exclusive, you have been more uptight?

          • nintedward

            @ sikora , yes . lol .

            sorry if i come across as an ass . i am in many way’s , i am also a good guy.

          • Shankovich

            Do you at least know what the shift key does?

          • Lord Carlisle

            “apart from the lack of capital letters, there is nothing wrong with my comment.”

            …Really? Well, for starters there is supposed to be an apostrophe between the “n” and “t” in “dont”.

            But I digress. Like I said, I’m not trying to be rude. I just feel like a dyslexic or something when I read these comments.

        • nintedward

          I don’t think you can read character .

      • papa pachter

        Nintendward stfu you sad lonley waste of space

        • nintedward

          says a troll pretending to micheal patcher . lol .

          i ain’t sad or lonely lol , i have tons and tons of friend’s.

    • rafael

      hehe If the wii made people move themselves a little more, the wiiu will make us all lazy! 🙂

    • TheImaj

      Hot coco? Really? Like nestle? Swiss miss? Homemade?

    • Super Sonic128

      Lucky, wish I could have started saveing money sooner myself, hopefully I will be able to at least get Wii U in time for launch.

  • The Plague

    I will be buying this.

  • Macarony64

    If the multiplat is from ea it could anything from deadspace to need4 speed. But my bet is deadspace 3

    • LolWatTurtles

      If the game is Dead Space 3 that would be amazing. Now I can already play any Dead Space game on my PC (And after owning both DS1 and DS2 on my PS3, i’d prefer the PC version since I feel it plays a bit better.) but having an amazing franchise like Dead Space 3 on there would make it even better of a system than it already is.

      • LolWatTurtles

        An amazing franchise like Dead Space* I mean.

        • just NINTENDO

          nintendo has a lot of surprise I know

  • Shankovich

    Hopefully their endings will be better lol.

  • Metroidvania

    Never cared for Mass Effect, but more games isnt exactly bad news. Itll be interesting to see what other game they’re working on porting. Id be fairly disappointed if it was Battlefield. The world isnt about me though. I know the series appeals to a lot of others, and thats fine. Itll be good for the console either way.

    I have more than enough games to keep me busy though. For launch titles the Wii U is great in my opinion. Ill be plenty busy with NSMBU, Darksiders 2, Nintendo Land, Assassins Creed 3, Pikmin 3, Tekken Tag 2, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, Rayman, and Project P-100. Thats more than enough.

    All though I do hope to see Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012, and Transformers Fall of Cybertron make its way to the console at some point.

    • Metroidvania

      Forgot to add Batman Arkham City. Ill definitely be getting it too.

  • ssb4

    I want to get darksiders 2, mass effect 3, pikmin 3, and rayman are what i want. Im saving i currently have enough for 3 games should the be priced at 60$ a piece.

    • NavyBlueYoshi

      TEKKEN!!! And Darksiderz!!! Hope they release the next ssb soon, but its probably 2+ years away Q_Q

  • TeaRzOfTheFallen

    Im hoping its something i know its not, like watchdogs, i want that game so Fing bad, oh well this is still awesome news, been bored on weekends since i beat skyrim DLC and Skyward sword nothing new to play so now im really pumped


    I’ve already beaten this game. I’m excited Nintendo finally has an HD gaming system but not sure what to get when the WiiU is released.

  • Whirlwindyoshi

    So help me if I can’t holster my weapon in ME3. No more excuses about lack of memory.

  • Nintendo Power

    What should I buy guys.So many wii u games can’t choose

    • Macarony64

      I recoment rayman, pikmin 3,assasins creed 3 just to start if you have the money also get a eshop card to get trine 2 or a surprise release

  • Josh

    I’m glad it is not just a “copy paste” kind of port plus bringing a new IP to the Wii U? Yes, please.

  • smelly bottom

    excuse me but ps3 and x360 mass effect 3 are not = to each other ,,,,,so how can the wiiu look as good as both ,x360 version is miles ahead of ps3s….so im hoping a polished product = to or above x360, the ps3 version boarders on unplayable poor build…….

    sooooooooooooo what exactly are wii getting here developer!!!!??

    • Shankovich

      Would you rather remodel every object in the game, or just update easier things like lighting and texture resolutions?

    • Marq

      We’ve heard that the Wii U is similar in architecture to the 360, so I’d assume that one.

  • JC

    I used to be a graphics whore but when I saw the wii u I changed my mind. Long live the big N 🙂

    • gary

      I so thought you were gonna say “…but then I took an arrow to the knee.” Hahaha

  • Shankovich

    You guys titled the article as if it’s BioWare making the next 2 games…common guys -_-

    • LogicalDude

      Agreed. I was quite excited until I read that. I don’t have such high hopes as they only have one game, that being Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed. I’ll wait and give them a chance but I wont be anticipating it.

  • Captain Potato

    My guess is they might be working on a “Bioshock” game….? What do you think…

    • Macarony64

      Bioshock infinite is having to much troubles has it is so a port 4 the wii u is kind of still a bit of if they dont started the development at the same time has the other consoles

  • Benjamin

    Good news. I would rather see Dead Space than anything else.

  • alex

    if i buy the wii u, it will be with new games like rayman , pikmin, zombiu, ac 3, the only old port it will be batman and ninja gaiden 3 since i dont own this two on my ps3, i love nintendo and i hope the wii u is a hit and i will buy one i just dont know if have enough for me to buy it on they one, maybe 6 months for now i will, i just want to see more new games less port

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Man” these Wii U Games are Awesome’ i Grewup with the SNES, but not at launch, im only 19, turning 20 very soon, but i played the SNES” i think from 1997-2001″ then i got the GCN, skipped N64′ cuz back then i didn’t know it exsisted xD, anyways, Wii U is gonna be awesome! getting games, NSMBU, Mass Effect 3, & Nintendo Land.

    And im a big nintendo fan, have every console except NES, which i plan on getting for Christmas.
    Also’ here are the future titles im gonna get when they eventually comeout. Mario Kart U, Mario Baseball U, Super Smash Bros 4, Mario Tennis U, Mario Golf U, Mario Party 10, im a big Mario Party Nut’ so i can’t wait for this!

    and Legend of Zelda U, this game is gonna be good as are all Zelda Games, my personal favorite is Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker, man still the best Zelda Game to me to this day 🙂

  • Golden Fox

    Man I can’t wait, Wii U is looking more awesome!

  • maxlazy10

    I hope it’s a Need for Speed title.

  • BXG


    • Xblade13

      Black Ops 2 for Wii U?! Drooling at the thought…
      I wonder if that means it would get some gamepad innovation. It seems like it would be easy (and fun) to get sniper headshots through the screen (ala Zapper). You could still play it with traditional controls using the Pro Controller, though. Like, its two different control schemes.

  • m

    Mass Effect 3 was doody.