Dec 5th, 2017

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom battle was a sleeper hit on the Switch, offering challenging turn-based gameplay with a well-made world that combined Nintendo and Ubisoft characters.

Now Mario + Rabbids director Davide Soliani revealed just how involved Nintendo was in the game. Hint: they were very involved.

“Nintendo were super picky. They wanted to know everything, and play everything”, Soliani said, adding “This was good, because it gives you a feeling that you are safe.”

He said that having a company like Nintendo, with their many years of game design experience, was a good thing and the feedback they gave was appreciated by the developers.

“They have over 125 years of lifetime, and they’re giving you feedback with the expectation of a certain level of quality. So for me, Nintendo is a shield. It means we know we’ll hit a certain level.”

And he was very positive about the whole project, from development to the final game, saying that “even Ubisoft was surprised by seeing this collaboration going so well.”

Via GamesIndustry

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