Apr 15th, 2014


With the release of Mario Kart 8 just a month and a half away, we’re starting to see more press info surrounding the game. Some rumored characters have been leaked like Diddy Kong, but the above photo is the first look we’ve seen at the roster screen for the game yet. Notice some of the question marks there mean Nintendo is keeping these characters secret for now, or perhaps they’re unlockable once you play the game more? Either way, it looks like this Mario Kart game will have the biggest roster yet.

With the addition of the Koopa Kids as playable characters, Nintendo could be drawing inspiration from its other series as well. Who would you like to see given their own kart in the upcoming game?

[via VG247]

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  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    Judging by the pattern of the roster, I would predict that the first question mark character would be Baby Rosalina, the second question mark could be Dry Bones, Wiggler or Queen Bee and the last question mark could be either Dry Bowser or maybe the randomly select character button. I doubt we’ll see any characters outside the Mario franchise sadly 🙁

    • Keith

      Donkey Kong isn’t part of the Mario Franchise….ugh, seriously pay attention lol

      • Aleks

        He kinda is. Mario first appeared in Donkey Kong in the 80’s.

      • … Actually he is. (Cranky) Donkey Kong’s first appearance was a puzzle platform game where Mario tried to rescue Pauline: http://www.gamefaqs.com/nes/563403-donkey-kong

        I think later canon from Rare established that the Donkey Kong of Donkey Kong Country was Donkey Kong Jr; http://www.gamefaqs.com/nes/578616-donkey-kong-jr

        Could be wrong on that, but Rare has been known to use Cranky Kong to make references to the original NES titles.

      • DragonSilths

        Yeah he is, Mario was originally Jumpman in the original Donkey Kong. Also Mario Vs Donkey Kong games lol.

        • Keith

          Very true. My apologies 😉

      • Virus6

        Shows how much you know about Nintendo’s flagship franchise.

    • WiiUltra

      Baby Rosalina? I doubt it. My guesses are King Boo, Dry bones and Dry Bowser just like before.

  • Ian Settlemyer

    R.OB. should make it into this game.

    • DragonSilths

      He isn’t from Mario.

      • Mario

        Well, he doesn’t exactly have a franchise either.

        • DragonSilths

          True, but this is MARIO KART not Smash Bros Kart lol. Its all about Mario characters not Nintendo characters.

          • rp17

            ROB was already in Mario Kart DS…

          • Carlos Webster

            Good point.

          • DragonSilths

            Never played MK DS.

      • Ian Settlemyer

        No, but he was playable in Mario Kart DS.

        • DragonSilths

          Then it was like Snake in Smash Bros Brawl, a 1 time special occasion.

  • Decker Shado

    If those three question marks aren’t Sonic, Tails, and Eggman… I’ll… I’ll.. I’ll do the unthinkable! I’ll write a blog about how Nintendo is DOOMED! And it’s for kids! I SWEAR!

    • Keith

      You seriously need some counciling. It’s a racing game designed around just the Mario Franchise. With ppl like you around, I fear that our country is DOOMED!! Pathetic

      • Decker Shado

        …seriously, was the sarcasm THAT hard for you to spot?

        • Keith

          No….just pointing out the obvious 😉

          • Given Keith’s other posts, yes, the sarcasm was that hard for him to spot.

            And no Keith, you were not pointing out the obvious. Pointing out the obvious would be noting that you are trolling these posts.

            Pointing out the obvious would also be noting that your grasp of Nintendo History is about as firm as a bowl of melted jelly.

          • Keith

            Nice burn kid 😉

  • Too many babies, too many koopas. #Justsayin #zorpix2015

  • cement dorado

    I would love game and watch as a character

  • stealth20k

    30 is so cool

  • Joseph DiPierno

    Who says that another line doesn’t unlock?

    • Mads

      Nobody. Your might have noticed the “?” in the headline?

  • Justin Thomas McGowan


  • Joshua V.

    Boo isn’t on the Roster ? I’d like to see the Greenie ghost from Luigi’s Mansion 2

  • Estoy esperando el juego por horas.

    • Keith

      English kind sir, this is America where our main language is English.

      Plus, this fourm & article is written in English so if you can read it than I’m guessing you can type it in English.

      • Daniel

        Well “America” includes central america, south america, etc, so yeah more than one language, so english is not “Americas’s” main language.

        • thanks.

        • Nintendoom!

          I’m always reminding people about that, lol.

        • Keith

          Okay smart a.s.s…..it’s definitely the United States of America’s “current” & main language. I wouldn’t post English in a Mexican forum & this kind sir shouldn’t post in a “all English” forum.

          Just my 2 cents. Don’t like it?? Deal with it 😉

      • it’s like: “i can’t wait for this game!”

      • WhataShame

        Wow. You’re an idiot. Have you taken a look at the demographics breakdown and related population projections for the US lately? You need to learn Spanish, tool.

        • Keith

          All my point was is that the he/she “eyeball” person shouldn’t be posting Español in an all English forum. There’s obviously no rules

        • Keith

          lol who says that I don’t speak or can write/type in Español?? Who says that I’m not even Mexican?? That’s right fool lol

          All my point was is that you shouldn’t post in a all English forum’s.

          Obviously there’s no rules against it but I’m just trying to look out for little kid’s like you from being confused 😉

          • WhataShame

            Yeeeah… Right. That is just a piss poor excuse for the same old tired ‘you’re in ‘Merica… speak english’ b.s.

            You can copy/paste in your browser and get a translation if you like. 5 year olds know how to do that.


  • Blue Hernandez

    It would be cool if they had Sonic.

    • DragonSilths

      He has his own racing game, he isn’t from Mario.

      • ThugSmokerzOnly

        neither is Donkey Kong and Diddy. But they’re still Nintendo, unlike Sonic.

        • Prince Ali

          Actually, Donkey Kong and Mario exist in the same universe. If you recall, Mario’s first game was Donkey Kong, back when he was not a plumber but a carpenter and named “Jumpman.” He was then renamed “Mario” in Donkey Kong Junior.

          This is why Donkey Kong appears in Mario games like Mario Party and Mario Kart. There is also a series devoted to the two now, Mario vs Donkey Kong.

          • Blue Hernandez

            Sonic and Mario appearantly cross universes so there’s that.

          • ThugSmokerzOnly

            this is true!

        • triplegamer3K .

          Plus Diddy already has some racing games,
          And quite great ones,i might add.

      • Blue Hernandez

        I’m fully aware. I do like seeing the two of them in the same games though.

    • Nicolas Dorion

      Please, no more Sonic. He’s not part of the Mario universe, he should stay in his own shitty racing games

      • triplegamer3K .

        Don’t diss allstars racing transformed!
        That game is AWESOME!!!

      • Blue Hernandez

        Sonic allstars racing transformed set the bar of where Mario Kart should’ve been, and are now, finally going. I’d have a little more respect for that game because MK7 was shit.


    Hopefully Dixie Kong, Boo, and Piranha Plant from Double Dash make it on the roster.

    • Wooopigsooie

      Haha, think of Piranha Plant holding a piranha plant power-up!

  • Pinky Peach

    I would say the 3 question marks are Dry Bones, King Boo, and Birdo.

  • ShortyStock

    I’m pretty sure that DiddyKong is makin it in, I hope for King Boo and Dry Bowser for the two other spots.

  • Kuromad

    Pretty sure that the Mii is also returning. And I think Diddy, Cranky and Dixie also have a chance this time.

  • Flintinator

    It’s not really a rumor, 27 characters are already confirmed, just three more to go

  • simkenno

    That’s amazing 🙂 but where’s king boo ? Where is he !!! 🙁 :O

  • LordiMcKill

    I hope it’s someone outside of the Mario franchise like Sonic, Link or Metroid.

  • greengecko007

    I don’t wan’t to sound spoiled, but I honestly hope it’s more than 30, because that only leaves 3 unknown characters left, and I would still like to see Dry Bones, Birdo, Koopa Paratroopa, Diddy Kong, Funky Kong, King Boo, Petey Piranha, and Mii characters return. That’s a total of 9 other characters, and would fill up the 3 remaining slots, as well as another row.

    There’s no reason this Mario Kart game shouldn’t have a huge roster, especially since the devs are actually taking the time and using resources to make it look like a true “next gen” game.

    • DragonSilths

      Fuck the Mii’s seriously why are people so fascinated with the bland generic avatars?

      • Mario

        Because they represent us in the game.

        • DragonSilths

          It ruined MK7. Its called Mario Kart not Mii Kart. Mii’s are bland boring and generic.

          • Derian D’Intino

            True it’s generic if you represent yourself. But it’s the possibilities. Who wouldn’t love beating characters from the Mario universe using various famous people like Chuck Norris or Barrack Obama?

          • Mario


          • DragonSilths

            They aren’t them though. Its a cheap knock off character model that someone made to look similar to a person. Big whoop. If it was Obama himself then whatever. But I never understood why people like making celebrities and such. Besides their money they are no different then everyone else.

          • Frank

            Miis will be in Mario Kart 8, and likely in Smash Bros. 4, whether we like it or not. So yeah, it’s better to get over it.

          • DragonSilths

            Better not otherwise half the sales will disappear.

      • greengecko007

        They’re only generic if you make them generic. By being able to pick from a plethora of eyes, hair styles, face and nose shapes, and being able to adjust size and placement, there’s a reasonably deep level of customization with the Miis. I know that not everyone is fascinated with them, but I personally would like to have the option to use Miis in Mario Kart 8.

        • DragonSilths


      • Keith

        Their fascinated for the same reason why your so fascinated with your pathetic masks which cover your obviously hideous face 😉

        • DragonSilths

          Oh look its you again. A person who doesn’t even have an avatar. The mask in my picture is a WWE mask. I am showing that I like the WWE. Also my hoodie in the picture is a CM Punk hoodie, also WWE.

  • MarkyWiiU

    I think the two up will be Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong or Diddy kong and Bowser jr. and the one at the bottom will either be Bowser jr. or Dry Bowser

  • Will (ishigum)

    Please add an every man for himself battle mode option for online play!!

  • Linus

    Stop calling them Koopa Kids. They are now the Koopalings…

    • Mario

      Different names, same character.

    • ETeach

      I won’t. And I won’t stop calling Bowser King Dad either.

  • CEObrainz

    What if Kirby is a secret character and that smash bros trailer was a reverse troll?

    • Mario

      It would everyone’s heads upside-down. Literally.

      • Cole Brinley

        Lol, your comment made me laugh. Thank you.

      • Josiah Parsons

        I was about to make a stiff comment about literally/figuratively, but it is funnier this way and I bet you meant it that way.

        • Mario

          I did. 🙂


      I’d get nosebleeds and pass out on the floor from excitement
      Seriously though,they should give Air Ride the HD treatment for the Wii U,if not a new game all together.
      Who wouldn’t want to play City Trial online?

  • ETeach

    For a minute I saw Metal Mario and thought it was a Shroob. Instant hype-train crash.

  • German2508

    Who is the top-right character?

    • Wooopigsooie

      It’s metal Mario, who’s apparently from Mario Kart 7 though I never played it. I always though he was a dumb character considering I don’t know of any main Mario games he was in.

      • Vile-Okami

        Super Mario 64…

  • Skelterz

    They should remove the stupid baby clones and put like king bob omb in there along with a few other villain characters, it wouldn’t hurt to see characters from different franchises in there to like link from wind waker or something like the leaf could be his glider and he could have like a king of red lions kart i dunno it would just be cool,

  • Logan Wayman

    Hopefully one of the characters is Nabbit!

  • Kyle

    I have been hoping Nabbit for some time now but eh. The very last slot only make since to be Bowser Jr. but there’s way too many Koopas as is.

    What I hope: Nabbit, King Boo, and Diddy.

    What It will likely be: Baby Rosalina, Diddy, Bowser Jr. Or Dry bowser.

  • Rinslowe

    I’m happy with the list of known playable characters so far, tbh. Everything else is just gravy. Need to play this game already…

  • pklucas1

    They did some heavy hinting on Kirby

    • MerryBlind .

      Well he would be a great addition, unlike Link or whatnot.

  • Zakariyya Al-Quran

    I want Mario Kart to be like SSBU and have all Nintendo characters, not just Mario, that would be BOUSS and everyone would play that, the only problem would be the name

    • Virus6

      I’m still unsure if I’d like that. Although it just makes sense to have Kirby on his Warp Star

    • Cole Brinley

      Dude…They could just call it ‘Smash Kart’. Cart with a “K” still because Nintendo enjoys spelling things incorrectly.

      • greengecko007

        Kart with a K is an accepted spelling of the word, and from my personal experience, the more common variant.

  • Ian Settlemyer

    Bowser Jr. Diddy Kong, and R.O.B.

  • Lord Tywin

    They should have Professor E. Gadd as a playable character!

  • Michael Hancock

    I want Drumstick, T.T. and Bumper. I am not joking. I wouldn’t joke about Bumper. This is SERIOUS business.

  • Bomberman

    I kind of want Kirby to be playable character.

  • Marcus Hunter

    I could see two of the slots with Bowser Jr. and the Mii

  • gamesplayswill

    I’d love the see Olimar in it. How funny would it be throwing a purple pikmin at someone’s kart?

  • Let’s see 5 down and 6 across. my math states that 5*6 is 30. So this rumor…looks real to me…Bring on the DLC characters!

  • William Cole

    7 of them are useless… guess who they are.

  • Ernesto Avilez

    You can never have to many characters.


    Is koopa lings !! not koopa kids babe;)

  • DarkK

    Fuck the koopalings, seriously. 8 character slots wasted.