Jun 12th, 2013

We’re at E3 this year getting hands-on with all of Nintendo’s newly announced titles, the first of which is Mario Kart 8 for Wii U. The new inverted tracks feature is crazy fun and some of the new tracks are going to ruin friendships. Check out the video above and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Nintedward

    The highlight of the direct along with X and Bayonetta 2.

    I thought : ”Wow that’s some nice CGI! now show some gameplay” and then I was like ”You sons of bitches , that IS gameplay!”

    • Clel

      Yeah, that’s what I like about Nintendo trailers. They actually show you how gameplay WORKS, instead of showing a bunch of cutscenes of exploding robots and some robot guy walking ominously up a hill (Destiny).

      So far, that’s the only ad I’ve been seeing with every YouTube video. So you know what I do? I click the ad a bunch of times, because each click does 2 things:
      Makes Microsoft have to pay more money for the ads for making me have to watch that trailer over, and over, and over again


      It makes the YouTuber make more bling bling!

      • Nintedward

        You shouldn’t even be allowed to use CGI in game trailers , it’s misleading and annoying… they should all be in game footage , like X.

      • companyoflosers

        bungie released actual gameplay for destiny in their e3 booths you know. its not like with a little searching online, its impossible to find. its actually quite easy.

        • get a grip fanboys

          Stop defending industry cock suckery

          • companyoflosers

            i didnt defend anything, just stated that there is in fact actual gameplay footage available. did i disagree and say cgi should be allowed? did i say destiny would be awesome? did i display ANY sort of opinion what so ever? NO! i stated a simple fact.

    • MTGSWE

      This game will be amazing ๐Ÿ˜€
      I did not notice it was gameplay footage until late in the video. How happy I was. The game looks beautiful and runs 60 FPS ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Nintedward

        Solid proof that Wiiu is next gen.

        If those graphics + the Gamepad is not next gen then I must be missing something.

        does next gen mean = loads of boring rinse and repeat gameplay with slightly prettier graphics ? lol…

        • MTGSWE

          I’m not a fan of FPS games for most part. Wii U is next gen according to me at least ๐Ÿ˜›

          Next gen = AI in fish that makes them swim away from you…something Mario 64 already had ๐Ÿ˜›

        • firstinflight

          Good point on the graphics + Gamepad. People forget to factor the Gamepad as part of the output of the device.

          • get a grip fanboys

            Good point No BLATANT COMMONSENSE

        • Jack5221

          Wii U is next gen. ๐Ÿ™‚ Some more solid proof of this will be Pikmin 3! I saw a bunch of new screen shots, it just gets better and better every time. They need to release it NOW!

        • get a grip fanboys

          Those graphics dude are done twice over at 60 ffs on each screen

        • Billy_Perry

          Pretty much all industry analysts, journalists, developers, publishers and other associated experts all consider Wii U to not be a next gen console.
          I don’t agree with them, but it definitely is not looking good for Nintendo and the Wii U.

    • Fred

      X is the biggest one for me, but this one was better than I expected

      • get a grip fanboys

        And x raped lol ff

    • MetroidZero

      That moment when you realize the mind-blowing graphics is actually within the gameplay. xD

  • Marcel Kleine

    Go to that blue thing, yes. girl: OMG. looks really awsome, I’m defenetly gonna get this game

  • Stuart Thomas

    Looks like its running super nice!

  • palomino blue

    Really wish they put a rear view in the gamepad. The graphics look great though.

    • A SNES Day Off

      You’ll likely be able to switch between rear view, map and data by pressing a button.

  • Clel

    Am I the only who’s been having a lot of trouble running YouTube videos as of late?

    • No… I can barely play them at home with my slow 3Mbs DSL. Sometimes even at work with a 100Mbs connection. Ever since they changed where you could not completely buffer the whole video before playing.

    • Nintedward

      Mine always stutter like shit , like I’m live streaming them or something :/

    • MTGSWE

      Nope. I have the problem too. Sometimes I get furious ๐Ÿ˜
      Sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes not

  • TULFich

    I would really like to know if the local multiplayer can actually support off-TV play? like in CoD Black OPS II

    • thedeciderU

      that would be fantastic. same with using the pro controller. it NEEDS to happen day one.

      • TULFich

        if they do so, it would be awesome playing as 4P split screen +1p on the gamepad, that would be sick…….And Iยดm looking forward to know if some day Wii U will launch the 2nd gamepad support, cuz that would be a 6P mode on multiplayer!!!

        • thedeciderU

          that would be awesome. hopefully 2nd gamepad support is not a pipe dream. i’m excited to see how the online multiplayer modes work with the miiverse integration.

        • Clel

          2nd gamepad wouldn’t work, for two main reasons:
          1. A second gamepad makes the system’s framerates and performance drop CONSIDERABLY, and it just puts an overall strain on the system.
          2. A Gamepad is very expensive to manufacture, and as a result, it would have to cost $100+

          • that guy

            to be exact it cuts the framerate in half if they maintain the resolution.

    • get a grip fanboys

      Yes obviously so

      Many gsmes will support 5 local players too

  • Please let it be an early spring release like March…. This is one of the titles I bought my Wii U for

    • Guest No. 3

      I think it will be early Spring. I’m pretty sure E3 this year was meant to cover all games coming out until next E3.

    • Pikachief

      It’ll be spring like Pikmin 3 spring.

      Loljk i also hope for early spring

      • I hope the initial launch delays are behind them. I think Nintendo was unprepared a little bit for this console and how much extra work it would take to develop games with as much content as modern games get.

        • thedeciderU

          having been a day one buyer, it’s clear they were unprepared. i hope they have worked out kinks, rearranged their agenda, and are back on schedule. they really ought to be now that they’ll have had a year.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    This guy sums up E3 really good.

    • Clel

      Okay that’s it, I’m done with YouTube until they fix this stupid load time setup.

      • peeer

        Slow internet?

        • Clel

          Nope. Lucky for me, I have great internet for now. Apparently I’m not the only one with this problem.

          • peeer

            Ah, well it works fine for me now, I am even using the Highest available resolution most of the time. Before, when I used to have adsl 7Mbps/640kbps it was giving me problems sometimes even on default resolution. Ever since I have got FTTH it doesn’t seem to have any issues anymore. I don’t know, maybe I just got lucky so far…

    • Shawn Spitler


  • bakedapplepie

    I want to reach into the screen and play, Mario Kart 8 looks Great.

  • cory mccallister

    im afraid to see rainbow road :3

    • Zeldatrek


  • DemonRoach

    Looks like the gamepad IS a nuisance to players.

    • Paul

      how so? Ive heard its the best choice.

      • DemonRoach

        I heard nobody likes it. Only ninty fanboys say they do just to show support, but in reality, nobody uses it.

        • Zeldatrek

          Not from what I’ve seen. More than not they preferred the gamepad to the wiimote. I go into more detail but you’re just a troll so don’t care anyway.

    • bizzy gie

      You’re a nuisance.

      • bizzy gie

        Oh so 3 people like what Demon said about the GamePad?

        • RockGod

          Hell No! The Rock says he SMOKES DEMONROACHES!
          seriously though… looks like you caught a flood of trolls… it happens sometimes… especially this time of year

  • greengecko007

    This looks absolutely amazing. The graphical style does wonders for the game. The track shown in the video is really cool and has a San Francisco air to it. It’s a shame though that a Mario spin off game has more creativity in both the gameplay and level design than its main series counterpart, Super Mario 3D World.

  • bizzy gie

    Can’t wait to play! I saw Waluigi in the ND Tuesday.

    • Clel

      Speaking of which, we haven’t seen that Waluigi guy in a while ๐Ÿ™

    • ItzameyaToad

      I think he was in Mario Kart Wii.

      • bizzy gie

        He’s in Mario Kart 8 too.

  • JB

    Omg! I’m so jealous right now… 2014 can’t come soon enough… or at least be so kind to give us a one track demo to stave us off! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Zeldatrek

      Careful, once you get a taste you’re just gonna want more!

  • Starfoxguy

    Can’t wait. Already a must have on any Wii U library. In the trailer, it seems Mario took a page from Captain Falcon.

  • SmarterThanYou

    Mario Kart 7 was the best Mario Kart yet. Hopefully 8 will bring it even further.

  • Jack5221

    2014 is going to be an awesome year for Wii U owners. Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, Zelda U!!! And who knows what else…

    • Stoenk

      I doubt Zelda will be 2014

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    Look at the people playing and spectating the game, they are all smiling and enjoying themselves. That’s the magic touch that Nintendo has, their games are fun and make you feel good and happy! Take note Sony and Microsoft with you’re brown palette, violent and usually depressing games.

    • Arthur Jarret

      You mean like Knack, Little big planet, Killer instinct and Kinectimals?

      • firstinflight

        When I saw people playing Kinectimals in E3, they never seemed happy. Given, I only saw video.

        • RockGod

          They looked like they were wondering “What the hell am I doing?”

          • Arthur Jarret

            Just hack kinectimals to include women…

            This makes it an even stranger and ultimately creepy experience.

          • RockGod

            That sounds like more fun. Nintendo, get on this idea… lol

          • firstinflight

            That’s a good way to put it.

            The people in the Mario Kart 8 video actually looked like they were enjoying themselves. Imagine that, when playing a gaming system.

      • ItzameyaToad

        Knack looks cool and Little Big planet is cool too but really when it comes down to Sony and Microsoft rarely release anything on the fun level of Nintendo games that doesn’t have violence.

        • Arthur Jarret

          I honestly disagree. I think all companies have their own filosophy when making games and it shows – but I’m having fun with them all.

          I’m a huge nintendo fan – they are my personal favorite console each generation (including wii – due to games like smash bros, mario galaxy, muramasa and xenoblade chronicles)

          However, my favorite 3d platformer isn’t even Mario.
          It’s Psychonauts, which appeared for Xbox, PS2 and PC.

          I’m just saying: Nintendo isn’t the only one who makes great, fun games – and I’m glad to be rocking multiple platforms.

      • get a grip fanboys

        That totally misd the point and hsve no punash or soul lol youl big up sonys smash bros clone next LEAVE THE SITE RETARD

        • Arthur Jarret

          Dyslexics are teople poo, right?

          I think I only understand 40% of what you are trying to say here – however, it seems you missed MY point:

          Don’t discount the other companies as being unimaginative – they have great games too.

          The best thing to be, is to be a multiplatform owner.
          The only thing being a fanboy ever achieves is you missing out on great games on the other platforms.

      • Thomas Fitzgibbon

        Little Big Planet is fun but I never remember smiling or feeling happy over it…

        • Arthur Jarret

          Not even during the narrated bits?
          Dang – you’re cold, man!

          • Thomas Fitzgibbon

            I thought them boring and unnecessary that’s why, I just like playing games, I don’t like Stephen Fry’s voice constantly buzzing in my ears.

  • dergreg

    That video doesn’t do the game justice. I couldn’t believe I found myself tilting my head when the karts went on to the walls. I need it.

    • Zeldatrek

      Hell the Trailer on youtube in HD settings does not do it justice. B E A T UTIFUL

  • Levi Johansen

    The coins are back!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Can we build tracks, please Nintendo – we’ve wanted that since Double Dash!!!

    • ItzameyaToad

      That would be awesome! Bundle that with Miiverse ability to take screenshot’s and you could advertise your course! How cool would it be if you posted a course idea or ability to play on Miiverse and it got enough yeahs that Nintendo decided to add it to the game! Now that would be really cool!

      • Levi Johansen

        Or they could give us the ability to just share the tracks.
        Then we could comment on tracks and up-vote them.

        Nintendo could host track-building competitions too.

        With the coming update to Miiverse, we will be able to make our own communities and set up tournaments and such.

        We could set up tournments and each participant makes his own track to be in the tournement…

        Ahh… the future memories…

    • bWov1

      I can totally see them releasing more tracks as DLC – even classic tracks from previous games with a graphic makeover. Building tracks would be awesome, too! Getting this on Day 1!

  • dergreg

    Weren’t there only 8 racers in Mario Kart 7? When I was at Best Buy it looked like there were 10 in Mario Kart 8. Is that a thing?

    • There were 8 starting characters and there were 9 unlockable characters. the 10 in Mario Kart 8 look like just the starter ones.

      • dergreg

        I mean in the actual race there are 10 simultaneous racers, probably not all playable obviously, but that’s 2 more than Mario Kart 7’s races had.

        • Drac

          They’ve confirmed it’ll be 12 player races, like in Mario Kart Wii.

  • Michael Jurado

    So let me get this straight I can power slide on the walls and ceilings thanks too the anti gravity device in the kart *claps* I love how Nintendo just keeps pushing racing games too new heights … Honestly I thought we were going to get something like Mario kart 7 with pretty graphics I never expected them to change the racing world :s

  • timehacker11

    April, just like MKWii, making for MKWii’s 6th birthday.

  • Daniel

    Is this Wii U pro controller compatible?

    • thedeciderU

      better be! i think the patch for NSMBU is coming (it comes in japan with release of super luigi U) in US soon. mario kart 8 supports every other type of control scheme imaginable, so i hope they don’t forget about the people who want pro controller support, especially since it could be the same setup as the gamepad as far as button layout.

  • Josiah Parsons

    best. gamepad. use. ever.
    that circle on the gamepad? you press it, and it honks the horn. no joke.

    • Zeldatrek

      now you tell me. I would have done that the entire 7 minuets of heaven playing.

    • get a grip fanboys

      Those little touches so nintendo

      I clearly remember my first disc release button orgasum with gamecube PERFECTION ITS SELF

  • QuizmasterBos

    This game is cool and all, but there is one question that needs answering:
    Does the Blue Shell still exist?

    • beerkin

      Yep. the inclusion of the blue shell is a deal breaker for me. I almost grinded up mk7 into a tea drank it and pissed allover my 3ds. So frustrating…..

      • QuizmasterBos

        I thought Mario Kart 7 was really unfairly balanced. Not only did you get bombarded with items left and right, but there was no way to get ahead. Even though people found major shortcuts (which were later fixed), the computer would get some kind of speed boost to catch up with you (the rubber band effect). How am I supposed to win if the computer is freaking cheating?!

        At least Mario Kart Wii (where I swear the computer timed their attack so you’d get hit at least twice in a row each lap) had the Mach Bike+Daisy combo, which would really help out. When Mario Kart 7 didn’t have that, I knew I wasn’t going to like it, but I bought it anyway. I beat the entire game once and never touched it again. 50cc was doable, but 100cc was already completely impossible. I couldn’t even get 1st place once, let alone four times in a row. Hopefully they fixed that for 8. I am genuinely excited for that. We’ve got bikes, now give me the same awesome combo as in MK Wii and we’re good, game.

        • Shane โ™“

          That’s strange, I actually felt MK7 was a lot easier than MKWii.

  • Henri Heiskanen

    It looks like to run smooth 60 fps, even though in developer interview didn’t Konno say something about threy’re still working on to keep the 60 fps on “two player mode”… How is it, the testers of this game on Wii U Daily, did it run smooth? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • get a grip fanboys


    Now apply the same logical thinking to xeno wiiu and generic ff ps4. Wiiu is one little power house

  • get a grip fanboys

    Simple fact kart 8 had better graphics than any ps4 showing FACT

    Simple fact xeno bent over ffps4 and butt raped it

  • get a grip fanboys

    Xeno open world and draw distence abused ff ps4 hard the poor ps4 will need rape counciling for a decade PROVEN PC IS INEFFICENT SHIT CUSTOM HARDWARE BY NINTENDO OWNS

    8 shite cores vs 3 superb cores

    Superb huge fast catch edram vs genetic slow gddr5


  • Andy

    Great… exact same games from the original Wii… Well still no reason to buy a Wii U

    • beerkin

      Are you some kind of moron? this is absolutely not the same game. if this is the same game then so are all the bioshock games or final fantasy or every other series. keep your bs negativity to yourself.

  • C.S. Bailey

    The return of coins, and excellent split screen……. This game is going to cost me almost $300; I already know I’m going to need another bulb for the projector…….