Apr 19th, 2014

mSome more Mario Kart 8 gameplay videos

Mario Kart 8 will be coming to the Wii U next month, and so far we’ve seen many of the race tracks in several gameplay videos. Now we got a whole new collection of Mario Kart 8 gameplay videos, which makes us want this game even more.

Mario Kart 8 launches on May 30 on the Wii U, and will feature 26 race tracks — half of which are brand new, and the other half are remakes of popular tracks from previous Mario Kart games. Some of the remade tracks include Toad’s Turnpike, Royal Raceway, and Rainbow Road.

Check out the new gameplay videos below, and be sure to check out our last Mario Kart 8 video collection as well.

New Mario Kart 8 gameplay videos

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  • Shankovich

    Those shadows and lighting just make the game look so gorgeous. I skipped out on Mario Kart after the GCN version but wow MK8 is giving me N64 feels. For sure getting it day 1.

  • McBlink

    I can’t wait for this game, I just wish it had a track editor.

    • Keith

      Beggars can’t be choosers ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Carlos Webster

      I’m also excited for the game.

    • SolarGalaxa

      Well, we don’t know every possible thing yet. Nintendo may surprise us.

    • Jason

      Track editor could be a DLC.

  • MetroidZero

    I’m glad for the retro tracks. My very first video game I played was Mario Kart 64. To be a child again. :’)

    • Commander Raichu

      there so sexy(the retro tracks i mean)
      sorry samus

      • Mithiragi

        Ayy Samus hot too niqqa.

        • Commander Raichu

          nah your right samus got me

          • MetroidZero


          • Mithiragi

            Those fuckin’ tits.

          • Commander Raichu


  • greengecko007

    Can you not drive around the grounds of Peach’s castle in the royal raceway remake? At 9:26 on the the first video it looks blocked off. I will be greatly disappointed if that is the case. Who hasn’t thrown a race just to explore the grounds on the original N64 track?

    • Mithiragi


    • Sander van der Ham

      Unfortunately it is blocked off yeah… Too bad, I was really looking forward to exploring it. :c

      • greengecko007

        Yeah, cutting out the tracks distinguishing feature feels very weird. The whole reason I was excited about Royal Raceway was being able to drive around in the castle grounds.

        • C4

          They should have added a right corner just after the jump around the castle and make it a genuine part of the track…

          • greengecko007

            That’s a really good idea. There’s so many ways they could have included Peach’s castle rather than just blocking it off and putting it in the background.

    • LukeMM95

      Imagine what it would be like for online matches though. People would just waste time exploring the castle and the races will go on forever.

      • greengecko007

        They could block it off in the online modes only. Besides, what’s to stop people from just driving around and goofing off in any of the tracks?

  • SolarGalaxa

    How exactly is this new? I have already seen these.

  • Juilen Cardenas

    Must….. not…… watch….. can’t…..resist……..must……wait….until………it…….comes…..out.

  • Michael Rowlands

    the wii u is a great console but thanks to you Nintendo fanboys the wii u is doom..all you Nintendo fanboys buy is 1st party games and if Nintendo make a new console that will be doom as will all thanks to you fanboys Nintendo needs to get out of making consoles and just make games for pc xbox and ps4….you did this Nintendo fanboy and I hope Nintendo thank you for it

    • nintendope

      lol, dude I ain’t buying a garbage half assed port of a game, developers are lazy and make those ports (with a few exceptions which I gladly bought), so if we start buying them that means they can sell us shit and we’ll buy it and that’s not right. Also Nintendo is to blame for making an underpowered console for the market right now, so don’t blame us. Nintendo is not doomed yo, they got money, and they will learn from their mistakes, and the only way they realize is through ugly sales numbers. Peace.

      • ETeach

        Simply put, I agree with you. If there were better third party games out there, I’d pick them up. At the moment, that list is limited to Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, and a couple of multiplats that I got because I don’t own a PS4/XBone.

        That being said, if there was a more dedicated fanbase, developers would (hopefully) release more quality titles. Kind of a mobius strip of inaction…

      • Mario

        At least they know how to make wonderful games with it.

      • abe

        Here lies the problem. We don’t buy the limited/gimped ports new to show the developers and publishers that we’ll buy quality games.

        However what is actually happening is publishers and developers are just seeing their is no audience for their games on Wii U and won’t make anymore

        There is a solution that’ll help prove an audience exists on Wii U and we get better ports

        Buy their ports new BUT not full price. E.g. sniper elite they cut out half the content so pay at most half the RRP . this shows we’ll buy games on Wii U and we WILL pay for Quality.

        If you check out Amazon you can get Wii U ports of great games for low price new. It sucks that this has to be done instead of getting great ports right away

    • Rygar

      Everytime I try a third party game (like AC or Arkham City or Splinter Cell) I get bored quickly and trade it in. I eventually learned just not to buy them anymore.

      • Rinslowe

        Each to their own, but I personally can’t get enough of any of those titles/ series…

      • Michael Rowlands

        all I am saying is Nintendo can not keep making consoles if the only people buying then are the Nintendo fans……

  • i somehow think, the wiiu has the best light effects in this gen. the others might look kind of “realistic”, but for some reason i think if nintendo can keep this level up, it actually might catch up to the competitors.

    • A couple of programmers and I were talking about that recently. One of the programmers refers to the lighting in most games as “6am Minnesota” with this picture for reference: http://www.crh.noaa.gov/images/dlh/StormSummaries/2011/jan21cold/DSC00194.JPG

      One of the… problems… if you will comes down to widespread usage of glow and lighting defaults in 3rd party engines like Unreal; which are often titled out of the box towards projects the vendor of that engine works on. So, vast majority of Unreal based games wind up with excessive glows and hazy highlights; trends that carry over into other engines such as CryEngine, Frostbite, and Forgelight that are primarily based around military-esque shooters.

      However… Nintendo games… are typically built on in-house engines. Nintendo never had an issue with using an engine developed by somebody else and then having to fiddle and twiddle with lighting. Then there are the small little factors that Nintendo and it’s partner at the time SGI invented some of the real-time hardware lighting effects we now take for granted during the years of the N64. When the GCN came around Nintendo was pretty up front with an explanation that several of their lighting functions were actually done through software algorithms processed by the PowerPC processor rather than the Flipper chip; an extension of the processor based lighting techniques developed for the “RSP.” Fast forward to today, and it’s likely that Nintendo’s possible proprietary lighting algorithms can likely be run in a GPGPU mode; rather than in dedicated hardware.

      Incidentally, the WiiU is the first time that a major third party engine has received equal support from Nintendo (Unity). As the vast majority of Unity games are not military-esque shooters, the Unity engine lighting defaults tend to be more neutral; and since most developers using Unity are not from the mass-publishing studios, they can take the time to play around with the lighting. The result is that most Unity engine games have better lighting by default than titles from other platforms. However, I’m under the impression that Unity’s lighting calls are being run entirely against OpenGL 4.3 and do not, at this point on the WiiU, require a GPGPU mode.

      • (Nods)
        No, I get you. Really. I do. Seriously.

      • Donaald

        Nice bloom, oh wait…

    • Donaald

      Well, the Wii U performs really well when it comes to lightning, shadowing however… It’s pretty difficult.

  • Rinslowe

    Kart 8 just keeps on ticking all the right boxes for me in what a next gen Nintendo title should be on Wii U.
    According to what has been confirmed from the platforms feature set. It’s great to see them being used in the game. And able to achieve 1080p 60fps is gravy for such a vibrant art style.
    Not to forget – most importantly, it continues to look like as much fun if not better than SM3DW in multiplayer replay-ability.
    Can’t wait.

    • oontz

      From what I have heard, only single player is 1080p and multiplayer (online) isn’t.

      • Rinslowe

        Actually no it’s been confirmed that it’s still 1080p 60fps in two player split screen as well.

        Kart is looking to be a solid solid title. And not being 1080p in online multiplayer takes nothing away from that, or the game itself and the technical achievement of the title…

        • oontz

          Never said it would take anything away. Just that for some reason online they can’t hit those numbers. Personally I can not wait for this game. I am just angry that I can’t get it on day 1. Need to import the english one.

          • Rinslowe

            The reason why it can’t hit 1080p in multiplayer online is simple. And an answer you know well enough I’d wager. Making any seemingly neutral comment made in that respect something just a little more… yawn…

            Wii U was mean’t to be a 720p native console. That’s the ballpark figure for graphically intensive titles. I would also wager that they are able to achieve 1080p on Kart with advanced effects in play due to the CPU overhead afforded due to the nature of Kart as a racing title. Which would be more intensive on the GPU than CPU as the physics is no where near what an open 3D world requires. And what ever GPGPU potential the Wii U has according to estimates on the cost of components based on Nintendo’s pricing strategies/ software etc… I would say it’s not enough to offset physics based code from the CPU in any case…

            But I could always be wrong…
            And still impressive considering those things, that Nintendo is offering Kart in two player split at both 1080p and 60fps…

          • oontz

            On another note… looks like a great game.

          • Rinslowe


            Yeah I get the point…

            Although when I gave the title some early cred, it was in respect to those limitations. Not out of some fanboy fueled Kart frenzy…

  • wiimenonowiiu

    All i care about is seeing this game advertised on tv and i want to be sick of seeing it on tv heres a quick ad idea knock knock wii you like U to play. And show the online play stop trying to sell your system by hear say and hope that 1 kids that gets mk8 shows 10 of his.her friends and dont just show the game on teletoon chanel look at watch dog for ps4 im getting it for wii u but the features for it i might just get it for ps4 but i want to support wii u but nes needs to support its system and advertise the shit out of it. Its not that hard

    • Francis Harbord


      • ETeach

        The only appropriate response.

  • Sdudyoy

    Must not watch!

    • Mario

      Frodo:…I’m gonna tempt you.

      • Sdudyoy

        I watched the three comparison videos, man this game looks so great, this game is easily the best looking Wii U game, I didn’t think Nintendo could mix realism with Mario, let alone make it look awesome.

        • Mario

          Well they did. IN A GREAT WAY!

        • Magnus Eriksson

          It looks very good. However I lost my interest in this game. I dont think I will pick it up, because Im actually tired from it already. Its the only game, besides Smash, I have heard about the last year and in the beginning it surely was exciting. But not anymore. This game should have been out a year ago. If the kids want it, then I might, but not for my own sake. And I will wait until after E3, because I suspect that we wont get anything of interest this year. A part of me actually believes that Nintendo wont even be there. If they will, we will only see them acting towards 3DS.

          • Rinslowe

            Buy it for the kids in any case. And find yourself warming to it…

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Lol, yeah. I probably be at my local gamestop the 1st june ๐Ÿ˜€ Its the same day I have to defend my thesis, so I might pick it up together with a nice bottle scotch. As a present for the last years of hard work writing. ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Rinslowe

            Glenlivet 12yr single malt, does it for me…
            Value with a smooth finish.

            Otherwise I’m just as happy to be drinking Chivas Regal 18 yr blended or Johnny Walker Blue Label…

            If you have to drink and drive, better it’s at home playing Kart no?

          • Magnus Eriksson

            My favourites are the more smokey ones. Ardbeg, Caol Ila, Laphroig, Talisker, Lagavulin etc. But absolutley no stranger to those you suggest. Aberlour is a very nice one too, both the 15y and the a’bunadh ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Rinslowe

            Laphroaig I could sit down and drink with you, absolutely a fine Scotch…

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Just give a beep here if you happens to be in Oslo, Norway and I will certainly take a whisky in your company ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Commander Raichu

            XD wow you guys talked about video games games now alcohol XD XD XD

          • Skelterz

            you don’t get it braa we need you to buy it braa were losing war braa that’s right WERE your a part of it now we all are mgnus please magnus buy it for iwata’s sake jeeesus christ

          • bistricky

            I completely agree with you (did I say that) ….. yep …… Until Nintendo announces some release dates for some of their games (which we wait endlessly for), then I doubt Nintendo will.
            I love my Wii U and the games I have for it …. but beyond Mario Kart 8 there is little with an actual release date for retail games. And I am tired of it.

          • so you do believe that magnus doesn’t gonna buy the game? em.. not this time.

          • C4

            Well, E3 is around 2 weeks after MK8s release… it would be a good time for release dates and new game announcements…

        • LuLz

          Realism? That would look disturbing

          • Sdudyoy

            Maybe not that realistic…

          • Mario


          • Magnus Eriksson

            That guy got a serious drinking problem ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Jay Ray

          Nah, Smash Bros will knock Mario Kart 8 out of the ring when it comes out to both 3DS and Wii U.

          • Sdudyoy

            Yeah, Smash bros is one of Nintendo’s best franchises, I don’t really think Mario kart compares to Smash bros.

    • Capt. Smoker

      these things would just be too cool and could tempt the elderly to play

  • jhell

    I can’t wait

  • Zackary Bruley

    I paid off my MK8 pre-order today…. i CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!!

  • LAWL this game dohnt hawld a kandel to the all mighteh ps4,!ยก!!!!ยกยกยกยก111111
    (Please kill me)

    • ChariotMan7

      WHat do yo mean!!!!!

  • extrablade

    There is a point where you get tired of waiting and watching videos… i hit that wall and lost interest on the game already

  • ETeach

    One more month. I wonder if I can stretch NES Remix 2 into a month’s worth of gameplay? …who am I kidding, it’ll take up 3 days, tops XC

  • LukeMM95

    I really hope they bring back the pipe frame karts from Mario Kart 7. It’ll go perfect with these beautiful HD retro tracks.

  • gamesplayswill


  • sharlo galmo

    Mariokart looks so gorgeous, that’s it is difficult to believe that Zelda gonna look better then this…….E3 gonna be sooooo good, Zelda gonna make my day….

  • I’m not overly hyped for Mario Kart as I only played 2 titles (snes and n64) so I can watch all I want without feeling “spoiler-alert” I have to say that this game truly looks gorgeous. It’s the allmost the first time for me that I’m actually impressed on the graphical lvl by a game in general on all platforms, sure there are plenty of great looking games out there.

    But this is the third one adding a Wow factor after the new trailer for FFXV and X. I can now add MK8 on that list as well. Graphics certainly don’t make a game, but without a doubt is the icing on the cake nontheless and do make it a whole. Tons of ways to play the game with pretty much all controllers of Wii and Wii U, excellent job N.

    • Dark Lord Sauron

      mario kart 8 runs at full 1080p and 60fps thats why it looks amazing

  • darkcreap

    For all those that do not want to watch too many Mario Kart videos before release, I can confirm: it is Mario Kart and it looks great, you will love it when it releases. Not need to be worried. I should stop watching videos myself, I think I’ve seen enough. It will be better for me to keep the “awe” factor when it releases.

  • Vriska Serket

    I want this game so badly. It looks like the best one since double dash, which was my favorite of all.

  • Skelterz

    Mario kart 8 looks balls clearly not going to buy this game even if it was 10 pound

  • Jumpman 1981

    The system seller to end all system sellers.

  • Old School

    Thank you Nintendo for showing us all about battle mode. It’s a good thing you have done your research on how big the battle community is.

  • DragonSilths

    26 tracks? Shouldn’t it be 32 like always? 16 new, 16 retro.

  • KvinlonWeldon

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  • Jason

    “Mario Kart 8 launches on May 30 on the Wii U, and will feature 26 race tracks” How is it possible that there is only 26 tracks? Even if they only included the minimum with 4 regular cups and 4 retro cups that’s 32 tracks. I was hoping for extra tracks in MK8, not less than normal…

  • InterTreble

    THIS is what haters and trolls will miss. Shame on them and their patetic ignorance! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Usaamah

    26 tracks? Not 32? (16 + 16)

  • Greg Lanciotti

    Is this the only game nintendo is making.

  • Skelterz