Mar 11th, 2014


Pre-orders for Mario Kart 8 were halted on Amazon a few weeks ago, presumably because stock for the game ran out. There was no notification of when pre-orders for the game would resume, or if they would at all before the May 30 release date. Thankfully, Amazon seems to have sorted out whatever issue put a hold on their pre-orders, as they’re back open for now. If you’re looking to get your hands on this one you might want to do so now.

A few weeks ago Newegg offered a $5 gift card for those who pre-order Mario Kart 8 from them, but Amazon guarantees same day delivery of pre-order titles, so the choice is yours!

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  • Deadpool U

    I’d like to pre-order one of these days but I’m so strapped for cash it’s not even funny.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Aren’t you an assassin?

      • Deadpool U

        I’d like to but bussiness is slow nowadays I’m just waiting for a guy to call and say “I want you kill my wife’s lover.” but just isn’t happening as much as it used to.

        • andrewjcole

          Can you kill my wife’s lover? And while you’re at it… my boss?

          • Arthur Jarret

            Be specific, man – which of your wife’s lovers is he supposed to kill?

        • Mario

          Can you kill the kill the Call of duty series?

          • Deadpool U

            I can’t what’s already dead.

          • Mario

            Are you sure?

  • i have it since January.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Same-day delivery… ha.
    I’d rather buy at a store that sells the title at the same moment Amazon sends it out for delivery (Nintendo always gives them the OK to sell a day before release day) so I’ll be playing a FULL day before it’s available on e-shop or on the amazoners doormat.

    Just think of the AMAZING ADVANTAGE I will have online, racing with the secret characters and knowing all shortcuts already! MUAHAHA!

    • You’re a crafty one, Arthur. I find myself wishing I had gone to Walmart at midnight to pick up Dark Souls II instead of waiting for my pre-order. 🙂

      • Arthur Jarret

        Yeah, I wish the release dates were worldwide – I’ll only be able to pick my pre-order up tomorrow (official release here is the 14th).

        This completely ruins the european’s chances to get a head start for better equipment to invade newbies with! Can’t wait for it, though – I’ll have a busy week with Yoshi’s new island and Dark Souls 2 coming tomorrow.

    • jjbredesen

      But that requires that i get up and walk out of my house, can’t risk gettng shot by a cop, because i am carrying me 3DS in my pocket and remember a 3DS is a bomb 😛

      • Arthur Jarret

        Not to mention what they’ll shoot you for when they see you holding the blue shell from the limited edition!

        Actually – I’ve arranged yesterday that the gamestore staff will bring the game to my home (provided he’s allowed to play a few rounds). The numerous advantages from living across the street from one! (I do spend too much money on games now)

      • MetroidZero

        You should bring it on a plane:

        You’ve been playing Smash online and have kicked some serious butt. You just finished off an opponent who has lost to you 5 times straight.

        All of a sudden the PA system goes off and the passengers look up, awaiting the captain’s words: “This is Captain Henry. Our flight into New York has been delayed today. But don’t worry, after I beat this jjbredesen at his own game, we should be arriving shortly.”

        *Captain Henry switches on auto-pilot, chooses King Dedede, and presses Start.”

        • jjbredesen

          Lol, well i am afraid that flight will never land, without bragging i consider myself to be what most people would call a hardcore smasher 😉 I guess that is what happened to Malasyian airlines flight, the captain got a Smash Demo from Sakurai who was on the plane, and there still not done 😛

          • MetroidZero

            Lol 😛

      • Wighead

        Cops have guns in Norway? I tought they only carried sticks and good looks 😉

        • jjbredesen

          Few of them have guns, only the Delta Squad, and special units carry guns at all times, but normal cops only carry them when called out, under escort or in areas where its needed, such as the darker areas of Oslo.

          They have a lot of controls/tests, once when i was on the buss it was pulled over and 5 “Swat” guys stormed the buss and removed an actor playing a criminal under such tests that i have seen they have been carrying MP5’s or some other larger SMG.

          Never seen them with heavy stuff, only time they have was under 22. of july.

          Picture below is taken from the buss i was on:

          • Wighead

            Looks like a stressful ride… I wouldn’t like these test conducted where I live… I hope they’re not to frequent. Here in Montréal (Canada) cops have guns but they rarely use it and prefer to talk people out of doing stupid stuff and it usually works. They need to carry them since lots of illegal guns come from our neighbours from the South (it’s as easy to buy a gun over there as it is to buy milk)…

          • jjbredesen

            The “tests” are kind of rare, since they are only done around every 2-3 months and with the amount of busses going, you sort of never experience it, i have been taking the buss where i live for 9 years and have only been on a controlled buss once.

            Are cops are kind of to lazy, we don’t really have any crime here ever, and all the police needs to do is monitor traffic and festivals etc. Never seen a car chase or a man being chased by the police, only time when they need to patrol a lot is when we have our musical festival, where there comes a lot of international visitors etc. and everyone gets drunk.

            As for the gun law in Norway its extremely strict:

            Norway has a large population of hunters. Semi-automatic and bolt actionrifles, as well as shotguns, make up the better part of the guns in civilian homes. There is a total ban on automatic weapons for civilians, unless they fall into the collector category. Modification of semi-automatic guns into fully automatic without the consent of the police is a felony crime.

            Handguns have some calibre restrictions. A Smith & Wesson Model 500, for example, is illegal due to its high power, but other, less powerful guns, are legal as they are used in sports shooting. Norway has a long tradition of high-end sports shooting competitions, especially rifle shooting. Each calibre must be used in some type of competition to be allowed. Also, there is a restriction on the number of weapons an owner can have for each calibre. For recreational shooters, only one gun is allowed in each calibre. For professional and semi-professional shooters, a spare gun is allowed. A recreational shooter is only allowed to own four different handguns. To obtain more, documentation on extensive involvement in sport shooting is needed.

            To own a gun in Norway, one must document a use for the gun. By far the most common grounds for civilian ownership are hunting and sports shooting, in that order. Other needs can include special guard duties or self-defence, but the first is rare unless the person shows identification confirming that he or she is a trained guard or member of a law-enforcement agency and the second is practically never accepted as a reason for gun ownership.

            There are special rules for collectors of guns. They are exempt from many parts of the regulation, but, in turn, they must meet even more narrow qualifications. Collectors may purchase, but not fire without permission, all kinds of guns in their respective areas of interest, which they have defined in advance.

            Ownership is regulated in paragraph 7,and responsibility for issuing a gun ownership license is given to the police authority in the applicant’s district.

            Rifle and shotgun ownership permission can be given to “sober and responsible” persons 18 years or older. The applicant for the permission must document a need for the weapon. Two exceptions exist to this age qualification. Persons under the age of 18, but over 16 may apply for rifle or shotgun ownership licence with the consent of parents or guardian. For handguns, the lowest ownership age is 21 with no exceptions allowed. For inherited weapons, it is up to the local police chief to make a decision based on the individual facts of the case.

            An applicant must have a clean police record in order to obtain an ownership license.

            There are two ways of obtaining an ownership license in Norway. The most common is through the process of obtaining a hunting license, the other is through a sports shooting license.

            o obtain a hunting license, the applicant must complete a 30 hour, 9 session course and pass a written multiple choice exam. The course includes firearm theory, firearm training, wildlife theory, and environmental protection training.

            Once the exam is passed, the applicant may enroll in the hunter registry and receive a hunting license. The membership must be renewed each year, through license payment. The hunting license is brought to the police station, where the applicant fills out an application for obtaining the proper firearm for his or her hunt. After evaluation, part of the application is sent back to the applicant if it was approved. Upon approval, the applicant can take the returned form to the store and purchase the firearm listed in the application.

            The law for storage of firearms are strict.

            For shotguns and rifles, the requirement given in the weapons act is to have the firearm, or a vital part of it, securely locked away. Generally, this means an approved gun safe, securely bolted to a non-removable part of the house. (A vital part is considered to be the bolt group—the bolt head will suffice—for rifles, the slide for pistols, or the barrel of a shotgun.)

            The police are allowed to make a home inspection of the safe. An inspection must be announced more than 48 hours in advance, and the police are only allowed to see the safe and make sure it is legally installed.

            Ammunition is generally only sold to persons with valid weapon license. However, if one is in possession of a legally unregistered shotgun bought before 1 April 1990, and is in the hunter registry, one can purchase shotgun ammunition. Without a special permit only 10,000 rounds of ammunition can be stored by a single person, or 15,000 rounds if 5,000 of them are 22LR or smaller calibre. Two kg of black powder may be stored in a separate building if the person has a license for a black-powder firearm.

            Older rules stated that the ammunition must be locked away separately, but these rules were abandoned in the latest revision of the weapons act.

            The owner must always have a good reason to bring the weapon to a public place. Such reasons include transportation to a range or hunting area, transportation for repairs, or for maintenance and hobby activities.

            During transportation, the weapon must be empty and concealed, but not worn on the body, and under the constant supervision of the owner. This applies equally to replicas, air guns and decommissioned firearms.

            So as you can tell, its pretty dam hard to own a gun, and those rules where written before the 22.july attack, so crimes etc. are extremely rare. If someone gets killed, its often because they have been stabbed, extremely rare that we have shooting here.

          • Wighead

            We are also a hunting nation and almost all the registered guns are for hunting. We have more gun deaths than Norway but we are not allowed to own handguns and I don,t know anybody who has a gun or that wants one. We are in Québec a peaceful nation and its quite rare that there’s a shooting, maybe 1each 15 years. Nobody is afraid to walk and see someone pull a gun especially outside Montréal. The only problem with gun control is that most illegal guns are bought legally in usa so its hard for our country to remove all these illegal handguns and semi and automatic riffle and guns. The last shooting was made with a legally registered semi automatic riffle but he had also two illegal firearms with him… Anyway, I hope our neighbors will, one day, come to reason and start having a real gun control polily, has it is causing us trouble over here. We may have a lot lot less gun crimes, but just a few is already to much.

          • jjbredesen

            Yup, the states gun law is crazy over there.

    • JB

      Woah you must dissect a game really fast to discover all that in a day. 😉 though seriously, if I wasn’t buying most everything digitally this Gen, I go to my mom and pop game store and snag a copy a day early.

      • Arthur Jarret

        Three words: Coffee, coffee, coffee.
        Sleep is for the weak! I’ll have a 18-hour advantage!

        Myself, I already have a 500GB disc filled up just with disc-game installs on my PS3… I think a 2TB disc with full games on it would fill up just as quickly – making disc-based much more convenient.

        And, if I don’t like the game: Free coaster/Frisbee! (Or re-sell value, but that’s boring)

    • nappyp

      But if there is a sale on it at any major retailer between now and launch, amazon matches the price for pre orders. It’s a hassle free way of saving money on something that I would pay for anyway. I’m willing to save a few dollars by waiting an extra couple of hours.

    • AkaLink77

      U evil bastard!

  • Ernie Sanguyo

    I haven’t pre order because I’m still hoping there’s going to be a bundle just like EU getting bundle game with blue shell.

    • Yeah seems like a lot of people are waiting for that to be announced here in the States.

      • WT Herrod Jr.

        Ditto that here

      • JB

        I wonder if they’re waiting until the new fiscal year to announce special Mario Kart bundles in the States? Not that they are doing much promotion for Tropical Freeze, I would imagine their focus is still more or less on that.

  • Nookling

    I haven’t preordered but I probably will a day or two before

  • starwars360

    Mario Kart 8 preorders sold out this is why game is popular upcoming game during Spring. Mario Kart 8 will be faster sales for Wii U this year and Wii U will be fine. 🙂

    I had preordered special edition of Mario Kart 8 🙂

    Sony had said DriveClub delayed and guess what it is affects from Mario Kart 8 which is why Sony want delayed their racing game out of Spring since Sony knew Mario Kart 8 would hurting DriveClub sales. Lol

  • Ryan F

    Would love to see this as #1 best seller amidst a Titanfall and Infamous release.

  • Dark-Link73

    Unless we get an awesome pre-order bundle like in Europe, I’m going to DL this game. I know I’m keeping it until the end of time so I want to take advantage of the Deluxe Digital Promotion which ends this year.

    • Fred

      dang straight bro!

    • mikeybruises

      Yeah, I intend to do the same and for the same reasons. You don’t want a throw-away game in your storage.

  • RecheDiazrivarola

    preorder or not preorder, The only thing that matter is everybody buy in aday 1

  • Seth S. Scott

    I want a special edition in the states.

  • FutureFox

    Amazon, backed up? Check bananas in the tail pipe.

    • JB


    • MetroidZero

      Gold! LOL

  • TinyGreenMonster

    Money’s no object for me, so when I saw Amazon down, I went to the best place on earth, GameStop, and I didn’t stop and hesitate. I didn’t stop and ask why GameStop was charging more for the game than I paid for my Wii U, I didn’t bother to ask why, I just threw money in their face and pre-ordered a non-special, no deal version of the game, which will ship out sometime after the game is released elsewhere. Because me and GameStop are tight! They are so innovative and they care about their customers like Care bears stare!

    • Mr Ninty

      is this sarcasm?

  • Diaz

    Should I preorder now or wait to for a bundle for the US?

    • JB

      Perhaps you could preorder now, but ask if you can transfer your preorder if a bundle becomes available…

  • Magnus Eriksson

    My guess is that they only had 500 games or something like that. Likely they was preordered by people, but most people cancelled the preorders after they updated to next gen systems. Its a reasonable explanation.

  • TULFich

    Mario Kart is coming……. with all it´s glory………… and all it´s reasons to break families, friendships, and relationships appart!

    • MetroidZero

      In before Mario Party 10 is announced.

      • TULFich

        Unlike common thinking, mario Multiplayer games are actually brutal in terms of competition and hatred

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Ok, good. 🙂

  • Extra Vinegary

    I’ll pre-order once we get a collector’s edition here in the states.

  • Carlos Webster

    Hopefully they will sell out right away after restocking.

  • Elitepwnsface

    Preordered on newegg a while back for $50

  • HydePark1980

    It’s nice to see positive news about an upcoming Nintendo without somebody throwing in a “This is a great game but it’s not going to help Nintendo.” You know how it is, the industry today just can’t help themselves with having an article start off positive about Nintendo only to have it end on a negative note.

    “We’re only reporting the news!!” an excuse commonly used by the tabloids.

  • Steve

    I’m thinking about just getting it at the eShop. It’s going to have a digital version, right?

  • Dell Goodman

    I pre ordered mine from Nintendo UK. £59.99 for the collectors box. Same price as but Nintendo are throwing in a red shell keyring and a Mario kart rocket tee. Don’t know how Nintendo are for day 1 deliveries but im not that bothered. Getting more for my cash is great.

  • Zach Cruz

    anyones pre-order on amazon changed delivery date go to june 2nd?> if thats the case i’ll download and go digital since I already have 25$ saved from eshop stuff i bought looked at my promotion deals and found 5 of those codes was a nice feeling.

  • NotCalledSteve