Jul 7th, 2014

Over the weekend we told you that the Mario Kart 8 promotion we wrote about a month ago is now live at McDonald’s, with several different racers from the franchise available. It turns out there’s another aspect to these toys, as each has their own special activity that can be activated inside the McPlay app for iOS/Android. By scanning each of the eight available racers, you can unlock special games in the McPlay app.

While the games that can be unlocked from these figurines are geared towards children, if you’re the type who likes to collect them all be sure and download the McPlay app on your iOS/Android device and give it a go while you’re collecting the racers from McDonald’s Happy Meals.

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  • ActivesiN

    there you go haters, Nintendo is on iphone and android lol

    • companyoflosers

      i dont think any of the games are actually made by nintendo. the toys just have the code to unlock them. the association with nintendo ends with the toy.

      • The-Master

        This is one of those times where nintendo could have sold their amiigo figures and sell Wii U by having the toys.

        • companyoflosers

          not really. amiibos are higher quality than the mcdonald’s figures. nintendo would be taking a financial loss seeing as they probably cost more than 3 mcdonalds meals. they can call them amiibo minis or something and try to advertise amiibos through happy meal toys but its not worth it to put the real thing in kids meals. those generally cost only a few cents per toy to make.

          • Johnny LoveFive

            have you seen the quality of these toys today? They’re NOT the cheap pieces of junk they were in the 90’s, these things have electronics in them today (not specifically these, but there are other Happy Meal toys that do).

          • companyoflosers

            still nothing worth spending much money on. if they put toys from mcdonalds in your kid’s toy stores theyd go out of business.

      • ActivesiN

        I thought that you need the toy to be able to download the game, so the game is still tied to Nintendo in that sense, but yes I am aware that Nintendo didnt actually make the games

        • companyoflosers

          so your original comment would not be true then. Nintendo is not in fact on android or iphone. the toys are just promotional with an extra thing thats not really relevant tacked on.

          • Alessandro Previti

            Nintendo should never go on iPhone or worse on Android. That’d be plain stupid from their side. It’s the combination of custom hardware and protected characters that make their business so flourishing.

    • Carlos Coronado

      God of War was on cell phones as well.

      • ActivesiN

        ok?, not really sure why that matters

  • bistricky

    Cross promotion bonanza XD

  • Madmagican

    I wonder if Nintendo gave that the OK…

    Probably not

    • MerryBlind .

      ? Of course they have what do you think lol.

  • darkcreap

    Great. Mercedes DLC, then these toys (even if they are for children only it’s nice). Then the amiibo compatibility. Good Nintendo is steping up.

    Oh, and the Smash Tournament at EVO is great.

  • GuillermoMMonroe

    By scanning each of the eight available racers, you can unlock special games in the McPlay app. http://chilp.it/d36b15

  • Jeremy

    I picked up a few this past weekend for my 4 yr old son and he loves them (and he loves to play the game!)…but wow is it hard to find characters other than Mario & Luigi. BTW..you can buy just the toy for $1.79.

    • Razo_E

      I was tempted, but I decided to just buy the happy meals themselves.

    • Johnny LoveFive

      Not always. I have a franchise one near me who will NOT sell the toys alone!

  • Mr Ninty

    i approve

  • Darkness

    More kiddie gamessss yaaaayyyyyy!

    • Epicstuf

      You are very stupid.

      • Alessandro Previti

        he is implying that nintendo games are all for kids, and that the offer unlocks more kids games. Little matters if Nintendo games gameplay is the closest to perfection you’ll ever find in a game, either little matters if the difficult is very hight (easy to learn, hard to master is a standard for Nintendo games). There are life-less people that come on wiiudaily because they don’t play Nintendo and they don’t even care of trying a game, they’re here to bother others.

  • Sdudyoy

    No offense, but those games look way more boring than most Android games, and that’s saying something.

    • paddle008

      They’re for young kids.

      • Sdudyoy

        Exactly, only kids will care about them, how many kids read this site? I don’t think there are enough to justify posting McDonald’s news on a site about the Wii U.

        • Sorceror12

          So you are saying there are adults reading this site than? You do know adults make kids…..

        • Alessandro Previti

          My daughter loves Mario, she can’t yet read, I can.
          Thanks to this article I know that if I go to mc D I can buy her a Mario toy.

  • Ducked

    This should be 18+

  • Niknique

    Pretty cool, but I’m more for collecting the racers!

  • Colbster the Man

    My younger brother said he wanted to get a Xbox One today, I almost freaked out, seriously he has a Ps vita, 3ds, tablet and my Wii u is in his room for some reason I have no idea why. He says he wants to get games like TitanFall, and dead rising 3. Plus he complains that I have too many consoles, (even though there all retro consoles like n64, Super Nintendo, Gamecube, and Sega Genesis.)

  • Aaron Hebert

    I really enjoy Ashley King’s articles! Keep em up!

    • zerooooo

      Her articles suck. Seems like sometimes she doesn’t know what to write about. I hate the smash articles she writes also.

  • I am Error.

    I kind of wish instead of this they did something with their Nintendo Network. Like special Miis popping up in our plaza when we take our 3DS units to McD’s. Or a special puzzle you can only get during the promotion.

  • Gizmo

    Maybe in the future they could give out amiibos exclusively through happy meals? It would be a good partnership between McDonald’s and Nintendo.

    • Alessandro Previti

      god no. It would relegate amigos as a children targeted item. I suppose they want to make toys that adults will wish to collect. An Amiibo is basically a “pay once, for dlc in multiple games, and get also a collectible sculpture!”.

    • great deku tree

      if that was the case I’d be taking my little brother and sisters into McDonalds a lot haha since they’re going to be like £10 each. (the amiibos).

  • Meh.. I just want them to collect them. I have both the Mario and Luigi one already

    Unfortunately McDonald’s took away Luigi’s Death Stare!!

    • Epicstuf


    • Razo_E

      I bought two happy meals Sunday for these two as well!

  • Tehlildevil

    Is this in the UK