May 5th, 2014


The Mario Kart 8 Miiverse community hasn’t gone live to the public yet, but it does exist! Journalists who have access to early copies of Mario Kart 8 for review have been having fun in the private Miiverse community for a few days now. The link is currently hidden on both Wii U and the web, but you can access it here to see what everyone is posting. There are a few great screenshots like the one captured above and it looks like everyone is having fun using the community stamps.

There’s no telling when Nintendo will open the Mario Kart 8 community to the general public, but we expect it a few days before the launch on May 30. Are you ready to get your kart on?

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  • Skelterz


  • I discovered this the other day as I follow a few people that work for gaming sites and Nintendo so their activity on Mario Kart 8 showed up in my activity feed. This just makes me want the game more and for it to come sooner. 25 more days and I cannot wait

  • CEObrainz

    If only this game was out now….although I’m grateful, just two days after my final exams I’m getting my pre-ordered copy.

  • ActivesiN

    May do me a favor and just end already, I WANT MARIO KART 8!

  • steveb944

    I placed it as a favorite online on Miiverse and now I can access it freely. It should appear on the console as well under my favorites.

  • Dark-Link73

    This month it’s going to go by so slow!

    • Wosty

      What’s worse is my birthday is the day after release and school gets out a week after, so I might as well go through my life all over again and that’d seem to go by faster.

      • Kobe

        Oh wow you’re almost in the same situation as me xD

      • aefd

        My birthday is 5 days before the release. 🙁 I guess i won’t get it for free! I will have to spend B day money. :/

    • Kobe

      Its even slower for me! But its realy amazing that my birthday is the same day I get out of school and when MK8 releases! =D

      • aefd

        My birthday is 5 days before… :/

        • Sheamus Meade


    • Nah, this month has tons of stuff going for it. Star Wars Day on the 4th, Michael Jackson returns from the dead with new music, uh, THIS! And, oh yeah, Watch Dogs. Yaaay.

  • jjbredesen

    Awesome, been trying to trick the server all day to let me post, but i keep getting a 400 bad request error :(, back to the drawing board.. As for when it will be open to the public it will not open before may 30th.

    • Carlos Webster

      Ummm…. JJbredesen, I have a question. I know you said one time that when you were 3, you and you’re family immigrated from the UK to Norway, but do you still live in Norway?

      • jjbredesen

        Yeah, why?

        • Carlos Webster

          I’m just wondering. Plus I’m happy for you, because Norway is an awesome country.

          • jjbredesen

            Thanks 🙂

  • I<3supermario3DworldandimAgirl

    just 24 more days 11 hours and 38 minutes *_*

  • matt

    These pics are off 4 player split screen….

  • Sdudyoy

    Probably the thing I’m excited for most is the fact we won’t be seeing anymore MK8 news, don’t get me wrong, I want the game extremely bad, I just can’t wait until a new game takes MK8’s news spot.

    • Lord Carlisle

      Smash Bros. would be up next!

    • Alexizzle

      Haha, so true. I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, Wii U only has like.. what 3-4? high profile games coming out in the near future. So, if they don’t overload is with Mario Kart 8 news… This site would be pretty empty, lol. At this point MK8 just needs to come out, I’m already hyped as f— for it.

      I predict, there will still be posts coming like “3 new MK8 screenshots revealed!”, or “A closer look at the MK8 verhicles!”, lol. xD

  • fnnxkss

    this is going to be the year for the Wii u….

  • Jon

    Mii verse is dying

    • Yeah that whole comment limit thing has boned the place

      • Ivan Mattos

        Are you talking about the 3 minutes it takes to post between posts?

        • yea

          • Ivan Mattos

            Ah OK. Did that really impact Miiverse for you that much? I usually go back to the game and check back later. In fact sometimes 2 minutes would go by in the middle of writing my follow up post!

          • I really like commenting

          • Ivan Mattos

            Totally understand actually, thanks to guys like you, I can get an answer to a quick question when I’m stuck or something ;)!

  • Rinslowe

    That image I believe was taken from actual gameplay footage. (Genuine statement)

    Really, no bullshot…. (Humour) lol.