May 8th, 2014


Remember that super spiffy Mario Kart 8 limited edition bundle we showed you a few weeks ago releasing in Europe? Turns out it’s being released in North America too, but it’s an exclusive item only available at Nintendo World. The store is currently taking pre-orders for the bundle, which includes the game and a spikeshell statue.

The only downside is since it’s exlucsive to Nintendo World, you’ll need to head to their New York City location in order to pick it up. No clue on how many copies they’ll have available for pre-order, so if you want this one you better be fast!

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  • McBlink

    Box looks awesome but it’s strange there is no picture of the console.

    • Because its just the game, with the spikeshell trophy

    • This isn’t a console bundle, it’s just the game with the Blue Shell statue that was revealed as a European release a few weeks ago. The console bundle is separate and will be available everywhere.

      • McBlink

        I was thinking that European bundle.

  • palomino blue

    It’s just the game and the Blue Shell statue right?

  • Sdudyoy

    I want to buy it and hoard it for the box art.

  • ZeldaFan83

    Well that blows. I was really hoping to get one with that cool blue shell statue/figurine.

  • Jack5221

    Looks like Im holding on to my Amazon UK pre-order then. I kind of doubt they will do cross country shipping.

  • WiiUPS4

    I have a friend who can get me one

  • Santiago


  • Too bad I don’t live in New York

    • ETMew2348

      I do :3

      • get me one. for free 😛

    • marvin atwell

      I do ha ha

      • buy me a free one? 😀

  • Jeremy Baker

    Wow thanks for caring Nintendo. Not everyone lives in New York. 🙁

    • my thoughts exactly

    • matthew garcia

      Wow how retarded is that. I just don’t understand this decision

    • Gabe Hoffman

      I am betting you could probably order it from their website

    • Geez, what is Nintendo thinking? Horrible if you live in CA and gotta go 3000 miles east to NY Seriously? Yet again another lousy decision, they’re making a habit of it these days. Get your heads out of your A**** Nintendo. I feel sorry for all who want it but have to go across the continent or even halfway across to pick it up.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        I understand the collectors appeal but still its just a statue and not much else. If you had a friend in NY they could likely buy it than mail it to you

        • You have a valid point there Gabe on which I woleheartedly agree, but still I think this is not really the best decision, perhaps closer to one of the worst. In Europe we can get the bundle from any local store, the statue is a collectors item indeed and may not hold much value, but the people who want to buy a WiiU and mario kart 8 have few options, get both separately, go to NY or as you mentioned ask a friend to get them one.

          I would assume Nintendo world can also ship the bundle across the continent like Amazon, gamestop etc. I don’t know if they do that though. But in general I don’t think it’s a good decision…

          • matthew black

            Butthurt much? Lmaoo I’m lucky I live in NY, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be crying like a little bitch like you are.

          • SolarShane13

            Wow, the fact that people are even supporting this “excellent” decision is just beyond me. If the UK is able to get the same limited edition bundle in ALL stores, then why the hell can’t we?

            That is what makes this decision so stupid. The American market ALWAYS gets screwed with Nintendo, and this just proves the point.

          • Err dude I don’t even live in NA, I live in Europe I can get it anywhhere anytime unlike NA.

          • jimbobbys

            If you buy mario Kart you can claim for a free game, including pikmin 3, monster hunter, Mario.

          • I love these deals indeed, used similair deals on my 3DS. But in this MH3U is the most interesting but I have it already. Might use the deal for Mario or Pikmin though, thanks for the tip 🙂

          • Thoridias

            No, I think you are confused on what’s happening. The bundle is only the bundle that includes the blue shell. the U.S. is still getting a Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle, its just not coming with a blue shell statue

          • I see thanks to you aswell for the reaction I misunderstood and probably didn’t read the artice well enough.

          • SolarShane13

            Nothing’s stopping them from shipping / selling it across the country as they’re doing that in the UK.

          • I see that clearifies a lot. Thanks.

        • flclfool

          They won’t ship it, it will be very limited.

      • AkaLink77

        i bet people from NY will buy multiple amounts and sell them online for like double the price…
        but there still might be hope for legit online bundles.
        and BTW i think this Limited Edition bundle is exclusive to the NY store because of the Spiny Shell and design…
        (you should note this in the article mods)


        • I see I misread it then thx for the update info.

        • GmailIsDown

          i am sure these will be sold for a lot of money 10 or 20 years later

    • Will W

      It sort of eliminates anyone people interested
      “Hi, I’m someone who loves Mario Kart, doesn’t own a Wii U but doesn’t pay enough attention to anything that’s related to Nintendo, so I would never visit Nintendo World. If I knew about the bundle, and that the Wii U wasn’t just an adapter to the WIii, I might look into it.”
      “HI, I’m someone who loves Mario Kart, and already owns a Wii U, so I’m not interested in getting that bundle”

      It would be a MUCH better idea to sell it at Best Buy, or Walmart…

      • Gabe Hoffman

        You do realize that there is Wii U bundle with Mario Kart included that will be available practically everywhere right

      • AkaLink77


    • AlienFanatic

      And you can’t call them and order them over the phone, nor can you order online. I really don’t understand why Nintendo is taking this approach. It really is disrespectful to the fans, though it’s wonderful for NY-based EBay scalpers.

    • Brandon


    • tronic307

      If Nintendo had any sense they would have released this ahead of the game to move mass units. I sure hope they’re not allergic to money.

    • marvin atwell

      I live in new york ha ha ha

      • you could buy one of these and sell it on ebay. just saying, in cases like these, this looks like easy money =)

  • ScrewAttack

    Nice boxart! Strange that Nintendoworld doesn’t ship though. Very strange.

  • Miles “Tails” Prower

    Aww man. Guess this twin tailed fox can’t get one.

  • No ordering online from Nintendo World and shipped? That sucks

  • steveb944

    OMG. My friend has to get me this. Too bad I can fly up Memorial Day but freaking game won’t release by then.

  • Roadkill409

    I understand people like to collect stuff. However, over the years of collecting things I have learned that, with very rare exception, these special edition/bundles only end up collecting dust in my basement. And only a few people want these thing after the buzz subsides. So without knowing the cost, if it cost more than the game alone, I would only buy the game and save my money to buy another game. The way I look at it is money in my pocket is better than a blue spike shell in the basement.
    But to each their own. Happy Mario Karting

    • Rick van der Linde

      I’m gonna put it on my desk at work, so no one is gonna try to get my position.

      • andrewjcole

        I see what you did there…

      • Nostalgic_Chaos

        Hahahahahah…. That was SO good!

    • GmailIsDown

      i used to do the same thing. then, i ran out of space so i stopped.

  • wober2

    Well at least the temptation for the physical copy is no longer there for me. Day1 eshop for me…

  • Rinslowe

    So it is…

  • Donaald

    They should also have this bundle ready to be shipped everywhere.

  • daeglyth

    Are you headed to NYC for this Ashley?

    • Nope! I can make my own spiky shell statue cheaper than the cost of a plane ticket to pick up one of these. 🙂

      • Brandon

        Or Ebay!

  • JohnBgon

    Cue the eBay marked-up resales

    • Mario’s Love Child

      Be cheaper then buying a plane ticket 😛

  • AM Real

    This is dumb…Mario kart is a system seller, make this available to everyone.

    • Dark Lord Sauron

      there be plenty of regular copies to go around so its not a issue

    • CharlesAnderson

      It’s just a statue.

      • SolarShane13

        Which is available EVERYWHERE in the UK. NoA just loves to fuck us over.

        • CharlesAnderson

          Who gives a shit? How exactly are you being “fucked over”? Again it’s just a statue. The UK is not exactly the size of the USA, just last time I checked. NoA have a set amount of marketing dollars to spend, and I can almost assure you their marketing dollars pay for those giveaways and collectables.

    • Thoridias


  • Brandon

    Im going to Massachusetts in june, so I’ll just stop by time square, and pick it up. If its still available.

    • Assassinated23

      I’d be astonished if they’re not gone in the first week.

      • Brandon

        Hopfully not. If its not there, then I’ll get the regular bundle.

  • Noah

    Wow. Then what’s the point?

  • Chuck Norris 2.0

    This is what kills nintendo whoever makes the decisions are stupid

  • Petri

    Excess stock from Europe?
    Still undecided, whether I want to pay 20€ for that statue.
    And still waiting on for eShop pricing.

  • Willie Crespo

    Disappointing news day.

    I was expecting something like a Downloadable Demo or a special event, but no.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      There will likely be a launch event and they kinda gave it away earlier

  • DC777

    eh, not worth the bridge tolls in and out of the city now days…

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I don’t understand all the fuss. Sure it looks nice but you know people will be reselling this all over Ebay in no time. If there is enough demand for it they will likely make it more available.

    • Dark Lord Sauron

      i agree its not like the regular edition is going disappear like special editions tend to do and besides people shouldnt be butthurt over it

  • Dark Lord Sauron

    im not to concern getting the regular copy is fine with me

  • crocodileman94

    Good thing I live in Sweden.

    • actually that’s really a good thing as sweden is a nice place to be 🙂

      • crocodileman94

        It sure is.

  • Sheldon Williams

    I too live in an area without Nintendo World.

  • ZeldaFanzzzz

    and here I am in California…..sad.

    • Cyntheta Luis

      There is still the normal Mario Kart bundle available, the limited version is just THAT IT INCLUDES A SHELL STATUE FIGURE. The version without the spiny shell statue is still available everywhere

  • Mario’s Love Child

    I will just buy the game. This bundle doesn’t really have much going for it in my eyes.

  • J.r. Storms

    Dont get your panties in a bunch everybody. I’m sure there will be a worthwhile bundle at bestbuy and gamestop as well.

  • Dominicruz

    I live in new york I may go to nintendo world store and take some pics and videos so you guys can see 🙂


    Wouldn’t it made more scents to include a Mario toy inside instead of a blue shell?

  • Dying_in_this_Crap_World

    Please make it for the Wii U Gamepad does not require an ac adapter, and i’ll buy. Only have room for 1 more ac adapter.

  • AkaLink77

    This Limited Edition bundle is exclusive to the NY store because of the Spiny Shell and design…
    (you should note this in the article mods)


  • steveb944

    Ok boys and girls, my friend went in there for me. He told me total was 87.09

  • marvin atwell

    I live in new york so ha ha sucka’s

    • Osiris11235

      Haha, the joke’s on you BECAUSE you live in New York!

      • Mike P

        Those New York rats will definitely eat you alive before you even make it to pick up your Mario Kart 8. Lol

  • flclfool

    Really effing cool Jerktendo :T!

  • Guest

    1080p 60fps with huge downgrade and no AA + cartoony graphics..
    what a weak console.
    no thanks.

  • You people clearly understood the meaning of ‘Limited edition’ demanding that to be available everywhere. There’s still the common MK8-WiiU bundle, so please calm down. It’s some special edition for visitors of that Nintendo store, I think it’s a nice idea. Never been there and won’t get there but I can imagine that those few who do will have one hell of a good time with their limited edition. You guys wouldn’t really want to have it if it was available everywhere (like the MK8-bundle) would you?

  • thedeciderU

    ashley – spelling of ”exclusive”

    trying to help 🙂

  • Mike P

    Great now that Nintendo limited this too New York I can only imagine the greedy ebay sellers selling at outrageous prices. Thanks Nintendo for once again doing your loyal fans dirty!

  • thedeciderU

    this nyc thing is aggravating to hear. luckily, i have a wiiu.

  • Jeremy

    I called the store as my sister lives in Jersey and would drive up to pick one up for me. You cannot pay for it over the phone, they will not ship it…And they expect to be out of pre-orders by noon. (They wouldn’t tell me how many they had, but did say if it takes one hour to get here…we might be out.)

    • AlexFirth91

      Wow I hope they still have some

  • Steve

    So, I need to drive 10 hours just to get this? No thanks!

  • SleepySkullhead

    Sigh… Why is this exclusive to the World Store in the US? I think that’s a bad move on Nintendo’s part. It could have a lot more sales if it was available across the country.