Jul 6th, 2014

According to a group of YouTube users, Mario Kart 8 has already been hacked. The hack isn’t elaborate by any means (yet) — so far the group has managed to alter game files and do such things as rename tracks, play custom music, changing the fonts, and crash the Wii U console (no surprise there).

While this doesn’t affect the game as a whole or the online multiplayer, it’s a step in the wrong direction, as it shows that it’s possible to access parts of the game that shouldn’t be accessed. The game code is accessed on-the-fly via the RAM, which means that any changes are not permanent to the game.

The group posted a video above, with comments on the supposed hacks. The “hacks” were made possible by using a recent browser exploit, combined with some custom code.

Should Mario Kart 8 gamers be worried about these hacks ruining their online multiplayer fun? Not really. So far what we have — if it holds up — is just a proof of concept that the game files can be accessed in the RAM and edited. Nintendo should be able to fix this with a quick patch.

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  • Daniel Gonzalez

    “Nintendo should be able to fix this with a quick patch.”

    A Luigi Death Stare should suffice.

    • Ghost8484

      Man U are crazy dude!!

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Aren’t Wii all? Thank U, though.

        • Ducked

          Lol. Your on fire!

      • Oh I see what U did there…

        • Squid

          *Wii see

          • FutureFox

            Wii r 1, u c?

        • Rinslowe

          Mii and U both.

    • SilverDrake20

      A quick patch hm? Yeah it took them several months to patch that Maka Wuhu track glitch on MK7. Glad this isn’t something that interferes with the online though.

    • Michael Hancock

      Not funny.

    • Josiah Parsons

      I don’t know about hacks, but my MK8 randomly lost all my save data. *not happy*

    • Joseph Oliveira

      You do know that Luigi ain’t the only prick in the game lol

    • I ask you, Nintendon’t.

  • Wren Justin Umlauf

    Looks like some good harmless fun with the game. Personally I dont find anything wrong with hacks and mods as long as they dont interfere with others playing online. Wish I knew how to do this stuff

    • XypherCode

      It’ll be harmful in the long run. We can’t ignore the possibility of hackers finding exploits in the game making the Wii U OS hackable like they did on Wii.

      • Wren Justin Umlauf

        Well what harm did hacking the Wii do? The only time I found hacking to be a problem was when I was playing The Conduit online and people were using the infinite health hacks to dominate and it wasnt any fun. The only way hacking causes potential harm is if people are pirating games, and even that is such a small group of people that it hardly impacts sales. Hackers aren’t stealing our credit card info off the eshop or anything, nor do they have any intention to. They are just finding cool tricks to use their Wii U in ways that people didnt know was possible.

        • XypherCode

          “Pirating games”. Exactly.
          Whatever most people say it’s never good. Mods? Sure. Finding cool tricks? Fine. But pirating? I don’t think so. We can’t just assume it’ll “hardly impact sales” because we don’t know that.

          • Wren Justin Umlauf

            Well what do you propose we do to stop pirating games? It’s been happening with music for years and theres simply no way to tackle the situation for good. If people dont pirate the games on their Wii or Wii U, then they will pirate them on their computers with emulators. But again, the number of people that know how to do this, or even want to learn, is rather slim. Also modding consoles has always had a very high risk or causing them to fail or “brick” giving gamers like myself who dont want to buy another console if I goof up, a high incentive to just play the games the way they were meant to be played. I do agree that pirating games is bad, but there is simply no way to stop those that want to do it. If there is a will there is a way.

          • Mr Ninty

            its very easy to stop pirates abusing music. they should stop making dvd burners that allows even grandpa to borrow a cd and copy it for own use.

            same goes for games and movies

            if they made a new type of cd and possibly cd-player then it would be way harder to download it and normal people will give up

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Even normal people are smart enough to find loopholes. No matter what technology gets thrown at us, people find ways to bypass it. Piracy is impossible to stop. It’s not to say people should give up, but same goes for those pirates. They will always be one step ahead. I don’t support them, but I know better enough that it’s a lost cause to attempt to defeat them.

          • Keith

            Never give up, never surrender!! Haha

          • Wren Justin Umlauf

            But it’s those types of “new tech” DRM crap that makes me buy CDs over digital in the first place. I want the freedom to be able to put my music on my computer and my phone and my xbox and any of my other devices that can rip a cd. I have the right to do it because I bought the CD. If I share it with a friend that’s wrong yes, but creating limitations for the honest consumer that bought the CD isn’t fair to those that want to use it in an honest way.

          • abe

            the gamecube remained hack proof for ages because it was nigh on possible to get the discs but that was more trickery than anyhting

          • Arthur Jarret

            There was a save-file hack for phantasy star online – where you could use your LAN adapter to hook up your gamecube to your PC and load software directly from there. Or something like that.

            Not very practical, though – never did it myself.

          • Wren Justin Umlauf

            And thats probably why the gamecube wasn’t hacked so easily. All these hacks seem to come from online capabilities and although the gamecube had them, they weren’t used often.

          • Joseph Oliveira

            Just because you bought the cd, doesn’t give you the right to do that. You need to read your TOS. The RIAA has every righr to sue you than.

            Look at Video Game laws; even if you own the original copy, you still can’t own a rom or it legally. Copyright Infringement for Games last over 100+ years.

      • Arthur Jarret

        Hacking the wii was the greatest thing I ever did… had so much fun replaying the bulk of my point ‘n click adventure cd-roms using ScummVM… and it made a decent temporary DVD player after my old one broke, too (before I got a PS3)

        I’d love Wii U to be hacked – maybe then europeans can finally use TVii or add some useful function to the tv remote thing. I’m all for homebrew – piracy would be bad, though.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          I think piracy is a great thing. The more piracy the better. 🙂

        • Rinslowe

          It doesn’t need to be hacked in order for Nintendo to wake up and allow independent dev’s access to certain parts of the system for apps. Then legitimate and supported applications could cover everything from Tvii to flash player to whatever…
          Exploits and piracy are a blight (Although I also had a Wii hacked with every mod available). But so are companies that stagnate on opportunities. Like Nintendo with their potential for a third space app environment. Mainly due to the gamepad and how that is made for this kind of thing…

          • Joseph Oliveira

            The problem is, there is always that one prick that would release the source code for the Wii U to think it’s legal. Look at the PS3.

          • bigbluvsjessie

            The Wii U was hacked, AES code and roms released and a WiiKeyU was in the works at the start of the year…. the thing is, even hackers have some sort of conscience and they knew it might kill the Wii U. The hackers have kept most of the info to themselves, but you can simply search WiiU on piratebay, The Avengers game was the 1st released, I see someone has been uploading again…. so there are a few more rls’s now, and most of those are re-posts that were there far earlier and the uploader deleted it.

          • Dave and Jen Crepault

            WiiKeyU has been discontinued. Catch up on your facts.

          • Rinslowe

            Nintendo can adapt like everyone else has had to. Better they put controls on as much of it as possible. One prick is always going to do it… True. That one prick or group of pricks are going to do it, it’s just a matter of time.
            But if the best stuff is under agreement. If a third space app store can be brokered. Most pricks will do whats in their best interests…

    • rp17

      This comment section is very annoying. HACKERS =/= CHEATERS They are only going to use this hack to make custom tracks, music, characters, etc. And this is coming from MrBean35000vr. The same guy that added 200+ tracks to MKW, and is one of the reasons you can still play MKW online.

      And for those thinking that others will use his work to find ways to cheat online, he doesn’t release his mods in a way to allow that. To this day no one else knows how he hacked the menu to make room for 50+ more cups.

      • Keith

        So your telling me that “no one” in the entire world knows how he hacked the MKW?? And your also telling me that he has some mystical power software that Nintendo doesn’t have which grants him the ability to, as you claim, “doesn’t allow” his MOD’s to be used for cheating online?? Either he needs a Nobel prize for having the best damn locked down MOD’s in history or you need to lay off the kool-aid playa. I’d recommend the latter of the two 😉

        • rp17

          I said no one knows how he hacked the MENU the way he did. (He kept it a secret to keep his mod the best mod online.)

          Also I did NOT say that he prevents cheaters… I said that his mod would not help anyone figure out a way to cheat online. So if someone wants to cheat online, they would be better off starting from scratch.

  • Nathan C.

    If these were Mario Kart Wii type hacks, then this should be something to look forward to.

  • Mr Ninty

    they should do something against the jumpers. im begining to see more and more of them

    • greengecko007

      What do you mean jumpers? Are you talking about fire hopping?

      • Mr Ninty

        no. if you have a boost from a mushroom or boostplate and then start jumping you will be faster. just watch a timetrail its more jump then driving

        • greengecko007

          That’s firehopping, and it’s been a mechanic in Mario Kart for a very long time. You’re probably seeing it more because MK8 has only sold 2 million copies so far, which means the competitive players make up a greater percentage of the total players than something like Mario Kart Wii.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Firehopping wasn’t in any previous Mario karts, dude. It’s new.

            I’m disappointed there’s no snaking, though

          • Stephen Severino

            Fire hopping wasn’t, but hopping to good advantage goes all the way back to the first Mario Kart.

          • greengecko007

            I’ve played Mario Kart 64, Double Dash, DS, Wii, and 8, and the only one of those where you don’t extend the time of a boost by hopping is the DS. Some people are saying it is unfair in MK8, similar to snaking in the DS, and maybe it should be toned down, but it’s definitely been around for a while.

          • Joseph Oliveira

            Go play Super Mario Kart. 🙂

          • greengecko007

            I never had a SNES. I would play Super Mario Kart, you know, if Nintendo put it on the Wii U eShop…

          • Arthur Jarret

            There was no hopping at all in Double dash.
            If any effect was shown with hopping before directly related to boosts – it was so inconsequential that it was not even used by record holders.

            The fire hopping in MK8 is a bit different, as you can duplicate your boost time by hopping while alternately steering left/right while hopping (which is different than simply jumping many times in succession)

          • greengecko007

            You’re right, that’s my mistake on double dash.

            As for the other games, which I guess are only 64 and Wii, hopping extended boosts, but it wasn’t something that made a difference because your speed off the track was slower. In MK8, you don’t slow down while hopping during a boost, but you do slow down when hopping without a boost. Maybe Nintendo should patch it out, but I don’t see a huge problem with it.

    • Rinslowe

      Hasn’t helped them against me in most cases online. But fire hopping only really has an advantage in time trials.

  • Shota

    no worries guys

  • Lusunup

    This can go both ways I enjoy playing matches with hackers some make the game more fun, then the more serious hackers who do it for the rank. So once I see it I will have to make an observation whether it would kill the online community or just make it better.

  • FutureFox

    Please don’t assume patches are a quick fix endeavor.

    • Joseph Oliveira

      Nintendo’s patch is a quick fix to a lot of things. They’ll give you some goodie in that patch while it fixes a loophole.

  • FutureFox

    For anyone who thinks hacks are fine look no further than CoD4: Modern Warfare. Its the kind of hacking 1-up-manship that destroys the fun in multiplayer games. Too many hackers going nuclear at the same time with each other, ruining the experience for all.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      The same with The Last Story’s Online mode. You could never match someone because they ad infinite arrows (Paralysis + Annihilator combo), Petrify and all the Essences when they wanted! It was a pretty nice mode, although swallow, but I couldn’t really enjoy it because of all the hackers!

  • TheSkeletonMan939 .

    “Nintendo should be able to fix this with a quick patch.”

    They can? Depending on the problem, patches can take up to one day to several months to make.

  • CEObrainz

    At this rate the modding community will have content ready for Smash 4 long before it releases. I’m interested in seeing if it’s possible to load another course instead of the selected one, it may lead to custom Mario Kart 8 courses which may be hard to accomplish at first but will eventually be entertaining.

  • Nicolas Dorion

    A step in the wrong direction? You said it wouldn’t affect the online multiplayer and that the changes are not permanent to the game, so how is it a bad thing? Isn’t it a great opportunity for modding support and community made tracks?

    For exemple, the fact that Super Smash Bros Brawl was easy to hack made the game appeal to more people and generally made it better.

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      John Kinsley is a jack ass sometimes.

    • Joseph Oliveira

      It could be a bad thing. It makes hackers take advantage of the system (it did crash it). Look at Indianapwn and Brawl whatever. Wii U could probably be softmodded….

  • Myles Rodriguez

    Why the negativity? This is awesome! Hopefully it’s only a matter of time (1-2 years) before we can create custom courses and stuff for the game.

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      I Like only the Brawl Hacks

  • Javier Vega

    No Nintendo can’t fix it with a Patch.

    • Keith

      Oh yes, yes they can 😉

    • Joseph Oliveira


  • Jason

    Off-topic, but I hate Tyler. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pCp8g-VjOs

    • FutureFox

      Interesting how many kids said they’d play on their iPad.

  • derty

    MR.BEAN35000VR FTW!
    He is also the man that made servers for people that want to play mkw after wifi went down. He also designed the basis for custom tracks for mkw. So it was bound to happen with mk8 🙂 he’s a genius and a pretty cool guy 😉

    • Keith

      Don’t be promoting him fool!! It’s Ppl like you who are hurting Nintendo. Hackers, Moders & piracy are allowing countless ppl the opportunity to have their cake & eat it too!!

      • derty

        Dude he has been hacking mk since I can remember. He is also keeping mkw online! U hav to applaud that. Thousands of people r still playing mkw online because of him and his buddies. Not to mention custom tracks, Riivolution, and countless ways to add textures to ur characters and tracks. People may not like it but u can’t stop it. U might as well run with it man 😉

        • Joseph Oliveira

          Seems like you promote non-official applications. Hope it bricks your console.

          • SolarShane13

            Yet, you’d have to do something really stupid to brick the console. I’ve modded my Wii countless times and no bricks. Only things that actually modify system files are dangerous.

          • derty

            Me and solar seem to b on the same page 😀 modding games brings the community of that title together 🙂 some mods can make the game brand new again and make u want to spend even more time playing. Now I don’t promote hacking online, I think that’s lame and game breaking but modding offline or even online in a manner that doesn’t mess with other peoples game then I’m all for it 😀

          • SolarShane13

            Thanks! As for me, I really want to extend Pikmin 3’s Bingo Battle and maybe even Mario 3D World.

            I have wanted to actually battle in a stage that looks like my house for ages. (I would be imagining a whole army of Bulborbs on the Kitchen table.)

            I also don’t support cheats.

        • Darkness

          Gotta give Mr Bean credit! At least we can still play MKW because MK8 is way overrated!

          Mario kart 8 had the potential to be good

          • Epicstuf

            Lol, spam. You think anybody else is going to sign that petition? No one is. People think it is stupid that you get mad over battle arena. If you don’t play the games for the race and the arena, get out of here. You are a disgrace, you twat. Battle Arena is side. Racing is first.

          • Darkness

            People have been signing it, surprised? You shouldn’t be, there’s a lot of issues with the game!

            Sounds like someone didn’t take a nap today, does mommy know your on the computer bed wetter? There is a lot of people that enjoy battle over racing, if you have a problem with that or can’t understand it ask mommy what you should do

          • Epicstuf

            Lol. Looks like some one doesn’t like racing.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Battle arenas had a lot of potential for Antigrav, though: Four different sized & colored planets to race on – with a star launcher somewhere on each planet to blast you to the next one would be a great Mario Galaxy battle zone.

            I’d also love them to use the ‘Mario 3D world signpost goombas – which you are able to smash through on one of the Mario Kart 7 tracks in a level en-masse, allowing players to hide behind them (especially fun with something like shine thief)

            A boo-infested version of The Cube would be great too…

            But unless it includes a demand to add Challenge mode (including boss-fights) from Mario Kart DS, I won’t sign any petition. (I honestly believe mass nagging on miiverse has more effect)

          • Darkness

            I gotta say, finally someone that actually sees what’s wrong with the game. Your ideas are great and you quickly thought of that while Nintendo has had YEARS to make battle mode. They failed miserably!

            I understand what you mean about the petition but I didn’t make it. I simply support it and while it might not do much, it is possible for Nintendo to see a lot of people unhappy with Mario Kart 8. Who knows…maybe they could do something about it or nothing at all.

        • Keith

          Just because I can’t stop it doesn’t mean I should promote it. Just like I’m completely aware that I cant stop the ridiculous IPhone fame but that doesn’t mean that I gotta go get one lol

      • SolarShane13

        Let me tell you a story: If I hadn’t bought my Wii U at launch, this would’ve certainly swayed my decision to purchase a Wii U along with the games.

        I love modding Nintendo games and can see endless possibilities. New Bingo Battle stages? Coming up! MK8 tracks? Yep.

        Oh, mind you, you actually have to own the game to use these modifications which means more sales. Now, how exactly is “more sales” going to hurt Nintendo? LMAO!

  • Sdudyoy

    As long as it’s not cheating or pirating, I don’t care about hacking, It’s not something I do, although I did try Super smash bros Project M, I really don’t care what people do with their games if it doesn’t involve me though.

    • Keith

      As long as it doesn’t envolve “anyone” other then the hackers themselves.

      • Sdudyoy

        That’s what I meant, but I worded it wrong, sorry.

  • Rob

    are people really that ignorant? They clearly say in the video that they will not be condoning the use of it for cheats, if it wasn’t Mr Bean and Chadderz figuring this out it would have been someone who would have not bothered saying that they do not intend to use it to harm the online experience. As of right now Mr Bean and Chadderz are only interested in bringing their Custom Track Revolution experience up from Wii to Wii U, for those who don’t bother to pay attention it might be worth taking note that the custom track community has not affected the online play and if anything they contribute to the continued Wi-fi service for many games on the Nintendo Wii and DS systems. Pardon me for my rant but I really wish people would actually listen and do some research before getting people up in arms about this stuff to begin with.

    • Rinslowe

      I agree not all modders are out to create opportunities for piracy and nefarious system exploits. And this is not the case here, a good “track” record you could say…
      But it is an opportunity to talk about piracy and exploits in general. As it is a relevant topic despite the article. imo

      • Rob

        I certainly agree that the topics of cheaters and piracy should be addressed, I will not argue a bit on that but why does it have to be described in words that make it sound 100% bad? As I stated and will just skate over it again there is continued Wi-fi service available to those who are confident in their tech knowledge and wish to take a crack at gaining online access to many Wii/DS games once more and if that isn’t enough proof let this be said too; I have been playing Mario Kart Wii for SIX YEARS, I wouldn’t have dreamed that to be even slightly possible when I first picked it up but playing the Custom Track distribution packs provided by many modders added easily another 4 years on to how long I could play the game. Another one that might hit home with some other/more people are modifications to Super Smash Bros. Brawl in the form of Brawl +, Brawl -, and Project M which are quite well done modifications, heck even some actual HACKS (yes, codes, cheats if you will) can allow for some fun times like being able to battle on arenas that otherwise are not accessible; there were/are even New Super Mario Bros. Wii custom levels as well which can be a blast too. Anyways, should the need for more typing arise I will gladly put in more to the conversation but for now I fear this has grown a bit too long and I may have bored people with something of this length, once again my apologies for the rant. 😛

        • Rinslowe

          Not at all, I’ll have a rant of my own, lol.

          I agree there are many decent modding communities around. And it’s not all bad.
          I guess the stigma comes from mostly the ones that “are” bad, due to the fact it’s obviously damaging for a company to have their software distributed and playable on their hardware for free. And when it drops, more people than not will go for the free games.
          Software being their bread and butter really.
          I also think somehow, I say somehow because I can’t think of how just at this moment, companies need to find a way to openly accept and support certain communities. While taking necessary steps to stop others. And then helping the general public to understand the differences between “official” modders and those that are out for piracy. So that the average joe can get behind supporting the ok stuff while still supporting whats best for the companies. That way it’s a win win really. As much as there can be… Some people believe it’s their entitlement to have something for nothing. On a side note, this discussion does not address the issue with pricing, which I think Nintendo should work on, especially their VC titles. But that’s another story. Of course as consumers we should be buying the product, so long as the price is fair to begin with. If Ninty/ Sony or MS isn’t making money off their hard work. Then there’s no point to stay in business… Then everybody loses.
          So yeah. Maybe a space can be made for modders. Just another app environment perhaps. Call them dev’s. That’s pretty much what it is. Then it goes under the same approval and quality assessment as any product sold on the system. People can even make a little back on their hard work…
          I don’t know…
          I have really enjoyed getting more life out of Skyrim due to mods. Hmm mods can = good. But piracy is always a one way street.

  • Joshua V.

    Mods are fine, look at Steam’s mod workshop, it provides an array of enhancements to games that have it, and does not interfere with online gameplay. Nintendo should embrace modifications and customization to their consoles and games instead of banning or patching, with moderation. Yes, there are going to always be pirates and cheaters who will use it to their advantage, but harmless mods that only affect locally, like changing course names, I say let them do whatever they want.

  • Jon-Luke Willemsen

    I think this could be a good thing as it might allow people to create custom tracks for the game in the future…

  • dude

    I lol so hard at ignorant people thinking hacking is nothing but bad.. You should really understand what you are talking about. ‘Hacking’ something is not always (or even most of the time) something some jackass in a basement going by crash overkill does to steal identities or screw people over..

    Technology has grown in the idea of ‘hacking’ things. That’s how things are created by creative individuals..

    So if you think hacking is bad no matter what then you should throw out your WD40, NOT get your MRI done, probably shouldn’t drive a car since that was actually a hack of a steam engine originally… Maybe you shouldn’t EVER go to a doctor since the earliest doctors who founded the principles of medicine were essentially hackers..

    Damn I guess the world is just terrible eh?

    • Arthur Jarret

      Technically they are “Cracking”, not “Hacking”

      A hacker is just a word for someone who writes code. But the word has lost it’s true meaning over time due to misuse of the word by journalists and is likely irrecoverable.


      I’d love to see Nintendo responding to this by opening up the system for potential modding instead of closing it off.

  • Capt. Smoker

    Won’t be long now before we see a homebrew channel, I always welcomed it on the Wii, for emulators and being able to swap the audio tracks on Wii games so I could play Japanese games in Japanese was a real treat 🙂

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    Oh Great!! Next Step: Smash Bros. :/

  • LucaYoshi

    You don’t have to worry about these guys… these are the ones who created CTGP-R a patch mode that allows you to play 200+ custom tracks even online after the wi-fi connection went down

  • clownshoes1982

    “and crash the Wii U console (no surprise there)”. This begs the question, why does John Kinsley write for this site? It’s clear that he wants nothing to do with the Wii U, but he writes (poorly worded) articles for a site called wiiudaily.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      Umm, I think he said that because any kind of hacking on any console will cause it to crash. I don’t think John meant it in a “negative” way. But more in a “general” way. Regardless, he is right. I mean, there is no surprise that hacking caused the Wii U to crash.

      • Keith

        Completely agree EpicGamer!!

  • William Cole

    Give me a MK8 course hack for Wii U like they did for wii.