Jun 2nd, 2014

mario kart 8 yoshi piranha plant

Today Nintendo announced that Mario Kart 8 is the fastest selling Wii U game to date, with 1.2 million copies sold since release just a few days ago on May 30 in Europe and North America. Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime had this to say about the title:

“The early response to Mario Kart 8 demonstrates that the best days for Wii U are still ahead. This year’s E3 is just days away, and it will be all about the future games for Nintendo platforms.”

Could this be the start of the turn around for the Wii U, similar to what Nintendo engineered with the Nintendo 3DS? Be sure and check out our Mario Kart 8 review to hear our thoughts on the game.

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