Apr 23rd, 2014


With just a month and a few days left before Mario Kart 8 debuts on the Wii U, we’ve heard rumors that Nintendo is planning on releasing a demo on the Wii U eShop sometime between now and then. The rumor is that the demo will be similar to the demo that has been circling at several tradeshows, including South by Southwest and WonderCon. Nintendo has been no stranger to public events, but according to this rumor, they could be planning on invading the living room.

This isn’t entirely unprecedented, as Nintendo seems to be a bit more generous with their demos as of late. The Wonderful 101 had a demo in the eShop a month before the game launched, while Wii Fit U had a special demo promotion for those who bought hardware to go with the game during their trial period. The current rumor is that the demo will feature the three tracks Nintendo has showcased at several trade events, as well as a limited roster of characters.

Most Wii U owners will probably be picking up Mario Kart 8 either way, but for those on the brink and considering purchase, playing a demo at a friend’s house could be the ultimate way to help drive sales of both the console and a new game.

Mario Kart 8 is scheduled to release worldwide on May 30.

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  • Skelterz

    They should totally do it even though im buying day one i want to play it now like everyone else, Not to mention it could bolster sales if more people try before they buy!

    • Commander Raichu

      me to(possibly)

      • Skelterz

        Lol it looks like it could be the best mario kart yet.

        • Commander Raichu

          it is going to be the best mk yet

    • Please understand that your bodies are not ready for Mario Kart 8, and therefor we will be delaying it until winter 2014, so that we can add Cranky Kong to the game, and create additional DLC with EA.


      • jjbredesen

        Nintendo is saved!

      • Peter Lythaby

        God bless you EA 😉

        • EA truly is our best partner, they have had an important role in developing all the games that we will show at E3, such as the upcoming Zelda game.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      just release the whole game already…its completed now!!

  • MrPablox

    I think I can assure that 99.99% of people who bought the Wii U were thinking “Oh, new console= NEW MARIO KART!! Personally, I think that everyone with a Wii U will buy the game no matter what

    • Josiah Parsons

      That and new console= NEW SUPER SMASH BROS. personally, I was one of the former, but I’m equally psyched for both. See ya on the track!

      • Petri

        I was the “New Bayonetta game” crowd.
        But Nintendo games aren’t that bad, Pikmin 3 alone made my console definitely worth purchasing only because of this one game.

        • nintendope

          For me it was SM3DW what made my 350 bucks of console worth it.

          • FlashFan207

            Absolutely! What a great game! Best on the console until MK.

          • Petri

            Well, to be honest, if Bayo 2 is even half a game that the first was,
            it alone will have made my 500€ (counting accessories, no games) worth it.
            I did not like 3DW that much, I think NSMBU was more fun and lasted longer, but still a very decent game.

          • GABRIEL GARCIA

            For me was black ops ll since I didn’t know those games were on Nintendo so I sold my ps3, bought the wii U and discovered it was an incredible console, so I became a Nintendo fan boy. Pretty exited about mk8 tough!!!

          • Josiah Parsons

            SM3DW was pretty epic, but I didn’t buy the console for it. Honestly, when they announced it, it looked pretty lame. When the reviews came out I was like 0_0.
            Then I got it and I still love it today. How far in are you?

          • nintendope

            Finished it 100% within 3 weeks, I still go back and play it for a while tho, or play with my friends just to show it off, lol.

        • David Byrad

          Wonderful 101 made the Wii U worth purchasing to me, it is currently my favorite video game of all time. Second being Kid Icarus: Uprising and third being a tie between Banjo Tooie and Super Smash Bros: Project M

    • I’ll be the 0.01% then I suppose, but if the demo comes I’ll get that for sure and decide on that whether or not to get the game. I’m destined to play multiplayer online really as my irl friend are not such big nintendo gamers as me, they play mostly PC and PS, I play Nintendo, PC and PS 🙂

  • gerb1977

    Not sure a Demo would help sales…..but I’d get to play it sooner so I’m all for it

    • Chrop

      It won’t help sales because anyone that has a Wii U will probably be already getting it.

  • Commander Raichu

    time to get the campaign posters out
    a game that will most likely be the best in the series and can make you rage and hate your friends until you die!

  • MichelChartrand

    The demo should only be available in stores like mario&sonic sochi was so it can target people who may not already own a Wii u.

    Many people who already own a Wii u know what Mario kart is and that anticipation may help drive sales. Making the demo available may actually allow some people to get their fix in and decide not to buy the game. If they really really want to try it, it might be enough for them to put down the $60+ to buy it. But if the demo is there they may just say “yeah that was cool! But I don’t want to spend $60+ on it, now that I’ve at least played some I can wait until it drops or buy used.”

    As much as I want to play a demo of it, I don’t want to see sales lower than they can be as I’m tired of click bait articles talking about poor Wii U market performance and poor Mario kart sales will add to that ten fold.

    release the demo a month or so after release maybe, like the delayed demos for FPS games on Xbox

    • C4

      Demo stations with MK8 should be literally everywhere.

      • MK8 demo station in gas station bathrooms! MK8 demo stations in brothels! MK8 demo stations in space! MK8 demo stations in the depths of the ocean! On your toothbrush! In your lunch! You get a demo station! And you get a demo station! EVERYWHERE GETS A DEMO STATION!

  • Michael DeVore

    A demo should be released a few weeks after launch. Releasing one before launch will actually hurt sales. In the case of Mario Kart 8 everyone is already fully aware of the product, and already knows that they’re interested, or not interested in it. In this case a Demo can’t generate more interest, or convince fence riders. In this situation the only thing a demo can do is convince people who believe they want it that they don’t really want it, or nothing at all.

    • Petri

      Yes, instead of wasting time or resources on a demo now, they should put their effort on marketing and making sure that even people in North Korea knows something about the game and console its coming for.
      This game will sell to any Wii U owner that actually wants it.

      • greengecko007

        “This game will sell to any Wii U owner that actually wants it.”

        • Petri

          What I meant, that the on the fence Wii U gamers are not that many, that demo would not be any more than a fan service.

    • Kenshin0011

      Releasing one track demo will not hurt sales if most wii u owners already know they wanna buy it. It will make us happy, and that’s enough. Nintendo has been pretty dry lately to us fans and customers

  • Purple

    I just hope they release more than 2 games for the wii u in the remainder of this year.

  • Ducked

    Hopefully they will. I just beat Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, so I’ll be glad when this game is out. Can anyone tell me what Wii U game to get in the meantime? I currently have New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land, Super Mario 3D World, Epic Mickey 2, Assassins Creed IV Blackflag, Ducktales Remastered, Call of Duty Black ops II, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Pikmin 3, ZombiU, Scribblenauts Unlimited, and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. Or a new PS3 game. Any suggestions?

    • Rick van der Linde

      PS3: Ni No Kuni

      • Ducked

        Already played it, love that game. My PS3 collection is pretty big so its hard to list them. Any other suggestions?

        • Petri

          Played Valkyrie Chronicles?
          Though I did not like Segas decision to move the series for handhelds.

          • Ducked

            No, but I’ve heard great things of it. Its a JRPG right?

          • Petri

            Its a a turn based strategy game with RPG elements.
            There’s an anime about it, it was pretty good as well.

        • Capt. Smoker

          Persona 5 when it comes out :p also atelier ayesha is pretty fun, if you can get passed all the lollllllli

          • Ducked

            Is it on PS3? I thought it was exclusive to Vita.

          • Capt. Smoker

            Persona 5 will be on ps3, persona 4 golden is on Vita, it’s an upgraded port of a ps2 game, atelier ayesha is a ps3 game and vita will eventually get it ^^

          • Ducked

            Oh gotcha. Thanks for the information!

        • HungryMetroid

          dragon’s crown?

        • Rick van der Linde

          Well I noticed you didn’t list Windwaker, I guess you already played it on NGC? But it is worth it, may entertain you while waiting for Mario Kart 🙂

          • Ducked

            Yes I did, but I heard the Wii U version is very well with the gamepad controls, and touch of HD.

          • MerryBlind .

            Indeed, the visuals will blow you away, and the gamepad greatly improves the pacing of the game.

      • Capt. Smoker

        Amen to that, amazing game

    • Preston Weaver

      Try AC:III if you have not played it yet.

      • Ducked

        I might try it out, thanks.

        • Rymaar

          How about Resident Evil: Revelations? I saw you have ZombiU, so I’m assuming you enjoy survival horror. The online Raid Mode is really fun! New Super Luigi Bros. U, perhaps? The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD?

    • bakedapplepie

      PS3- South Park: The Stick of Truth

      • Ducked

        I actually didn’t know it had released yet. Thanks.

        • bakedapplepie

          You really should, its a lot of fun. You feel as though your in the show.

          • Ducked

            That’s what I’ve heard the reviews say. I’m most likely going to get that now.

    • Petri

      You do not have W101?
      Should give it a change past the demo, unless you hated absolutely everything on that.

    • joe

      Deus Ex: HR

    • nintendope

      Have you played Mass Effect 3? The Wii U version is far superior from the others and you can pick it up for about 11 bucks on Amazon, that would keep you busy for a couple of weeks.

      • Ducked

        I played the PS3 version, guess $11 could be worth giving the Wii U version a try.

        • nintendope

          Nah If you’ve played it on the PS3 is not worth it, the online community is non-existant and you’ll only get better load times and a gamepad minimap, you’re better off with other recommendations.

          • Ducked

            Thanks for the advice, I’m taking it

    • Justin Carlson

      Lego City Undercover FTW!
      Yes the load times are long, but the game is totally worth it.

      • Ducked

        Tropical Freeze made me get use to it lol. Didn’t want to pinch $50 for a year old game, but I’m considering it.

        • Justin Carlson

          Walmart online has it for $40.29 right now. That’s about the cheapest I’ve seen it.

        • Petri

          Tropical Freeze load times?
          I guess they are longer than they could or should be.
          But Lego City’s loading times are pretty ridiculous.
          Fun game though.

  • Capt. Smoker

    Nintendo need to get more organized with demos and such, the eshop is looking pretty lack luster at the moment

    • Decker Shado

      I will agree to that… when’s the last time a demo was released on the eShop? Can’t remember – but it was Nano Assault Neo.. oh joy… a launch title finally made it.. -_-

      • Capt. Smoker

        Exactly, their not really putting in the effort into anything, I’m getting a little jealous of the ps4, the idea of hopping in and out of games at ease through the internet is really cool and why Nintendo have to be this far behind is beyond me, I’m not even trying to understand their logicanymore, just like anime girl logic. … it makes no sense

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          there’s really nothing to be jealous about on the PS4.

  • Daniel

    I’m calling it right now, 250k mk8 sales 75k wiius initial week
    Japan only of course

  • Frankie

    Releasing a Demo is a waste of time. It is proven that demos actually make games sell less. Releasing a trail of the game would be a better option, similar to WIi Fit U.

  • LOL

    If this game doesn’t boost Wii U sales, then I don’t know what will.

    Oh wait, Super Smash Bros., X, Bayonetta 2, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, and Zelda U. The Wii U will be just fine.

    • PicciottU

      U forgot Fatal Frame!! yeyeye

      • Lusunup

        and yoshi yarn 2014, and possibility hyrule warriors?!?

    • Oh boy, you’re gonna love today’s Zorpix Den >.>

      • Justin McQuillen

        Because it’s a weak-ass flame war?

        • I’d call it a longstanding opinion of mine, but sure 😀

  • PicciottU

    I hope Nintendo will increase the capacity of friends list on Wii U because only 100 for many people is very little, expecially right now that Mario Kart 8 is coming…and many other friends could meet!! However i cant wait for the game and…the demo too!!

    • SolarGalaxa

      *looks at Miiverse*

      • PicciottU

        Whatz new on Miiverse? Always 100 friends…. <.<

        • SolarGalaxa

          Damn, seriously Nintendo? Meanwhile PS4 allows 2000 and Xbox One allows 1000.

          Nintendo once behind again.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            So you’re only friends with your ACTUAL friends

    • MerryBlind .

      Who has 100 friends?? That’s insane.

  • Kenshin0011

    I’d appreciate it VERY much if they could. They have to know that it won’t make Wii U owners not buy the full game.

    Actually, you know what’d be a fantastic idea? At the end of the demo they offer to let you buy the game and it will automatically download on midnight of release. Or even a day early if they’re okay with it

  • Guest

    You guys… We’re nearly a month away from the release… and i’m so excited. I just… i just…

  • Moyack

    most probably they won’t, it makes too much sense.. Plus they didn’t release a demo for SM3DW or NSMBWiiU

  • M.C. Pauly GooGoo

    I’d like to see a demo – I still personally need to be convinced this game is worth my precious free time and my ever-shrinking videogame budget, especially considering there’s Kirby Triple Deluxe and Mario Golf hitting the 3DS in the same month, and I just can’t afford them all.

  • nintendope

    I’d like to know where they heard this rumor.. Just so that I know how exited should I get.

  • SolarGalaxa

    How is this new? Wii U Daily is starting to lag behind other sites.

  • Logan Wayman


  • HungryMetroid

    sounds like a good idea, but if they do it will probably only be able to launch it like 3 times.

  • FlashFan207

    Yesssssss!!!! However it will only be but a tiny drop to satiate the enormity of my voracious appetite for Mario Kart 8.

  • Justin Carlson

    Release an in-store MK8 demo and spend a bunch of money on marketing. I think that will help sales better than a downloadable demo as that will be more likely to move more Wii U’s.

    • Peter Lythaby

      I noticed in my local GAME store last week that the wii u demo unit is no more! Mm

  • ActivesiN

    come on Nintendo we have not had a big game since donkey kong, just give a us a little taste

  • Sam

    They shouldn’t do it, but,

  • Thomas Vienna

    Only thing is, will the demo be at 50cc only, or optional 150cc? Because I found the E3 demo at best buy really disappointing for how slow-paced the race felt. I’d hate to show my friends that.

    • MerryBlind .

      Good point. They shouldn’t even bother if it’s only 50cc since it might actually turn certain people off. I don’t care if there is only one track in the demo, it needs to have 50cc, 100cc, 150cc.

  • LinkSmash

    If you don’t buy this game on its release date….shame on you 😛

  • Johny

    That would be TITS !

  • Spencer Manigat

    I seriously hope so! Not to convince me to buy it, buy to hold me over until the game is out!!!!

  • dforce79

    I honestly hope there is because it would be awesome!

  • Drowrin

    Am I the only one not planning on buying this? I see so many people who obviously want this game a ton, but I just don’t have the same hype. Not that there is anything wrong with any of you, I can respect getting hyped for a game (I personally CANT WAIT FOR MH4G!!!!!!). I just wanted to know who else isn’t particularly interested in this.

    • MerryBlind .

      Well I wasn’t either some time ago……. but have you watched some gameplay videos? It looks freaking incredible!

      • Drowrin

        No, I haven’t. Maybe I shall this evening.

        • MerryBlind .

          Duuuudee! You have to! I’ve never been that much of a MarioKart fan (I was team Diddy Kong Racing back in the N64 days, and always found MK kind of frustrating sometimes) but when I watched some gameplay of the new one, I was blown away and I’m getting it day 1 for sure now!

    • virtueX7

      you might want to see a doctor

  • Gordon Tillett

    I hope they do this. I can’t wait to play it for myself!

  • Carlos Webster

    this is a very good idea.

  • Logan Waltz

    They should be having commercials all over the place for this.

  • cool1706

    I dont care about sales or that stuff right now. I WANNA GET MY HANDS ON MK8!! Even if its only one track, I will for sure get a demo.

  • great deku tree

    rather than putting the demo on wii u eshop they should have the demos in stores for people who don’t have or know what a wii u is to get a taste of it and find out what a wii u even is.
    every time I go into a GAME shop (I live in the UK by the way) I’m the only person who even looks at the wii u games and I’ve seen many people look where I’m looking and they say “0h it’s just wii stuff”.
    honestly I don’t think the wii u sales will even go up by much when ot comes to the release of MK8 and SSB4 and so on simply because loads of people in the UK (and probably lots of other countries) don’t even know what the wii u is.
    this game needs to be advertised and shown to the public, not people (including myself) who already have a wii u. or they could do both, but the public should definitely get to see and play this first.

    • ETeach

      Yeah, lack of marketing/education is a big part of the problem. That and a games drought, which is slowly trickling into a decent collection of must-haves.

  • ETeach

    God I hope so. That’d make May go by a lot easier.

  • Jonathan Dogey

    Mario Kart 8 looks better than any of the boring crap on xbox one

  • Dark-Link73

    A demo for Mario Kart is completely redundant. That game is a sure seller.

    • ETeach

      Redundant? Yes. Fun? Also yes.

  • HotInEER

    They should. I don’t see demos being generous. In fact, all games should have a demo. I think their selection of demos stink, but then again, I think they do on my PS4 and Xbox One also.

    • MerryBlind .

      Indeed. I don’t understand why there isn’t a demo to every game. Every single game available on a system should have images, a trailer, and a demo.

  • Will W

    Even if they only had the “8” track, and only Mario and Luigi as playable characters it would be a successful demo.

  • I like how the Sonic Lost World demo will let you transfer your stats from the demo to the game, maybe; and that is IF it comes out, Mario Kart 8 could do the same.