May 16th, 2014


Just a quick reminder for those of you in the United States, this weekend is the GameStop Mario Kart 8 demo event, where you can get your hands on Mario Kart 8 early at select GameStop locations. If you’re not sure if the GameStop near you will be having a demo kiosk this weekend, you can check on GameStop’s website.

We got our hands on a copy of Mario Kart 8 a few weeks early, so you can check out our Mario Kart 8 review to see what we thought. As an aside, if you choose to buy the game or the Wii U Mario Kart 8 bundle while you’re at GameStop, you can score some pretty great posters as a pre-order bonus.

We’ll have more exclusive Mario Kart 8 videos next week, so stay tuned!

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  • Deadpool U

    Oh definitely won’t forget I actually live near 2 gmaestops with the event! Yay for me!

  • Zakariyya Al-Quran

    I’m too lazy to go and play it though it would be worth it idk. Up-vote if you know your getting it

    • Liek

      Up-vot dis if u cry evry tiem

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    I am heading it this week. Yay I can’t wait.

    • Cool!! So is it like download-data that y’all download the night before??

      • Yousif Alromaithi

        Nope not exactly. I am heading their to try out. I am going tomorrow. Because I went to Godzilla today.

        • Nice haha my gf wants to see that but idk if I want to… how was it??

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Good movie but not like the directors Del Toro’s old movies such as Pacific Rim. It is great and awesome more like 7.5 out of ten. If you expect that it will be more action oriented then you will be disappointed. This movie is about Godzilla origins. The ending was awesome. Watch it because I recommend it.

          • Wow that super specific, thanks!!

            Only because of your recommendation I will take her to see it Monday lol

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Have fun and enjoy. I hope she enjoys it with you.

  • Nothing5555

    Are the WiiU Mario Kart bundles going for 299? If so I may purchase one for my kids.

    • AlienFanatic
      • Nothing5555

        Damn…I was hoping for 299, guess I can wait still.

        • Justin Carlson

          The bundle is totally worth it:
          A Free game download = $50
          Wii Remote + = $40
          Wii Wheel = $10

          Ok, so the Wii Wheel is something that many probably don’t care at all about. So if we don’t include that in the total we end up with $90 in extras for only $30 more than you wanted to pay.

          • I care about the Wii Wheel. Sell it on Ebay. I’d buy it for $10.

      • Deadpool U

        The 4th was Wind Waker HD.

      • rp17

        and WWHD

      • Justin Carlson

        And a Red Wii Wheel and a Red Mario Wii Remote +

      • CaptRodgers

        Yeah basically you’re paying an extra thirty dollars for fifty dollars worth of stuff off. I won’t include the extra game because you get that for buying any copy of Mario kart 8.

  • andrew

    am i the only one who think’s this is a bad idea? demo’s tend to be crap which lead to people not wanting it

    • Jon

      considering how the game is officially done and people have already played the full game (reviewers) I doubt that it will be just a demo.

  • Nathan C.
  • Ernie Sanguyo

    we have like 4 gamestop in my town and they don’t even know about this event lol.

    • Mithiragi


      • Ernie Sanguyo

        I take that back. I got to play it on the other store. They have it on friday today so I got to play it. I guess some other stores dont have no idea.

  • Sdudyoy

    I never go to these demos, I hate going to game stores just to play games, It’s a pain.

  • anthony optimo

    I hope this Gamestop promotion succeeds in selling Wii U’s to those who are on the fence about buying one. I also hope Nintendo is able to have sold 10 million Wii U’s in total by end of summer.

    Glitch/Bug Free Gaming Movement 2014.

    • Fred

      Glitch/bug free? I don’t know what you did, but my Wii U, as much as I love it certainly isn’t bug free

      • anthony optimo

        Glitch/Bug Free Gaming Movement 2014 is not limited to Nintendo products, but the gaming industry as a whole.

        • Fred

          Yes their games are pretty well done and with few bugs, but the system still has a decent number of bugs in it. I’m going for a few more system updates to improve that

  • Jon

    might be cool… but I have the game pre-ordered and I’d rather play it for several hours when it comes out then get to play like one race after waiting in line.

  • ShortyStock

    Yeah… no. I’m not gonna cram into a small store (My Gamestop is tiny) and wait in a giant line just to play somethin I’ll have in a few weeks. I just hope Gamestop ain’t packed on MK8 release day.

  • Chase U

    My local GameStop is hosting an event!!! I’ll definitely be going either tomorrow or Sunday! I can’t wait to get my hands on Mario Kart 8 since I’ve been counting down the days since December..

  • WiiUPS4

    Going tomarrow myself and really to get to rocken

  • SolarShane13

    ATTN: Make sure that your GameStop is actually holding the event. I went into mine today, and the manager was there and said “No”. That wasn’t the ridiculous point. The ridiculous point was that the “manager” said it was because they have no Wii U console, EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD ONE IN THE BACK OF THE FUCKING STORE.

    • Mithiragi

      Mine was too but they said they knew no such thing lol

    • Jason

      Yeah, when my sister got Wii Party U from GameStop, it didn’t have the Club Nintendo thing. So I’m buying MK8 at Best Buy, because I want my free Pikmin 3.

  • ChariotMan7

    I’m in there facts

  • Mithiragi

    I called one of the gamestops that was on the list and they said they didn’t know such an event was going on…

  • fireheartis1

    The sad thing is my GameStop doesn’t even have a Wii U kiosk period, so I know for sure it wont be at my local GameStop. That’s what’s wrong with a lot of GameStops I’ve heard. There is no Wii U Kiosk at all, so how the heck are people going to try out a Wii U?

  • McBlink

    Good thing we are nearing the end of flu season. I never touch these kiosks. Ew!

    • Purple

      Purrell my friend. Bring a travel size of purrell. I know what you mean. I never do either. I better really wanna play that game. Last time I touched one at a gamestop or bsst buy was when the U released and they demo ray man.

  • condor87z

    If only gamestop would come to my house and let me try the game.

  • candyisgood

    I live near uncountable amounts of Gamestops (thanks Los Angeles) and one that wasn’t on the list had it, but one that was didn’t? Well okay. But I played it already at the Best Buy E3 thing from 2013. That’s also disappointing to see people say their Gamestops don’t have WiiU kiosks, I only know of one without one and I think it’s because the store is too small, since they also lack a PS4 demo. Even Fry’s in Burbank has a WiiU Kiosk

  • Nathan Minsk

    I was able to play all 8 tracks without anyone else coming. don’t know if I should be happy for my playtime, or sad due to its unpopularity

  • Jason

    Played it this afternoon. I know a lot of you are probably sick of hearing this, but the game is BEAUTIFUL. YouTube doesn’t do it any justice, you need to see it in person. My favorite character is Shy Guy. I got in first place with him, with Toad and Metal Mario, I got 6th and 7th, but that’s probably because I used the standard glider for them. I used the Squirrel glider for Shy Guy.

  • Ferd726

    I play mario kart 8 in gamestop and it was awesome even they got all characters on the game the only bad is that they only got 8 track and 2 laps but yeah it was great i coonot wait to see the full game and played online.


    I just come back from GameStop and I really liked the game it’s fantastic!!! It feels very different from mk7 l liked much more than mk7. What I didn’t like is that the event seems more exboxt event than Mario kart 8 !!! They have like 15 chairs with green balloons and a couple blue ones. The exboxt is in the center with high volume when you almost can hear the wii U. But I didn’t care, I just was there for playing mk8 which I really enjoy. They give free sodas and snaks. I ended preordering mk8 just for the poster even tought I already preordered at best buy like three months ago. I’ll get two copies one for my niece and one for me, I bought one wii U for her last week at eBay for 200 the skylanders bundle.

  • DoctorFart

    Just Played it . It was amazing I really want this game !

  • I am Error.

    Thanks the tip. My local GS had it going today and I was able to try out all available courses thanks to an empty store. Looking forward to playing at home with a Wii U Pro Controller as I didn’t care much for using the pad or a Wiimote.

  • XxFyrus

    I’m not racist, but when I took my 5 year old cousin to the gamestop I use to work at on my 21st birthday saturday, there was 5 Asian kids playing the wonderful 101 for literally 25 minutes. I was pissed. But we did play one lap of mario kart 8 before one of the bastards literally took it out of my 5 year old cousins hands.

    • Cyntheta Luis

      I don’t think pointing out their “Asian” proves much about you proclaiming not to be racists. But then this is just a minor word choice fail.
      Since any kid from anywhere(race, country…etc.), if they aren’t taught much about manners, they can really be a pain in any country or race. It’s called kids these days doesn’t know manners. Not “they’re Asian”

    • Shota

      just say 5 kids. bringing up race means you’re not very good parent.

    • oontz

      So you were pissed they played for 25 minutes or that they were asian?

  • Dominicruz

    Guys double check that your local gamestop has the mario kart 8 event I live in New York City I went to 2 gamestops that on the website said i was.The guys from gamestop didn’t know anything about it but they got the display on the wii U tv about the event.Call before you go !

  • Kholby

    I played at BestBuy yesterday. This game is seamless with gorgeous visuals, great music, short load times and beautiful tracks! I can’t wait!

  • Nin1986

    Went to gamestop yesterday. Website said they would have it. Went with my son, the kiosk had this mk8 thing around it. Pressed power nothing. I headed to counter to ask about event when my son saw it wasn’t even plugged into power strip. I run back thinking hell yes we don’t need staff to electrify our Wii u … Turned it on, now I’m pressing the damn game pad and nothing, screen is dead, look around back and controller tether was broken. Ugh seriously I think you get paid to take care of the store you know. Open it and make sure everything works, how hard is that…. We left as if we were in first and someone hit us with a blue shell 10 feet from finish and everyone just passed us by….:(

  • Chase U

    Wow.. this game far exceeded my expectations. When i went to play it yesterday (and again today) it looked visually a ton better than I thought it would. I’ve seen plenty of YouTube videos of MK8 races but it doesn’t compare to what it looks like in real life. And the gameplay was very arcade-like which was amazing and very to my liking. Anyway, BUY THIS GAME, it’ll surprise you.

  • Darin

    Went to my local Gamestop (Oklahoma City) and tried this game out and wow, I’ll be spending countless hours on this amazing game! All that being said, I asked the man working there how many people had come in to try it out and he said, “since yesterday (Saturday) morning, we have maybe had two or three including you”. Not sure what to think of that.

  • Random12multi

    I got up and went to the event no line so here’s a photo of the menu screen

  • Phillip Fry

    Just played this high as fuck and it gets the stoner seal of approval. Can’t wait to smoke a couple blunts and play this may 30.

    • Chase U


    • oontz

      Best comment ever!

  • hahahero

    Wasn’t up at my local GameStop. Bummer.

  • dannyosmonovich

    This event was a joke. I went to one Gamestop and they said they didn’t get the Mario Kart demo download. I called another one and they said that the demo ended at 4 PM. I was very disappointed, but I should have expected it coming from Gamestop.

    • anthony optimo

      GameStop sucks eggs.

    • Adderell

      The gamestop I went to had the demo until closing. Too bad it wasn’t a Halo Kart demo or else it’d be be getting a midnight release party

  • Jonathan Dogey

    What is so wrong with just making the demo downloadable at my home?? Why do I need to go out of the house and go to some event? Same with 3DS and the nintendo zone or whatever it’s called. I have to be at a select participating nintendo zone location. And for what??? To watch some pokemon episodes?

    • BIG Franky

      dude…. get out of the basement and get some sun, will ya? will do you some good…