May 20th, 2014


Last week wraps up our second Mario Kart 8 giveaway contest, which saw 2k entries for the week. That’s down from the first week, so this week let’s try and ramp it up again! This weeks winner is another Sean, though he lives in Canada rather than the United States. It looks like it’s paying off to be a guy named Sean, so perhaps you might consider a name change before entering? Just kidding! Congrats to Sean for last week’s win!

We’re following the same rules heading into the third week of the contest, meaning anyone across the globe can participate since we’re awarding gift cards for the price of the game instead of the physical copy. You’ll have as many entries as you want per day and you can even receive extra entries by having your friends enter the contest under a special URL generated by the contest widget. You’ll have until Sunday at 11:59pm to enter as many times as you can in this contest, so jump on it!

We’ll be waiting for you at the finish line!

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  • Sdudyoy

    Congratulations Sean, surprising that two Sean’s have won.

    • Mario

      Maybe it’s his clone.

      • DK745

        I can assure you I have no clone..that I know of anyway..

        • Mario


        • Sean Jarret

          Did you eat any cherries lately?

          • DK745

            nope. I don’t have an explanation for it.

  • jreed3842
  • Dimitra Giorgiou

    something smells fishy in here.. i better change my name to Sean then :p

    • You have a 50% chance of being more successful this week if you do. 😛

      • “Sean” jjbredesen

        There now i have changed my name!

        • andrewjcole

          My turn!

          • “Sean” The Scorp

            Congrats, Let’s hope we win next time 😀

      • DK745

        I guess I had the right name then haha.

      • whos the winner?

  • I was tweeting incorrectly. dammit

    • Arthur Jarret

      How do you tweet correctly? I’m using my Wii U to browse and when I click ‘terms and conditions’ all I get is a white box expanding from it.

      • “Sean” jjbredesen

        You press the tweet alternative, then there will be a small tweet button, click on it, and it will open a tweet window, and from there you tweet, but i don’t think it will work in the Wii U browser.

        • Arthur Jarret

          So what are the terms? I got one twitter post which I paste the URL for as per the instruction of ‘where to find’… but I’ve been linking to the same post for the past 7 days of contest and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to make a new post for every entry.

          Wouldn’t want to be disqualified when I win next week.

          • “Sean” jjbredesen

            You have to make a new one every day, so nothing wrong, you will not get disqualified.

          • Sean Jarret

            That’s my point, I didn’t make a new one every day: I just posted the URL of my old tweet over and over again.

          • “Sean” jjbredesen

            Oh, i don’t think that will work? Donno though..

      • I was tweeting this webpage, not my twitter post.

  • jjbredesen

    Congrats Sean the second 😀

    And good luck to all of you that are joining again for round 3! My the ods be ever in your favour!

    • andrewjcole (aka Sean – lol)

      Like my name? I’ll win this round, you can have #4. lol

  • Noah

    The Irish have got me again.

    • Mario

      Dom’t you mean the Canadians? -_-

  • Rosa1234

    congratz !! =D

  • Shaqfu2

    This stinks. I don’t got a facebook or twitter. I don’t mind buying Mario Kart 8 though, its going to be a fun game. Good luck to everyone else!

    • Arthur Jarret

      I made a twitter account especially for this contest. I’ll use it for others too. It’s my contest-twitter.

      Facebook requires your real name so they can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine (a windowless room)

      • Virus6

        That is not true. Facebook doesn’t require a real name. I am friends with a lot of people who use aliases.

        • Sean Jarret

          Really? I remember this big hullabaloo about people having to prove their identity ‘n stuff a few years back.

  • WarioForever

    Congra… wait, what? Something’s not right here…
    Is this a set up?

  • gamingpalooza

    so you need facebook or twitter to enter?

  • SleepySkullhead

    My name is already Sean! *confidence grows*

  • haha grats Sean. Enjoy your prize 🙂

  • HorizonChaser

    Hi, my name is now “sean”, too. Can I win, please?

  • Is this just for the game or for the console bundle? Either way, I know I won’t win cause my name is Anthony and this contest is rigged. My brother’s name is Sean though, does that count?

  • Juilen Cardenas

    Yes!!! I finally entered.

  • Rinslowe

    Congrats mate.
    Blue shells are waiting for ya

  • Adrian Brown

    Settled. I’ll change my name too :/

  • Sean Jarret

    I really hope I win!

  • Sean Jarret

    Hey, where is the traditional… cor blimey – are you guys asleep or something?
    Nevermind… I’ll do it…

    I hope you win, Zorpix!

  • Hyde Gaming

    The bundle or just the game?

    • Perfecto-Geek

      They give a $60 Gift card from Amazon to use on the game.

  • Look at all the Sean’s! LOL

  • Troy

    Watch the next winner be “Shawn” this time lol

  • Caleb Crandall

    do you have to have a twitter or facebook to enter

  • Dominicruz

    I want to win this ,Good luck everybody!

  • Dimitra Giorgiou

    i wonder if the sean who won was ryan higa’s friend? :p

  • Linskarmo

    May we keep reposting the same link to one tweet about the giveaway? I feel like that would be cheating.

  • Sean

    i have never seen so many people posing as me in my life

  • Julián Salinas

    Can’t invite friends:(

  • jreed3842

    Crap! I keep forgetting to tweet every day! I had been so diligent the last few weeks on entering every single day…. Lol. This week went kind of badly!

  • Perfecto-Geek

    He were go again with a slow announcement -_-

  • I know I won’t win, BUT COME ON LET ME WIN! I got to play this at Target (Yes Target has playable demo) yesterday, and I WANT THIS GAME!

  • HorizonChaser

    Who won this time?

    • DK745

      someone named Sean obviously.

  • Julián Salinas

    doh! too anxious!

  • Ashish Paul

    I cant wait to see the results of round 3