May 20th, 2014

Nintendo released a new commercial for Mario Kart 8 today on its official YouTube channel, this time detailing the famous lightning bolt. The lightning bolt returns in Mario Kart 8 and can be used to shrink all of your opponents and make them drop their items (unless they’re invicible), while you barrel over them flattening them to the size of a pancake. It’s one of the best items in the series for getting back at those ahead of you.

Yesterday we launched our favorite items from Mario Kart 8 poll, allowing you to pick your favorite item from the series. We’ll be announcing the results of this poll next week along with a few tips and tricks to get started with Mario Kart 8 when it launches on May 30. Be sure and check out our Mario Kart 8 review as well!

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  • Jonathan R. Tryon


  • “Sean” jjbredesen

    ……What did i just watch? I must say Nintendo’s Marketing has gotten a lot better!

    • The Clockwork Being

      Especially since they played Mario Kart 8 trailers before the screening of Godzilla. That thing made 93 million at the box office. Just imagine how many people saw that MK8 trailer!

      • Officer Raichu

        its beautiful πŸ˜‰

        • CaptRodgers

          I just saw the movie and miss the trailers because my car was messing up. As many people that were in that theater for a Tuesday, they made a great decision

          • Officer Raichu

            that stinks you missed it like I said below some theaters were screaming for joy to see mk8

      • Officer Raichu

        93 million US alone you mean XD

        • The Clockwork Being

          Yeah my bad πŸ™‚ but im sure worldwide the numbers must have been huge!

  • Nostalgic_Chaos

    One thing I’m happy that ISN’T back is that stupid Thunder Cloud from Mario Kart Wii. That item was so broken. I would get it in SECOND place and have no one nearby to pass it onto lol, being forced to shrink or stop my car -_-

    So happy that it isn’t in Mario Kart 8. Hated that item with a passion. I got trolled with it continuously.

    • Roadkill409

      I never really minded the cloud, I just thought it was part of the game. How is this different from the cloud? Does it get everyone on the screen similar to the ink?

      • Nostalgic_Chaos

        Yeah, the Thunder Cloud I’m talking about is a large cloud with a face on it that hovers over your head and unless you pass the cloud onto someone else by driving into someone, you’ll get shrunk. It’s a broken item, because if you get the item in second place, it’s sometimes difficult, because you’ve got no one next to you to pass it onto, so what do you do? lol

    • Sdudyoy

      The only thing I liked about it was you would get a speed boost while using it, but it was to random to be used effectively.

      • Nostalgic_Chaos

        Yeah. I mean, for me, I wasn’t even too concerned about the speed boost. You know what’s going to happen at the end of it, and it’s not going to be nice. The speed boost did’t make much different, because the decrease in speed when you get shrunk out weighs the added speed you got while the cloud was over you.

        I dunno. For me, it was one of the worst things about MKWii, especially when playing online. The item just felt very unbalanced and unnecessary. Give me an item that will benefit, not something that will do more harm than good.

        • “Sean” The Scorp

          Only times i liked cloud was when i was in the last turns and just speed boosted through the grass/sand and taking a good place πŸ˜›

      • PokΓ©mon Fan


    • Clel

      The trollcloud may no longer haunt you in MK8, but it will always haunt you in your dreams!

      • Nostalgic_Chaos


      • Mario


    • That guy who hates Spike

      It could be worse. You can get coins in item boxes in Mario Kart 8
      Seriously, I thought there was a reason it left after Super Mario Kart.

  • andrew

    why isnt this advert on tv and not just youtube this is the type of advertisement that makes people want to buy it

    • uPadWatcher

      Have patience… it’s coming.

    • lonewolf

      As you can see it is an tv advert just uploaded onto youtube.

    • Officer Raichu

      it’s one of the trailers shown before Godzilla in the US

  • Pinky Peach

    Yes! Now you can flatten your enemies after using the Lightning Bolt, just like in the old Mario Kart 64! I really missed that in these recent Mario Karts…. Now you can do it again! Heehee! So much Mario Kart 64 love in this game….

    • Nostalgic_Chaos

      Lol, yeah that’s going to be hilarious online. People are going to get angry though when flat. Haha

    • “Sean” Chase U

      Also from MK64 is the pipe kart body which is probably gonna be my favorite just because it makes the characters look retro. This game will consume my life for months to come.

      • Nostalgic_Chaos

        Yeah, the Pipe Frame. It’s something I’m going to be using a whole lot too. It looks awesome in MK8

        • “Sean” Chase U

          I really appreciate the fact they brought it back

      • LukeMM95

        Actually the pipe frames in this game seem to be based on the karts from Super Mario Kart, judging by the single exhaust engine. The pipe frames in Mario Kart 7 were based on MK64.

        But yes, the pipe frames are probably going to be my favourite too. Those iconic go-karts looks so good in HD.

  • SmashFinale

    I feel bad for the first person that commented on this article.
    They’ll be stuck shrunk the longest.

  • TheWichi

    What I really want is the battle arenas to come back when I play locally with Friends ballon battle is usually our favorite thing to do!

  • I just want to know when these commercials are going to be on TV? That’s where they need to be!

    • Jason

      I saw one on Disney XD during Gravity Falls, not sure about the other networks. But they should air these on networks that the main target demographic isn’t 2 – 11.

    • KH

      Along what Jason said, they also are on Cartoon Network, or atleast were, since I haven’t seen one in like 2 days, though I have also not seen much CN in those days.

  • Chase U

    When is the last time the Lightning Bolt let you squish the characters? I completely forgot that that was a thing. Now that I see it’s back I’m very happy cuz it’s pretty funny to squish everyone haha..

    • steveb944

      I remember it from the original SNES days. I think it made a comeback but I can’t recall which title

  • crocodileman94

    You sure it wasn’t a De-evolution gun the scientist got hit by?

    • condor87z

      RIP Bob Hopkins.

    • Dark Lord Sauron

      we need that de evolution gun to turn some trolls on here and ign into goombas

      • Mario

        So we can jump on them! πŸ˜€

        • condor87z

          Typical Mario, always wants to jump on his enemies.

          • Mario

            You know me! Always solving my problems by jumping on them! πŸ™‚

  • I lolled at the guys shrunken head and his screaming voice.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I guess that must have been the Devo Gun

  • Jon Turner

    “But it’s too late for WiiU! It’s dead! No one is interested in this game! It has no hype or marketing!

    Wait, what?! Nintendo is MARKETING? Well I never!”

    Well, doubters, what do you have to say now? It’s obvious MK8 is going to be a monster hit AND boost WiiU. The more Nintendo keeps this advertising up, the better.

    • Officer Raichu

      especially when millions of americans saw a mk8 commercial opening week of godzilla(was one of the trailers shown O_O)

      • Jon Turner

        Wow, really? That actually happened? That’s absolutely incredible! I can’t remember the last time Nintendo ever did something like that for their games, ever. (Didn’t they do so with ZELDA OCARINA OF TIME, though?)

  • condor87z

    I hope this commercial is on TV

  • wiimenonowiiu

    For flippin fun lol

  • Shota

    did i hear eggman talking in a mario kart commercial XD

  • Fifi Larns

    I love the quote “Insanely tested for flippin fun ” πŸ˜€ !

  • Jason

    I hate the lighting bolt. It’s overused and totally ruins you if your airborn. I love Wii Mushroom Gorge, but that item ruins the track for me.

    • LukeMM95

      Well Mario Kart Wii was incredibly unbalanced when it came to the items, which often led to too many blue shells, lightning bolts and POW blocks. According to many reviews, this has been fixed for Mario Kart 8.

      • great deku tree

        tell me about it. was down at my cousins playing local multiplayer. they put the items on frantic and I get hit with 6 blue shells! 4 of which were in one lap. was swearing like a sailor hahaha. also regarding the OP that’s happened to me but it’s blue shells that knock me off of the mushrooms lol.

    • condor87z

      Yeah the only bad thing about the lighting bolt is when players wait until the most opportune time to screw someone else up. Like using it on the jump in Wario Stadium MK64.

      • Chase U

        I used to do that all the time to my friends!

  • steveb944

    So awesome, one of my favorite items.

  • flclfool

    Never get to use ;( cause i’m always in 1st

  • Dan

    Nintendo, does this mean that you can add more power-ups from the previous games? I want the Mega Mushroom back.

  • Roman

    10 more days….

  • Rinslowe

    Haha These commercials are great stuff.

  • Officer Raichu

    guys i saw a mk8 commercial during the trailers before godzilla O_O
    others have seen it too

    • The Clockwork Being

      Yeah I know!!! Looks like NIntendo wasn’t lying when they said they would really advertise it!!!

      • Officer Raichu

        i think millions now know mk8 is real and want it
        one guy on youtube said when his theater saw it they all shouted for joy πŸ˜€

        • The Clockwork Being

          Nintendo’s marketing team has kicked it up a notch and are advertising in the right place.

          Edit: Mind liking me that video?

          • Officer Raichu

            go to the newest mk8 commercial on their youtube channel for the lightning bolt
            scroll down a little and its there
            got like 30 likes so yeah

    • “Sean” Chase U

      Wow I’m really glad to hear this!

  • I<3supermario3DworldandimAgirl

    Woah so you can squish opponents now ?

    • CydeFxt

      You use be able to squish back then. But they must’ve taken it out before this one.

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    If watch dogs is no where near the hype then Mario Kart 8 is the best game on May.

    • Jon Turner

      Except right now on Amazon USA it’s #3 on the charts, while MK8 is stuck at #5. The two really SHOULD be switching places.

      • Yousif Alromaithi

        Sounds fair. But man Watch Dogs is a great game. But still I believe it will be criticized somehow since I am sure it will. Ubisoft made a mistake by delaying the game.

  • ChariotMan7

    Nintendo is on fire!

  • zoohero

    I like the new road nintendo have take in terms of marketing the mario kart game. Its a fresh way From nintendo.

  • PokΓ©mon Fan

    The thunder cloud was horrible to me! It will always haunt my dreams. : ()

  • Zuxs13

    I actually saw several of these commercials on Monster week on Animal Planet last night.

  • kayodoc

    Finally! Decent advertisements from Nintendo! Now swarm the FIFA World Cup with these commercials!