May 7th, 2014

I’m classifying this as a rumor solely based on the fact that it hasn’t been announced anywhere other than Japan yet. According to the source, A Mario Kart 8 web app is being developed that will allow people to watch uploaded videos of Mario Kart 8 races, as well as check statuses of their friends. There’s no indication as to when this will launch, but considering Nintendo promised an official Miiverse app and so far all we have is an web page means that’s likely what we’ll see with this Mario Kart 8 “app” as well.

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  • Ultrasyd

    That’s modern, that’s cool. Nintendo is on the good way with such things : )

  • jjbredesen

    That would make a lot of sense, as Iwata said that there apps, would encourage consumers to buy a Wii U, and it would work really well, i think this could be true.

    • Rinslowe

      Yep, I agree. And certainly would be a welcome addition to the features already shown for Kart.

  • Looks like Nintendo is taking baby steps to modernize their services.

  • Agent721

    This could be awesome. EA’s BF4 app is great & keeps you engaged away from the console.

  • RoyRelapse

    I’ve been looking on that twitter account for some other tweets, this was tweeted later on :

    RE my earlier Mario Kart 8 app tweet, sorry, I misspoke…the article doesn't say anything about being able to watch videos. My apologies!— Kyle McLain (@FarmboyinJapan) 7 mei 2014

    • SmashFinale

      So we can’t watch videos but there is still going to be an app for it?

      • RoyRelapse

        I have no idea :p

  • thedeciderU

    okay nintendo, now that you’re starting to realize what year it is, please don’t stop. most of these features i’ll never personally use (at least i don’t think), but at least they see that they need these types of applications and features to remain relevant and competitive, even though they are “not competing.” right. and that’s why the wiiu is where it is.

    anyways, this is good news! well, er, if it’s true.

    • Rinslowe

      I’m posting to Wii U Daily almost well, daily lol. On my “on the go devices” almost exclusively.
      This is good news to me.

      • thedeciderU

        nice. i usually use the gamepad for my posts. i have to admit, it’s pretty awesome to pause a game and hop into the browser for a quick break and pull up some wii u daily articles.

        • Rinslowe

          Yeah totally. I’m into that one as well. Especially on long play sessions. It’s really effective to get a second wind so to speak…

  • Wren Justin Umlauf

    Eh, even if this is real, personally I feel this would be a waste of Nintendo’s time. I think the amount of people that actually use it will be slim and unless it actually corresponds with real time gameplay, like the Watch_Dogs app for example, I dont see a point for it if its all stuff you can do in game to begin with. What I would like is a Wii U app that gives me the status of my friends as well as access to Miiverse so I can send messages or even connect with the Wii U webchat. But one app for a single game just to see if my friends are online?, idk doesn’t sound like something worth while. But it’s Nintendo, so who knows, maybe they could make a companion app worth using.

    • C4

      Why? It’s probably the first 1st party Wii U game with popular online gaming. It’s a start. You are not 24 hours a day online ingame playing MK8 on your Wii U… I assume! 😛 – then of course it would be useless.

  • Sam

    So relieved it’s not a game. I’m fine with this; you can see how much fun the game looks, and that might convince people to buy it.

  • Leo

    Nintendo will likely invest on the app bandwagon from now on. This strategy seems reasonable with what Iwata said about bring back a broader audience lost to mobile/tablets.

  • Officer Raichu

    in other mk8 news
    its selling crazy on gamestop(saw it number 1 many times during the day(yes this was posted by me before)
    and the week of the direct boosted mk8 preorders over 20000 more than week before making it have almost 39000

  • SolarShane13

    Goodbye Wii U Daily, hello Mario Kart Daily!

  • That’s actually really useful. I can see if my friends are online to determine whether or not I should turn on my WiiU. It’s hassle free!

  • FlashFan207


  • Mario’s Love Child

    Well that title scared the shit out of me.

  • steveb944

    That’s…. Pretty useless. Give us a Miiverse app first.

  • Steve

    It true, it will probably be a Mario Kart TV app.

  • Kriffix

    I searched for the article on Nikkei (why didn’t he direct link it?) and found it. Here is my quick (but accurate) translation. Original Japanese will follow.

    Nintendo Smartphone service integration

    2014/5/7 17:30

    On the 7th, Nintendo CEO Iwata revealed plans to offer a service for smartphones and tablet devices linked with the popular Mario Kart.

    On the same day, at a media event regarding Nintendo’s financial plans held in the city of Osaka, [Iwata] stated that “We are preparing a service where you will be able to see the ranking and status of you and your friends even when not playing. We should be able to give details in the near future”.

    In January CEO Iwata announced Nintendo’s business policy in which they will develop applications for Smartphones during the year.

    Elsewhere, at the media event held on the 7th, Iwata once again denied the possibility of making games specifically for smartphones. “Our utilisation of Smartphones will not simply be the cutting and pasting of our software”.

    7/5/2014 17:30

    ä»»ć€©ć ‚ă€ă€ŒăƒžăƒȘă‚Șă‚«ăƒŒăƒˆă€é–ąé€Łă§ă‚čăƒžăƒ›ă‚”ăƒŒăƒ“ă‚č


    ă€€ćŒæ—„ć€§é˜Ș澂憅で開いた2014ćčŽïŒ“æœˆæœŸăźæ±ș缗ç™șèĄšèš˜è€…äŒšèŠ‹ă§ă€ă€ŒăƒžăƒȘă‚Șă‚«ăƒŒăƒˆă‚’éŠă‚“ă§ă„ăȘくども、è‡Șćˆ†ăźé †äœă‚„ć‹é”ăŒă©ă‚“ăȘçŠ¶æ…‹ă«ă‚ă‚‹ăźă‹ăŒćˆ†ă‹ă‚‹ă‚Šă‚§ăƒ–ă‚”ăƒŒăƒ“ă‚čă‚’ç”šæ„ă—ă‚ˆă†ăšă—ăŠă„ă‚‹ă€‚èż‘ă„ă†ăĄă«è©łă—ăć‡șă›ă‚‹ăšæ€ă†ă€ăšèż°ăčた。


     侀æ–čă€ïŒ—æ—„ăźèš˜è€…äŒšèŠ‹ă§ăŻă€ă‚čマホăȘど搑けにă‚ČăƒŒăƒ ă‚œăƒ•ăƒˆă‚’ă€ăă‚‹ă“ăšă«ă€ă„ăŠă€Œă‚čăƒžăƒŒăƒˆăƒ‡ăƒă‚€ă‚čăźæŽ»ç”šăźä»•æ–čăŻă€ă‚œăƒ•ăƒˆă‚’ć˜çŽ”ă«ç§»æ€ă™ă‚‹ă“ăšă§ăŻăȘă„ăšæ€ăŁăŠă„ă‚‹ă€ăšæ”čめど搩漚した。

  • flovv
  • Mayoo

    So it’s basically YouTube combined with Facebook or Google+. Innovation.

  • Docforexit347

    It would be nice to have a Miiverse app