Jun 18th, 2013


Mario Kart 8 debuted at this year’s E3 with a brand new anti-gravity mechanic. Speaking in an interview with MTV Multiplayer, designers Hideki Konno and Kosuke Yabuki detail why the anti-gravity mechanic is the newest feature for Mario Kart 8 and how the design evolved from a scrapped idea of giving the karts drills.

“In ’7′ we had the glider, and submersion in water, and so when we were also thinking about new ideas for ’8,’ and we thought, ‘well, since we did all that, why not put a drill on the karts, and have them go through the earth somehow, subterranean racing.’ But, we kind of thought that’s not such an interesting idea, and after that we hit upon the antigravity mechanic.”

We got a better idea of how this mechanic works at the E3 showing and it’s pretty fun and definitely adds something new, though the idea of drills and actually drilling through the track would be an interesting one. Imagine the all new brand of weapons that could be used on a subterranean track. What do you think of the anti-gravity mechanic? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Mochlum

    It’s hard to see how they would incorporate drilling. I would like to see them try that in a future installment, though.

    • NintendoNoob

      It’d be hard to tell where you’d be going. I don’t think it’d be right for Mario Kart

      • Baum 「ツリー」

        Maybe as some kind of multiplayer game?
        Some kind of…Bomberman with Karts…Everyone would start on a different side of a giant cube or something similar and you’d have to search the other players before the real game begins and it’s more or less like the bob-omb-battles (but still inside the cube)

        • NintendoNoob

          But you’d need an overhead view of the battle… I wouldn’t like that. I like Mario Kart as a third (Or first) person game

        • Maxwell Baumgarten

          Oddly, I think the idea for drills came from galaxy 2, and your idea kinda solidified that.

          • Baum 「ツリー」

            Yeah I actually had Galaxy’s drills in my mind while thinking about that idea 😀

    • peeer

      Like drilling through a mountain for a shortcut. xD

  • NintendoNoob

    I love the idea of anti-gravity. It gives the Mario Kart world even more dimensions and makes it even more fun! I hope Nintendo makes Mario Kart 8 the best Mario kart ever!!!

  • everyone

    Way more innovative courses with this added dimension along with some creative driving style. I’m excite for this. I have Sonic Racing Transformed to hold me till then.

  • Wayne Beck

    The Anti-Gravity mechanic looks to make this the best Mario Kart in a long time. The DS version was good, but Mario Kart will always be a home console game in my Opinion.

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      Well, so far I liked 7 the most… Better than double dash or 64 imo and a lot better than wii, I hated that one

      • Wayne Beck

        The MK7 is prolly second only to MK64 imo, but I really didn’t enjoy playing it on a handheld.

      • Ratatat

        In my opinion the Wii Mario Kart is the best to date. So frantic, good tracks. The inclusion of bikes ruined it to some extent but 7 felt like a bit of a let down. Bringing the count from 12 to 8 racers made it much less mental, plus all the underwater stuff etc was a little unnecessary.

        The Anti Gravity in 8 looks like it could be a good idea. Plus the count is 12 again. But then they have Bikes as well. I don’t even know, bit odd for them to make it a sequel to 7 but it’s still going to be really good.

        • Iceman404

          Um, I prefer a good balanced game over overly-frantic and annoying bullshit every 5 seconds.

          • Ratatat

            When I’ve played it with friends we all choose the standard Kart so it’s fair. There is luck, and bullshit as always – but it’s actually quite a lot of skill as well.

  • Grulnork

    Looks cool. Will probably get confused just like in Mario Galaxy, but that’s fun: a new challenge.

    • Pikachief

      Having played it and thinking it would get weird at the Anti-Grav parts, I can say it actually goes along very smoothly! It didn’t feel weird driving upside down at all, it just felt cool 🙂

      • Grulnork

        Ah cool, thanks for the input. 🙂

        • Andreas Sunde

          They should make special chairs that turn with the cart. That wouldn’t be confusing at all.

      • Man

        :O Lucky, you got to play it! I really want to try this out. This game is downright gorgeous and I love the Mario Kart series.

  • Morits Lian

    I love those wheels…

    • And Nintendo’s own IP F-Zero did it way before this. What’s your point?

      • Morits Lian

        I wasn’t saying they “stole” any idea. It just reminded me of it. Now please stop the pointless downvoting.

        • Well our defense it looks like you posted a link and you are laughing implying they copied the idea. Maybe add some more details to your post next time so we know your intent.

          • Morits Lian

            That’s LEGO Drome Racers, a pretty underrated game. What you’re seeing is the hover power, it makes your handling a bit weird but you won’t collide into stuff. It’s not that kind of anti gravity seen in Mario Kart 8, but the wheels are so similar. That’s why I posted that here.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      This reminds me of E3 2014 😀

      • Morits Lian

        Tell me, was it good?

  • willweinert

    It’s pretty much Mario Kart’s answer to the Galaxy games.

  • zerooooo

    Well antigravity sure beats the earth drilling mechanics. Just add the wheelies to the bikes and I’m fine.

  • I kinda like the drill idea >.>

    • Maybe another idea would be to have a Bob-omb power up that you could shoot/toss at walls and obstacles to blow up and create shortcuts. Maybe even have those shortcuts repaired somehow so they cannot be used by other racers unless they are right on your tail.

  • msrio

    Anti G is awesme


  • LunarNinja

    Anti Gravity racing was already done 10 years ago by Crash Nitro Kart…

  • Jack5221

    I like the anti gravity mechanic more. The idea of drilling through the ground sounds weird to me, but knowing Nintendo they’d make it look really cool.

  • Justind123

    I smell Anti-Gravity Blue shells

    • Jeffery02

      Weren’t they always? Lol!

  • Starfoxguy

    Love the anti-gravity idea a lot more than tunneling under the ground.

  • Jeffery02

    That Mobius Strip Track looks like it’ll be fun. Knowing that someone is driving right under you but with an opposite orientation seems amazing and it surprises me that I’ve never seen or heard of this idea before.

    • Arthur Jarret

      You’ve never heard of F-zero, Megarace, Wipeout or Extreme G before?

      • Jeffery02

        Yeah, but I don’t ever remember a Mobius Strip track in any of them. I’ve seen games with anti-gravity before, but if any of them had a Mobius Strip like track, then I don’t remember seeing it.

        • Arthur Jarret

          I know there was a track in GX that had you gping in the inside of a C – so you passed people in the opposite direction above you.

          Sonic Riders 2 had the moebius track as final level.

          I really should replay my above list to give exact track examples, tho

  • Brian Bridenbecker

    Looking forward to this game next year! my wife and I played all-day when Mario Kart Wii came out a couple years ago….this game will be awesome

  • So excited for this game. I cannot wait to hear my wife blame the controller or something when she has trouble driving upside down or on walls.

  • bizzy gie

    Why can’t we have both?!?!?!?!?!

  • atl hawks

    call me crazy but I think the drill would be a huge and interesting feature in the next mario kart. Think about it, you’re driving like your driving in an sandy desert area and you’re driving up to this huge wall thinking it’s an dead-end and right there a drill pops out of your front hood and you dig straight into a underground temple. I really hope they explore this into the future cause it sounds awesome

    • Maxwell Baumgarten

      You know, nintendo really should make a new adventure IP.

  • ChiwawaBoi

    im hyped! hopefully there will be a voice chat feature. 😀

  • TULFich

    Did I just saw Specials, like in double Dash, in that hands on video?

  • Anonymous

    They should of kept the drill idea :/

  • Your money

    Anti gravity, very ingenious. Try to think of other kart racing games that has that feature.

  • Austin Buffin

    if you think about it there are 4 tracks to every map air anti graviety land and sea and if diffrent karts and bikes work diffrently on each there is actually going to be alot of stragiety to who u pick

  • Silent

    I want them to speed up the Bullet Bill in MK8. MK7’s bullet bill was slower than a golden mushroom.

  • iceazeama

    the drills sounded so dumb!!!! what was it going to be like you go underground and see dig dug killing digletts!!!!!!

  • Thomas Vienna

    I can see how sub-terrainian drilling could be problematic. How could you see where you’re going?

    • David Noble

      Also, how do you stay on track and stay competitive?

  • Shawn Spitler

    So you’re out of gimmicks now, good.

    Time to focus on other aspects. I’d like to see a modifications aspect. Choose or MAKE a driver, vehicle, upgrades and colors. Would be a way of elevating an already great game.

    • Andreas Sunde

      I want a track editor. That’d be cool.

      • Shawn Spitler

        Aw snap.

    • Maxwell Baumgarten

      You just described Mario Kart 7

      • Shawn Spitler

        No, not really. That was far from a fully customizable set of options.

  • David Noble

    I’m still wondering how they will incorporate the new mechanic into the retro stages, and leaving it out of those would make those courses much less preferable, almost eliminating their need.

  • I_I

    I love Mario cart as it’s and I don’t care what new or old ideas they try I buy it just for the fun that I get from playing it

  • Inviable Gaming

    I don’t know weather this mechanic will be that great personally I think it will get to confusing

  • devmiles


  • raoks

    Should have used the drilling-thing… anti-gravity is sooooo overused. -.-

  • gamesplayswill

    Ahem, crash nitro kart, ahem!

    Seriously though I still can’t believe no one has mentioned this before.

  • Anonamose

    Metroid U, Wii Sports U, Mario Kart 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!