Jun 11th, 2013

For those of you excited about the new Mario Kart, it’s here. You’ll have to wait until Spring 2014 to get your hands on it, but there are some new features including inverted tracks that should make racing with friends very interesting. Let us know what you think about the trailer in the comments below.

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  • Johny
  • Clel

    Game looks great! The gravity-bending features open up the game to so many more shortcut possibilites. But I’m a bit confused that he said it was coming out Spring 2014. I thought it was Fall 2013?

    • oontz

      exactly starting to wonder why I bought a wiiu to collect dust for 1.5 years

      • Nintedward

        Pikmin 3 , Wonderfull 101 , Windwaker HD , Batman Arkhum Origins , Watchdogs , AC4 , Deus EX , Super Mario 3D world , Rayman Legends , NSLU and loads of indie and other games is collecting dust ? ok then… πŸ™‚

        Oh an Mario Kart 8 looks FANTASTIC. I was a huge fan of 7 so yeah!

        Edit- Add Donkey Kong country Tropical Freeze and Sonic Lost world to my list and yeh… Dust collector or you broke ? lol

        • Guest No. 3

          Is Lost World 2013?

          Anyways, I see these games coming out before next year’s E3, so that’s all good.

          I intend on spending this year playing WWHD, finishing MH3U, Lost World <– waaaaaay too excited for this game, Animal Crossing, and PokΓ©mon X. I'm good for awhile.

          • Nintedward

            Lost world is 2013 and I don’t know how I left it off my list! Hyped for that game πŸ˜‰

          • Guest No. 3

            It’s hard to remember all these great games. πŸ™‚

          • Sonic the Hedgehog

            Well, thanks! My new gameplay will hopefully be awesome.

          • Sonic the Hedgehog

            Yep, I’m coming this year!

        • XroyD

          Plus Splinter Cell Blacklist, Yarn Yoshi, Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, and Monolith soft’s game, etc

          • Nintedward

            I was saying Wiiu games of 2013 πŸ™‚ , but Splinter cell is another one I missed!!!

        • RockGod

          People complain about lack of games but Wii U is my only console now and i’m trying to figure out how i’ll be able to afford all the games I wanna get just this year. Not to mention the heavy hitters coming next year…

        • oontz

          Seeing as I can’t play ANY of tose games RIGHT NOW, then yeah my wiiu is collecting dust! Oh sorry I already played and beat Deus Ex last year.

    • Waiting almost a year has me upset too but as this is the game I was looking forward to playing with friends online. Well this and Super Smash Bros. Both not until 2014.

      Both games look fun as hell though and along with the other games coming out later this year I will have plenty to play until the Next Zelda comes out. I will have Wind Waker and the Link to the Past sequel for 3DS to fill that need until it comes though.

      • Clel

        Yeah I’m cool with waiting too. I felt that if it came out this fall, then there would be TOO many games coming out for Wii U. People don’t want to spend all of their cash at the same time XD

        • I don’t even want to add up the amount I plan on spending on Video games over the next year.

    • MTGSWE

      Yeah. The visuals are amazing. This is an actual step up from MK Wii πŸ˜€
      Day one buy for sure :D:D

      • Nintedward

        By step up , you mean : It flat out looks ten times as good πŸ˜›

        • MTGSWE

          Exactly πŸ˜€ The game looks awesome. I am happy that I have the Wii U. This year and next year will be great πŸ™‚

  • Wake me up in spring 2014.

  • John Andalora

    Called it.
    Based off of specs of MK7 with a graphics update…
    : /

    • BlackInferno

      And gravity courses. Which admittedly don’t really add anything, but it looks cool and you get to cart race on the ceiling, so who cares if it’s basically just the same thing on walls, and who doesn’t want Mario Kart Galaxy πŸ˜›

      • John Andalora

        I’ll be honest, that’s not enough.
        But, i’ll be trying it out tomorrow to see for myself.

        • RockGod

          Your a tough guy to please John, I was skeptical but surprised how much cooler it looks and plays than Wii, i’ll be picking this up. I think Nintendo needs to break away from the early trend of porting 3DS games to console. We really do WANT to see games being built from the ground up on Wii U.

          • John Andalora

            I guess I just want something different. I’m so tired of paying $50-60 just buying the “newest installment” of a game with minor improvements. I’d rather have heard of more new games than we did. And, for 2014, I’m just not interested in the selection of “new” games coming out for Wii U.
            I know it’s just me, but I’d rather that the Mario Kart series end and Nintendo just work on something different.

        • BlackInferno

          It may not seem like enough, but I feel like this is really the most they’ve done with this series since Double Dash, which I’d say is my favorite one (and the only one since 64 that I don’t own, they announced MK Wii just before I bought it so I skipped ahead). MK7 did some stuff with the hang gliders, and from a visual perspective the underwater propeller, but other than that it felt pretty much the same as the MKW, so it didn’t really get me into it. Well whatever. You went to check it out, so I guess you can give a first impression? How was it and the other games?

          • John Andalora

            A lot of people played it, and it was just Mario Kart.
            They added coins, like from Super Mario Kart, but the demo people didn’t know why they did that.
            People complained about controls being too light. I saw people running into walls rather often, but it just looked like they had automatic steering from Mario Kart Wii and didn’t know how to use it.
            In comparison to the other games, it was the best.
            In comparison to other games, it’s just more Mario Kart.
            If that’s what people want, I’d say then go buy it.

            It just doesn’t interest me.

  • Yogo

    Well… see yall in spring!!! *gives self concussion*

    • Guest No. 3

      … lol

  • Petri

    Not sure if this impressed me, but it looks like fun.
    I havent played a Mario Kart game since N64, so getting this.

  • howling_wolf1334:[

    Keeeyaaahhhhhh!!!! I need a damn time machine…

  • bizzy gie

    Looks pretty good. I hope the tracks are awesome. Online should be a million times better. Anonymous play isn’t my cup of tea. I need people to know who just PWNED them.

    • Same here…

      Mario Kart – Building and destroying friendships since 1992

  • john

    It’s gonna be playable in the best buy demos. Reggie just announced them. It’s this, Mario 3D world, DK Country, and Wind Waker HD

    • Josiah Parsons

      Really? awesome.
      where did you see this?

      • john
        • Josiah Parsons

          thx, man!

        • Elem187

          OH YES YES YES.. I’m taking a sick day from work tomorrow to go play the new Mario 3D game… sooo excited for it…. and DKCTF looks really good too, and I can’t wait to experience WW in HD…. and i guess if I have time, I’ll check out Mario Kart.

    • RockGod

      That’s a FAR better list than the one leaked in the media earlier in the week.

  • Josiah Parsons

    so. psyched. This is the game I’m most excited about. jumpy. can’t wait!!!!! Yay!!!!! nervous breakdown!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaa! gotta have it!!!!!

  • Nintengoth

    Oh My Christ! I think im gonna cry! lol this looks amazingly awesome! next year cant come soon enough! Nintendo is gona rule next year! hehe OOOHHH plus do I detect 5 player offline split screen?! omg that would be insane!!!

  • Guest

    imagine the awesomeness of a twisted rainbow road that you can drive on

  • Josiah Parsons

    Imagine the awesomeness of a twisted Rainbow Road that you can drive on BOTH SIDES OF THE TRACK!!!!

    • Clel

      Rainbow Road, the track that we can all agree on is the BESTT AND MOST FAIR AND MOST EASIEST!!!!

  • scarlet

    Is there going to be more than one bike? I only saw one in the trailer. Unless, the bikes look exactly the same.

  • Michael Jurado

    and just like that games like froza 5 grand turismo 6 and project cars get forgotten … thank god

    • oontz

      are you serious? wow… fanboy much? being a gamer means you should give credit where credit is do.

      • Michael Jurado

        i’m not saying they are bad games it’s just as a person who owns a car making a racing game as realistic as possible seems pointless since it will never match up to the experience of driving a real car so it leaves me with a What’s the point feeling o.O

        • Funny… I say the same thing about war games…. If you want a realistic war experience join the army.

          But seriously, as one who has had performance vehicles all their driving life (Currently a Staged HHR SS boosting over 300HP) I like to still play racing games knowing that taking one of those cars on the real track would be a different experience. But I do not play video games to substitute reality, I play them to have fun.

    • Those games are just as important to the fans. Unfortunately I will not get Forza 5 because I am not getting an XBOX One. Project Cars still interests me too and I need a new Racer to play as I am boycotting EA and that means no Need For Speed for me.

      • RockGod

        I support you in NOT supporting the XBONE! I’d really like to hear a public apology from EA for the lies they told, I know Nintendo would accept an apology, and I feel they deserve it.

        • As a long time gamer (well before Atari) I love to game but I also cannot support a company that makes it quite obvious they do not have their customer’s interest at heart. I understand that piracy is a problem but is a problem the companies created themselves. To combat a few pirates they impose DRM and restrictions to monitor usage which can compromise security and privacy. This makes people upset and more likely to try and find a way around those restrictions and to pirate the software. It is a vicious cycle that they do not realize. Maybe I am wrong but I believe if you make a quality product at a reasonable price people will buy it. Same goes for movies and music.

          • RockGod

            I just read an article on Forbes, they were talking about Sony’s DRM stance at E3. Well, turns out Sony only meant 1st party games. 3rd party games will use the same DRM on PS4 as all games on XBONE… So how does that effect YOUR opinion of Sony’s new console?

          • From what I read there is no DRM at the console level like Microsoft is doing which makes every game have to check in at least to Microsoft. Sony stated that the do not have plans to do this with their titles but it is at the 3rd party’s discretion if they choose to do it to their titles. So effectively the same as it would be for PC. DRM does not necessarily have to be bad but some companies do it in excess and often affect game functionality like offline play. Basically having to enter a key one time to activate the game with your user ID is fine by me. Having that game phone home over and over and not work if it does not get a connection is NOT OK. Unfortunately using a key on a game often ties it to that user which is where people get upset which I can understand. Many feel when they are finished with a game it should be within their right to sell it or give it away. I would have to say I agree and I am not sure why a user cannot deactivate their key so it can be reused again.

            So it does not really change my opinion of the console but could affect my opinion on game publishers that seem to use DRM excessively and restrictively.

            Does that make sense??

          • RockGod

            I understand what you’re saying, but Sony did go out of their way to make it seem that games will be able to be used at your discretion… But the reality is, it’s only 1st party games. 3rd party already making games full of restrictions for XBONE and it’s THEIR choice what will be on PS4 games. essentially 3rd party games could choose to ADD restriction nearly identical to those found on XBONE. I’ve only read two articles reporting on this and shockingly their being largely overlooked, but PS4 apparently also comes w/ a camera n mic that can be used as a Kinect substitute. So any crap MS is doing now will be brought over by 3rd parties… They could make it exactly the same as XBONE versions, the tech is already in PS4 to be compatible with this. This is certainly gonna be more widespread a topic as more n more people find out about it.

          • Which is why I am skipping both consoles for now until they are released and see exactly what they will and will not do. May just skip them all together and stick with my PC and Nintendo

  • Superstick98

    I haven’t played a Mario Kart game in years.. O_o But I’m so excited!! Ü

  • zerooooo

    Thanks for the bikes, what a relief!

  • val berger

    Mario Kart somehow was the biggest surprise for me. Though we all knew it was coming, I just didn’t expect it to make me wanna buy it on Day 1 that baaaad. Maybe it’s also the first Super Mario Kart game ever to really look visually stunning. They truly got some beautiful shaders on that console …

    • Elem187

      Its really gorgeous. I’m impressed by all of Ninty’s first party offerings, all of the art styles are amazing…. my wallet is going to be in some serious pain this year.

      • val berger

        Nintendo should point out the advantage of offering a system that really cares about Multiplayer experiences more than ever. Both Super Mario 3D World as well as Super Mario Kart are gonna be stunning Multiplayer experiences.

        • Rey Hardy

          Super Mario 3D World better not just be LOCAL CO-OP!

          • val berger

            again a question of taste. I personally never got warm with online multiplayer and I hate the fact that most of my PS3 games only come with online MP. Games like Burnout which would make so much more fun to play together with some friend on the SAME couch πŸ˜‰
            I think there are enough solutions for online-MP out there. Of course, if this game also supports Online MP, I may even try it out and maybe even have fun with that, but offline coop has the top priority for me.

          • Rey Hardy

            I moved. I HAVE NOBODY to do local multiplayer with. Nintendo NEEDS both LOCAL AND ONLINE. Just to prove their ONLINE IS GOOD this time.

          • val berger

            ok, ok, then I hope for you too that there’ll be an option to play online =)
            In the end I think it’s ridiculous, that no one has already announced any game that really makes use of the WiiU’s online capabilities. And I don’t mean the usual Online-stuff but like an integrated chat where you can communicate via your gamepad with Co-Players. I think this is such a ridiculously obvious function and yet I don’t see it anywhere coming. Or you could draw gestures on the screen to quickly give commands to your mate. And so on, endless possibilities and nothing ever happens.
            At least it seems that X is going to have an Online Multiplayer Mode and maybe they are smart enough to integrate a chat.

          • Josiah Parsons

            according to the developer interview, you can host MarioKart tournaments on miiverse!!

          • @reyhardy:disqus

            From what I have read on other sites it states online multiplayer so I think it is both local and online which will be AWESOME!!

    • Metroid33slayer

      For it’s time in 2003 double dash looked visually stunning especially waluigi stadium and DK mountain. the forest area of dk mountain was artistically beautiful.

    • Guest

      It looked like shit. I rather eat the rotten asshole of a roadkilled skunk, than play this game.

  • Agent721

    Absolutly awesome!

  • Ony

    I allways say that graphics don’t make the game, but god, it’s wonderful.
    And the antigravity feature is awesome. Remionds me of Extreme-G that I’ve allways loved when I was a kid πŸ™‚

  • Shut Up and take my money… Oh wait I already have this Pre-Ordered

    This game looks great. Some new ways to play and graphically stunning

  • Guest

    Probably the best game that Nintendo announced in the Nintendo Direct. Super Smash Bros. doesn’t count because it’s always the best when its announced.

    • Guest No. 3

      Nah way. WWHD (THE BOAT IS FASTER!!!!!!!!) and X take the prize.

  • gamesplayswill


    Wallet: Sooooo… hungry!…..


    I actually like this:

    Mario Kart 8
    Bayonetta 2
    Mario 3d World
    Super Smash Bros.
    Wind Waker HD

    Well those games are what I’m getting.I will have FUN playing them and even though I wanted a more Mario galaxy like mario I’m content with 3d world

    Smash site open

    • Leo

      Don’t forget Zelda Wind Waker HD!!! XD

      • MTGSWE

        Yeah that’s right πŸ˜€ fixed

        • RockGod

          No Love for the 3rd party support? I plan on getting Watch Dogs, AC4, Batman Origins and maybe Splinter Cell… maybe more if any appear…

          • MTGSWE

            Yes. I am getting the 3rd party games too. I was just talkin about the nintendo games πŸ™‚

            I will also have Batman, Watch dogs and Rayman Legends. Never been in to the AC series. If more 3rd party is announced that I’m interested in, I will get those too πŸ˜€

  • gamesplayswill

    Also, this isn’t the first gravity based racer.
    “Crash Nitro Kart” was I believe.

    • Unless you count F-Zero of course.. but that wasn’t Kart Racing.

  • ConCity Soldier

    Thanks Ashley for posting this! I missed this trailer as I started watching Nintendo Direct when they showed 3D Mario and X. OMG, X looks like it could be amazing by the way.

  • Well, this is the least I expected out of that game, but not the most. It still looks to have the same old play mechanics (which I expected – Nintendo does not update anything) with new graphics, but in the same graphics style. They should have broken the mold on this one, but it’s Nintendo, they do the same thing over and over again. Well, by the time it comes out, it will be too late. I am not hating, I am being honest. The PS4 has everyone sold.

    • Mochlum

      It’s funny, you have the most comments on this site, and I haven’t seen you say something positive once.

      • Or truthful or something backed by knowledge.

      • RockGod

        Your only NOW noticing that???

    • Potemkin

      You do not fix what ain’t broke. They added subtle changes to the formula but Mario Kart does not need a big change to the franchise other than adding more courses. With this E3 Nintendo has regained some of my trust, but not completely…

      • It would not hurt to make it just a little bit more complex and involving.

        • Potemkin

          That is something Nintendo is not known for. They made a great thing with Melee which was not only accessible for newcomers but deep and technical enough that made some very competitive gameplay, but guess what? they went back to the easy formula because it wasn’t what they intended. I’m with you there, Nintendo should include a deeper mechanic into some of their franchises.

    • Maxid765

      Oh! Hey Donaald!

    • RockGod

      Please don’t leave… Nintendo needs you, hell we need you… I’m just kiddin, Nobody needs you!!! Rock wipes his ASS with your opinion!!!

  • Guest No. 3

    This was eye candy.

  • Stephen Dorn

    Mariokart 8: now with warp drive technologies!

  • Jecko

    LMFAO SPRING 2014!!!!!LMFAO!!!
    So another 10 month wait?LMFAO
    Nintendo you are the biggest joke ever this game should have been a launch title!!!
    To say that this is not coming out this year is going to piss of so many people and they are gonna jump ship!!
    Bye bye craptendo!!!

    • Yeah I would dump craptendo too. Sounds like a shitty company. I mean what company would put crap in their name?

  • Johnny

    Mario Kart 8 looked sooooooooo ACE..first day purchase for sure!!

  • CaesarGood

    64 Rooted, looks to be more challenging…

  • WiiStation360

    I was expecting Mario Kart alright. I was expecting something like ‘A Custom Track Maker, More Courses than ever! and Miiverse Intergration’
    I was going to get it because of these.
    Forget Day 1, Nintendo EAD HQ, you had better watch your security… πŸ˜‰

  • Maxid765

    Can’t wait to face (and own) all of you in this game πŸ˜€

  • Super Buu

    This looks amazing! But I still want my F-Zeroooooo….

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Only bad thing is that I cant get this NOW.

    • RockGod

      OK Magnus, i’ll bite… WHY can’t you get it now?

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Because its not out yet.

        • RockGod

          Good answer

  • Jamal Brown

    damn this looks gd cant wait 2 play this

  • devmiles

    spring 2014……., just make that another year… so fucking sad that that has to take such a long time

  • XroyD

    Where’s Yarn Yoshi??????

    • 150Db

      In your Wii U in a month or two..

  • BlackInferno

    This, Smash Bros, and X made Nintendo’s Direct. Looks great. Can’t wait. But did anyone else notice a surprising lack of Luigi during the supposed Year of Luigi? You’d think he’d get his own game on the Wii U this year…and I don’t mean a DLC that was big enough to also make it to retail, I mean a real, full Luigi adventure of some sort

    • Guest No. 3

      Lugi’s Mansion was a full Luigi adventure of some sort, but I get what you’re saying.

      • BlackInferno

        It filled the 3DS’s need, but no Wii U Luigi game is kinda weird for a year of Luigi. I mean, I think they may have jumped the gun on naming it the Year of Luigi, cause in reality he has one game and one DLC, everything else he’s either just one of the many characters or the partner character. Heck, he’s basically just a power up in M&L Dream Team :P. I just want Luigi to have his own home console title game. I feel kinda bad for Luigi, cause Mario has more games than he does during his year. That’s like celebrating your birthday and then the cake is given to your brother after you blow out the candles. Poor Luigi

        • Guest No. 3

          Yeah, it really doesn’t feel like the “Year of Luigi” to me. It feels like the year of game announcements. Not releases, announcements.

          • BlackInferno

            Yeah, exactly. 2014, this winter, spring 2014. Spring means not until April, Winter probably means February and March next year, and the few games that they definitely said for this year are the only ones that will be this year. All those Winter games are even a ways out. Ugh, Nintendo, please surprise us with something unexpected for Wii U this year. Hmm, what ever happened to Yarn Yoshi?

    • Destructonator101

      That X trailer was fuckin epic.
      Nuff said

  • Leo

    Mario Kart looks amazing!!! I can’t wait!!!

  • Destructonator101

    STFU and take my money

  • Destructonator101

    X. The most fuckin epic trailer.
    Mario Kart. The most exciting.
    Smash Bros. Its smash bros, awesome, so nuff said.
    Mario 3D world. Well I sort of have to say, I expected more.
    Wind Waker. My body is Reggie.

  • dr scoobie

    these dynammic views that you always
    get shown in the trailers are very impractical for gameplay.
    lucky that games never have camera angles like this.

  • MetroidZero

    Mario Kart 8 Developer Direct:


  • derty

    Of course ill b buying this day one cuz I’m one of the local pros πŸ˜‰ but this game looks like the title to dominate all previous mk entry’s

  • 150Db

    Nintendo and Sega traded game engines: Sonic Racing Transformed is the basis for this, and Mario Galaxy is the basis for Sonic Lost World. BOTH look AWESOME.

    Sega and Nintendo – the unlikely BFFs!

  • Willgord

    Hey look, Waluigi is back!

  • SuperShyGuy

    1:16 sonic adventure downhill rush. i kinda want sonic in here.

  • uPadWatcher

    Kick asphalt!!!!!

  • PS4/WiiU

    Man, the stages are just amazing

  • Knguro

    Never has any Mario Kart game look better than a 3D Mario game. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Mario 3D World but to be honest, MK8 is just amazing.

  • Kut Dan Go

    Looks like Mario Kart brought it again! Too bad about the wait.

  • Robert Distefano

    Will it have multiplayer?

  • ICHI

    I’m amazed how much this trailer blew me away! Good job Nintendo…….carry on.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    2014? Really, it’s not like you needed this last Christmas or anything and you can’t even get it out this Christmas! Thanks Nintendo for a sorry conference and thanks for kicking your loyal, patient fans in the balls.

  • RockGod

    Can anyone here post a link to Forbes or some other places might be reporting it too, I don’t know. Their saying Sony ONLY meant 1st party games would be free of DRM, 3rd party games which will be most games on PS4 will support same DRM features as XBONE. I’m serious, if this is true, it changes everything again… just that fast…

    • oontz

      Sony has never enforced DRM rules either way even now with the PS3 it’s totally the choice of the developer.

  • Johny

    hmm i hope the “anti gravity” is not just a gimmick… i hope it actually uses that in a smart way..just hear me out:

    imagine you are driving sideways (sticking on the wall)… and you could actually DISABLE the antigravity effect atο»Ώ will, and kinda “detach” from the surface and fall a few meters… and below, there would be another wall.. and when you’d align with it, you’d JUST activate the antigravity again, and “attach” to it. this would make for some REALLY clever level designs!