Dec 10th, 2012

If you love the feel of nostalgia and the retro looks of the 1980s, you might be interested in knowing that it’s possible to make your Wii U looks like an old NES console. All you need is a set of decals to stick on your shiny new Wii U console and GamePad controller. As the image below shows, the retro-fitted Wii U looks pretty good in NES colors, so good that we wish Nintendo would make a special edition Wii U just like it. But since that is unlikely to happen, you can purchase the decal set here, which can be had in both glossy and matte finish, for just $20.

Wii U skin

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  • Kirbyomega


  • Captain Falcon

    Matte finish please! 🙂

    • Austin Burn

      there is one. -_-

  • Michael Jurado


  • Cubical_M


  • xdlugia

    They should have made the skin for the Wii U Gamepad look like the NES Gamepad instead of the console.

  • uPadWatcher

    Now U are playing with power!

  • Mickey Mouse

    I’m not too keen on plastering my Wii U with this, but I suppose it would protect it from scratches.

  • ceramicsaturn

    If it’s anything like my skin I had on my GC, good luck ever getting it off. Completely ruined that console’s shell. Left all sorts of gunk and stuff on there.

  • omg i need this asjassjandsajasdnadsjdnas

  • that grey is hot

  • Had the NES skin for my Wii.