Aug 3rd, 2012

EA has released the first batch of Madden NFL 13 Wii U screenshots, giving us a peek at how the game will look on Nintendo’s new console. The Madden NFL 13 Wii U version will support all the features of the other versions, plus of course, a deep integration with the Wii U GamePad. EA Sports has yet to reveal the specific GamePad tablet features, but they’ve previously said that Madden NFL 13 on the Wii U will the the “real deal“. Madden NFL 13 will be a launch title this Fall. Check out the first screenshots of the game below.

Be sure to check out the recent Mass Effect 3 Wii U screenshots as well.

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    The Wii U is getting better and better everyday!

  • swic11

    This is a buy for me. I love playing madden with my little brothers and kicking their ass. The trash talk is awesome.

  • Paul

    get in ea

    will bye on day one along with fifa

  • Slacker

    Ya i like the changes thay will probly make with the game pad

  • rz6

    I wish EA would put NCAA football on the Wii U.

  • Wilson81

    At least show how the Gamepad is used! D:

    • gNat

      it should be used for play selection and game stats

  • Wilson81

    Paper cut audiences? Ew.

  • Eddy120876

    Now Im liking the Sport section of the WiiU more and more. Now like @Wilson81 said “At least show how the Gamepad is used D:” is correct we need pictures or a video of the action on the Gamepad.

  • XDLugia

    American football? No thank you…

    English football? Yes please!

    • Wildman

      You get FIFA!

  • verymetal

    I read that it is a inferior version. EA didn’t incorporate the infinity engine. Another hard slap in the face when it comes to Wii U. I just don’t understand it, why have an inferior version that is not the same as the others. Oh wait, its all about the core audience. Somebody has got to wake up at Nintendo.

    • Wildman

      Don’t be so negative. At least this version won’t be like the Wii versions with “cartoon visuals”. This is a true Madden experience on Wii U… at the launch! It is better than the others because of the use of the GamePad.

      Anyway, EA were saying that they wanted to incorporate the new engine on the Wii U. They didn’t have enough time to impliment

      “It’s not for a lack of want. We definitely wanted to get the physics into the game. The Infinity Engine is something that is a point of interest for “Madden” fans, it’s just something we weren’t able to achieve for this first year on the new hardware.”

      Chill out and play games.

      • verymetal


        This is just a really bad move. Excuses just don’t cut it, based on what Nintendo claims the Wii U is capable of. It is not like EA just received a Wii U development kit last week. I dont have a preconceived notion that it will be better than the others based on the gamepad alone. It should include the brand new physics engine that is used by PS3 and Xbox. Let’s look into the future, though. Say the next Xbox or PS4 comes out, will Madden 14 or 15 be a scaled down version when it hits those consoles? Probably not. I just want the Wii U to be a true next gen system that is truly powerful. Everything announced so far makes it seem that this is not the case.

  • Paul

    sorry guys and girls madden 2013 is a north ameria release only as checked on nintendolife

  • James

    Everyone should buy this games at release. Even if you don’t have a WiiU. Strong sales will makes EA come full in in the Wii U system, and possibly focus more on it than other consoles. THAT, or we will get only sports games for ever and ever.

  • Not Important

    Perhaps unrelated to the Wii U, but the Buccaneers stadium looks very nice in the first picture. It is great to see EA doing some actual work on stadium aesthetics; rather than just doing a paint job for each stadium. However, I am still very disappointed with the static crowds. I thought this might be the game they finally fixed that! Still looks great though.

  • TurtlePowa

    Wait wait…Are those final screenshots?…I hope to god they aren’t. they’re horrible….although I don’t care for this game at all what is this?…They also said it wont be able to have physics …that sucks. Ea could had at least kept promise to their word.

  • 2K RichKid

    Madden 13 graphic on wii u Looks way better then the wii. I herd wii U graphics are better then PS3 and XBox 360