Aug 3rd, 2012

EA recently revealed that Madden NFL 13 will be a Wii U launch title later this year, and even released the first screenshots of the game. Previously we’ve heard that Madden 13 on the Wii U will be “the real deal” — a fully fledged game without any sacrifices. That now appears to be false, as Madden producer Yuri Bialoskursky recently revealed in an interview.

Madden NFL 13 Wii USpeaking to ESPN, Bialoskursky confirmed that the Madden NFL 13 Wii U version will lack several major features that will be present in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. This includes the brand new Infinity Engine, which delivers accurate player and game physics. According to Bialoskursky, the team just didn’t have the time and resources to add the new engine to the Wii U version. He said,

“We definitely wanted to get the physics into the game. The Infinity Engine is something that is a point of interest for Madden fans, it’s just something we weren’t able to achieve for this first year on the new hardware.”

He mentioned that the Wii U version does have extra features related to the GamePad. For example, users can draw up plays on the fly, and draw the routes they want their players to run. Another feature the Madden NFL 13 Wii U version will lack is the “Madden Ultimate Team”. Instead, EA plans to add this to later iterations of the game, probably in Madden 14 next year.

Thanks to “swic11” for the tip.

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    • Big Gazito

      Is it just me, or is the Nintendo lauch beginning to look like poo poo – mildly good games, but nothing to drool over.

      • gPadWatcher

        1) You need to work on your grammar; 2) The Wii U launch of games is already growing… both physical and digital downloads; and 3) Engine or no engine, it’s still a video game.

      • loko

        hardware it takes a lot of shit to tell?

      • Mike

        Go take another look, are you seriously dumping a whole gaming system for a American football game, that has slight changes with every new game?

    • Someone

      the wii u version dont have the Infinity Engine because is a new hardware,
      and not because the wii u can’t handle, one proof is crytek afirmed the cryengine 3 works on wii u and crysis 3 worked on it. Also crytek afirmed that there’s no wii u version on the moment. Because of this wii u is not babyfuck,
      and there other reasons too.

      Sorry for my english i am brasilian.

      • Pokemon Master#1

        U misspelled Brazilian.

    • pach

      Like i said weeks ago… never trust EA.Their support is fake.

      • Mark

        *insert Indian accent* Hello my name is Greg, How may i help you?.

        And i don’t even want to start about the live chat, some freaky stuff is happening there, you get tech supporters that can’t even type “EA”…

        All they do is copy paste random stuff into the chatbox…

    • Big Gazito

      I’m probably going to but a Wii U but I just wish there was just one solid AAA game at launch. With SNES there was Super Mario World and the N64s minimal launch game could be overlooked because of Super Mario 64. And don’t try to convince me that New Super Mario Bros. U or Pikmin 3 are anywhere near the level of those 2 games at their debut.

  • SuperShyGuy

    Now the Sony and Xbox fans have something else to bash the Wii U over.
    Just waiting to see the “lesser” version comments

    • sh

      they said they didnt have time to put in the physics engine, since this will be a launch day release i am not surprised they removed it, and anyway the wiiu controls make the 360/ps3 version lesser

  • Ledreppe

    I’m not an NFL fan but this is dissapointing, especially after what was said about the Wii U version earlier. Yet again a Wii U game that has features missing from the XBOX and PS3 versions.

    • ConCity Soldier

      Read what I just posted. This is exactly why bro!

  • PS360Wii

    So in other words, EA wanted a quick cash-in instead of actually working on the port.

    • Dat Guy

      Just like any major game developer (except Nintendo).

      • AKA-Link77

        yr user name is supposed to be PSWii60. Much more flow with that name. 😀

  • joe

    Good job, make it the wii all over again on big titles…
    “Didn’t have time?” You should be shoveling driveways instead of working in the videogame industry. Idiot. If you don’t have the time, don’t make the damn game.

    • gearchin

      im with you, i rather have a full fledged game than a half ass copy paste, except this copy paste is missing its key ingredient. BIG FAIL EA! shame on EA for slacking and they will complain when the game doesnt sell well.

    • Mike

      It’s not gonna be the Wii, since it’s just EA being lazy. Ev en Ubisoft said it just costs 1 mil. (That’s not really much for triple A titles.) to port the whole game over, EA seems to be what they always are, assholes.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Sound like EA dropped the ball on this one not the system from this article it sounds like the wii u is totally capable of getting the missing features it’s just EA was slow about it but meh I dont care for madden

  • Mr.device

    To be honest, this game didn’t seem, in my opinion, anymore of a reason to buy the wiiU. Things like zombiU, super Mario bros. U, etc. are the games that really count, original titles that gamers are eager to play. So, really, I don’t see the loss here. :/

    • UGotWongGuy

      While a valid opinion, having an inferior port when superior version could exist is bad publicity for the Wii U. Simply put, if a major franchise can get superior versions over a newer console, what message does that send?

      They more or less just handed skeptics a reason to dismiss the Wii U, since the only upside is the “gimmicky” gamepad, but everything else is better on the PS3 or 360.

      So, you should see a huge loss here. While Madden itself may or may not move consoles, incorrectly making the Wii U out to be “inferior” pretty much does plenty of damage.

      • Mr.device

        I agree with you 100% but i feel like most of the consumers don’t even know what the true difference is between having the Engine ,and other factors, and not having that at all. which is quite unfortunate, because gamers aren’t able to appreciate those things to the fullest extent. D: but yes I agree that it is bad publicity. ~______~

  • verymetal

    I told you.

    Let me get this correct. A brand new console that is supposedly more powerful than last gen (I want this to be true) is getting a scaled down version? Doesn’t make any kind of sense. So, when the next Xbox comes out do you think they will get a stripped down version of Madden 14? Why do I need a Wii U? I am a Nintendo fan, but they are really making it hard for me to justify purchasing one.

    • PS360Wii

      So far you got it wrong. EA said they didn’t have time to put in the stuff they leaving out. Meaning instead of delaying it to put those features in there, they going to leave it stripped down so they can make quick $ during launch.

      This is not Nintendo’s doing, this is EA. EA’s ME3 is the same, quick port for $ during the Wii U’s launch.

      • verymetal

        I don’t know, something just doesn’t seem right. EA didn’t just get a Wii U development kit last week, you know? Nintendo needs to step in and really support all 3rd parties. Before, Nintendo didn’t need the support of 3rd parties because Nintendo’s games ruled. That is not the case anymore. I am not interested in Pikmin or Nintendo land at all. I don’t think those two games are enough to get the demand for the Wii U. In fact, those two games are doing the complete opposite. For everyone out their that gets pissed at that statement then you can try and justify that Pikmin and Nintendo land are true powerful next gen gaming. That doesn’t cut it, no not at all.

        • PS360Wii

          Rocksteady didn’t just get the Wii-U development kits last week either and are able to port a game that will be a year old by time Wii-U launches. Unlike EA, they managed to add to the game, and upgrade it to 1080 with 60fps. If EA was being serious with the port, it would have been worked on roughly the same time as the 360 and PS3 versions. Or at least delay the Wii-U version if they needed more time to implement all the features (which as EA stated, they don’t have enough time before launch of Wii U. Which right there tells me they are looking for a quick cash-in while there is little to no other sports game in launch window).

          Pikmin is for the fans that have been waiting for that sequel for a long time. From the sound of it, you are not one of them. Nintendo Land is more or less a Wii-Sports. Its mainly mini games to show off the controller (just unlike Wii-Sports, its Nintendo-themed). These 2 games are not targeted to you. Must be strange for a company to target other types of players.

          When XBox 360 and PS3 were first released, they didn’t really show the power of that gen either. Launch games for new consoles are the worst way to judge a console’s power (unless your an average blind idiot).

        • Galaxy Waffles

          Again, how is this Nintendo’s fault? EA didn’t bother to put time into the game and decided to rush it to make $$. How can Pikmin 3 a game that shows of the textures in Wii U and lighters and shaders not justify true Next Gen but a boring Football game can? You don’t have to buy Pikmin or Nintendo Land, there are other games available too.

          I don’t see how this is Nintendo fault, your logic is flawed. EA has had the dev kits for quite a period of time, and yet your blaming Nintendo because EA couldn’t get their shit together and actually devote time to the game?

          Complaining isn’t going to help you in anyway you know that right?

        • fedster

          well i think that rayman and project p100 in addition would make a collective good reason to get the console

        • icanseeu

          Also the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are out in August! Something must be wrong with the WiiU if you cant port it over in the time they have.

        • eugoreez

          so when do you suppose they got it then? even if they already had it for one year, do you think that’s enough time to port a game? No? neither do I. stop assuming. EA just being lazy. Even ME3 on Wii U was ported by another third party. A third party of a third party.

          the reason is always money. Each refinement, each addition to a game always contributes to the cost. They’re just trying to get quick cash from a system that they are not confident enough. Simple.

        • ConCity Soldier

          Once again people. EA did this with the 360 & PS3 at launch. Madden 06 XBOX 360 was missing many features from the XBOX/GC/PS2 06 versions. Madden 08 was the first Madden on current gen consoles to have 60fps, but the PS3 only ran at 30fps. Obviously you guys here don’t follow Madden & NCAA Football games, & shouldn’t be talking down on something u don’t know about. I didn’t even like Madden this gen, but I was a huge Madden fan on the Gamecube. But I still followed all Madden news so I know everything that goes on with the Madden & NCAA franchises. Madden takes a lot of work & time to develop for & expect the engine next year. This a repeat of the current gen consoles.
          Thank You!

          • ConCity Soldier

            But yeah it could be laziness haha. But it’s certainly not the Wii U’s console fault as EA has done this with new hardware in the past.

          • ConCity Soldier

            In fact the Madden Vita version is missing features also. The Vita version doesn’t even have connected careers, they said that it would be in next year’s game.

  • Alienfish

    Well folks, there’s always next year.

  • Rasta

    See i play madden and this is like a jab in the face Its EA’s fault they better push back the madden release date back and not give me a half-assed game!

    • Alienfish

      That’s why I said there’s always next year. It’s also a sports joke when a team loses that’s what the optimistic coach tells the team (or himself) to feel better. Think of this: EA has a choice to launch a Madden game with WiiU or not at all. EA, being the spam hound that it is, choses the former and doesn’t have enough time to polish it. If they did push the date back it would likely affect the launch date of a fully polished game the following year. I calls ’em like I sees ’em, that’s all.

  • LordFenix

    It blows my mind how people want to point at the Wii-U or Nintendo about this issue… the guy Says TIME… not power…. so like everyone else has pointed out… this is EA’s Fumble… they want it to be a launch title… so they either A: Dont want to pay extra to get a group to reprogram the engine for the Wii-U or B: never even cared and just said Oh we dont have time… i guess there is a C: they tried but failed… but lets face it this is EA we are talking about…

    • UGotWongGuy

      While I agree that it is not the Wii U’s problem, Nintendo should say something about it. Remember they are going to be fighting to justify buying a new console, and prove that it is more powerful than current generation systems.

      However, if they allow their system to get garbage ports right out of the gate, what does that tell people? They can say all they want about the power of the system, but people will skim the Madden review, see “Wii U has an inferior version” and make their impression of the Wii U then and there.

      Nintendo isn’t marketing to the informed, they know there will be sales from people that have already decided on buying it Day 1. Many of them will have made that decision based on facts, etc. Nintendo is going to be marketing to those on the bubble, the skeptics, the nay sayers, and try to change their minds.

      Those people aren’t going to check every review, but look at just about every Wii review. Great game, but inferior engine/graphics/etc. Guess what they will do when deciding if they see the same comments for the Wii U?

  • DVE

    And this is why I havent brought Madden since 2010

  • ninjabake

    Madden has been stagnant for years. They’re finally implementing a new physics engine but the franchise mode (aka ccm this year) will be bare bones add the fact that you cant use ur own rosters in the mode nor will u be allowed to play it multiplayer offline or edit any players this years version isn’t even on par with their 2005 game smh!

    Madden is up to their old tricks and this isn’t gonna work for gamers wanting a true to life football Sim. The players STILL run like women running from robbers with their purse in hand

    Stripping down the wii u version only makes this game seem more and more disjointed and more like a cash in
    With new hardware I felt like this was a good time to implement something new and fresh or at least make a different version of the game besides tacked on gamepad features (don’t get me wrong I’m all for the Wii U but EA dropped the ball with this one, they couldda did more) but lets face it its EA and we all remember how Madden 06 next Gen turned out.

  • Erik Caminero

    You guys need to calm down its a new system hardware all companies are going to have some issues creating games for a new console especially since they are only used to creating games for PS3 And XBOX 360 now with the Wii U Gamepad they will have to add even more features on to the game then what they would with the PS3 and XBOX 360 just give it a couple of month when the Wii U comes out companies will start getting used to it and create games with all the features of the PS3 and XBOX 360 and even more features that include the Wii U Gamepad and New Wii U Remote. You just have to be patient there are already GREAT GAMES coming out for the Wii U with better features then the PS3 and XBOX 360 just look at the remade Batman Game better features and secret new features not available for the other consoles.

  • Raul

    F*** you EA. Just f*** you.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Whatever madden sucks >.> if I wanted to play football I would just go outside an play football 😛

    I hope we hear more about pikimin 3 and nintendo land very soon 🙂

  • swic11

    Thanks for the shout out!!! I am still buying day one. I actually wont mind the Infinity engine not being there, the game still looks amazing, and the utilization of the gamepad will make it all the better.

  • Pokemon Master#1

    F**k you EA, You only care about making a quick buck. If you don’t put Need for Speed Most Wanted I will hate you FOREVER.

  • Oii

    LOL its not like i’ll be buying the game anyways

  • Anhell

    EA didnt want to take their time or they are just lazy that they don’t want to work more on it and add those features. Bad for EA. because of this, and because they lied, they could have poor sale on this game. And I really hope this happens. So they can learn a good lesson and don’t lie anymore!!!! Huhh! The real deal!? My @$&!!

  • leo

    we should not buy the game as a way too say” u screw us well right back atcha pal”

  • ConCity Soldier

    Try to research EA more WiiU Daily. Madden 06 on XBOX 360 didn’t have all the features from the PS2/GC/XBOX versions. When Madden 08 was on XBOX 360 it was in 60fps but the PS3 version was 30fps. This is nothing new!! I expected that we would miss some features, because EA has done this with the PS3 & XBOX 360. It’s not because of Wii U!! They did this with the XBOX 360 & PS3.

  • icanseeu

    EA have also stated that Fifa wont but the full version like the PS3 and XBox 360 versions as well. It will have features missing and would be closer to Fifa 12 then Fifa 13.

    • ConCity Soldier

      Yeah, sports games are developed in a year or maybe technicall less then an entire year, depending on when they start developing. But these sports games have to come out every year without missing a beat. So, everytime a new console comes out with the power consoles have now things will always be missing at launch. This current gen did it & I knew it was going to happen this gen. I just thought people knew that, but they don’t. Now I have a headache because people are going psycho over nothing.

      • ConCity Soldier


  • ConCity Soldier

    Once EA learns the ends & outs of the console expect all features to be in the Wii U Madden. I’m hoping they get them all in next year. EA did this same thing with the 360/PS3 when they were brand new. It really frustrates me how clueless people are ugggh. 🙁

    • gearchin

      it’s frustrating, on the perception people will have on wii u, because of a madden game it’s sad but it’s truth.

  • swic11

    Well, As many people have pointed out, This is EA being plain lazy. They could integrate the “Infinity Engine” if they wanted too… but they are looking for the quick buck. And this is WHY 3rd party titles dont sell on Nintendo Consoles. Because some companies are too F***ing lazy to make them right. I am ok with Madden 13 the way it is for the Wii U, but a lot of people are going to be pissed off about it.

  • Hi8us

    EA is repeating the same thing they did on wii except now they’re getting in early to shovel their garbage on to unsuspecting consumers. No effort and no integrity, now if the game sells badly they will blame nintendo again instead of themselves.

  • PKUltima

    I’m not a game designer or anything, but if the Wii-U is so easy to develop and port games for, then “Not having enough time.” Is not an excuse to release an inferior game, especially since they probably have had the dev kit for awhile.

  • Neonridr

    Guys relax for a few minutes. Yes the Wii U version will lack the new physics engine but visually will be the same if not better. So the game will pay like the 2012 version. You guys are acting like the entire game will be sub par, including the visuals. Let’s wait and see what the end result will be.

  • Mario Party 10 Wii U

    never liked EA but they still do make good Tiger Woods PGA Tour games like 2013 too bad i don’t own a 360 but im still buying a Wii U over 360 but anyways been playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour since 03.

  • Slacker

    Wait a seckond isen’t EA allways like this but might get better graphics got to sackerfice something tho it’s going to be all wright Madden 12 diden’t have it eather and i like it can’t wait for Wii U it looks ausome i want ZombieU Battman and few others to incolding Madden we don’t cear about the phicxs engin want it to look better tho

  • Paul

    shame its only for north americans which wont make much money on the wii u

  • donicx

    So is this one of those reasons why people hate EA -___- ether way this suck now i am going to hear ps3 and 360 fans rant …. man why dint they just take their time.

  • Tristan

    I definitely won’t buy the game then.

  • Zeldazero

    Simple and to the point…I hate all sport games except for Tiger Woods so I really don’t care but I will say so this, you never know, maybe they will eventually put out some DLC to get the things they left out. Maybe they don’t want to invest too much until they see that it sells well. I am sure many of you will agree that the differences between the console versions will only be known to the minority of us that actually go online to research our games. Most kids just go to the store, see a game and buy it. Right to the point I do believe the hard core gamers are the minority. The uniformed gamers are the majority. If it wasn’t true then all of the third party crap game companies would be out of business. By looking at all of the shovel ware on the Wii we know it is true. For every good game there are 20 bad. In the end I’m sure it will sell well regardless.

  • kingtendo

    this was 1 of the biggest reason’s i was going to get the wii u,but thank you ea for letting me know that the game will be lacking physic’s when you game is already know for slacking gameplay…

    ea just told me”hey dont buy our gamefor wiiu, we did a real shitty job with it”. maybe madden 14?

  • deSSy2724

    People…. remember FIFA on PC? hah, the same with Wii U…. this doesnt mean that PC or Wii U is weaker than PS3 or Xbox360…. because, all depends on SALES!

    When MP arrived on FIFA, PC was looking the same on PC and consoles… MP PC games are not that bad at sales, but physical PC copies = bad sales.

  • Kyle

    Why does this suprise anyone? Almost every first year sports game on a new system sucks. Anyone remember Madden 06 on Xbox 360? It didn’t even have a full fledged franchise mode. This is just EA being EA as usual. Nothing to do with Nintendo specifically.

  • HillJackBob

    Dammit EA, here I was all excited about getting Madden for Wii U and you go and ruin it for me.