Apr 10th, 2012

lucasarts wii u
The guys over LucasArts have unveiled their E3 floor plan, which shows an interesting addition: a section of their showcase floor will be dedicated to an unannounced Wii U project, as the screenshot above shows (via GoNintendo). Apparently LucasArts will showcase something for the Wii U, but at this point we can only guess what it is. It could be a port of The Old Republic MMO to the Wii U, or perhaps the much anticipated Star Wars Battlefront 3. Or it could something new, a new IP just for the Wii U. We’ll know at E3.

What do you think the new LucasArts Wii U project is? Let us know in the comments!

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  • mkdhdh

    both the old republic and battlefront 3 would amaze me (i want both :p) but batllefront 3 would be more awesome because that game with good multiplayer and gamemodes daammnn that’d be awesome. but i would buy anything related to star wars :p

  • Matthew

    I am a big fan of Star Wars, But if they did the Old Republic, would it be free to play? I hate having to pay for a monthly service, and if I have to pay for Nintendo’s new online system, I would definitely not pay for an additional monthly service to play a game on the Wii U

    • mkdhdh

      it wouldn’t be with accounts that cost because it wouldnt sell (i wouldnt buy it) and nintendo network is going to cost?? highly unlikely but possible maybe likexbox live with gold and silver accounts but just playing games would be free. but bioware did work on the old republic and they didnt list bioware so battlefront is probably the game that’d be developed so if it is mmo then i’d put my bet on it being very big maps big teams like battlefield but with star wars 🙂 thats what i wish

  • random WII U LOVER

    i hope nintendo makes the wiiu network or intendo live or whatever free and NOT free and $60.00 a month for better things (witch is every thing)

    • alienfish

      It’s actually officially called Nintendo Network and I don’t expect they will be charging for it. I couldn’t understand the last part of what you said.

      • mkdhdh

        like xbox live you can buy some kind of premium account (thats what he meant)

        • alienfish

          Ok, but it would be more like PS+ since an Xbox 360 without Live is a hollow shell of a system, which I don’t expect WiiU to be.

          • mkdhdh

            yeah it’s like that probably so they could make some more money

  • swic11

    That’s the problem though, We know nothing about the new online system, Yes, its going to be better than what the wii has, but we don’t know specifics, So I’m hoping its free, but also have great connectivity to lots of things

  • Tim

    I think it could be possibly be star wars Battlefront online or star battlefront 3

  • random WII U LOVER

    Nintendo network wow there totelly not copying the ps network sheesh stop acusing (in a sacastic voice)

  • Eddy120876

    Battlefront was fun but like every other FPS get abit old if theres no change in the dynamics of the game. For example Co op squads and some minor tweaks then Battlefront would be awesome on the WiiU . The old Republic was the best game ever. T.O.R would be epic on the WiiU what they need to do is pack all 3 in one game tweak it for the WIIU and presto :D. Now had Lucas decided to make the Star war games they have for Kinect on the Wii they would surely had a bigger hit. Kinect is great if you have the space and lighting. If you lack one or the other is a chore to play plus Kinect can be picking about detecting some moves.

    • mkdhdh

      lol i wonder what would happen if you jack off in front of kinect what would the character do? :p lol i’m sick :p but you’re right about kinect it takes to much space and light i mean my friend can only play kinect in the middle of the day because when its dark outside the lamps arent enough so he cant play that much (but he says it sucks so he doesnt play it anyways.

    • mkdhdh

      star wars battlefront was the shit. i liked when you played assault on mos eisley it was a hero fight on swB2. i havent played TOR yet (because i’m on mac) but i would certainly like to try it once it looks cool and addictive ;p

  • Redline

    Battlefront 3!!!