Sep 13th, 2013


Sales figures for the North American region are notoriously harder to get than those for The United Kingdom and Japan, but according to a member on NeoGAF’s forums who is usually right about NPD sales figures, Splinter Cell: Blacklist for Wii U accounted for only 1.6% of total sales for the title. This is depressingly low compared to the Xbox 360 version, which is said to account for around 70% of sales.

Of course these figures don’t include any digital purchases that may have been made on any platform, console or PC. However, putting sales figures numbers to percentages means that 1.6% of sales is around 5,000 copies. For those who were having trouble finding this title at GameStop, this is likely why. Single copies were rumored to be sent to locations and once that copy was sold, that’s it for the title.

Hopefully Ubisoft won’t see these abysmal sales figures as a reason to stop supporting the Wii U with its AAA titles, as that would leave Activision as the only major publisher left that supports the platform. Did you pick up Blacklist for Wii U? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Clel

    I’ll wait to see if this is confirmed before expressing my thoughts on the subject.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Aw… and here I was hoping to read your thoughts already.
      Mood: #Dissappoint

      • Clel


  • Guest

    I picked it up.. From Gamestop. No wonder they aren’t bothering to fix the buggy online. Just wish it also didn’t interfere with my e shop. Worst trade ever.

  • isms

    Sigh. Is anyone surprised?

  • Funkee Dynamite

    Well that certainly isn’t what i wanted to hear… Although im not out there buying the title myself. I only have so many beans to spend on games and im saving them all for first party software.

  • CEObrainz

    “Single copies were rumored to be sent to locations and once that copy was sold, that’s it for the title.”

    Kinda sounds like someone fixed things for the Wii U version….

    • kevin

      I’m sorry, if you look at the top sales for WII (top 20) and WIIU (top 10, i say top 10 because how little software there is, wait until nintendo has more, then it will be top 20), you see that most people with a nintendo buy nintendo, 3rd party hardly sales. Its no surprising concept. I’m sorry, but if you want 3rd party, you have to go to other consoles, it will ALWAYS be far and few between.

      • CEObrainz

        True, but that’s not the point. What I’m trying to say is, that based on the quote I initially posted it seems as if someone distributed the game for Wii U sparingly unlike the other consoles.

        • kevin

          I understand that. I like in a city of 1.5 mill and I went to gamestop on the day of release and they didn’t have a copy, didn’t even get any in, and they had to call 2 other gamestops to find one. The weird thing is I ended up going to a game stop on a not so good side of town. Only one that brought a copy in. Just ONE COPY. I’m is a big city.

        • kevin

          You have to love the ESHOP, only thing selling is $9 or under. Nothing
          else in the top 20 already. I would like to see those numbers.

        • david jarman

          GameStop here in Central Florida was not keeping stock on purpose and the only way you could purchase one was if you pre-ordered it, someone cancelled their pre-order or used. They did the same thing for need for speed.
          The manager here admit its intentional cause of low install base.

    • Brett Butler

      No one cares about Splinter Cell.

    • Nintedward

      I don’t believe this rumour at all.

      The miiverse community for Splinter cell blacklist was over 8000 strong after just a few days after release…. And miiverse community usualy represents about 1/4 of the total number of games sold, At least it usualy correlates that way. For example NSMBU community is about 500K but we know it sold over 2 million. I could give many more examples of games that have a miiverse community roughly 1/4 the size of the total game sales (give or take roughly).

      5000 in US is bullshit. Including digital I’m saying it sold about 30,000 initially. and about 10-15K in Europe initially. And it will still be selling.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Good points

      • AlienFanatic

        So your guess is now superior to a parse of the NPD’s data? You’re basing this upon a Miiverse community survey? And you are making up a number (25% of Miiverse users own the game) based upon your own cursory observations?

        I’m guessing you’re not employed as an analyst. If you are, you might want to consider a different line of work.

        • Nintedward

          well with the Wiiu games sales that have their numbers confirmed this is what I keep seeing. Pikmin 3 sold 180K in Japan right ? suprise suprise the Miiverse community is about 36K. Lego city sold about 30K in Japan, again community is about 8000. It’s like this with every damn wiiu game (give or take a few numbers)

          Sonic all stars racing sold over 300K 70K community in US 55K community in EU… it’s like that all the time, wierd I know.

          • The Clockwork Being

            Seems like someone has been doing their research. Nice job Nintedward

        • Wayne Beck

          NPDs numbers are actually not very accurate. They never have been. They are a rough estimate of a fraction of retail sales. They do not even count all major retailers.

          • ScrewAttack

            Not to mention this is a rumour passed out by some random member of another board that happens to be totes legits bro.

            I believe facts, not fiction. The rumour’s a load of bull til proven otherwise. At Nintedward’s estimates are based on actual observation (which I agree with, regarding community sizes).

    • AAAkabob

      The thing is this game was so broken from the start and we have Miiverse to spread the faults immediately and maybe Ubisoft didn’t account for that. They didn’t make a developer’s account until this same week.

      Broken online=huge deal breaker for everyone and every other system is no longer broken
      -matchmaking is broken
      -online has painful lag
      -soft locks your Wii U during online play
      -Joining and inviting friends is broken

      No local co-op

      Bad loading times at launch

      I regret downloading it, because if I didn’t it would have been the first game I have ever traded in.

    • AlienFanatic

      Really? Someone FIXED things? Are you really paranoid enough to think that a company wants to actively lose money on a game just to undermine Nintendo? You seem to think that companies can stay in business by holding grudges and punishing companies they disagree with. In the real world, however, companies want to make money and make decisions based upon how much revenue they expect to make.

      Seriously, Wiiudaily is an echo chamber. I can’t believe such a paranoid delusion got so many up-votes. Conspiracy theorists find every excuse as to why 3rd party titles tank on the system. “Not enough copies.” “Not enough advertising.” “Poor support.” “El Niño”

      Face it. Third party titles on Nintendo systems DO NOT SELL well. Period. Heck, let me make a prediction. I can all but guarantee that no matter how hard Wiiudaily and others have pimped W101, it will sell less than a couple hundred thousand copies worldwide, if that. If it’s not Nintendo, people more often than not prefer to buy it for OTHER systems, where the titles often come out earlier, with more features, and which are more connected (via XBL or PSN) than the Wii-U.

      Nintendo has done little to nothing to turn things around and these abysmal numbers will continue to be the norm for the system for the foreseeable future. Numbers like this are at the heart of why 3rd parties are staying away in droves.

      • David Porter

        Numbers like these are the reason this will likely be Nintendo’s final home console.

        • Marcus Navarro

          And Nintendo’s pockets are the reason they’ll keep making them.

          • David Porter

            Give it a bit. Remember; RIMM scoffed at the iPhone at its introduction, and a year later, they experienced their greatest growth! Two years after that, they were fucking history.

            Nintendo might have money, but that money is easy to spend, and spending that money, particularly when the money spent is questioned and re-questioned is a difficult proposition.

            Nintendo might have ONE more console. If it doesn’t succeed, you can mark my words: they’ll become like SEGA. Maybe for their good or their failure, but they’ll disengage in this nonsense.

            The Wii U, which I own (and can fucking prove it with pictures, just you ask, as I’ve owned one since launch day), is a good system, but it’s not a GREAT SYSTEM, and the PS4 *is* a great “niche” system. I think the PS4 will be the next “true” gaming console, while the XBOX will fight with whatever Apple has under their sleeves, and Nintendo will accumulate similar sales numbers as their GameCube days, but reeeeeeeel back and only focus on handhelds after a while.. and in that instance, if they have intelligent officers, they’ll consider releasing remakes of classic games (only classic games, not new iP) on iOS.

            I might be flat wrong, but I’m wiling to put my money and rep on the line here. give it 18 months, and then you tell me where we’re at.

          • Marcus Navarro

            Hehehehe…. This comment made me giggle in disgust.

            “…that money is easy to spend…” Let this bit set the tone for the validity of your argument. Large spending is not Nintendo-like whatsoever now.

            “Nintendo might have ONE more console. If it doesn’t succeed, …they’ll become like SEGA.” XDDD SEGA was screwed top-to-bottom BEFORE the Dreamcast! They laid turd after turd prior to the Dreamcast! Their pockets were thinned from the Saturn, SEGA CD, and 32X amongst their other failings falling on their faces. The Dreamcast put the final nail in their coffin. Nintendo doesn’t know how to STOP making money, nor do they know how to squander it! My goodness… This is probably gonna get better.

            That 4th paragraph was basically opinion with a few key exceptions lacking base. Let’s look at those:

            “I think the PS4 will be the next ‘true’ gaming console…” Sweet Jeebus, I’d hate to see what your definition of a “faux” gaming console is! XD

            “Nintendo will accumulate similar sales numbers as their GameCube days, but reeeeeeeel back and only focus on handhelds after a while.” Did they reeeeeeeel back and only focus on handhelds after the Gamecube? Nope. They released another home console. And it blew the competition out of the water in terms of profitability for Nintendo. And it continued to line Nintendo’s pockets. XD Do carry on though.

            “…and in that instance, if they have intelligent officers, they’ll
            consider releasing remakes of classic games (only classic games, not new iP) on iOS.” Because that’s what Nintendo needs. More artificial profits. (-_-‘) The games can be played on damn near everything, including iOS. Besides, Nintendo doesn’t need to go mobile. They made Rovio’s yearly income off of Animal Crossing: New Leaf! You’re implying that if they don’t go mobile, which would be LESS profitable for Nintendo, then their top brass isn’t intelligent. Shows why they’re in charge and not you!

            In 18 months, the Wii U will speak for itself. I’m pretty sure any console 3yrs into its lifetime will follow its trend quite consistently, bad or good. But do keep hating on Nintendo though. I personally look for entertainment for the platform instead of letting it come to me(take notes). My PS3’s seen no action since I got the Wii U. But whatever generates your mass effect field.

        • Donaald

          Once again, exposed.

          • David Porter

            Yes, Nintendo is exposed here. REMEMBER, they have a *FUCKING DUTY* to engender a profit in any and all endeavors. They are beholden to something outside of the concept of “making a great game”.

            Exposed? Yes, Nintendo is, and that’s why they’re suffering. Why, oh, why did they intend to enter the high end of the market, even after the abysmal sales of their new console?

            Probably, and hopefully, as a ploy to ensure that private control is maintained…. you suffer publicly so that privately the ship is righted.

            But you cannot pretend to deny that the Wii U is, heretofore, an absolute failure in the market.

            Let me clue you in, personally: The most anticipated game I’m looking forward to THIS HOLIDAY (REMINDER; HOLIDAY SEASON IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SEASON) IS A REMAKE OF A ZELDA GAME I PLAYED AND BEAT OVER A DECADE AGO.

            Ask a niece or nephew of yours who is five or six years old who Link is, and they’ll ask: WHO?

            We are getting older. We are mostly in our twenties and (in my case) thirties. This shit won’t suffice.

            Why isn’t Nintendo Land able to seamlessly integrate your friends ON LINE with their games? Why can’t NSMB integrate online play?

            It’s because Nintendo is SO FAR BEHIND THE TIMES THAT THEY’RE ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL, just like they were in thinking that HDTVs weren’t going to hit it big.

            Come on- wake up!

            Someone steering the ship needs to be sacked.

          • Donaald

            lol u mad?

          • David Porter


          • Blake Alexander Burkhalter

            Confused in your argument. You mad because Nintendo thrives on its original IPs like Zelda and etc. ok so your thirty years old ( information I woulda kept to myself because its no were relevant ) and they keep remaking new classics its a problem. I’m confused. Zelda over the years on home consels has always and I mean always been game of the year material. Look at it from the in depth storyline that was beautiful might I added on lower graded graphics ( twilight princess ) to back to the toon link style in depth ( skyward) they both had one thing in common. Quality. Hell even you are crying and saying your waiting for wind waker. The point is regardless how you feel nintendos IPs will continue them. Nintendo basically said this. ” why get in a dick swinging contest with other company’s when we have the oldest dick here” so yea they may come up short here when they choice to make home base consels but again they got the wisdom. They know what will appeal to customers. That’s the IPs. Now don’t get me wrong I like all the gimmicks the ps4 and xbone offer but when it comes to it they don’t have the IPs to stand with Nintendo. Yea you can say halo ( i guess ) cod ( I guess) but what they all shooters. We grew up on classics and want to experience that child hood vision again. I mean that is why we play games right. Not to go kill all dam day because hell I have life. Don’t know bout you. Didnt the wii basically win the war after people realized get Nintendo has games and there not all about shooting. Third parties can ruin you to. Think about it before you make these miss Cleo predictions in 18months. Lol hell it’s video games not who will be the next president ( sensitive much lmao)

      • CEObrainz

        Wow…..such a long rant because I came up with a conclusion that took me less than 10 seconds to think of.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Well said.

    • tronic307

      It’s good that the Wii U can handle these types of games, but who really needs them? If I want bro games, I’ll wait for the Steam sale.

      • CEObrainz

        Wii U and PC for this generation for sure….

        • Nintenjoe82

          But you’ll miss out on……..

          ………PS Move and Kinect 2?!?!?!?


    • megamanultra

      Well, I went to the Games top a few doors up the plaza on the release date to get my Wii U version. They had no box on the shelf, so I asked the clerk about a copy. They said they only got one copy in, dug through a box and pulled it out. I bought it of course. I checked there last week to see if Ray man was in, but they still didn’t have a box for Splinter Cell up. Not sure if it was rigged like some claim, but I know the one I frequent isn’t stocking it when I look.

  • Razo_E

    As much as we want games available from other consoles, this is proof they don’t sell. The average Nintendo owner buys a Nintendo to play with Mario and other Nintendo IPs. I personally own an XBOX 360 and the games on it are a completely different genres than those I have on my Wii U.

    EDIT: are eShop sales taken into account?

    • Linskarmo

      I don’t believe so.

    • fireheartis1

      Dude I’m an “average” Nintendo player and I love freaking 3rd party titles. I have a ton of 3rd party titles for my Wii, and I’m starting to get some good ones for the Wii U. This whole “Nintendo fan’s only play Nintendo games bull crap” is just what it is bull crap. I’ve played Nintendo consoles since I was 5 and have always looked for 3rd party games, even when I didn’t know what 3rd party meant back in 85.

      • Elem187

        Look at the sales man, 3rd party games not named ‘Just Dance’ sell pretty bad on Nintendo consoles.

        I don’t like it but the numbers don’t lie. Nobody is saying NOTHING 3rd Party sells, of course every game will find a couple thousand sucke- err I mean customers, but the sales are so abysmal of 3rd party games that publishers have no financial incentive to put their products on the system if its only going to sell a few thousand copies.
        Injustice sold less than 20k, Mass Effect 3 sold 10k, NFS most wanted sold less than 20k, Resident Evil Revelations sold 20k

        3rd party games are bombing HARD on the Wii U. There is no excuse anyone can make, its just cold hard facts that 3rd party games don’t even sell enough to break even for the publisher. There is just way too much risk to spend $250k porting a game to a console that will be lucky to make them $400k back in revenue.

        Very few 3rd party games have made money on the Wii U… Lego City Undercover, BLOPS2, Zombi U, Rayman Legends, and Monster Hunter 3U. Thats about it.

    • leemass25

      i bought it on my wii u also bought zombi u, ac3, need for speed most wanted u, mh3u and darksiders 2 and iv only had my wii u just over a month now.

    • i have only a wii u (and old nintendo consoles) and buy third party games, but i can’t buy bad made games.

  • dfoz3

    It sounds like you are saying that the first run in stores sold out and it can’t be found now. If that first run was only 5000 units isn’t that Ubi’s fault for the low sales? Maybe I misread that though. Either way, it is certainly concerning.

    For myself, as long as I get some quality Nintendo games out of the console (ie Pikmin 3 along with all of the upcoming games already announced) I will be happy. I own a 360 and a PS3 anyways.

    I would absolutely double dip on GTA V if it were released on the wii u at some point though!

  • felony211662

    I must have picked up the only copy from my Gamestop. no wonder they aren’t trying to fix the buggy online..

    • fireheartis1

      Actually there was a patch that went out yesterday for the buggy online. It works pretty well now.

      • felony211662

        I got the patch but the online seems worse for me personally. I have also seen more complaints on miiverse about it also

        • fireheartis1

          Really I just played an online game at 4:00AM yesterday and it worked pretty well. I had no issues with it what so ever, and I played online for about 45 minutes. Kind of strange how it fixed the freezing issues that mine was having online, but others it made it worse. That’s what I call weird.

    • Gregg

      It’s recently been patched, addressing many issues.

  • TDS_Computer

    Allright. So one copy was sent to each store, and people could not find a copy to purchase it. Could that possibly help account for slow sales? Maybe if two copies were sent to each store 10,000 would be sold? Or if three copies possibly 15,000 would be sold? Sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    • Funkee Dynamite

      its ridiculous

    • felony211662

      that is what it reads like. and ubi says that they “support” the Wii U.. Though at this point it’s just a rumor

  • Ony

    They complain Nintendo not selling ‘adult’ games, then, when there are, peoples don’t buy.


  • Lusunup

    This are just rumors hopefully it’s false….

    • Elem187

      The rumor came from NeoGAF, a site that is 99.9% anti-nintendo bashing Sony circle jerk.

      I’d trust what ex-KGB Putin says over anything NeoGAF says. They are rarely correct about anything when it comes to Nintendo.

  • Scott Duperree

    I grow weary of this stuff. It doesn’t matter where I go in my town, whether Walmart or Gamestop – the Wii U displays are abysmal and barely have any games. The only times the displays were good was Christmas when it was selling well. Since then you can’t find any games. How can you buy games that don’t exist on the shelves. This is stupid, and the reason no one is buying the system. It’s like the retailers and developers want it to fail.

    • That’s been my experience, too. The closest GameStop to me is 30 minutes away so I don’t shop there, but general retailers like Walmart and Target always have a terrible selection of games. If I want one, I have to buy it on Amazon most of the time.

      • WiiUisgaming

        you should go to that gamestop, is not that far. Everyday I drive from 30 minutes to 1 hour (depends on how many cars are there) to go to the University.

        • Zuxs13

          What for? GameStop is a joke . Like she say she orders online, cheaper and better selection, and her nose doesn’t have to be fouled by the awful smell of the employees.

        • I’d rather not feed the parasite that is GameStop. I prefer to order things from Amazon because I have Prime, it arrives the day of and I don’t have to hope they’ll have a copy. It’s guaranteed. Much better experience, imo.

          GameStop is only good for pre-order bonuses that companies give them when they shouldn’t, as they complain about used game sales yet continue to feed the entity that causes the bulk of the problems.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I usually buy my games new, but I don’t mind used games either. Reason why there are a lot of used games sales is because a good chunk of games on the market are bad quality and aren’t worth their price.

            While I agree that Gamestop is a reason, they’re not the only cause. I’m pretty sure GameFly adds to it just as much. While I’m sure publishers get something from it, I doubt it’s nearly what they’d get for a game sold at stores for 60 bucks.

            As for me, I”m fine with used game sales. Plus, it’s not against the law to resell games for profit. I do it myself on ebay occasionally. Everyone profits one way or another. In my opinion, companies make excuses for lack of profits. By that logic, I suppose used car sales should stop since it’s parasitic. You can argue that this is video games, however, the same logic applies here.

            All in all, if used car sales aren’t hurting the auto industry, I don’t think the gaming industry will suffer much either.

      • Mike A

        I went to Walmart to buy Rayman Legends and they had none. I found a copy at Toys R Us and they only had two in stock. I owned pretty much ever game system since Atari and this is the first time I had trouble finding a new release game 🙁

    • Magnus Eriksson

      That actually goes both ways. The reason that there is nothing on the shelves is because nobody wants to buy it.

      • Scott Duperree

        I hear you, but nobody wants to buy it because there is no game selection on the shelves (despite there actually being a decent amount of games to display). Vicious cycle.

        • Magnus Eriksson


  • fireheartis1

    I had to order my copy at in order to find it. It’s kind of sad that you can only find these 3rd party titles online for the system. Heck I looked for months for a physical copy of Resident Evil: Revelations and couldn’t find any, so I finally decided to order online. It’s getting on my nerves as well. I mean come on the publisher only sends out one copy at a time for the Wii U. Are you kidding me right now. Don’t get me wrong I like Splinter Cell, but this kind of crap has got to stop people.

  • howling_wolf1334:[

    It is only a rumor, they said comes from a trustworthy source but there is no way to prove it…

    • Elem187

      NeoGAF ?!? LMAO about as credible as MSNBC reporting on the Obama administration.

  • Gregg

    Hmmm, a port available for 3 systems, 1 with a fraction of the install base, one that has features that didn’t make the cut, one that had a massive shortage in shipments…. Gee, I wonder why this is. Must be the WIIU fault…. of course…. must be,

    • howling_wolf1334:[

      Yeaahhh!! If people get sick and die, then it must be wii u faults…
      «being sarcastic»

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Of course its Nintendo/Wii U’s fault. Who elses fault would it be?

        • howling_wolf1334:[

          And even so, its not nintendo fault completely, as u are trying to tell us… the 3rd party publishers also have its own fault, making bad games for nintendo consoles… Not all of them but the most they did…

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Yes, this I agree on. Wii was full of showelware that nobody wanted for a good reason.

          • Arthur Jarret

            On the other hand – excellent Wii exclusives like Red Steel 2 and Madworld also sold poorly.

            Although Red Steel 2 partly had the bad Red Steel 1’s reputation to thank for that…

          • Magnus Eriksson

            But excellent games as Resident Evil 4 sold excellent 🙂

          • Arthur Jarret

            True: I know a lot of people bought a gamecube for that game.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            I think its the best in the series, although I didnt play the 5th.

          • Davor Peterlin

            The fifth game doesn’t even follow the RE formula at all, it’s too much of an action game rather than a survival. It’s decent, but as far as quality goes it has no way of being on the same level as RE 4 :L

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Over a million if I’m not mistaken. Though, Resident Evil has been an established franchise, so I’d expect it to sell decently.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Even if Red Steel was a quality game, I still think it would still have sold poor like Mad World, which was a good game. It’s just an issue that Nintendo will have to somehow fix. Third parties can’t do nothing for Nintendo there.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            As much potential as the Wii U has, I think the shovelware will continue to be made for it.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Yeah, how come? Wii sold extremely well, but the biggest problem was that it was way too weak compared to its competitors. Ports rarely looked good, as for example the Star Wars games. Fun to play with wii motes, but it looked horrible compared to the other versions. I think it lost most of the last devs it had then. And they lost the rest when it was evident that they didnt take the Wii U launch seriously.

          • CMB

            I had for one full generation, I missed out on online gaming with friends and everything. But it still had some games I liked.

          • Alex

            The good news is that I believe in the future the ports are going to be better because all 3 next gen system share in commen weak CPU and strong GPU. And I mean good news for “WiiU” and not bad news to whoever thumbs me down.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            True. Though, most don’t feel it’s worth making games for exclusively. Most third party games of the past and even now don’t sell on Nintendo systems. Only Nintendo games sell well on Nintendo consoles. I don’t blame them for it.

        • Gregg

          hmmmm, perhaps the people that shipped 1 copy to each store. Just a guess

        • Veries Seals

          The stores for not ordering enough stock. If you dont order it to sell it wont sell. Think about it. Obviously they sold out of the stock they had and is not keeping up with demand. There will probably be higher shop sales. It is in the top 10 or 15 on eshop.

      • Mason742

        I wonder how many of the copies produced got sold.

    • AlienFanatic

      You mean because the company saw the install base and decided to minimize development? Because Nintendo has a decades-long track record of poor third party sales? Because the company likely produced a limited run, targeted at high-sales outlets, because a larger run might have resulted in a large number of unsold copies.

      Yep, the sales have absolutely nothing to do with how badly Wii-U has sold, and continues to sell. Absolutely nothing to do with how poorly Nintendo promotes its 3rd party library. None at all.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Couldn’t have said it better. We can blame third party all we want, but in the end, it’s Nintendo’s problem to get the Wii U back up in sales charts. Like any business, 3rd parties go where they know their games will sell.

    • abe

      If it had local co-op like the other version s I would of bought it but they didn’t
      So I didnt

      • Gregg

        I still wouldn’t have. Too many unique games on WiiU to claim my dollars, but, I local Co-Op would have put it on my Radar, for down the road

      • Kaihaku

        Odd that it didn’t considering that local co-op is kind of the Wii U’s strong point. I’d love to see a game where a player with the gamepad is the analyst (marking objectives, outlining routes, hacking communications, gathering intelligence on enemy units, sending in support, etc) while the player(s) with the normal controller are playing standard FPS.

    • LopsidedPasta

      I’m getting it for Wii U for Christmas

      • Gregg

        Awesome. I always buy Nintendo 1st, my other systems 2nd.

        • LopsidedPasta

          I usually do that. While I hate COD, If I were to buy CODMOD3 at launch, I sure as heck wouldn’t take the Wii version. The 360 and PS3 versions were superior in every way. But in a game like this, where Nintendo’s console is superior to the competition, and there are actually EXTRA features in the Wii U version, it just makes sense to buy for the Wii U.

          EDIT: Wait, cerenzio, what features were cut?

          • Gregg Cerenzio

            The WiiU version was a blast! I’ve got countless 2 player local online hours logged. 1 on gamepad, 1 on tv, in online together. Its epic. Local Co-Op is not included. It wasnt ready and they wanted the WiiU version to launch along side the 360/PS3 version

    • The Clockwork Being

      Don’t forget poor ads. I was watching a soccer match on an english channel. The Splinter Cells commercial starts and at the end the only platforms listed are PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Well well Ubisoft. Next time I see and ad like that im recording it.

    • sdmac200600

      True but there are close to 4 million units of wii us in the world but it only sold 5k. There’s nothing wrong with the system selling the least but it didn’t even have an attach rate of 1%. People should have went out and bought this for the wii u…

  • Héctor I. Rivera Negrón

    I don’t know about numbers but one thing I know I’m loving this game. It’s so cool people, the graphics are beautiful and the action is really good. the Ghost playstyle is perfect and the Panther and Assault playstyles too cool. I’m not a multiplayer fan so the bugs in the online part doesn’t bother me but if they’re there fix them. right now I’m spending all my free time on splinter cell blacklist, it’s that good this game. So I hope this is just a rumor.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Wow, big surprise:
    The version with missing features and poor distribution sold much less than the other versions.

    I’m so surprised!

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Also on a console with 1/40th (together) of the installbase as the two others compared to.

      • Arthur Jarret

        1/40th ? That was actually better than I expected after reading all the reports and noting the limited game releases on the console.

        Ah well, I’m expecting sales boosts in 2014, when the new zelda (rumored for 2014 back in 2012), Smash bros and Mario kart release, as well as X, SMT x FE and slight boost for Bayonetta 2.

        I can’t wait for these games!

        • Magnus Eriksson

          I hope we will see a new Zelda. But as it looks now Im not sure it will make it. Making games to consoles in 2014 is quite different from 2006 (GCN-Wii). If you look at the NES era, a very successful console sold about 60M. Today a success is about 100M (PS, PS2, Wii). Compared to that number Wii U is clearly very unsuccessful. Will Nintendo dare to create a very costly Zelda game? Or will we maby see something along the lines of four swords or the like? Im not sure, but am a bit afraid. But of course Im hoping you are right 😀

          • oontz

            After seeing what direction they went with the new Mario title… Local multiplayer Zelda like four swords doesn’t seem to far fetched. It would be the first Zelda I wouldn’t buy.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            My fears too.

          • Nintenjoe82

            Maybe it will be an on-rails type experience like in Nintendoland?

          • david jarman

            They’ve been working on it for sometime and is actually rumored to follow the open world like Skyrim.

          • greengecko007

            Zelda has been doing open world since before The Elder Scrolls was even a thing.

          • david jarman

            Not quite the same. They were talking about the size and scope. What’s his name referrenced it in his interview with Eurogamer.

          • Nintenjoe82

            I reckon it will be massive but have lots of filler i.e. sailing, flying or some other clever overworld trick.

          • Arthur Jarret

            I actually think they have been working on it long before the wii U launched.

            They did say something along the lines of the E3 demo not being the appearance of the wii u zelda game, and it being built on an early version of the engine somewhere last year.

            I’ll stay HYPE for now!

        • greengecko007

          A new Zelda game for the Wii U is looking more like a 2015 title. The only thing we’ve heard about it is that the first dungeon they were making was very large. However, recent reports about Anouma still deciding on an art style, what direction to take the game, if multiplayer would be a good idea, and hinting toward other Zelda remakes this generation… it doesn’t seem like they are past the idea stage of development.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Wasn’t all of that (including the first dungeon bit) all a rumor?

            The tag is RUMOR, but the article makes no real mention of the status of the information.
            Article reliability has improved a lot since Ashley joined the team.

            Anyway, I do think they have a clear direction already, and are still debating on what to add while the main team builds the levels. A different graphical style can be accomplished by a filter already (such as a cell shaded filter, or baking textures etc.) and wouldn’t necessarily halt the production of the game itself. They were debating on this since 2012, so…

            Although developers themselves often throw misleading information on the internet:

            Remember how GTA5 was coming to the wii U?

            Or how Rayman Legends would use the NFC chip for extra characters?

            ah well…

          • greengecko007

            That’s very true, and you have given very good points. Obviously this entire discussion is based on speculation.

            However, we knew the basic premise of the story for Skyward Sword and the art style it used a few years before the game came out. So to me, it doesn’t seem like a new Zelda game is very far in development.

          • Arthur Jarret

            We only knew minor story details and graphics one year before release – really.

            In 2008 at E3 they revealed they were working on ‘a new game for the wii’.

            Then in 2009, on E3 again, they didn’t have any footage, but only showed a single piece of concept art (the well known poster with Link and Fi) – together with this info, a trickle of information came, mainly the use of motion+.
            They also mentioned it would debut at E3 2010.

            E3 2010 came, and they announced the subtitle… and a delay to 2011. They did show the art direction and minor story details at this time.

            Still – as we haven’t even seen actual concept art yet, I do think it’s unlikely we’ll see it next year.

          • greengecko007

            Yeah, some details were revealed in 2009 when they showed the picture of Link and Fi standing back to back, with Link not possessing a sword. I remember fans causing an uproar about the concept art and crazy people suggesting that the new Zelda game wouldn’t have Link use a sword. Nintendo revealed quickly that the Fi was Link’s sword, and that the game would focus on the origin of the master sword.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Not really a major story spoiler – considering the overall plot of skyward sword. But due to the uproar the concept art caused last time, nintendo may just delay showing anything until a few months before launch. I’d like this – the sooner a new zelda game arrives, the sooner another one starts production (although I wouldn’t want the series to lower content or quality to make it a yearly release)

            I also wonder when Yarn Yoshi is going to be released. It won’t be a massive system seller, but playing Kirby’s epic yarn just made me happy – I had this ridiculous grin on my face during my entire time with it – and I can’t wait to do the same with the yoshi version of the concept.

            I hope they’ll make more games like it – it would be a nice way to revisit old franchises with similar light themes within a fledgling sub-franchise.

            Yarn Ice Climbers, Yarn balloon fighter, Yarn lolo, Yarn uniracers, Yarn Tamagon…

            Maybe even get characters that never got their own game a chance at the spotlight.

            Yarn Waluigi?

            I’d play it!

            It’d be on the wii U – you can draw on the screen to change the shape of his long, stringy (yarn) legs to change them into wheels, a spring, a key and other objects to solve platform-based puzzles and defeat parodies of mario & wario’s enemies (and luigi)

            Waluigi would go to rescue a princess in every level… and in every level the princess either hurts him on accident, runs away from him in disgust, at times even have a very, very awkward date… just to show Waluigi never gets lucky and needs to try another princess to gain the castle of his dreams.

    • Superstick98

      I hope they don’t do this with Watch Dogs. They want to show their support and I have faith in them. :/ Don’t give up on me Ubisoft!

  • Magnus Eriksson

    No, didnt pick it up. Played the first game in the series and although it was good it didnt really want me to play it more. I didnt buy Nintendo products for these kind of games either: I dont have patience enough anymore (or the time). I think the same goes for many of the others who bought Nintendo at an early phase. But who knows. Maybe if Rayman, Pikmin 3, W101 and Wii Fit U wasnt pushed back, this console would maybe have had a bigger audience were more players would be interested in this game. And maybe that would have meant even more Rayman copies sold on Wii U too? Who knows? Well, they gave us Zombi U at least. Good, but underated.

  • Schultz38

    “…as that would leave Activision as the only major publisher left that supports the platform.”

    What about Sega?

  • JBeauregard

    Ubisoft can’t release a game and be so slow to patch problems. While Blacklist may never sell amazingly well on te U, Ubisoft doesn’t help when they take so long to address any sort of issue.
    On the other hand, single player is fantastic. Multiplayer is great because you can eat a 5 course meal and take naps while trying to find a match.

  • leemass25

    i bought it, altho the patch they released could of fixed the loading…… other that that its a brilliant game, charlies wave missions are just what i like and playable solo aswell so you dont have to get screwed by nooby players.

  • Zuxs13

    Here’s an Idea stop shopping at GameStop for games, they suck and do not get the largest stock of games.

  • long_dong_donkey_kong

    I’m all for supporting 3rd parties if the effort is there. If a game is available on all three consoles, I’ll buy it for Nintendo’s as it’s the console maker I have the most affinity for. So despite the delay, Ubisoft will get my money for Rayman. They will not get my money for games that are buggy, missing features, or gimped.

  • kenny Johnson

    This isn’t news at all.

    Doesn’t the Wii U have about a 2% install base compared to PS3/XB360?

    According to VG Chartz, X360 and PS3 have about 71m total US sales. If I give 2m to the Wii U, that’s roughly 3% of the total consoles.

    • kenny Johnson

      Splinter Cell shows up as #12 of recent best sellers on the eShop charts (when filtering out Virtual console titles).

  • Rick Valenta

    This game looks kind of boring. I’m saving my money for Zelda, Mario Kart, Super Mario 3D Land, Watch Dogs, and Deus Ex Directors Cut.

    • oontz

      If you’re not part of the solution… you’re part of the problem.

  • Jump’nShootMan

    Personally, I’m waiting till Christmas to get it…. I had to choose this or Rayman Legends, which won out until my wallet can recover a bit. But I’ll pick it up soon. Probably a number of people in the same situation. But the GameStop situation is terrible. Never mind the rumor about single copies. I’ve been in multiple GameStops (and I’m sure it’s not just them) where the Pre-Sale advertising is ridiculous for PS3 and XBox, but for the exact same title, there’s no notice that it’s even going to be available on WiiU. (I’m talking here about Splinter Cell and CoD: Ghosts)

  • Rick Valenta

    Put out GTA V on the Wii U. That’s an AAA that will sell! I would snap that right up. Not playing it if it’s not on the Wii U though…

    • oontz

      You’re going to miss out on one of the best games ever made? Just to show some sort of brand loyalty to Nintendo? Why? Why not just enjoy games regardless of what system they are released on?

      • Elem187

        GTA V is the best game ever made? What are you smoking? Great game? Yes, but greatest? come on.
        There is no way Take Two will be able to top Super Mario Galaxy, especially with a dudebro game

        • oontz

          Do you lack basic reading skills??? I said “one of the best” you fucking idiot… Please stop perpetuating the retarded use of the term “dudebro” it makes you sound like a douche bag.

        • oontz

          “There is no way Take Two will be able to top Super Mario Galaxy”

          bonus points to you being even more of an idiot than I originally thought.

          Take Two already did top Super Mario Galaxy (11.52 million world wide sales) with a little game called GTA IV (25+ million world wide sales).

          Unless you’re talking highest all time game rating? Which in that case Take Two’s GTA IV STILL takes that honor with a higher overall ranking than Super Mario Galaxy by one point.

          So yeah, the more you know I guess. Maybe next time you won’t run your mouth before at least doing some research.

      • Rick Valenta

        Because I’m not going to buy another system just to play it. I’m sure there will be plenty of other good games (like the ones I mentioned) to keep me busy..

        • oontz

          “I’m sure there will be plenty of other good games (like the ones I mentioned) to keep me busy..”

          Good… not great! 😉

  • Wayne Beck

    Guess it’s a good thing Rayman did so well on Wii U.

    I didn’t know there was a shortage on this game, but I buy everything digital so it doesn’t really matter to me I suppose.

    • Fred

      I’m with you. I bought my first 2 Wii U games on disc because best buy had them on sale and I regretted it so I’ve purchased all of them since digially. I didn’t buy Splinter Cell, but I did buy Rayman Legends I love that game and so do my kids. Rayman sold better on Wii U than PS360

  • EhenTi LaNero

    I’m a own every nintendo console from color T.V to wii u and the only one that has more 1st party games then 3rd party is my color T.V all the other my 3rd party game greatly out number their 1st party rivals… but that true for all nintendo game collection… smh…

  • Zuxs13

    Here is another way to look at it (since there are no concrete sales figures i will use the current VGCharts #’s). Globaly the Xbox 360 version sold 260k (70% of the sales) so that would mean 1 in every 280 xbox owners bought a copy. The Wii U figure is based on VGCharts (if i use the 1.6% from this artcile) actually 6k so 1 in every 500-600 consoles bought one. The PS3 would be the worst attachment rate at around 1 in ever 700 consoles bought a copy. (*note these are be no means exact numbers but then again the ones reported are not either, they are simply to show the big picture)

    Its so fun when people (not ashley) omit the whole picture in oreder to make something sound worse than it is.

    • Andreas Sunde

      Numbers don’t lie, but they are very easily manipulated.

  • Guest

    Look at how many people own a 360… this makes sense.

    • Arthur Jarret

      If you consider 2/3rd of the Xboxes sold RROD’d – it makes a little less sense.

      Disregarding the Wii U sales – what surprises me more is that the Xbox version sold 70% vs. the PS3’s less than 28,4% (100 – 70 – 1,6 – whatever the PC version sold). What makes the xbox version so popular?

      • Christopher Acuna

        the 360 install base far more populated then the PS3’s. That XBL really hooks people.

  • Vinicius

    Look at the installed base! It’s not that bad as the article title may suggest..

  • Colin Tosh

    I bought the game. Love it. For Ubisoft support though I have to say people are jumping the gun here.

    Activision and EA have confirmed that none of the new systems are meeting their pre-order expectations. Xbox One especially. You all assumed Monster Hunter would get on Vita. Yeah about that.

    Basing third party support for a console on current trends is foolish and the internet hasn’t learned that yet. Take out the assumption that other consoles will keep support and wait to see what happens. I think you’ll find third parties reluctant of all three next year. Not just Wii U.

    • oontz

      How are over 1 million ps4 per-orders not meeting their expectations? Are you really trying to say those 3rd party developers expected ps4 to do better than it has already? The pre-orders have even surprised sony, who had to adjust their fiscal forecast due to the high demand.

      • Christopher Acuna

        I think he means 3rd party software preorders for next gen consoles.

      • Colin Tosh

        Software pre-orders. People don’t know what to buy Call of Duty or EA’s sports games on yet because unlike the internet the masses aren’t taking Xbox One or PS4 getting multiplats for granted.

        Want sources where they say they aren’t getting pre-orders? Here you go.

        • oontz

          Fair enough… I thought you were talking about SYSTEM pre-order expectations, not individual game pre-orders.

          • Colin Tosh

            No worries. I’m sure Sony are looking at a feast of pre-orders. But for these companies its their own sales that matter. I can see them sticking to PS4 but I wouldn’t bank on XBO getting more games 360 used to as a ‘sure thing’.

            Its obvious after sales come up Microsoft will just bring back the policies and people know this. There is definite proof in local stores XBO is going to struggle. I am aware in some stores it is struggling harder than Wii U is.

            And I hate to break it to the people who have assumed to the contrary but if XBO doesn’t pick up fast enough Microsoft will be forced to write cheques if they expect to keep support. It is not power that determines where games go. There was literally a split on the audience with PS3 and 360 but there is absolutely no guarantee at all just because somebody bought a 360 they will upgrade to XBO. They upgrade where they want to and it is obvious the majority want Sony.

            Note this is not for you oontz. Its for the ones who assume XBO will get support just because 360 did. As I pointed out, PSP got Monster Hunter, Vita still has no such announcement. It isn’t as in stone as people think.

          • oontz

            I think the PS4 is going to absolutely dominate this upcoming generation. Perfect price point, services and a TON of games in the first year!

  • Guest

    It was said that it sold less than 5000 copies or something like that…and that’s (even for the Wii U install base) nothing…

  • Victor O

    I bought it.

    Do not blame this on the Nintendo. Yes, the user base is low.

    But when you take away local coop (meaning I cannot play with my friends), you release something with horrible load times, you do not really use the WiiU to fully differentiate it from other versions both graphically and gamepad, do not allow a person to have headphones without playing through the gamepad, and have a broken online, those all play a huge factor.

    • oontz

      Kinda interesting that almost all wiiu games have horrible load times, hmmmm

      • Petri

        Badly optimized, but also a small installation would help.
        PS3 has mandatory installation in almost every game, and still get slow loading times occasionally.

        Edit: Didn’t notice that “almost all”…
        I have seen slow loading times only in 4 games so far.

        • oontz

          Problem is you can’t have mandatory installs on the Wiiu. The SSD is too small and developers have no way of knowing how many wiiu owners have an external drive connected.

          • oontz

            Ha ha, thanks for the down vote for saying something factual and not opinionated. Lame

          • Petri

            But optional installation for those who have ext. drive could be useful.
            And it is not like the gamepad, where developer has to think that every console owner has it to make it worth the extra effort.

          • oontz

            optional yes, there is no reason I can’t install the entire game to my HDD and the use the disc to launch the software. It SHOULD be an option.

      • Victor O

        What other Wii U games have horrible load times? I do think Nintendo did not do a good job engaging developers before finalizing the system.

        • Petri

          Zombi U and Lego City are the worst offenders in my knowledge.
          But there really isn’t that many of slow games.

          • oontz

            Lego city is horrible

          • Petri

            It’s a fun game, though loading time on it is little off putting.

        • Fred

          NBA 2K loads faster on Wii U than PS3

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    WOW… seems many Wii U owners dont care about third party support…. Well, shit XD

    • oontz

      Exactly… Then the Nintendo fanboys bitch and complain when 3rd party multiplat’s don’t come to the wiiu. You want more 3rd party games?? Buy more 3rd party games.

  • wober2

    It was a version that did not have the same features (split-screen coop) as the others for the same cost. I like the versatility of playing on the wiiu for off tv play but I can see why others buying it for xbox to have the couch coop.

  • wober2

    I bet legends did better. This kind of title does not seem so geared to the nintendo audience… Playing the campaign, I winced a few times at the “MURICA” stuff.

    • Christopher Acuna

      Same here. Felt almost to cliche` for me to even enjoy. Played through the first 2 missions and called it quits. Traded towards Rayman.

  • devmiles

    why would people buy a wii-u when you can buy this on ps3 or xbox 360? as a result it is very reasonable sales are low since more people own a ps3 or xbox 360.

  • Christopher Acuna

    I got this game…it sucked IMO. Really just didn’t do anything for me. The new sam fisher voice sucked IMO. The game play was boring for me. Traded it towards Rayman Legends this week.

  • SonicLucario

    That is depressing to hear, I got this on my WiiU at midnight release and I was the only one that preordered it for the WiiU, The people at GameStop had to check their inventory to make sure the had the WiiU version in stock for me. These Nintendo AAA titles cant come any sooner? >.<

  • Savlep

    People can’t buy games that aren’t available… I had to drive an hour away to get to a WalMart which had a copy. The ones in the city I live in received only 1 copy each and told me that within an hour they were sold out without any expectation of receiving new shipments… If sales were so low I would like to see how many were distributed, because if 5,000 copies were sold but only 5,000 distributed then I would say it sold very well.

    • greengecko007

      Weird. I went grocery shopping at the Walmart 7 minutes away from my college that’s located in an area so rural they don’t have a word to describe it, and there were several copies of Splinter Cell for the Wii U available in a Wii U dedicated display. It looked no different then when I was living at home over the summer in the city.

  • Levi Johansen

    Trying my best to support all these great companies and show them that Wii U gamers are interested in their games have emptied my wallet.
    I’ve got no money left.

    I think most Wii U gamers have it the same way, remember: all the other gamers (PS3 and 360) have not bought a new console recently, so they’ve got a little more money right now…

    I’ve got a list of about 20 games that I’m gonna buy, one by one until next spring, and this game is one of them.

  • BIG Franky

    the Game Craze location that I shop at said he couldn’t even get any copies to stock…..and the local GameStop never got any in either (supposedly). I wasnt originally going to buy this title until I watched some of the videos on this site so I figured that I would pick it up. I like supporting UbiSoft…. I have already purchased Rayman and ZombiU. …and will be buying the new Just Dance title for my daughter.

    • Christopher Acuna

      Sure….Just Dance for your “daughter” right 😉

      • BIG Franky

        haha…. just like those that are friends on mine on miiverse (bigfranky75) know that when a high score for SING PARTY posts under my name….ummmm, yeah…. thats my daughter….. i swear! LOL… 😉

    • Petri

      I had to poke my retailer for them to stock this up, they didnt even knew about it, so I got it almost 2 weeks after release.
      Soon I might have to tell them CoD Ghosts is coming to Wii U too…

      • Andreas Sunde

        Apparently not, if you’re living in Europe. I haven’t found it anywhere, not even on the official CoD site.

        • Petri

          It is coming.
          Wii U version isn’t up for pre-order on Activision site in any country currently. But usually retailers lists it up when its confirmed to come. My retailer had that Aliens game listed as coming even after it was cancelled.
          Though some retailers lists games that aren’t even rumoured to come.

          Though they are dragging it pretty late, I hope they get it to release with other versions.

  • Fred

    You worry that this might get Ubisoft to stop supporting Nintendo, but you forget there is a certain type of game that sells VERY WELL on Nintendo systems and they aren’t rated M. You also wrote last week about how Rayman Legends sold better on Wii U than PS360 and that’s after they pissed off the Wii U owners back in February. Rayman is the type of game that will sell PILES on a Nintendo while Splinter Cell wont sell that many on a Nintendo. I expect Ubisoft will notice this and maybe Wii U will get less of these titles maybe no more games like Watchdogs, but they may be more willing to give Wii U exclusives in the future if they are more like Rayman Legends.
    The 2 upcoming Just Dance titles will also sell very well on both Wii and Wii U.

  • Ross Brocklesby

    I’m relying on capcom (with a possible MH4u fingers crossed) and game freak ( with a possible pokemon rpg as rumoured. Tbh I sold my ps3 and Xbox 360 and came to ninty for that Nintendo quality, I did get that but not in bucket loads like I expected. I wanna hold out but people are being pushed in sonys direction for games as it will have more games out for it.

  • Funny thing is when I was checking the local Best Buy’s in my area to pick up Rayman Legends and that was sold out so was Splinter Cell. They had non on the shelves to purchase

  • MetroidZero

    Well if it’s selling for consoles that has been out for ALMOST A DECADE (user-base)…

  • e_rocket

    I did buy this game for the wii U, and I’m enjoying it, when I have the time to play it… jajaja. I’m still on mission 2; being busy this days :/

    I got the game because the game pad features called my attention, and because I don’t have any other console, don’t want to have any other console either, so I hope Wii U sales eventually increase, so that we can keep having good games coming to the system. But the fact is mature gamers prefer the other systems, so I guess this is normal.

  • Adam Cousins

    It does worry me that publishers will go ‘Well people aren’t buying our games so why bother’

  • Marius Valasinas

    …and how many exactly Wii u consoles are sold thus far comparing to PC, 360, PS3?No reason to point this out since console is new in the market and others are out since 2006. It could not have possibly sold a lot of units. The World is still learning what the Wii U is. Wii U daily yet again are making Wii U look bad with articles like this. It’s like, – “Oh look, Wii U (that is fresh in the market) didn’t sell as many units in 12 months as those that launched in 2006″… D’uh

  • José Abraham Cervantes Posadas

    I have rented, I only miss the achievements of the PS3 versión :/

  • kid robo

    £60 in shops for wii u, probably doesn’t help. :S

  • TCar

    I am saving my money for all of the first party games coming out and maybe W101.

  • TheGMO808

    I’m waiting for Watch Dogs, Ghosts, and then the first party Nintendo titles. Gotta save money for those, this game was one of the sacrifices.

  • ConCity Soldier

    No offline multiplayer turned a lot of people off so that’s why it’s sales look like that.

  • Smartass2

    That’s because there’s a lot more 360s than Wii Us. It’s not even a year old. The 360 has been out for 8 years. Wii U Daily needs to stop these negative articles. Positive momentum equals positive momentum. Negative momentum equals negative momentum.

  • Mitchell

    Well for me this was a day one purchase, I’m not buying physical copies so mine doesn’t count as I get it in the eshop, actually I had to download it the day after
    launch cause of the extremely long time it was taking to download I guess it was
    caused by the high volume of purchases of the title.

    Awesome game, I strongly recommend (not for kids though)

  • Mitchell

    Well for me this was a day one purchase, I’m not buying physical copies so mine doesn’t count as I get it in the eshop, actually I had to download it the day after launch cause of the extremely long time it was taking to download I guess it was caused by the high volume of purchases of the title.

    Awesome game, I strongly recommend (not for kids though)

  • orpheus bryce

    I didnt even know this was out.. buying right now!

  • Ernie Sanguyo

    People love 360 version for sure for achievement lol.

    • Jared Garcia

      The Wii U version has “Accomplishments” in it. I bought it for Wii U and found it to be enjoyable. Though there’s no offline coop, the online is nice as well. I actually haven’t had too much trouble finding people too.

  • orpheus bryce

    meh.. these fan boys act like their gonna go buy an xbox 1 or a ps4 at launch and its just gonna dominate everything. They wont have much games either.. What you need to understand is every system there is always a transitional period. I didn’t buy my PS3 till 3 years after it came out. . the Wii U has only been out for nearly a year. people who own the Wii are slowly transitioning to Wii U and you have some that are just joining like myself. So far i have Need for Speed, CODBO2, Tekken, and i’m about to buy this Splintercell, buying Zelda, buying Watchdogs, Buying W101, all the games are coming out so eventually there will be newcomers. especially this xmas. I prefer the Wii U cause i love the options the game pad gives you. ZELDA ZELDA ZELDA when the New New ZELDA comes out wooooooooooooooooooo ill be hibernating for awhile playing it.. cant wait and i’m not talking Wind Waker. but ill get it cause the last nintendo system i owned was a N64.

  • mark

    This game DID look boring. I’d take another Rainbox Six anyday over Splinter Cell.

  • claudekennilol

    I’ve never bought a Splinter Cell game for anything and I’m not gonna start now. There’s only been one game on the Wii U that’s even interested me and I bought that one. Pikmin 3. I’ll get smash bros when it comes out. I’ll get zelda when it comes out. But I don’t know if/what else I’ll end up getting

    • orpheus bryce

      Ive never had a splinter cell either or a call of duty… i’m more of an RPG type of person. but bought Call of Duty BO2 and I love it. So now im buying Splintercell cause i like to tactically murder people 🙂

  • Agent721

    I guarantee it sold more than 5k. And what happened to the PS3 version? Considering its large install base, that’s even worse than the Wii U’s performance.

  • Agent721

    How come there s an article on this, but not Pikmin 3 sales? They were in the top 10. That’s more relevant. If games are broken down by console only, how high up did Pikmin reach?

    • oontz

      “Pikmin 3 has sold 115,000 combined physical and digital copies in the United States since launch on August 4, Nintendo announced yesterday, citing data from research firm the NPD Group.”

      Not really that great considering it’s an exclusive first party title and it’s been on the market now for a month and a half. Nintendo was hoping it would be a system mover, but that wasn’t the case.

      • oontz

        Ha ha, a down-vote for actually quoting Nintendo… AMAZING!! Fanboys on wiiudaily have reached a new low!!!

  • orpheus bryce

    when im on the nintendo website i cant find splintercell blacklist anywhere.. hmmm weird. but EB games has it.

    • NatT96™

      I could not find it in about 4 GameStops, strange. Walmart did not even have it.

  • blindtiger

    im soooo sorry i havent saved enough money in the past couple of weeks to pick it up yet… and gamestops already put it on sale and probably blames “poor sales.”

    im not big on conspiracies but this is total bull****

  • kaygivs

    blacklist is amazing…. i’ve been loving it. i’ve put about sixty hours into it so far and still going. everyone needs it

  • only god can judge me

    I bought it for my wii u day one on launch day and needless to say stores like gamestop,target,wal mart have all seem to abandon the wii u in terms of third party games for lack of consumer interest.I will continue to support my wii u I just fear the possibility that if they are not really supporting the wii u from a third party perspective that they will all soon abandon ship when the ps4 and xboxone arrive and that’s the truth.

  • Agent721

    On another site, a commenter mentioned the wii u version is exclusive to best buy…is this true?

  • Mario

    I really don’t believe this rumor.

    • NkoSekirei

      yea im getting tired of these bul$hit rumors seriously whoever is spreading these nonsense rumors needs to get a life

  • Krzysztof

    I wanted to buy this game for a local coop. Since Wii U version is missing this feature, it wasn’t for me. I’m not sure why this is missing, but for the console which is built around local coop play it was ridiculous idea. And second reason is… I refuse to buy any product which is unfinished, especially if I have to pay the same price for it. Sorry, but that’s simply a rip off. That’s why I won’t pick up COD ghosts as it’s missing freefall map. For the same price I can buy PC version with all features. So I’m not gonna buy these games only because they’ve released them on Wii U. And as much as I love this console, I can’t afford to support it that way.
    Devs, if you really want your games to sell, don’t do stupid mistakes like that. Give me a full product and I’ll buy it. I think it’s a very reasonable deal.

  • sd

    Just for perspective Rayman sold the highest number of copies on the WiiU. This is impressive considering there are 25X more xbox 360 and PS3 consoles sold. So based on just under 4 million console sales vs just under 80 million of course black ops would under sell on the WiiU. But for Rayman to sell so more copies on the WiiU than any other platform, now that’s impressive, and would make a good story.

  • Carlos

    I never buy ubisoft games on launch, first they have bugs (not like a nintendo product), the bugs normaly are fixed in PC,Xbox and PS first, nintendo it’s not their priority. When they finally fix all the bugs in nintendo versions, the game is cheap .

    AC3, for instance, now it’s the right time to play it, all the bugs are fixed and the price of the game now is 15€. The only game from ubisoft that I considered for a 1st day buy was raymond ledgends because the game was design for the WiiU, but then they delay it and we all now the story. I will buy it maybe in 6 months when the price reaches the 15€.

    But we all have to agree that ubisoft did back WiiU from day one, and Splitter Cell has a higher resolution on WiiU and better fx then xbox/ps versions and the gamepad is well used.

    We will see if Ubisoft continues WiiU support, if they announce “the division” and “the crew” for wiiu…

    • oontz

      ” first they have bugs (not like a nintendo product)”

      You do realize Nintendo ships games with bugs also… Sometimes even game breaking bugs like in Zelda.

  • ACE

    Que mierda ! puta no Habra soprte si sigue asi!

  • Spike Ashford

    I didn’t buy it. I’m not paying £40+ for a game with missing features, not happening unless they patch it in and give Wii U owners the same experience as everyone else.

    • QuaFicK

      what is missing?

      • ICHI

        Local co-op

      • Spike Ashford

        The Co-Op play is missing from the Wii U version.

  • John Andalora

    I got BlackList for Xbox only because the Wal-mart near us didn’t have it for Wii U. I went further for Rayman Legends on Wii U but not SCB

  • Matt

    It’s a shame. Splinter Cell plays and looks really good on Wii U.

  • Striker

    The same % of Wii U owners bought this as Xbox owners.. Stop sensationalizing this.. try reporting out of 70 million Xbox only sold under 500000.. wow… Ps3 even worse.

    • ICHI

      That was the first thing I thought when I saw the story, but the Wii u version has sold over 16,000 copies so the attach rate is a lot better.

      • Striker

        Exactly, everyone is quoting 5000 units, but the beauty of this game is that its tracked on So we know its like 16.5K not 5K.

        • ICHI

          Why are we even getting these crappy rumor stories when it’s so easy to disprove?

          • Striker

            Good news is.. this shows quoting those charts(apparently every single Wii U game has to deal with this) is very inaccurate and shouldn’t be taken seriously at all.

    • John Andalora

      That’s not what matters to those selling it. What matters is which ones they get rid of the quickest. If more Xbox 360 games sell than Wii U games, how many people do you think are going to focus on the percentage of owners who buy it versus which one gets them more money?

      • terful

        If you were right then developers would continue making games for the 360/PS3 indefinitely and forget about next-gen, since it would certainly make them more money with the larger install bases of these consoles. The percentage penetration is an important factor and you can bet that Ubisoft is following these statistics.

        • John Andalora

          Well, considering that 1st party devs want the next gen console to move, 2nd party devs are paid to make a game for a certain console, and 3rd party devs will eventually lose their support and ability to make games for the old console (either by publishers or by losing features from the last console), you can practically guarantee that a new console will be more profitable at some point. In fact, Xbox 360 and PS3 are still getting support into Winter (which doesn’t surprise me), but after a while, if you make a game for the past console, no one is going to get it.

          To add, there’s a big difference between percentage penetration and not selling well. PC versions of SC:B sold the same amount as Wii U, and I’m pretty sure more people own a PC.

  • Donaald

    It’s funny that this rumor says less than 5000 copies when Vgchartz says otherwise:

    Granted that they are not the sales that would keep any third party on board but at least it proves that rumors are being exaggerated.

    • ICHI

      And they don’t include digital, which is how I got my copy. I wish we could see digital sales figures to get real story and stop another avenue of negative press with no substance.

    • John Andalora

      less than 20,000 is still terrible when we’re talking about a game that’s sold 660,000 copies so far. That’s only 3% of total sales. And people might say “Well sure! Wii U is a brand new console and all versus a bunch of older consoles,” but even for a brand new console, that’s still extremely terrible. ZombiU sold 92,900 copies in its first week of release during launch week.
      People at Ubisoft are going to be looking at those numbers and wondering why no ones buying the next one.

      • Donaald

        And where did I say those numbers aren’t terrible?

        • John Andalora

          You didn’t. Must’ve misread your post. My apologies.

  • Ganjabriel Del Campo

    No I didn’t
    It don’t look interesting for me. I like black ops ll 🙂

  • Martijn Plasmans

    And people still wonder why there are no limited/special editions for Wii U.
    It’s a great game with great gamepad functionality. Best of the series. Ubi is in no way to blame.

  • Jonathan P Mugridge

    I went to Walmart and Target and they did not carry it. Then went to gamestop where they had ONE copy. Not sure if there’s a better way to continue horrible sales for a system then them not stocking or promoting games for it.

    • Jared Garcia

      I believe the culprit could be a deliberate lower print run. There would be a better percentage of copies sold with lower numbers.

  • discuss

    no local co-op

  • Christopher Smith

    I didn’t pick it up because I don’t like to pay $60 for a game.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    I don’t think this should surprise most. Sure didn’t for me.

  • Marcos Crill Colon

    ..its attach rate was worst on ps3 but no ones taking about that right lol thats the game media for you all ways looking for negative nintendo news to report

  • SuperAndroid66

    Yes, i did buy the Wii U version of Blacklist and I bought the Fifth freedom edition on the Xbox 360 for my son ( he has all the splinter cell games ). By the way, aside from the appalling loading times, the Wii U version is the superior version.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    as Nintedward said “I don’t believe this rumour at all.
    The miiverse community for Splinter cell blacklist was over 8000
    strong after just a few days after release…. And miiverse community
    usualy represents about 1/4 of the total number of games sold, At least
    it usualy correlates that way. For example NSMBU community is about 500K
    but we know it sold over 2 million. I could give many more examples of
    games that have a miiverse community roughly 1/4 the size of the total
    game sales (give or take roughly).
    5000 in US is bullshit. Including digital I’m saying it sold about
    30,000 initially. and about 10-15K in Europe initially. And it will
    still be selling.” – well said

    And lets not forget about the lower install base of Wii U, the 360 & PS3 are upwards of 20 times larger (unless my maths is completely worn, maybe it is) anyway, on to the negative stuff. Even though the Wii U version can’t be expected to sell marvelously I can see it flopping and it really annoys me, the 3rd parties may have there faults but we’re getting some AAA games day 1 along with PS360 & the next gen, this may not happen for some time so can we thank the devs and support their great games. I hate when people say we don’t need 3rd party games, I suppose we can do without (check out the great stuff on GameCube and how well Wii sold) but its much better for everyone if we have outside support – Wii Us games library is looking up because of AC, Watch Dogs, W101 etc. If these 3rd party games like AC and CoD aren’t normally your thing then OK but they’re worth a go (I once thought Zelda looked meh but now its my number 1 series)
    If we don’t support the efforts of 3rd parties like with Blacklist (a great game) then 3rd parties are going to be even more hesitant to come to Nintendo, and there are no upsides to this. I hope fellow Wii U owners will buy some 3rd party game this fall and beyond to support Wii U in place Mario and DK etc which will do fine whatever, so I say get those further down the line and try AC or something, you wont regret it.

  • springer85

    LMFAO at the Nintendo Guzzlers bragging’ what do you expect when the PS3 and Xbox360 have larger fan bases that sales on those systems would be alot higher!!!STFU!!
    Rayman legends sold more on the Wii U than both PS3 and Xbox360 even tho is has such a small fan base!!
    The REAL reason this game sold to crap is that first person shooters have ALWAYS been crap on Nintendo consoles and proves that the Gamepad adds ZERO better gameplay!!

    • manowaffles

      Perhaps you will change your tune once the X1 & PS4 come out with abysmal sales for Watchdogs & AC4.

      ZombiU, Conduit, Red Steel 2, Time Splitters, Metroid Prime series, Perfect Dark. Pretty sure your argument is both invalid as well as neglects the fact that all console FPS owe their existence to the Nintendo 64 & Goldeneye.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      Splinter Cell isn’t a first person shooter…

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Buy this game guys, it’s really good! Got me hyped for Ubi’s other games like Watch Dogs and Rayman Legends. Try them out, Nintendo’s games can wait just a little bit 🙂

    EDIT: Do not feed the idiot below! you trolls annoying? you want them gone? leave the attention seeking fuckers alone and they’ll get bored. Stop giving them the satisfaction and stop cluttering up the comments section with flame wars, you can’t fight fire with fire.

    • manowaffles

      I’m so excited for Watchdogs. That game is going to be awesome! Though Ubisoft will have to wait for my money now…or at least wait for it to come from Splinter Cell. They already have my gaming budget for Rayman Legends. Perhaps if they had released that back in Feburary, I’d have more money for other Ubisoft games right now. In the mean time, I’m saving up for Watchdogs, and Splinter Cell will sit on my wish list till some time next year.

  • Scott

    Being able to actually find a copy of the Wii U version would most likely help this cause! I had to go to 5 different stores to actually find one! And we’re talking Best Buy, Target, etc. But there were plenty of copies right out front for PS3 and Xbox360. You can’t sell the games Ubisoft if people can’t find them to buy!

  • Rinslowe

    No surprises or news worthiness about this… Both current gen systems have literally years of market penetration ahead of Wii U.

  • bradtastic2

    So pissed at Ubisoft. They know the Wii u is having a hard time so they neglect offline coop. I haven’t been able to play the coop missions yet. Such bullshit.

    Obviously the Wii Us fault.

  • Saul Strange

    I didn’t buy it. Looks okay, but it doesn’t interest me at all. I will, however, be buying Assassins Creed 4 for Wii U, but not before checking the multiformat reviews. If it’s a bad port I’ll have to get the Xbox 360 version, but I’d rather get it for Wii U.

    Another reason I didn’t buy it (or Wonderful 101 – yet!) is because of GTA V. I can only afford one new game every couple of months, and nothings getting in the way of me and GTA V. But I’d like to state that I would have definitely bought the Wii U version, same as Bioshock Infinite, if there was one. Hooray for the biggest game of the year (or history, if you go by analyst reports) not being on Wii U. So I’m going elsewhere to play it and my Wii U will now gather dust until Christmas. Sad really, but it is what it is

  • Saul Strange


  • manowaffles

    I just bought Rayman Legends for my Wii U, so Ubisoft already got my gaming budget for the month. Perhaps things would have been different had Rayman come out back in February like it was originally intended.

    Though in all fairness, I’m buying everything Digital on my Wii U. That DDP is just too tempting. It’s nearly paid for itself over the Basic model over the past few months.

    I wonder when NPD are going to catch up with the times and start including digital sales as well?

  • manowaffles

    Perhaps your tune will change when the X1 & PS4 sales are a fraction of the Wii U’s for AC4 & Watchdogs.

    Instal base makes a huge impact on sales & new systems never have the same instal base as a 7 or 8 year old console. The fact that NPD doesn’t count digital sales also skews said data. I’ve been downloading everything on my Wii U since I’m getting 10% back to spend on more games.

  • Chibi RAWR

    meh…..wiiu is just gonna be like wii for me. other than about 4-5 games theres not much i care about at all which means itl take up dust. this is why wiiu should cost $50 like how i bought my wii

  • Spencer Manigat

    Facts: Install base for Wii U accounts for less than 2% of the PS3/360 install base. Why is this news?

  • leafsfan73

    Umm, nice try Miss King. Between the three consoles, ps3, 360 and Wii U, the wii U only has 2% of the install base. So sales are par for the course, not abysmal. In fact, i’m sure these sales figures include the PC as well, so actually, sales on the Wii U are in fact higher per install base than the other systems.

  • terful

    Annoyingly misleading article. Wii U’s install base is 3.26% that of the 360 in North America (according to VGChartz). If the numbers in this article are to be believed, the Wii U version is getting 2.29% of the sales the 360 version is getting. Granted this does still mean it is selling less on a proportional basis, it’s still far from “abysmal” or “depressingly low.” Plus the Wii U version has not been advertised and stocked as much compared to the other versions AND it’s missing some features.