Aug 7th, 2014

Today Curve Digital confirmed that Lone Survivor would be hitting the Wii U eShop in November. Curve has been working on several high profile indie ports, including The Swapper and the Wii U exclusive Stealth Inc. 2. Both of those will be available on the Wii U a month after Lone Survivor hits the eShop. According to the developer, no additional content will be added to the game, but it will make full use of the GamePad controller.

“We’re not adding any new content to Lone Survivor, as we added such a huge amount when we originally made the Director’s Cut edition for PlayStation last year,” Curve Studios marketing manager Rob Clarke said. “But we’ll have all the content in from the start and we’re making full use of the GamePad.”

Will you be picking this up once it’s available in November?

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  • Milky Bacons

    I don’t… exactly… get this game. What’s it about, other than apocalyptic survival? It looks good, it’s just that the trailer didn’t do much showing of the story and… stuff.

    • nintendope

      let alone gameplay…Is it like just exploring and stuff… Cuz I kinda like that, lol.

      • Milky Bacons

        Ya, I would like that. I mean… ya. That would be fine. 🙂

    • rp17

      It has a good story. I don’t get this trailer at all. All it shows is dark scenes and shooting stuff. And one of the main concepts of the game is, for one reason or another, you can’t just shoot everything. And is it just me or is the music irritating? Annoying music aside, it didn’t show, or even hint at, the story. I understand that they can’t show much (to avoid spoilers) but a trailer is supposed to generate excitement, while this trailer… just doesn’t…

      • Milky Bacons

        Exactly. I’d rather get spoilers than little to nothing. If they have a demo, then I’ll try it out. Idk. Maybe when it comes out I’ll just search it on YouTube and watch some Let’s Plays of it, and then see if it’s worth the money.

        • rp17

          Look how good the original trailer was…

          • Milky Bacons

            That’s better than the new one.

          • steveb944

            OMG thank you. You just earned this company a sale. The new trailer sucks next to this one.

            Granted as soon as he pulled out the gun in the new trailer my interests raised.

  • palomino blue

    The color palette and lighting in this game kind of bother me. It’s really hard to see anything. It kind of reminds me of a game gear game.

    • aldo2410

      That’s the point, make you allways use your lantern and keep you looking for batteries

  • Agent721

    I got this game for free on PS+ a few months back…so no.

  • Jonathan Dogey

    This looks awesome!! Like an old atari lynx game!!

  • Nickos Foivos

    Looks shit 🙁

  • ufg

    I’ve played this on PC and I can attest to the fact this is a really polished, fun, game. Not super spooky, but the focus is more on puzzling.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Wait so The Swapper and Stealth Inc. 2 will be available in December? That’s a pretty long wait.

  • WoodenSaucer

    When are these guys going to realize that the Wii U is capable of more than 320×240 resolution graphics?

  • If you watch the entire trailer in the article you find out that its the trailer for PS3 and PSVita versions… Lets hope they do a trailer for the WiiU thats closer to the original